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Room Reservations for the SDC ST Awards

postamble(); Room reservations are now being taken for February 18 -19: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at a special rate of $40 + tax for a room per night on the 11th floor. Get a room for any night, or for the entire weekend. Call 214-634-8550 and ask for the SDC-ST Awards rate. Make your... read more

michael jackson

His trial starts today. Guilty? innocent?What do you guys think?... read more

Just had to clip this NY Times article and pass it along

Travel Section, NYTIMES.COM Poker Nuts and Nudists, Come AboardBy AUSTIN CONSIDINE Published: January 30, 2005 t may be one of the few vacation options upon which nudists, Harley Davidson enthusiasts and economic policy wonks might agree - not to mention gays, and fans of bluegrass music. Name a... read more

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

All couples and single women attending Mardi Gras in New Orleans from January 31st thru February 8th 2005, please send us an IM or email, if interested in hanging out with a group of locals who love the underground side of carnival. We love the late night music and bachannalia side to Mardi Gras. It... read more


We will be in St-Martin feb.12 to feb 19 any couples we could meet ?or some clubs you could suggest? Thank's .... read more

Tantra in Florida -- recent experience and recommendations

I wanted to share a recommendation to those of you in Florida with an interest in tantra. A lady friend and I just had a wonderful evening learning tantric massage and breathing with a tantrika in the Melbourne area, Cynthia Amrita. If you have any interest at all in exploring this aspect of sexuali... read more

I agree..

Ode brought up some very valid points in his Topic about the awards... Although I cannot post in his Topics, I would like to state...He is RIGHT! Folks...I have always been an outspoken, and "unpopular" voice on this board...but I MUST say, that the year I attended was like "old home week", as far... read more


Inside... read more


Know it's been asked and answered before but looking to find the best Lifestyle Club in Vegas. Any thoughts? Be there March 10-13..... read more

Meet and Greet

Would anyone in the Beaumont Tx area want to have a meet and greet during the week?... read more

Why Have So Many Regular ST Posters Removed Their Photos From Their Profiles?

This is an innocent and legitimate question I'm asking.  Please don't get upset if you are one of those posters.  I'm just curious.   I've also noticed many have removed most or all of the information in their profiles as well.  Maybe they have them set to appear that way when ... read more

FEB 16! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CLUB CHIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Calling All Freaks!!!!!!

Ok. I personally do not post here much so please bear with me. lol. I am tired of all the fighting the argueing the political and the religous banter so i am calling out all the freaks out there to join in here for a lil fun and laughter. I am curious to see how many of you are freaks just like me. ... read more

Mardi Gras Party tonight!

Your invited to the 13th Floor tonight for our                 Mardi Gras party. Bare as  you dare when you shout "throw me sumthin Mistah"  Bring your beads to throw or earn ours!  Daring and creative is ... read more


We are planning a vacation for April.  It will be our first vacation since we got into the Lifestyle and we want it to be wild.  We are looking at either Hedo II, Hedo III or Desire. Can anyone help with their experiences with these resorts?  We understand Hedo is not really a Lifesty... read more

New Forum Category Suggestion

Please don't be offended or feel compelled to attack me for this Topic. Maybe Ronald can create a Drama Department and relocate Topics that have Drama in them. This way, people who wish to avoid Drama related Topics can do so more easily. I know they don't all start out that way, but often they bec... read more

Houston trip

  Hi, we are planing going to Houston this Febraury 12, and we want to go to a swingers club (off-premise) do you know one, please recomend us one. Thanks... read more

Those darn senators from Massachusetts!

-inside-... read more

Am I the only psycho?

Does anyone else here have heavy duty crushes on SDC members that they've never even met?  I have a real live crush on someone that I've never met and never will.  I'm not just talking about pictures.  They have an awesome profile but it's their posts.  The things they say and th... read more

Light Bulb joke

Q: How many Bush Administration officials does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: None. There is nothing wrong with the light bulb; its conditions are improving every day. Any reports of its lack of incandescence are a delusional spin from the liberal media. That light bulb has served honorably, ... read more

the Zoners

We will be at sans souci tonight! Everyone come party with us! Mary and the Zoners... read more

Do you want to meet us ?

