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Tub Time

SDC Member Story Amateur Erotica Swingers Couple Ritual Massage
SDC Member Story Amateur Erotica Swingers Couple Ritual Massage
They washed away the stress as he gave her the deep, sensory release she so craved.

One of our SDC members submitted the following swinging story to our “Wet & Wild” Erotic Writing Contest. Sign up today to submit your own amateur erotica.

Quiet... quiet white noise. She closed her eyes and leaned back into his chest. The week had been crazy — the weekend, two days, Fourth of July, two more days, and now another weekend. She sighed and took another deep, cleansing breath to purge the week. The water was warm, and the bubbles were soothing. He was stroking her tummy as he simply held her. Quietly. Peacefully. She started to relax, and he could feel the tension leave her. The money he’d spent on the new tub was well worth it. The water never cooled, and the soft bubbles never stopped. It was as close to complete peace as she knew. He moved one hand to her hair and revealed her neck. Fingers played with her ear and neck. She shivered a bit and knew the way that just one of his fingers could make her scream... who knew where they’d take her tonight?

Sensory Delights

His lips dropped down to nibble her neck and softly lick at her ear. She shivered from the sensation and knew she was his tonight. That other hand... yeah, that other hand... she didn’t know when it moved, but now it was holding her left breast, softly rubbing and squeezing and tickling her nipple. The sensations flowed from those fingers up to the other on her cheek and down to her tingling middle. Wait!? When did she start tingling? She’d been so relaxed that the sensations in her center betrayed her. His right hand left her cheek and left her. She noticed the absence and moaned a bit as she pushed back into him. 

The water... damn, the water stayed warm, and she felt like she was floating. She felt his hands tug at her legs. With trust, she spread them to give him the access that he needed. She was ready for his touch and those crazy fingers that made her squirm and giggle and scream. All of a sudden, she felt something different... it wasn’t unpleasant, just unexpected. She purred and smiled as she realized what he was doing for her — a sort of periodic ritual that he enjoyed, and she appreciated.

Making Her Feel “All Woman” Again

The nozzle slipped between her lips, and she gasped a bit. There was no pain, just a welcome penetration. As always, he’d kept the bottle in the water behind him to make it the same temperature as the bubbling water. He knew her brand, and she loved that little stinging tingle as the fluid washed her inner treasure. The Betadine flowed through the nozzle and cleansed away the week; all the ick and goofiness flowed out of her center. When the bottle was empty, he tickled her clit as he pulled the nozzle from her depths. She felt “all woman.” Again, he knew his favorite, and a second bottle found a home. This one was his favorite: lavender and eucalyptus. She could feel the warm liquid flow into her a second time, and he had the pleasure of his moving the probe in and out a little bit, each squeeze to tickle her and bring her arousal to a higher plateau. The second bottle was empty and joined the first on the bathroom floor.

Thumb. Finger. Thumb. Finger...

He squeezed her tight with both arms, each cupping one of her magnificent breasts, his thumbs playing with each nipple. He could see her smile reflect in the corner window as he moved one hand back between her legs. Her treasure started to throb, wanting his touch, wanting her release. It wasn’t long as that silly finger once again found her clit and began to massage it. She humped up into the finger wanting more, but he held fast — one thumb on a nipple, one finger teasing her clit. Her breath came harder and faster. She knew she needed a release, and he knew just how to bring her to the top. Thumb. Finger. Thumb. Finger. Her body was almost on overload, and then it all exploded. She stiffened in his arms and screamed with her orgasm. His finger — yeah, that finger — now found a way inside her as she gripped it in preparation for what was to come in bed. She wanted his emission to purl its way into her soon... very, very soon.


SDC Wet and Wild Member Stories Erotic Writing Contest

This story was submitted by one of our members to the contest name Erotic Writing Contest. SDC announced the winner of this contest on May 7, 2021. Our editor made minor adjustments to this story for length and clarity.