It’s a Great Time for Sex
Dr. Jess     
Timing is key to exciting sex.

Timing is key to exciting sex. Consider having sex…

Before Dinner

The traditional date night involves some food, wine, movies and/or dancing. While I love all of the above and each of these date components can put you in a sexy mood, they can also tire you out. So why not try sex before the date begins? You’ll have more energy earlier in the evening and won’t be weighed down by foods that make you feel bloated. Moreover, satisfying sex releases oxytocin and endorphins that help you relax and calm nerves.

In the Morning

Put that morning wood and/or relaxed state of mind to good use and have sex as soon as you wake up. Try it on Monday mornings to jump-start your week!

In the Middle of the Workday (Afternoon Delight!)

Sex in its many forms (including self-pleasure) can relieve stress, so why not engage in sexual activity in the middle of a stressful day to ease tensions? Set a date with yourself or your partner(s) to meet in a hotel room or other private place for a secret rendezvous or quickie.

Before Giving a Speech

Research from the University of Paisley (West Scotland) indicates that sex makes public speaking less stressful. Though this research pertains to penile-vaginal intercourse, increased oxytocin levels and stimulation of the vagus nerve occurs in a variety of sexual activities, so it is worth a try.

When You're Broke and Have Nothing Else to Do

Yes. I’m jumping on the bandwagon of the economic crisis and the psychological recession, but I genuinely believe that sex is a great way to pass the time with little or no financial cost. The internet provides an abundance of free erotica and you can make your own low-cost sex toys using scarves, kitchen supplies, food, vibrating cell phones (wrapped in condoms), wax, and beaded necklaces.

When You're Really Busy

Pencil sexy-time into your day planner so that you don’t forget about loving yourself and your partner(s). It’s amazing how days, weeks and even months can fly by when we get busy without actually getting busy. Stick to your sex schedule as you would with other scheduled appointments and if you’re not in the mood, enjoy a sensual massage or view erotica to help you relax.

Have fun and practice safer sex!

Dr. Jess

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