We are smoking hot.  We are the smartest people we know.  We are more successful in business than any of our peers.  We throw parties where we only invite the hottest people to attend.  We are very engaging, and once you meet us,  you will probably fall in love with us. ... read more

Lickerish Valentine's Day Wine Tour & Party - Texas Hill Country

The Lickerish Guild is proud to present a SPECIAL Valentine event for Couples the LICKERISH ULTIMATE VALENTINE is a truly romantic experience presented for lifestyle couples. Experience the romance of the Texas Hill Country this Valentine's Day with the Lickerish Guild. This unforgettable tour wi... read more

Not Enough Information

I understand so much in this life.  But I'm beginning to think that there's more that I do NOT know, maybe because I don't have enough information and I can't seem to gather enough information to piece together an understanding.  Sometimes I'll read things two or three times over, and be... read more

Only for Meeting People and Having Great Sex!

This Topic is Only for Meeting People and Having Great Sex! Everyone else has to stay out, LOL. We'll start. We want to meet people and have great sex, anyone else????? ... read more

VW's New Car Bomb Proof Car Threatens Terrorist's Worldwide

Well, those folks at Volkswagen seem to have done it again. Check out the following mpeg http://www.rooftopreport.com/rooftopreport/vw_20_b3.mov And, if you find it offensive... Get Over It!!!... read more

More Non Politically Correct Musings

As long as people want to whine about Politics, Religion and anything else they can think of that has nothing to do with swinging... Here's some thoughts I'd share. Don't know the origin but I can relate to it. Inside....... read more

Oklahoma City

We're going to be in Oklahoma City this Friday night, and were wondering if those nearby would have any recommendations as to the local swing clubs.  Thanks!... read more

ST Awards

I am old enough to know that there are always people that have to bitch or moan about everything.  And there are always people that will piss on a parade just because they can't stand for others to have fun. However, I think it has gone overboard regarding the ST Awards.  Not just this ye... read more

"Timed Out"...

Has anybody else gotten this response when trying to reply to a post??? Surf... read more

A picture in the Paper

Inside, its long... read more

Proper e-mail forwarding/replying procedures...

Maybe this needs to be in Swing Tech or Swing Puter, but ALL of you need to make sure when you send or reply to an e-mail that you know, who your intended audience is... Follow along... When you forward an e-mail, please delete the addresses of those it has traveled to in the past..  If y... read more

2nd apt...

I travel for work..so much that I am thinking of renting an apt in Key West(with a friend). But since we are only there 2 weeks out of every month we are thinking of renting it out for the time we arent there to help with the cost.What are the chances we can pull this off successfully? Has anyone do... read more

the Erotic Zone

Y'all come on out for a wickedly wonderful MARDI GRAS celebration the Erotic Zone way! Call us at 214-763-3087 or 214-763-3711 for your reservation!  Fri Jan. 28~ Mardi Gras Nite! We will be continuing our TGIF themes where our celebrations are on FRIDAY! So dress as decadent as you dare, ... read more

Should I be offended or is this just another norm around here?

Ohhh Ohhh  (Raising my hand in the back of the class)   If you feel you musK use this board to insult, malign, abuse, or gawd forbid anything BUT  make friends or meet someone then you must learn how to insult witout using four leter words (reminds me of a 14 year old tryin... read more

Mardi Gras at the 13th floor Saturday January 29th.

See inside for details.... read more

Why do some people get the boot from ST, and others have immunity?

It's just a simple question, anybody care to answer it? BTW, if I haven't answered this topic by 12 noon tomorrow, I got the boot...  ... read more


HI WE RE A YOUNG COUPLE;we are looking for couples ;we plan a trip soon but don t known where maybe hedo maybe desire or?we d love to meet some couples from sdc there;we love nude beaches and sun;write us kisses xxxxxxxx... read more

When Alcohol is doing the talking......

