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Thirty Dollar Thursday @ colette Dallas REVIEWS
Jan 23 2022 03:47 pm
Colette 3rd Thursday!!!
What an amazing night!!! Met a lot of cool sexy people from all walks of life!!!
Jan 18 2022 10:10 pm
First time visitor and guest for the Newbie Night @ colette Dallas party last Wednesday, Jan 12th. Great atmosphere and everyone was super friendly. I felt like everyone stopped me to say hello. Lots of sexy people, great music and new friends. Looking forward to becoming a member! Definitely will be back!
Jan 06 2022 08:01 pm
Worth it!
We had a great time! Hope to go again soon.
Jan 03 2022 09:34 am
NYE at Colette Dallas
We recommend Colette Dallas. We were in town for a football game and try to visit clubs when we travel. Its a bigger club with an attractive, fun, diverse mix of friendly people.
Jan 02 2022 11:04 am
DJ schmeej
NYE parties need a good DJ. Was disappointed to see the same dude with his same freaking playlist. Why? When you charge more for a big event we actually expect a better DJ!
Dec 31 2021 09:28 am
Colette’s on Newbie night…
Simply the classiestclub of its kindin Dallas. Saying anything less is not enough. Great clientele, great atmosphere, clean, organized. We love newbie nights there!!!!!
Dec 18 2021 04:37 pm
Newbie Night
Had a great time. Staff was helpful, facility was clean, and the crowd was very sexy. Loved the evening.
Nov 30 2021 09:46 pm
Colettes Dallas Little Black Dress!!!!
Always have the best time at Colettes and Sat night was no diff. Best Lifestyle club in Texas!!
Nov 14 2021 09:19 am
Colette now allows Thrupples!
I visited the club with a couple I know as far as I know, this is new! It is nice that they recognize that the 'extra' male can be part of a threesome.
Nov 06 2021 02:04 pm
So much fun
We met great people, sexy couples and had so much fun!
Nov 01 2021 05:11 pm
Gets better every year. We enjoyed it but always enjoy Colette's.
Oct 25 2021 12:49 pm
No discount for being Pantiless
When I asked about the promotion they said it’s not tonight
Oct 21 2021 10:24 pm
ILLUMINATION @ colette Dallas
We had a great time and met some great people. We will do it again.
Oct 18 2021 06:04 pm
I-candy at Colette
The i-candy parties at Colette are so much fun. So many sexy and fun couples. Don’t miss the next one !
Oct 18 2021 05:36 pm
Illuminate party
Oct 18 2021 05:10 pm
Best Yet!!
Great party! Excellent crowd! Very sexy and engaging couples were there. Had such a great time!?
Oct 09 2021 01:07 pm
Always a great time!
I love to dance & have made some unbelievable friends. The staff is first class & always on top of keeping things clean. As a unicorn I feel very safe. This club is far superior than what I've experienced in places like Vegas. I will keep coming back .. I highly recommend joining this club.
Sep 05 2021 12:55 pm
Lingerie, Great People
Love ?? it We had a blast ?? , With our friends and New Friends, All the Females look amazing ??
Aug 09 2021 08:42 am
Had a great time at Colette Haven
We had a fantastic time at Haven. We are thankful that the club management and ownership are having this type of theme night. The turn out was great and the conversation is even better. We could tell connections were happening there at the party. We do recommend it, and we will be back for the next Haven party.
Aug 05 2021 11:17 am
We are glad Collette has started Haven. We have been twice and have met some really nice new friends. We hope you continue this.
Aug 05 2021 09:39 am
Collette Haven - bi party!!
I liked the fact that single male attendance wasn’t priced through the roof like normal Nights. Great that there were couples. Everyone was very nice and the atmosphere was relaxed and casual. Music was a little loud to talk over but overall a very enjoyable time.
Aug 04 2021 09:23 pm
Haven Monthly event gaining momentum.
Nice to see a handful of familiar faces from the first meeting. August brought new members - everyone is social. It's important that introductions are encouraged while you mix and mingle. Break the ice to this new forum. The staff could be more accommodating to the bi -environment. Some of the "rules" on straight night dont really transcend to the bi-night. Be considerate and embrace you new group of members. First impressions matter. Play bi - mfm / mmf movies in the theater etc. Single bi men are still quarantined to only portions of the Collettes on a bi night. No more boundaries. No more prejudice. Be kind. Set the example of compassion and pride.
Aug 04 2021 10:10 am
Great party
This was a great party as the crowd was small and friendly. It was not packed by any stretch so gave you lots of time to checkout the club and meet people. Everyone was chill and relaxed a great way to end the weekend/start the week. Would highly recommend especially if large crowds worry you.
Aug 04 2021 09:28 am
Surprised by rate increases
We have attended Colette a number of times the past 6 years. This last Saturday we decided to drop in again. We were surprised to see that self parking is no longer available for a $10 fee. One now must pay $20 for a joke of a valet(they parked our car around back where we usually parked it ourselves when self parking was an option). The other increase is the entrance fee. It has been raised from $80 to $100. So we ended up paying $120 up from the normal $90 in the past. Maybe a slight increase would be understandable if changes inside were noticeable. They still have the couches with the fabric peeling off downstairs and their dj seriously plays the same music lineup from 6 yrs ago. It has become a pretty lame experience. If they want to change the prices they should also refresh the way they do things and provide an experience where a rate increase is accepted or even understood.
Aug 03 2021 10:00 pm
Haven @ colette Dallas
Music was way to loud. Could not carry on a conversation.