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A form of sacred, spiritual sex, practicing tantra can enhance your connection with your body and your partners. Learn tips for tantric practices that can help you enjoy mindful sex, have more powerful orgasms, delay ejaculation, and intensify your sexual experiences.
SDC Swingers Threesome MFF MMF Lifestyle Advice Couple of Secrets Aliki Xander
3 Simple Ways for Couples to Get a Threesome
Having a threesome is the declared dream of the majority of men. But make no mistake — plenty of women have it on their wish-list, too!

SDC Dr Cari Oneal Sexologist Squirting Orgasms
Squirting Orgasms: How-Tos, Myths, and Facts
Did you know that squirting orgasms are a sex skill that can be learned? Find out how you can learn how to have — and give — squirting orgasms!

Unicorns Swingers Naked on a Unicorn Pool Floatie
Fantasy Land for Unicorns: Luxuriate at Sea Mountain Ranch Spa
Did you know that there’s a unicorn paradise right in Palm Springs?!

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Couple of Secrets Aliki Xander Open Relationship Advice
6 Beginner Tips for Opening Your Relationship
Pushing your sexual boundaries requires some preparation. Follow these tips for a smoother transition into the open Lifestyle.

SDC Member Story Hotwife Experience Massage Oral Sex Fantasy
Massage Appointment
This mom of four desperately needed a massage, and she got it — plus a very happy ending and a juicy surprise for her husband!

SDC Member Story Swinging Hotwife Experience Erotica Couple Hotel Threesome
The Forbidden Fruit
This couple finally found their other man and fulfilled the hotwife fantasy of their dreams — an evening of building desire, sensual massages, and pleasing her forbidden fruit.

A Taoist Trick for Ladies’ Pleasure in Fellatio
Guest blogger Kathryn Peterson shares a Taoist technique with women, to enhance their and their partner's sexual pleasure while performing fellatio.

SDC Dr Rich Blonna Sexual Mindfulness Training Oral Sex Men Penis Couple
Mindful Oral Sex for Him
Giving your partner your deliberate and lingering attention is an excellent way to practice sexual mindfulness together. Here's how to take penis-pleasing to the next level.

SDC Member Story Amateur Erotica Swingers Massage Threesome Fantasies
Wet, Hot Weekend: Wet & Wild Story WINNER!
This work-weary couple was determined to make the most of their weekend escape, and they fulfilled fantasies, found sweet release, and created delicious memories.

SDC Dr Rich Blonna Sexual Mindfulness Oral Sex Cunnilingus Couple Activity
Mindful Oral Sex for Her
Immersing yourselves in the sensations of oral sex takes pleasure to new depths. Here's how to make cunnilingus a full mind and body experience.

SDC Dr Rich Blonna Sex Therapy Couples Sexual Mindfulness Masturbation Activity
Mindful Couple’s Masturbation for Him
While it’s typically considered a solo activity, manually pleasuring each other can be highly erotic and adds a new dimension to the exchange of your sexual energy.

There are so many wonderful reasons to expand our sexual repertoire and potential beyond the confines of intercourse.

Smart Erotica: The Modern Couple's Playbook
Many within the erotic lifestyle approach participate in the lifestyle with a — sorry to be critical here — somewhat novice route.

Smart Erotica: Have You Had a “LIC” Lately?
Lifestyle Inventory Check-up (LIC)© coaches couples to have to ensure a fun and productive erotic lifestyle experience. Here is more information on LIC to get you started on a path toward better consensual non-monogamous relationships!

Fun Sex Positions
While sex offers an array of health benefits, one of its more obvious advantages is that it involves some degree of physical activity and you can burn extra calories while having fun.