We have all seen or know someone who can't handle their booze.  Even here at ST... we have/had posters who once they hit the bottle and got behind the keyboard.... you just KNEW it, ( we have/had posters who do it way more than some and less than others).  Many times, we have had to cons... read more

Difference between Swingers Bars and BYOB Clubs

Since there were some questions about the legal differences between the two types of clubs in a topic about Sans Souci, I thought I would pontificate on the matter for all of you that care to learn. Kinda long and boring but it was either this or go wash the car. Story inside... read more


Isn't it great when women tell us how they want it??? Read inside for the story... ... read more

Will be in Las Vegas 1/25 - 2/2........

Any other couple will be there....??? Will love to meet new friends.......and have some fun will there....... read more



Friday night dinner/breakfast club

Can we talk here? No poilitics!! Lets talk about sex or something along that line... Anybody game? The first meeting of the Friday Night Dinner Club..... read more


OK - this just came through on an e-mail from a local grocery store that sponsors cooking classes.  I was wondering if any of the ST ladies had tried this with an underperforming companion... "QUICK TIP If your celery, carrots or potatoes get soft and limp, place them in a bowl of water ... read more

Minnesota - Something Red Dance, Saturday, January 29, 2005

February is the month of Love!!! So, we have decided to start it a few days early!!! What better way to celebrate than joining other fun loving couples and singles at the MPC Something, Red Dance, Saturday, January 29, 2005, 7pm to 1 am at a very nice hotel in Downtown Minneapolis (the exact locat... read more

looking for female rider's

I am a semi truck driver looking for female company. I will be starting to travel nation wide in may. and hope to have a female friend to keep my company and to see the country side. hope for 18-40yo ... read more


I know several of you have kids in college. It's been awhile since i was in school so I forget some procedures! Hopefully you guys can help. I recently applied to school here(i am still waiting to hear if i have been accepted..keep your fingers crossed). now, if I do get accepted, i have to figure ... read more


The Erotic Zoners will be there tonight to party with their friends at Sans! Everyone come and join us! mary and the Zoners... read more


The EROTIC ZONE'S T.G.I.F. Party ! Friday nite, Jan.21st will be a theme event. Naughty Lil School Girl Nite!! So all you sexy, naughty school girls,Cum on out and have some extracurricular activities at The Erotic Zone~ I'm sure looking forward to getting a great education that nite!!!!! Saturday n... read more

Swingers Tax Deductions

I hate this time of year. TAXES, TAXES, TAXES!!!! I think there should be tax deductions for those of us who have been fortunate enough to enjoy what this lifestyle has to offer. Let's get creative and figure some good ones out...... SLUT WEAR - To help get my broad a** laid! CROWN ROYAL - To get ... read more

Pajama party and Karaoke this weekend

Your invited to the 13th floor,  see inside :)... read more

OUR January Playlist

We thought it'd be cool to share our playlists: You can tell a lot about people by the music and books they consume.... Kreator: "Enemy of God" Goran Bregovic: "Underground, the soundtrack" Duke Ellington: "Satin Doll" Judas Priest: "Hell bound for leather, the remaster" Venom: Resurrection... read more

Some food for thought

I'm not sure of the truth of the events in the following story, however the end result did make me stop and think.... read more


O.K......so I've popped in again!!! Sure wish I had time to catch up on all the latest around here, but I don't know where the time has gone lately! I won't be able to check back in until later tonight, but since it is my B-day.....I expect to have lot's of PICTURE BOMB'S when I do. Audrey...Softy..... read more

Hard Decision...

As many of you know, I relocated to South Carolina almost a year ago. I became involved with a wonderful company in Property Management, but I have a huge problem... The Company I work for is exceptional, but my immediate two superiors suck, when it comes to problems, or complaints...They won't hel... read more

For the love of money..

What would you do for a buck, the almighty DOLLAR?  Just how far would you go to earn a quick buck? Lets just say, you had the opportunity to be set for life, not just a quick easy payday, but set 4 LIFE... I don't care to hear what you won't do, that's too easy...  Lets get down an... read more


Looking for some fun in Anaheim ~ not looking to meet couples or singles, just fun, edgy, anti-vanilla clubs/bars/points of interest. Thanks!... read more

Kent 04/05

Hi allWe are trying to put a group together to travel to Kent in the last 2 weeks of april05. We have a group rate from CDS Travel. So if you fancy a trip to jolly ol' Kent, drop us a line asap. (Hedo is soooooooo dead that time of year) We have over 250 couples going who are in... read more

Where did you find that mysterious Unicorn?

