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Can You Take a Break from the Lifestyle?

There are many reasons for joining the lifestyle.

There are many reasons for joining the lifestyle: to give your sex life a boost to meet different kinds of friends, push boundaries, have sex in different places, or to discover something new about yourself and/or your partner.

Can the Lifestyle be Addictive?

All reasons for joining are OK, as long as both partners feel the same way about it and are not into it in order to save their relationship. The togetherness is the big difference with adultery: Swinging involves both partners. There must be mutual trust and respect, and boundaries should never be exceeded. And how do you meet other couples? You can go to swingers clubs, meet friends from all over the world on SDC, or get swept away on a swinger's vacation. But... Is the lifestyle addictive? Can you take a break if you just don't feel like it anymore? And what is your reason for doing so? Do you keep in touch with your friends in the lifestyle during the break? Tell us!

Maddy V

Dutch journalist and editor. Specialized in writing articles about sex, health and relationships.
  • Anonymous
Nov 16, 2019
Hello! I will be very transparent as a newbie (less than a year). My first two months was a blurr and f*****g scary! No physical harm of any sort but psychological questioning came into play. My biggest debate within myself was will I let my hopes of a traditional relationship past me by for something I just want to try or find a partner and stay committed to the LS. At this particular point I have just decided to go with the flow and whatever destination I end up at traditional or LS relationship to just be fine with it.