General Party, Meet & Greet, Swingers Club Party
Date Nov 20, 2020
Time 21:00
Address Address Given Day Of Event
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Couples and Select Singles Limited tickets COVID guidelines apply Come Party With The Hottest Lifestyle Couples In Las Vegas. This Will Be One of The Most Fun and Sexiest Lifestyle Theme Events In Vegas. All Our Guests Are Hand Picked, Just Like All Our Events! This Event Will 100 Sell Out So Get Your Tickets ASAP We will Have A Live DJ, The Complete Venue Will Be Decorated and Everyone MUST Have Something Neon or that Glows On To Attend. We Are A Sexy Classy Place And We Host Sexy Classy People! Social Gather with us in this Suite, its over 5,000 sq.ft. huge lounge space, LOTS of seating, 8 bedrooms, and Mulitple bathrooms with a great outdoor patio area. These Nights Are The Nights That You Have So Much Fun That You Talk About On The Ride Home. Its A Must-Attend Event