I know that there are some single bifemales, also known as Unicorns, out there.  I would like to know from those who have found them.  How and Where did you find them?  Was it at a swingers club or other type of club, was it at the grocery store, or maybe you just lucked out and it wa... read more

Swing groups in St.Louis

In here the text, description, location etc... read more

Time Capsule.....

I saw this one on another forum and thought I would try it here... If you were to bury a time capsule in your back yard to be dug up at some predetermined date of your choosing... What would you put in it and why those particular items?... read more

Quoteable Quotes.

Just thought I would try to have some fun. Say a quote.  The following poster tries to guess who said the quote or what movie etc.  Then say another quote for the next poster. Lead Balloon?  Could be.... read more

The Best Compliment We have Ever Had...

Hello -- so we have no pictures and expect there will be no answer to this. We are older,, hesitant, and the lifestyle is more a fantasy than reality to us. But your profile, your attitude, your photos demand a response. There is so much feeling in what your present: sensuality, love, glee, eroticis... read more

Reality TV

A recent topic gave me this idea.  If you had the opportunity to be on a reality show and win a large amount of money; much more than $500 or even $5,000, BUT it would expose your lifestyle, would you do it?  (inside)... read more

Attention Enviromental Activists Global Warming reduced by fossil fuels

Fossil Fuel Curbs May Speed Global Warming: Scientists [UK News]: LONDON - Cutting down on fossil fuel pollution could accelerate global warming and help turn parts of Europe into desert by 2100, according to research to be aired on British television on Thursday. "Global Dimming," a... read more

the Erotic Zone

PARTY REMINDER!!!!!!! Strip Poker at the EZ tonight!!!!!!Regular Party on Saturday Night!... read more

What? The search for WMD in Iraq is over? They found none?

Many of us are not too surprised at this, but I'm curious how this news makes you conservatives and staunch Bush-backers feel? After seeing over 1,300 US dead, over 10,000 U.S. wounded, over 50,000 Iraqi dead, and who knows how many Iraqis wounded, now we learn that there were no WMD's and that Bus... read more

How do you personally judge physical attractiveness...

One's own culture has a strong effect in determining who a person considers as physically attractive... As children grow up, they learn what their culture considers attractive... Movies and cartoons, frequently portray the villain as being ugly, whereas the protagonist is depicted as attractive... ... read more

Is it all that, or just a bit of HYPE?

Orgy has several meanings, including "a drunken revelry", a religious rite involving ecstatic dancing, an "unrestrained indulgence" (for example, "an orgy of destruction"), or group sexual activity.... Sounds a lot like what goes on in the basement!!  lmao Some say an orgy is a sexual activity... read more

Happy B-Day

We want to wish Golden A Happy B-Day!!!!! Hope you have a GREAT ONE BABY! We'll hopefully see ya this weekend! The Flirty's... read more

Covia Club----Houston, Tx

Has anyone been to the Covia Club??? If so please give us a reveiw and comparison to other clubs in the Houston area... read more

the Erotic Zone

The Erotic Zone's Weekend Parties! Friday January 14th ~ This TGIF nite our activity planned at the party will be STRIP POKER! Come on out and play a hand! Win or LOSE, lol, it's ALL a win-win situation!! Saturday January 15th~  This is our regular party nite! We start receiving guests at 8 p... read more

Naughty and Nice Party for Mardi Gras and Valentines Day!

see inside :)... read more


... read more

Is the lifestyle what you expected?

Has it lived up to, or exceeded expectations? ... read more

Why did you get into this lifestyle?

It seems at times, the answers we hear from people are very different from others, so we're curious. Wouldn't this be a good profile question? ... read more

dial up sucks

I have been in Wyoming for three weeks and only have a dial up connection here so I have not been on st at all did I miss anything? It is snowing like crazy tonight and I will be driving back to California in the morning. I hope the roads will be open.... read more

Fantasy Ranch in Arlington

We were trying to get a group of people to go to the F.R. in Arlington..Its always more fun with a group of people...If you wanna go email us...it will be in the back VIP room Sat..... read more

Brain Teaser time...

