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Variety in Sex Makes Hotwives Happy

Hotwife with friends in bedroom
Hotwife with friends in bedroom
Who wants more variety in the bedroom — the hotwife or her husband?

Current statistics prove that open marriages and swinging develop social ties and satisfy sexual needs that are commonly associated with restrictive middle-class backgrounds.

The Truth About Fantasies

One comedian recently made the joke that he thought, "Same-sex marriage meant having the same sex with the same person for the rest of your life."

That opening may lead you to believe that variety means lots of partners and for some; it is a fact, especially when browsing the internet for swinger sites. However, the variety that drives my books is the number of fantasies that generate hot raging orgasmic sex with the person you love. Fantasies make the greatest aphrodisiac.

Bring up the topic of variety in sex with anyone and the most common assumption is that theory is male-oriented. Facts disprove this. This is one of those myths that rank up there with size matters, an idea mostly shared by men. Truth is, a really great orgasm happens when both partners engage in hot foreplay that includes sharing fantasies, and in some cases sharing actual experiences. It is also a proven fact that women love their fantasies. In one study it was reported that only five percent of all women say they do not need fantasies, and their husband gives them all they need to be satisfied. I have to wonder if this is the group of women who have never had a real orgasm. For the other ninety-five percent of us that do have fantasies, my books may have some ideas.

My main character, Adele Walker, shares a very typical history of many wives. She's the safe woman next door that has only had sex with one man. No one would ever suspect for a moment some of the things she thinks about. Her love for her husband never weans. However, she has deep passions that started with a casual boyfriend years before she married. Thoughts of what she missed play with her. The idea of creating memories instead of regrets begin to shape her fantasies and her reality in actions.

This is not uncommon. In fact, there are tons of studies that state developmental changes for middle-aged couples suggest couples not only engage in a long list of hotwife fantasies, but they take it up a notch.  Current statistics prove that open marriages and swinging develop social ties and satisfy sexual needs that are commonly associated with restrictive middle-class backgrounds. These studies have suggested that in an era where about 50% of marriages end in divorce, there is almost an equal percentage of extra-marital affairs. The shared experience of opening a marriage can sometimes bring the marriage partners closer together. Online sites have recognized this phenomenon and capitalized on what may be a significantly growing activity. Swinging. Such sites as show on their homepage that tens of thousands of couples join each week. They even show the daily sign-up statistic, and when seeing these numbers, one would think their entire neighborhood is full of swinging couples that keep their secret lives carefully protected.

Hotwife Story

Anne Sherril writes hotwife novels, short stories, and articles. Based on her personal experiences and vivid imagination, Anne finds that couples who lust together, stay together. Her books, The Mask series of four hot wife books, show that theme of romance and passion. The sexual desires she kept secret by masks of a straight wife next door are ripped off with surprising results. Discover real characters in a compelling unfolding drama that evolves the wife next door into a real hotwife. Look for more short stories about additional experiences appearing here on SDC. Check out the author page here for new explicit short stories. Leave a comment and I'll send you one of my published books on Amazon FREE as a special thank you for your thoughts. For the articles, look on the SDC Homepage listed under Kink Hotwife. -or-
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