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A Perfect Foursome with a Happy Ending: 4OURPLAY Ep 13

SDC Bella Jase 4OURPLAY Podcast Swingers Lifestyle Foursome
SDC Bella Jase 4OURPLAY Podcast Swingers Lifestyle Foursome

We talk about an awesome foursome with a great ending!

In this podcast, we talk about a hot and sexy foursome! We dive deep into detail about meeting a couple on a dating app that eventually led to a naughty night in the sheets.

Bella & Jase

Bella & Jase are hosts of the 4OURPLAY Podcast and creators of the 4OURPLAY Swingers Ice Breaker Games! Join the journey, experiences, and sexual adventures of two high school sweethearts navigating through the Swinging Lifestyle as millennials! With over seven years of experience in the Lifestyle and still in their 20s, they share their stories in a fresh and transparent way, telling the best parts but not overlooking the embarrassing moments and bumps in the road too! Approaching the Lifestyle in an honest, positive, and fun way, they aim to help others learn about this alternative lifestyle and create an open community joining likeminded couples and individuals!
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