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ASN Lifestyle Magazine Kinky Koach Stephanie Advice Licensed Professional Bisexual
Kinky Koach: Bisexuality & Heterosexual Male Anal Pleasure
Stephanie answers three questions in this column about sexual orientation, pleasure, and being an "out" professional.

ASN Lifestyle Magazine Dr Ziggy Swingers Double Penetration Group Sex
Double Occupancy: Tales of Multiples, from DPs to DVPs
It seems like multiple explorations and penetrations are on the rise, as women are more willing to experiment and experience novel modes of sexual interactions.

SDC Member Story Hottest Hotwife Experience Amateur Erotica Gangbang Bukkake
Birthday Bukkake for the Hotwife!
This lucky hotwife got the birthday surprise from her husband that they still fantasize about to this day.

SDC Sex Down South Virtual Conference 2020
Sex Down South Con Going Virtual for 2020
Join the first-ever Sex Down South Virtual Con! Learn more about this year's event and how to register.

Taylor Sparks Organic Loven Sisters of Sexuality
Taylor Sparks: Erotic Educator & Organic Loven Founder
Read ASN Lifestyle Magazine's interview with Taylor Sparks, erotic educator, sex goddess, and founder of Organic Loven pleasurable intimate products.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Tom Bunny Swingers Club Guide Advice Bisexual Clubs Portland
Dear Tom & Bunny: Lifestyle Guidelines & Being Bi in Clubs
People in the lifestyle need structure or they feel lost in this sea of self-expression — both sexually and when opening up to strangers. Tom and Bunny give their recommendations in this Q&A for ASN.

SDC Travelling Goddess Coronavirus COVID-19 Condom Shortage
Coronavirus Also Means Condom Shortage!
Travelling has come to a complete stop for now, so it’s basically down to trips to the grocery store — and minimally so, at that. Also, we’re running out of essential supplies. First, it was toilet paper, but now we hear rumors that we can also expect condom shortages!

SDC Cooper S Beckett Life on the Swingset Swingers NonMonogamy Education Lexicon Glossary
A Non-Monogamy Lexicon
Cooper shares his in-depth Swinging Lifestyle glossary in this handy guide for anyone practicing consensual non-monogamy.

SDC Lorals Oral Sex Latex Underwear Panties
The Definitive Guide to Using Lorals
From their mouths to yours, Lorals shares absolutely everything you need to know about using their innovative latex panties.

SDC Member Stories First Swinging Experience Couple Full Swap
Our First-Ever Encounter
It started as her passionate plea for a threesome or foursome...

SDC Member Stories Desire Resort Swingers First Experience Group Sex Bisexual
Desire Virgins
Couples' resorts inspire their guests to push themselves into more adventurous sex, and this wife recounts their foray into the lifestyle in this member story.

SDC Member Stories First Swinging Experience Swingers Hotel Hotwife Couple
Naughty Fun to Best Night Ever!
An impromptu hotel experiment turned into the hotwife fantasy neither of them expected.

SDC Dr Jaime M Grant Therapy Coach Sex Positive Children Teaching Guide
10 Ways to Raise Radically Sex-Positive Kids
How do we affirm and grow a healthy sexuality in our children when it feels like they are inundated with misinformation and an oversexualized commercial culture?

SDC Dr Rich Blonna Sex Therapy Couples Sexual Health Gender
Your Sexual Behavior
Here's how your thoughts, self-talk, mental images, and emotions connect to your sexual identity and satisfaction.

SDC Lorals Latex Panties Oral Sex Lingerie
Make Her Moan During Oral with These 7 Sexy Tips
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens can take a back seat to one of our absolute favorite things — oral sex!