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Not Exactly the "Vanilla" Couple We Thought!

SDC Member Story Amateur Erotica Swingers Pool
SDC Member Story Amateur Erotica Swingers Pool
What was supposed to be a vanilla evening of wine and dinner with friends turned into a salacious time in the pool.

One of our SDC members submitted the following story to our “Wet & Wild” Erotic Writing Contest.

Candy and I had been invited to dinner at a friend’s house on Saturday. We had known Lisa and Mike for a couple of months, had a few dinners out, and met once for a local band concert, but didn't really think they were in the swinger's lifestyle — just good, vanilla friends. Mike indicated they would be grilling steaks and asked us to bring a couple of bottles of good wine to complement the dinner — not a problem, as we always had a decent collection in our wine fridge. Since we weren't expecting any kind of intimate activity, we both dressed comfortably; me in a pair of stylish shorts and an untucked guayabera shirt, Candy in a flowing dress that accentuated her curves but left a lot to the imagination. If anything “crossed the line,” it was the fact that Candy hated bras and had great perky nipples. Only a blind man wouldn't notice that she was unfettered. Just watching her get dressed always made my cock hard, and tonight was no exception.

The Wine is Flowing, and Buttons are Coming Undone

We arrived at 6:00 with a 4-pack of good Cabernets and were greeted at the door with hugs and air kisses. I did notice that Mike lingered a bit on the hug, obviously enjoying the press of Candy's tits and nipples against his chest. It seemed like Lisa noticed it as well but smiled slyly. We opened a bottle of Daou Cabernet Sauvignon and settled down to small talk about the week that was and the one to come. Again, nothing overly salacious. That is until Lisa went to get the second bottle, and upon returning, both Candy and I noticed she was no longer wearing a bra. Her top was not exactly transparent, and there was only one button undone, but she did have some nice jigglies with nipples that were standing at attention. I glanced at Mike, who also noticed and gave her a grin that seemed to go from ear to ear. Candy whispered in my ear, “Ari, is there something planned that you are not telling me?” “Not to my knowledge,” was my reply, “but I am interested in seeing where it may go!”

Mike got up to light the grill, and Lisa went back to the kitchen to gather the steaks. Upon her return, we both noticed the second button was now undone! I got up to chat with Mike, figuring that Lisa might open up to Candy if I wasn't listening in. “Mike, I love your lanai and pool. It is really designed for entertaining.” “Thanks,” he replied. “We do like having friends over, especially during the warm months when we can enjoy the pool. If we are not overstuffed after dinner, maybe we can take a late-night dip.” OK, now I am starting to get a vibe that this may not be the vanilla couple that we thought they were. By the time dinner was ending, we were opening our fourth bottle of wine, and no one was feeling any pain. We all returned to the lanai, and Lisa sat next to me on one love seat while Candy and Mike chose the other. Before I knew it, Lisa's left hand was massaging my thigh while she nonchalantly sipped her wine. I glanced over at Candy, and she gave me a wink while she proceeded to do the same to Mike.

The Ladies Have a Plan

“OK,” said Mike. “Is there something you ladies are not telling us?” Candy leaned close to his ear and breathily replied, “Whatever do you mean, Mike?” Lisa chimed in, “As a matter of fact, Candy and I have been talking about how handsome you both look, and we were wondering if you two would be willing to mix it up a little bit.” Mike looked at me, and I looked at him. “I'm game if you are, Ari.” I smiled at Candy and nodded enthusiastically. “Why don't we all get naked and go for a swim?” asked Lisa. “I'll get us some fresh drinks.” When she returned, she was already naked, with firm but small breasts leading the way to the pool. That was all the encouragement Candy needed. She stood, shimmied out of her dress, and slipped off her heels and panties. “What are you guys waiting for?” she asked. “An engraved invitation.” Neither Mike nor I missed a beat as we quickly shucked our clothes and headed for the pool. At this point, it was quite obvious this would not be a “vanilla” evening. 

Lisa brought a drink to me at one end, while Candy brought Mike his cocktail at the other end — and that's when the fun started. Before I knew it, Lisa had her arms around my neck, her tongue in my mouth, and her legs wrapped around my waist grinding hard, giving me one hell of a hard-on. Candy was doing the same to Mike but was facing me. We both smiled and gave our “go-ahead” nod that said, ‘go for it, ‘cause I plan to.’

They Go For It

I turned around in the pool, lifting Lisa onto the edge, and threw her legs over my shoulders. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was ready and more than willing. Not wanting to waste a minute, I dove in, licking my way up her thighs to a beautiful pouting pussy. It didn't take long before she grabbed the back of my head and fucked my face while she reached her peak and let out a loud moan as she came. After a few minutes, she finally caught her breath. “It appears that both you and Candy are masters of the oral arts,” said Lisa. “Mike loves a good blow job, and since we didn't fuck this morning, my guess is he won't last long.” Needless to say, Lisa was correct. I could hear Mike at the other end of the pool bucking against Candy's face and moaning as he too came hard, filling her voracious mouth with hot spunk. Candy loves sucking cock, so I knew she wouldn't waste a drop. “This presents an interesting twist,” I told Lisa. “Candy will not be satisfied until she gets some stiff dick.” “Well, perhaps we should all get together to see whether there is any way to revive the dead.”

They Didn’t Have to Ask Him Twice!

We all retreated back to the love seats. Lisa seated Mike in the middle, then whispered in Candy's ear. Together they both got down on their knees and began the process of raising the dead — orally. Lisa looked back over her shoulder and said, “Until we can get him hard again, I guess you are going to have to fuck both of us!” I didn't have to be asked twice.

SDC Wet and Wild Member Stories Erotic Writing Contest

This story was submitted by one of our members to the contest name Erotic Writing Contest. SDC announced the winner of this contest on May 7, 2021. Our editor made minor adjustments to this story for length and clarity.


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