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PolySexuals & Unicorn Hunting

SDC Amina Peterson Fix Your Sex Podcast PolySexual Unicorn Hunting Relationships NonMonogamy STD
SDC Amina Peterson Fix Your Sex Podcast PolySexual Unicorn Hunting Relationships NonMonogamy STD

PolySexuals, Unicorn Hunting, and Holy STD alert.

In this episode, we talk about SEX in the poly world, using sex to heal and the wrong ways to Unicorn Hunt.

SDC Amina Peterson Fix Your Sex Podcast Sexual Health Education

The Fix Your Sex Podcast is a production of the Atlanta Institute of Tantra, the world's ONLY religious organization that centers Black Women's Pleasure. Produced by Denny Lavish, with music by Michael Finney.

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Amina Peterson

"Amina is the founder of the Atlanta Institute of Tantra & Divine Sexuality, Owner of Fearless Giving: Atlanta Tantra (formerly Tantra in Paradise), and the host of the Fix Your Sex Podcast. She is a healer, sexual doula, intimacy coach, massage therapist, tantric sex educator, sacred sex worker, sexual revolutionary, and activist. ?She began practicing massage after completing a 500 hr program at the New Chicago School of Bodywork and Massage in 2004. A former sexual surrogate and graduate of the University of IL (B.A. Sociology), she was a birth doula for three years, a personal trainer and fitness coach for over 11 years, and a yoga instructor (200RYT) for 5. Amina is passionate about the ability to heal and empower through love, sexual growth, and freedom. She is dedicated to showing people how to live authentically in every moment. Amina's extensive background in fitness and health has made her work especially focused on helping lovers heal their wounds related to body image, sexual abuse, self-esteem, and identity. "
  • Anonymous
Jan 31, 2020
Hi Amina, I just wanted to say that I really like your podcast and its overall format. I think the information is very informative as well as much needed. I'm not sure why we're not seeing more feedback. The topics are well chosen and thought out.