SEX Sex is wonderful, don't get stuck in a rut. Let us show you how great sex can enhance your relationship and life!
Oral Learn how to properly give oral sex with our expert tips and tricks on blow jobs and cunnilingus.
SDC Cooper Beckett Life on the Swingset Oral Sex Health STI STD
Should You Use Condoms for Blowjobs?
Well, “Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea of the Throat” is a real thing.

SDC Lorals Latex Panties Oral Sex Lingerie
Make Her Moan During Oral with These 7 Sexy Tips
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens can take a back seat to one of our absolute favorite things — oral sex!

SDC Lorals Latex Panties Oral Sex Music Lifestyle Recommendations Bedroom Playlists
4 Oral-Sex Playlists That’ll Rock Your World
When it comes to oral sex, there aren’t many hard-and-fast rules. Everyone’s pleasure is different and experimenting is fun! But, there is one thing you should absolutely avoid at all costs — hastily pressing play on your “most liked” Spotify playlist right before getting hot and heavy.

Intimate Lesbian Couple Bed Sexual Fantasies Taboo Lexi Sylver SDC
Intimate Lesbian Couple Bed Sexual Fantasies Taboo Lexi Sylver SDC
Sexual Fantasies: Taboo, Popular, and Surprising Scenarios
Do you want to know what kinds of filthy things that people fantasize about?

SDC Promescent Sexual Wellness Products Delay Spray Arousal Gel Lubricant
Our Promescent Experience: Pleasure Products, Indeed!
Today’s pleasure products can seem downright magical with how effective they can be. Find out how Promescent is helping partners make love longer with their line of sensational gels and sprays.

SDC Erotic Writing Contest First Swinging Experience Oral Sex Glory Hole Fluid Role Play
Does He Really Want Me to do This?
When it comes to oral sex, some women just can't give enough. This couple takes her desires to a whole new level.

Gangbang Group Sex Threesome Trio
Gangbang, Group Sex, or Threesome: The Differences & Similarities
Gang bang, group sex or threesome: the difference and the similarities

Featured Resource: SDC Newbie Lifestyle Club Guide
John & Jackie Melfi of Colette lifestyle clubs have made a Newbie Lifestyle Club Guide to help you be as prepared as possible so that you can have an amazing time, whether you’ve never been to one before or are a seasoned pro.

SDC Lorals Latex Panties Vaginal Pleasure Products Oral Sex Cinematic Scenes
Oral On Screen: 5 of Our Favorite Scenes
A round-up of our picks for some of cinema’s best oral sex scenes

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Alice Little Sex Worker Group Threesome Orgy Advice
Top Safe Sex Tips for Three, Four, or More!
Group Sex: Why it’s so hot, what to bring, and how to practice safer sex with multiple play partners.

SDC Member Stories Swingers Open Lifestyle First Experience Threesome Cuckold
Her First Night with Someone Else
A single male was in for quite a surprise when this husband left him with his wife!

SDC Member Stories First Swinging Experience Swingers Club Lifestyle Couple Swap
How We Started Swinging
An innocent misunderstanding of what it is to be in “the lifestyle” inspired this couple to make the jump from enthusiastic nudists to swingers.

SDC Ofacez Mr Mrs Mocha Swinging Lifestyle Advice Dating Couples Play Date
SDC Ofacez Mr Mrs Mocha Swinging Lifestyle Advice Dating Couples Play Date
It's Your First Play Date & It's Time to Swing!
Dating as a single person is one thing, but courting play partners as swingers comes with its own set of expectations and practices.

SDC Cooper S Beckett Life on the Swingset Swingers NonMonogamy Education Lexicon Glossary
A Non-Monogamy Lexicon
Cooper shares his in-depth Swinging Lifestyle glossary in this handy guide for anyone practicing consensual non-monogamy.

SDC We Gotta Thing Podcast Swingers Soft Full Swap
SDC We Gotta Thing Podcast Swingers Soft Full Swap
Soft Swap or Full? That... is the Question
Listen in to Mr. & Mrs. Jones' conversation about whether or not it's the right time for them to move from soft swap to full!