Recipe For A Sexy Weekend Escape
Dr. Jess     
Setting off on a romantic weekend? Make it your sexiest yet with some tips from Dr. Jess.

Vacation sex is just about as hot as it gets. Rivaled only by conjugal visit sex, vacation sex offers the thrill of an escape and the excitement of new surroundings without the cold hard floor of a prison cell or the criminal record.

While not everyone has the time or budget to take off to an oceanfront retreat, a weekend escape can work wonders for your love life.

Research suggests that an escape with your lover not only impacts your short-term sex life, but it can help to reignite the flame of passion. By slipping away from your regular routine and reducing the practical restrictions that inhibit your sex life (e.g. screaming kids, work deadlines, household chores), your inhibitions naturally subside, leading to exciting and novel experiences and a boost in passion. Moreover, you’re more likely to try something new while on vacation or a mini-escape (e.g. starting a new book, exploring new territory or tasting new foods), and according to self-expansion theory, this partner-supported opportunity for growth increases our sense of relationship fulfillment.

Even a few days can be enough to rekindle the romance in your relationship, so check out these suggestions to make your weekend getaway a very sexy one.

Make the Car Ride Sexy

Forgo the deep-fried drive-thru grub and pack light but tasty finger foods that you can feed to your lover while en route. Crackers and cheese, celery, grapes, berries and almonds (which just happen to have aphrodisiacal qualities) are great options and will leave you feeling satiated, but not stuffed.

There is no need to feel pressure to “perform” while in the car, but some gentle affection will set the tone for a playful weekend of connectedness. If you’re the passenger, brush your hands against your lover’s thighs or give them a short neck massage to make the ride just a little more comfortable. Make a playlist that includes both of your favorite tunes and be sure to include a few that recall memories of your early romance.

Pack Wine!

Share a toast as soon as you arrive and take solace in the fact that a moderate amount of wine (a glass -- not a bottle) is connected to greater sexual satisfaction for women. If you’re not a drinker, you can always grab a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling cider to set the mood.

Buy New Undies

Planning a getaway is almost as exciting as the actual trip, as anticipation is a powerful aphrodisiac -- both in and out of the bedroom. In fact, studies suggest that the planning phase can have an even longer-lasting impact on happiness levels than the vacation itself. To get yourselves revved up for your weekend escape, go shopping together and then split up to pick out something new that you’ll wear/showcase while you’re away. Consider a new pair of panties/boxer briefs, lingerie, cologne or even chocolate body paint. You have the option to buy something for yourself or for your partner, but just be sure to clarify this in advance and leave the “big reveal” for your weekend away.

Rent Something Saucy

Whether you opt for a selection from the hotel’s adult-only list or plan ahead and rent a film made just for couples, watching an erotic movie is sure to set the tone for a few giggles and playful affection.

Harken Back to the Good Old Days

At some point during your sexy weekend away, try to incorporate a sight, sound, taste or activity that evokes memories of your early days together. Depending on your history, this might include a visit to a park, a specific martini at the lobby bar, a couple of cheap beers, a fast-food run or even watching an old movie. Recalling the thoughts, feelings and sensations of your romance in its infancy can help to re-establish connection, intimacy and passion.

Follow the 50/50 Rule

When we visit a new city or vacation spot, many of us want to get out and explore. Whether we sign up for a tour, hit the mall or go for an afternoon hike, it is easy to fill up our schedules to the point of exhaustion. To avoid passing out as soon as you hit the sheets, try to split your schedule between touristy explorations and relaxing activities (e.g. a yoga class, spa visit, hot tub date) that afford you some quality time with your lover.

Remember that just because the weekend is intended to be sexy, doesn’t mean that everything needs to lead to sex in a traditional sense. Carving out time to be close, affectionate and intimate can reset the tone of your relationship, independent of sex itself.

Enjoy your next sexy getaway, and remember to always practice safer sex.

Dr. Jess

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