In the book The Invisible Man (by H.G. Wells), the title character is... Which politician had a Harvard classmate take an exam for him/her, earning him/her a suspension? Opium, morphine, heroin, codeine, and papaverine are products of... After translation, 'Fear' and 'Terror' are the names of... ... read more

What's in and what's out..

I have been cruising profiles this morning while getting my fishing tackle box in order, and noticed something, I hadn't noticed before.. Most all the profiles I saw had the womans back in the lead shot, and her having a tattoo on her lower back...What gives with the new wave of tattoo's and locati... read more

cruise carribean princess jan 29 05

any cpl or maybe single on this cruise from fort lauderdale we would love 2 meet for a fun trip ... read more

You'll spit coke on your monitor for sure...

This is for all you race car fans and car nuts... Don't forget to turn up your speakers...I'm still ROFLMMFAO   w w w dot tekzoned dot com/instest/... read more

Where is the aid?

I find it ironic that the United States is being criticized for the aid we are sending to the far east to help the Tsumine victims. $350,000,000.00 the government has pledged is nothing to sneeze at. That doesnt take into account the 1 billion it is costing to have our military helping in the relief... read more

Minneapolis - MPC Winter Meltdown Dance, Saturday, January 15

Spectacular, Comfortable Club for Couples, Single Men and Women Winter Meltdown Saturday, January 15, 2005 According to the weather for this weekend, it will be cold outside. But, the MPC Annual Winter Meltdown Party will definitely be hot and sizzling inside. Come join up to 200 or more like-mi... read more

Over and Underrated Two!

Feel free to add your most over and under-rated Topics! Over-rated...The success in Irac. Under-rated...the World-Wide effort for a great cause...Sunami victums! Over rated...The critisizm given by those more fortunate than those in great need. Underated...The efforts of the Entire World, no mat... read more

Happy Birthday to My Husband!!!

First of all, let me introduce myself as the Mrs. to Ruffedges.  I am Dee.  Most of you on here know my husband.  He has been urging me to get on here and write something and to introduce myself.  Sorry, I'm not much of a chatter, but no better time than now.  You see, tomor... read more

Looking for other couples going to Desire 4/30 - 5/6

We are heading back to Desire for more good times.. Please let us know if you will be over in sunny Mexico the same time as us.... read more


We have a question and would love some help from someone, if possible. We have relocated to the Little Rock AR area and are looking for places to go to dance, meet others, etc. Can anyone out there give us some help and suggestions?... read more

Looking for Swing Clubs in San Jose ,California area!-Help me out!Visiting Monterrey,CA

Hey guys!Trying to find area swing clubs in San Jose,CA area.Flying out there on Jan15th.Fill me in.Be honest.I'm RONALD2 on SDC.My girl is HOUSTONGIRL11.I'm a Black male and she is Asian.If you want to party with us drop me a lineokay.We want to go to a club when I come to town.Peace...Do not reall... read more


just wanted to ensure i got the member name right-... read more


very rude-I suggest not hooking up with them, just from speaking to them and trading pics they seemed to lack intelligence-also instead of a simple not interested the girl tells me I'm ugly-nice etiquette!!!... read more

Our first Awards...

This is our first trip for the annual ST Awards event, and are pretty excited about meeting some of the posters that we enjoy..  We do see a small list of people showing, but what we are really wondering is, who is not going to show and what's motivating you to not appear..    ... read more

ST AWARDS coming up

Ok haven't posted much so forgive me if this has been discussed. The awards are coming up in alittle over a month. I haven't heard of any catergories for the awards or any suggestions about it. When do we vote........Did I miss the memo on this one..... Red... read more

Brat Pack PJ Party at Iniquity

Friday January 14th Iniquity - Dallas Remember Iniquity is a BYOB club! Worn out from the Holidays?? Need a RELAXING night out? Its PAJAMA NIGHT at Iniquity! Put on something sexy, small, sheer, or just throw on something comfy and lets have a swinging great slumber party!!! Come get all the detail... read more

