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Cuckolding vs Hotwifing

No, cuckolds and hotwives are not the same. Learn the distinctions here.

Brenna and Brian define the differences between cuckolding and hotwifing. They are distinct roles in several ways, not the least of which is whether or not humiliation is a factor. Learn all about these popular sexual fantasies in this Sex on Your Terms episode of Front Porch Swingers.

Front Porch Swingers

We are Brian and Brenna, hosts of a weekly swinger and hotwife podcast called Front Porch Swingers! Through our podcast, we have been offered opportunities to connect with lifestylers from around the world, understanding non-monogamy and all its facets on a deeper level. Now, we're taking the show on the road! We're currently traveling throughout Florida, both to explore deeper our non-monogamous lives, as well as to enjoy the beautiful beaches Florida has to offer. If you see we will be in your town and are interested in meeting, don't hesitate to reach out! On a more personal note, we are open to many different variations of swinging, including same room, separate room, separate dates (Brenna loves a good threesome), and more! Very versatile and willing to go with the flow based on the interests of others. Aside from the podcast, we are sexually adventurous people who love to connect with others via sex. We won't get naked unless there is chemistry, so the random hookups usually aren't our thing. We prefer separate play, either with couples in separate rooms or with singles. That being said, that damn elusive 4-way connection is certainly not off the table for us. We love to travel, hike, go to live music shows, go to the beach, cook, and camp, and we'd love to connect with people who share some of those interests.
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Nov 25, 2021
This is great, thanks for bringing this up guys. I really wish more people discussed the differences because I feel like people avoid doing so to appease whomever they are attracted to. We are fans of clear and concise communication and oftentimes we meet folks that aren't and that causes issues at the time of meeting in person. I also wanted to point out that as members of the Latino community we've also noticed confusion there by a factor of 100. Most latino couples understand cuckolding to mean hotwifing or vice versa and unfortunately when you try to explain those differences couples usually become defensive and withdraw. I do not enjoy cuckolding, it isn't part of our dynamic, but will obviously support anyone who does enjoy it. There is never a need to become sad or upset, in fact that is the time to go looking for those resources like your podcast that explain the differences in a clear, but also very neutral way so that you as confused cuckold or hotwifing couple can understand the differences and be better informed. Thanks again!
Oct 06, 2021
this is honestly the first podcast I have ever listened to regarding kink and alternative lifestyle type things and wow you both are so knowledgeable and down to earth. I must listen to the rest of your content. Ive been a bull/third on various occasions and admittedly I've winged it this entire time and just happened to make correct decisions throughout but it is so great that there is actual content on this.