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What You Should Know About Swinging

Entering the lifestyle isn't always as straightforward and simple as it seems.
Entering the lifestyle isn't always as straightforward and simple as it seems. But it also doesn't have to be overly complicated, thanks to guides like this from our band of experts here at

Is Swinging for Everyone?

No. It’s not a guaranteed pleasant or successful experience for every couple. Both spouses have to be inclined toward open relationships. You should weigh the pros and cons of swinging and most of all: Discuss every single detail about what you expect, tolerate or what you want to set as a rule. Putting pressure on your partner to try the lifestyle is for sure asking for trouble. You both have to want it.

Can Swinging Improve Your Marriage?

Yes. It improves your sex life and can improve your marriage, but only if you’re not having existing relational problems. Again, it only works if you both want it, and set your rules for swinging. And if necessary, revisit your rules often.

How About Jealousy?

You or your spouse, can get jealous, insecure or frightened. Talk about it and acknowledge those feelings!

Who is in Charge? The Man or Woman?

Most of the time women in the community are 100% in control.

Can We Be Open About the Lifestyle?

No. Not always, unfortunately. Most swingers are not open about it because not everybody will understand. But there are millions of people enjoying the experience. You can meet them online at SDC, inclubs and at parties. Swingers can be politicians, officials, teachers, lawyers. It is not written on their foreheads. But playing it open can be harmful. In Madison, Tennessee a group of people managed to ban their local swinger’s club from acting within a thousand feet of any school, church, daycare or park. So, practically the whole town was off limits, which was a reason for the club to create their own "church"!

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Maddy V

Dutch journalist and editor. Specialized in writing articles about sex, health and relationships.
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Feb 04, 2020
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Nov 16, 2019
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