Not One Damn Dime Day

Ok...I have really tried to stay out of political postings...As I am struggling with defining where I stand these days with politics...That said - I still intend to participate in "Not One Damn Dime Day" of which a description is inside, as I don't want to get slammed for posting outside... I ... read more

Ethics question

I have a situation here that I would like some feedback on.  We have become pretty good friends with this couple that we have known for several years now.  Have played some mostly as couples. However, recently there have been a couple 3 somes with the wife of the other couple.  We th... read more

A Tribute

I don't know about anyone else, but I miss some of our posters that have left!  I started thinking about just how many people we are missing on ST and quickly came up with 20.  There are more...many, many more.  Posters who contributed regularly, for the most part without slamming oth... read more

Patos in Costa Rica

We are hoping to find some feedback on this resort.  Its off the beaten path, but the webpage makes it sound like a nice for a relaxing getaway.  If anyone has been there we would love to hear your thoughts.... read more


HI people were planning on goin 2 the DOMINICAN . REPUBLIC from the FEB 17-27 any couples r bi females in r about the same time let us know if u would like 2 have some fun under teh sun .RAY & LIJIA... read more

Hedo or Desire?

I'm sure this question has been asked countless times, but we need advice on the most "us" trip we can find. We're considering Hedo III or desire for out vacation in late March. We're not shy or prudes, and realize that you take the good with the not as good when you go to a place like this. Anyo... read more


I think it is only fair that the 3 losers should be from the people that stayed in the pool for all the games. Not someone that dropped put in week 7, 8, and 12. Mack1 drooped out after week 1. Hydecat quite in week 7. JbandJA stopper playing in week 8. Anaisnia left in week 12. Im here to ask... read more


Just moving a topic from seeing it every time I log on. Well not the topic,     Just the poster   Jerry... read more

And Then There Was One

Inside...... read more

Finally had enough of hearing people say it..

OK, we witnessed a horrific event a few days ago with the Tsunami, and the ever lasting affect it has on everyone around the world... Here's my bitch...  Why are some people saying, "thank god we were spared"?What the fuck are they blabbering about? Are they thanking their god for ... read more

the Erotic Zone

Party Reminder Body painting tonight. Party starts at 8:oo pm. Regular party on saturday... read more

Republican Propaganda Machine Strikes Again

News commentator paid $240,000 by Bush administration to support and defend No Child Left Behind. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&u=/usatoday/20050107/ts_usatoday/whitehousepaidcommentatortopromotelaw ... read more

Can you ever get enough, Hash?

For almost two years, there were two hash organizations in San Antonio operating completely separate from each other with little crossover.  In April 1998, San Antonio hosted the 1998 Texas Interhash, and this event helped bring the Kiss My Hash House Harriers and the San Antonio Hash House Har... read more

January's Parties

see inside:)... read more

Would you ever star in a commercial porn movie?

With the AVN Convention beginning today, we were wondering who would consider doing it. Would you do it for the money, for the fame, or the for the hell of it? All of the above? Any other reason? World Peace?... read more

Austin -

Time for another installment of "messin' with the masses" meet and mingle. Our last 6th street adventure was so much fun we decided to do it again. This Saturday, the 8th of January, we are taking over the lower floor of Treasure Island right in the middle of 6th. Party starts at 9pm and goes until ... read more

Roman hands and Russian fingers.

Saturday night, my wife and I entertained some lifestyle friends.  The ladies got to talking about whom, in their experience was to " touchy/feely".  Aside from actual play time,  who took liberties in where they touched and in what setting. Today, I received an e-mail from one of ou... read more


Ok..........I've had it.  I'm done... We have been on here for quite a while.  We have always allowed single males to contact us.  Not any more.  I have listened to the arguments, pro and con of contact with the single males on here.  I have decided that the MAIN problem I ... read more

