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It's Your First Play Date & It's Time to Swing!

SDC Ofacez Mr Mrs Mocha Swinging Lifestyle Advice Dating Couples Play Date
SDC Ofacez Mr Mrs Mocha Swinging Lifestyle Advice Dating Couples Play Date

Dating as a single person is one thing, but courting play partners as swingers comes with its own set of expectations and practices.

In our third podcast episode, we share more Lifestyle Lingo before we give some play date tips.

Setting up your online dating profile is very different in the Lifestyle, and we have some words of caution and advice on how to find the right people for you. Next, we discuss how to prepare for a play date and what to expect during and after the date with a swinging couple. And, as usual, we end it with "ear porn" — one of our own sexual experiences.


Veteran Swinger couple, Party Promoters and Lifestyle Podcast hosts Mr and Mrs Mocha offers their explicit and often humorous take on the Lifestyle and interview a wide range of sexually active people in the Lifestyle community. Expect to be immersed in the unfiltered Sexcapades, Sexplorations, and Kinks that touches on everything the Lifestyle has to offer. We invite you to join the conversation. If you would like to be interviewed so you can share your Lifestyle experience just send us an email!
  • Anonymous
Dec 04, 2020
Is there a way to send this podcast to someone, like a forwarding option? I loved listening to this so much. Thank you for being so honest. From IMRU /Edie n Al
May 30, 2020
Where do u read this info? 1 para and no way to find another one?