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The Most Liberal States, Cities, and Countries

If you're looking for an open, accepting place to live, you'll want to check out these, the most liberal states, cities and countries.

If you're looking for an open, accepting place to live or visit, you'll want to check out these — the most liberal states, cities, and countries.

Top 4 Most Liberal States (in random order)

  1. Florida In this sunshine state you can find a lot of swinger clubs.
  2. Texas Different clubs, different requirements, different kinds of activities. And the city of Austin was No.1 in a Men’s Health poll of the sexiest U.S. cities. Las Vegas ranked 70, New York 73, San Francisco 74, and Miami 88.
  3. New York The state of New York seems to be a hot spot for swingers with all kinds of parties. And as far as New York City is concerned: It's almost impossible to count the number of sex clubs. And how about this: Court rulings in NYC say that criminalizing women who are topless, is discriminatory. That doesn't mean it is socially acceptable, but it is not a criminal offense.
  4. California You can choose. Pick the club where you find the activities you desire.

And how about this?

Utah is considered to be one of the most conservative states... but a couple of years ago, it turned out to be the largest consumer of online pornography.

Top 5 Hottest Cities

  • New Orleans (Louisiana) Mardi Gras, Gay Mardi Gras, Big Dick contests... you name it, you can find it here.
  • Las Vegas (Nevada) And why is the nickname of the city Sin City? Not only because of the gambling that's going on there. No, there are also numerous strip clubs, swinger clubs and shows. And did you know the whole state of Nevada has about 30 legal brothels?
  • San Francisco (California) There is a huge listing of sex clubs in this city near the bay.
  • Miami (Florida) No wonder this bustling city has lots of things to offer. Besides sun, sea and beach there are also a lot of clubs where you can find people to play with.
  • Portland (Oregon) Almost everything is allowed: obscenity, nude dancing and simulated sex acts. There are numerous strip clubs and erotic-themed events.

Outside the U.S.

And which countries are on the list of having the most liberal ideas about public nudity? Some suggestions: Germany, Spain, France (especially Cap D'Agde, which is for swingers and is a really cool — or should we say hot? — place to visit).

Maddy V

Dutch journalist and editor. Specialized in writing articles about sex, health and relationships.
  • Anonymous
Aug 18, 2021
We personally know hard core republicans that are big time swingers. We find nothing wrong about it. They are human beings with the same desires like anybody else. The republicans in the lifestyle are more honest than the ones that claim to be conservatives. To be in the lifestyle is not about your political views, it is a whole different thing, it's a personal election of how you want to enjoy life.
Nov 03, 2020
How is is possible that a 'swingstate' as Florida is being considered liberal? When there are so many voting for the republicans, that is hard to believe. Republicans are so conservative and that conflicts with the openminded people as we are here on SDC.