Just so you all know the whole story

Confession: I was naughty and got the boot, no ones fault but my own...lol Note: I didn't call anyone out by name and got busted for it anyway.. Lesson learned, don't write about anything on your mind, or you'll get busted...Do not insinuate anything or leave an answer open for, ASSumptio... read more

the Erotic Zone

The Erotic Zone wants to start celebrating T.G.I.F. in style, sostarting this Friday we will be having our mini theme events/activitynites on Fridays to get the weekend started! Cum join us for BODY PAINTING this Friday, Jan.7th!! We've got allthat you need to decorate everyone up in style, except ... read more

cut and paste maniacs...

what would you do with all of your spam and C/Ps if you couldn't flood these pages with all of your vast stockpile of propaganda...OLD jokes...tired quotes...lame lists...Iphotos...etc????... some(many) of you don't appear to have ever had an original thought in your life... do you post this garba... read more

Happy New Year's

The 13th floor would like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. Thanks to everyone who came out on New Year's Eve and made it anabsolutely fantastic party.  Our brand New DJ and Dance floor hadeveryone gyrating all night long.  Lets not forget the fabulous new 20ft.bar with 3 bar... read more

al-Zarqawi reportedly arrested in Iraq (Cross your fingers)

Info inside... read more

Cruise Mexican Riviera March 5th

We will be on board the Diamond Princess leaving from L.A on March 5th to the Mexican Riviera and would love to play along the way.... read more

Him or Her?

Just Curious  In your relationship; who was first to get interested in the lifestyle?  One word answer him or her?... read more

The best topic ever.

Most of the old timers wish it could be just like the old days.  Most of us newbies have no idea what you are bitching about.  So respond to the poster below you in the vein of how a great topic would have gone.  You're response can have everything or nothing to do with what the ... read more

A Chow Moved in Next Door...There Goes The Neighborhood.

The sorta ex wife was looking into getting an apartment and the fella she spoke said most complexes will not allow Chow or Chow mixes. Is that a form a of off center racism, isn't that saying dogs can be classed by behavior according to breed. How much of a leap of logic would it be to extend the cl... read more

Football Pool.

It looks like the regular foot ball season is over. And the football pool has come up with a winner. NTEXCOUPLE #1  Shit imagine that. As soon as it it settled as to who I get to make a dare to. The bidding will open. That is unless I get to dare Ode That dare is not for sale at any price. ... read more

Research shows . . . . .

For ages, people have wondered what causes average, everyday people to become swingers.  Is it a matter of a common experience that pushes people to swing? Perhaps there is a genetic tie that binds those of us who seek and enjoy sharing sexual intimacy and pleasure with a multitude of part... read more


I was wondering the percentage of people in the lifestyle who have children. My husband and I are expecting our first and love the lifestyle. ... read more

I can't stand it when you do that!!!

I know that EVERYONE has lil things they do that drive their SO or even just friends insane.  (More inside) ~Ravishing~  ... read more

new years sucked

was just wondering if anyone else had a sucky new years eve like we did????... read more


I have often been accused of knowing too much useless information. I for one don't think you can have enough useless information. How else do good, original conversations get sparked. There are many posters on this site who are full of it -- both bullshit and useless information. I call on all of yo... read more

Sgar Bowl bound!

We will be in the Big Easy for the game from Sun. till Tues....what's happening in town? Other than the obvious (War Eagle)... read more


Make a random comment about the previous poster.Can''t remember where I saw this idea, but it was pretty fun.... read more

Who Knows me?

I was just wondering...I have seen a whole lot of new names on here..and I haven't been on nuch, lately... So...who knows me? Surf  ... read more


I have found that some of these topics allow for too much information. Some of the things I have learned about all of you freaks is just too disturbing! I propose a topic that doesn't allow too much discussion on any one topic. A very -all-over-the-place discussion.Interview the person above you. Co... read more

Tickling Fancies and Twisting Panties

This topic is about the quality of SwingersTalk.   In my tenure on this board, I have laughed and I have been sad.  I have been embarrassed and I have sympathized.  I have been upset, hurt and happy all in the same day.  I was not one of the first on ST, but I got here as fast... read more

things i THINK that i know...

are there many, if any, things that we really know are facts or truths????... let's name some... this is really meant to be in the ST vein of thought but all humor and outside examples are welcome too...but, PLEASE "try and strictly offer something you feel you know to be factual or truthful" as t... read more