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American Sex Podcast Episode 20: Wendy Williams - Aging, Porn and Transgender Identities

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Transgender porn sensation, Wendy Williams, opens up on this episode of American Sex Podcast.

Transgender porn sensation, Wendy Williams, opens up about past and present depression; challenges of aging in the porn industry; how her transition came as a surprise; breaking the mold at every step of her career; and cyber-bullying in porn. She also discusses the pros and cons of transitioning at a young age, and expresses strong opinions about infighting in the trans-performer community. Sunny and Ken also discover the podcast call in number spells something ahhh-mazing!

Guest Bio

It is universally accepted that Wendy Williams is one of the most influential transsexual performers within the adult entertainment industry. A talented performer, skilled producer and prominent publicist, Wendy has won a multitude of adult film awards and kick-started the careers of countless aspiring transsexual porn stars!

Born and raised in Pikeville, Kentucky, Wendy has described how her family "grew up on food stamps and charity" to make ends meet. When Wendy was in the sixth grade she moved in with her great-grandmother due to the state of her father's alcoholism. Despite these hardships, Wendy applied herself to her studies and graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 1997 having achieved her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.

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