How To Touch a Woman: Part II
Dr. Jess     
We'll explore a few more approaches to sensuous touch to build up tension and intensify orgasmic response.

In Part I of this series, we left off between the legs after a slow full-body caress and tease. Now we'll explore a few more approaches to sensuous touch to build up tension and intensify orgasmic response. Be reminded that this is not a perfect recipe for success, as every woman is unique. Some will enjoy manual stimulation of the vulva, while others prefer a hands-off approach. The only way to know for sure is to ask. The following is intended as inspiration, not instruction.

Some thoughts on how to touch between her legs:

* Lube up your fingers on your dominant hand and make a W-shape with your index, middle and ring fingers. Place the "W" against the top of her vulva and draw your hand down toward the bottom of her vulva by her perineum. As you pull them down, draw them in toward one another so that you no longer have a "W", but a flat palm and straight fingers. You can then move your palm back up to the top of the vulva (toward the pubic mound) and reopen your fingers into a "W" formation. Repeat and vary pressure according to her responses. You can use your other hand to gently rub her thighs, abdomen, sides, breasts or legs.

* Use a flat lubed-palm or several fingers to gently draw figure eights over her labia and vaginal opening.

* Use lots of lube to gently stroke and pull up on her clitoral hood.

* Use your thumbs to gently draw circles over her lubricated vulva.

* Gently pull up and down on her clitoral hood to provide non-direct stimulation of the clitoral shaft.

* Consider using blindfolds, restraints, feathers and textured condoms/gloves to intensify pleasure and excitement.

In Part III, we will explore pleasure that includes penetration. Be creative, take your time and remember to use lots and lots of lube. Have fun and always practice safer sex.

Dr. Jess

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