9 Tips: Letting Go of Your Ex

Getting over an ex is never easy, but Charlie and Arienne have some tips and tricks that may just help.

[00:00:07] spk_0: How you’re charlie and arian with sex? Because with ninety six toe lego of your ex. Starting with number one

[00:00:15] spk_1: number one accept the things you cannot change comes from serenity prayer but it totally totally is relevant in this situation if it’s over it’s over if it’s over it’s right okay way more time if it’s over it’s over

[00:00:34] spk_0: yes number teo explore and understand what you’re grieving oftentimes in break ups you don’t necessarily miss the person as much as you do the idea of the relationship

[00:00:47] spk_1: being in a relationship you know, serial monogamy things we’ve talked about other videos you may just enjoy being next to so or yeah,

[00:00:57] spk_0: the way you thought it would get

[00:00:59] spk_1: yes yes that’s what facebook statuses and all kind of stuff you feel like their number three would be considered the opinion of yourself and let the other opinions of others go. Okay, be accurate about your being in yourself your likes dislikes what you’re good at which you’re not remember when there’s a break up sometimes off of harsh things being said and you may try to only a few of those things that aren’t accurate. So be accurate in your own opinion and let the other ones go

[00:01:25] spk_0: number four use your boys you break up, be able to communicate uh your thoughts, feelings

[00:01:35] spk_1: yes, you do you do it because sometimes break up you can feel like dropping your self esteem to go to like depression. Those things were gonna affect the way you speak about yourself and stand up for yourself, okay number five realizes okay to make mistakes you’re gonna make it you made mistakes in this relationship for whatever reason realizes completely okay that happened forgive yourself for them because relationships over and it’s time to move on and be a better

[00:02:00] spk_0: yeah we’re all meant to evolve yes we are ok number six takes half for yourself and enjoy the time that you have a relax every moment doesn’t have to be so serious so uh what we call this is personal maintenance yes it’s time that you need to better yourself get satisfaction

[00:02:19] spk_1: yeah friends about personal maintenance is you always told every word you say your personal maintenance is your response i can’t watch out for that so if you need personal maintenance it’s not the people around you need to tell you it’s you is something that you need to recognize and take for yourself you wanted number seven allow yourself to feel every emotion it’s okay to feel every emotion highs and lows you suppress them they’re gonna get their do if you’ve got some sadness to feel believe me rather feel it now and four years from now when you’re in a completely new relationship that maybe working but still impacted by hurt that you’re still dealing with the past relationship that we’re just guessing

[00:02:55] spk_0: is number eight do not play the blame game

[00:02:58] spk_1: don’t play the blame game

[00:02:59] spk_0: now that could make you feel very powerless and also stuff yeah i like you’re not growing still

[00:03:06] spk_1: in the relationship

[00:03:07] spk_0: exactly, and it doesn’t allow you to focus on yourself and say the things that maybe you can change about yourself but also acknowledged things you learned from that relationship

[00:03:18] spk_1: remember, when you when you let it go, what you have left is you so you can’t go back and start blaming that last relations for everything that’s going on with you that plane time, that cervical, serviceable part of that relationship is done you can work on you know, the thing is, stop worrying about what’s next don’t rush into or what will be or what i could spend time in the moment realizing that this is a part of your journey said part of your personal journal and it’s necessary every relationship that you’re involved in is not gonna last for ever, they shouldn’t. And most of us do realize that as we get older when you are younger, one thing that we tell our kids you may feel like this person that you’re with supposed to be here forever person, right? You’re not even your forever person right now. Sixteen you’re gonna be a different person, okay, so again, nine tips to deal with your ex no it’s the rex this is charlie and aaron with sex because feel free to share in this video and also check us out of sex because

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