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This Weekend Mardi Gras!

Friday Night                                                  &... read more

This Weekend Mardi Gras!

Friday Night                                                  &... read more

This Weekend Mardi Gras!

Friday Night                                                  &... read more

This Weekend Mardi Gras!

Friday Night                                                  &... read more


Hi Everyone, Quite a lot of news and new events to tell you all about this week !! A very big thanks to everyone who partied with us at last saturdays Couples Only Party - what a wicked nite it was - packed to the rafters with sexy, horny couples/party people !! Next Couples Only Party will be Satu... read more

Looking for new, naughty fun

In our quest to find new and exciting sexual things, lets hear from you out there on what else we should try??  The naughtier the better since we have been adventurous already <evel grin>.  Oh and kinky is even better! So let it all out and tell us your favorites.... read more

This Weekend at The Silver Minx

 This Weekend at The Silver Minx   Friday Night! Pajama Party Night!!!   We’re having a Pajama Party this Friday night. Sexy, see thru or fun and comfy. Join us for a fulfilled night with music and friends.Call for Reservations!       Saturday Night! Saturday January ... read more

This Weekend at The Silver Minx

                           The Silver Minx  Presents For You! Friday Night! Pajama Party Night!!!   We’re having a Pajama Party this Friday night. Sexy, see ... read more

The coming Global Depression

The global economic situation looks increasingly bad as we face a certain global depression primarily due to the insane monetary policies of the central bankers. The Federal Reserve is now attempting to bail out failing financial institutions by creating more money out of thin air. Some of the big ... read more

Clubs Nice France

Hi/Hello/Bonjour/Dia Duit  We are visiting the south of France, Nice, this weekend. There seems to be a dearth of swingers clubs. Has anyone any suggestions? For clubs! Bede... read more

is gay and lesbian comunty is butter and stronger then swingers!!!!!!!!!!

lolols hi  when some one is asking about information about clubs or hotel at country travelling too no one is replaying or leaving any notes witch give really a very bad feeling to that one let us help each other to make our comunty more strong and union ,, may be the gays and lesbian are b... read more

This Weekend at THe Silver Minx

                                                  ... read more

Cyprus Holiday

 Helloooo  any couple visiting Cyprus...please let us know this month jan and feb we will be there.... hope to see you LoL  ... read more

AVN awards

Who's going to the AVN (adult video) awards in Vegas this weekend (Jan 10-13th)?  ?... read more

This is Birthday Weekend at The Silver Minx

  Friday                                            COPS AND GANGSTERS NIGHTWear you... read more

Carribean Cruise on 16th -31st January --Ocean Village 2

Hi All Looking to meet a sexy couple for fun on the ocean waves to make our holiday one we will never forget ! our E addr is Helen000 at lycos co uk if you want to get in touch, we like to laugh and have fun, its what lifes about !! Hope to chat soon   Helen & Andy XX... read more

Vicki's Birthday 12th January!!!!

 Just to let you all know that my Birthday Party this year will be held at Solutions in La Cala.   Between Fuengirola and Calahonda. Its is just off the N340 opposite the BP Garage. Near Snack Attack The Party will start from 10.30pm there is no entrance fee and just no... read more

Club Lick News

Hi Everyone, We have our 1st SDC Party of 2008 this Friday ! SDC Friday Nite Kiss Party @ Club Lick Friday 11th Jan 10pm - 6am Couples only 10 Pounds before midnight !! Single Ladies Free all night !! We will have as usual our resident DJ playing the very best in funky house and dance... read more

Cap d'Agde

If anyone has a nice apartment that they would like to let from 23rd August to 13th September, please let us know as we want to book somewhere in Cap this week. Happy 2008 to everyone.... read more


In a hopefully less-charged discussion of an issue in the public eye, I was wondering about opinions on the THEORY OF EVOLUTION and the current push to challenge it in schools with a concept that is called INTELLIGENT DESIGN. Evolution in it's sundry forms is accepted by nearly all of the scientific... read more

The First Weekend Of 2008 at The Silver Minx

The Cruise was won New Years party, thank you for attending New Years; we’re looking forward to 2008 with  you!   I feel a Sin Cummin On! Friday Night Come join us at The Silver Minx Weekend of Sinful pleasures and delights. Were BYOB and offer a hot and cold buffet with an i... read more



What to do in this situation...Please give your opinion!

Hi, I am the female half of the couple on this site with the man I love with all my heart! We have had a lot of great experiences together on this site as well as our own!!!  We have been together for 3 years! We are best friends as well as lovers and talk about everything! He tells m... read more

RV Community

Hello,  Just wanted to see if there is enough interested in a community for couples that like to travel in RV  Please let us know.  Thanks... read more

Quien es un bueno en el sexo?

Quien es un bueno en el sexo?   Hay que decirlo sin rodeos: son muy pocos los hombres que salen bien librados de la cama, y no porque lo tengan grande, pequeño o mediano, un punto que tanto suele preocuparles. O porque sean eficientes maquinitas que siempre están dispuestas, lis... read more

show us your cool tattoos

... read more

we're in trouble

my wife and i fsntsies to have sex with a woman for a long time, we didn´t make it, and right now we only have sex occasionally, one time per month i really loosse the luxury, what can we do?... read more

Advice on Planning a Gangbang

My wife and I are discussing organizing her first gangbang and have come to realize that the logistics of planning such an event are daunting. A search of the internet provides little relavent information on planning a successful gangbang. The key elements we identified for a successful gangbang are... read more

Vaginal or Anal

We were watching a xxx movie last night.  There's Daryl Hanah getting it in the butt.  As they switch positions she asks the guy where he wants to go next.  He answers in her pussy.  She responds with a surprised "oh a man that likes vagina."  So the question... read more

penis enlargement surgery

I have seen on the web doctors who offer enlargment surgery, and I am wondering if they are scams or real doctors? Also do these surgeries work or not?... read more

penis enlargement surgery

I have seen on the web doctors who offer enlargment surgery, and I am wondering if they are scams or real doctors? Also do these surgeries work or not?... read more

How to call it quits?

Since having babies and settling down... I have lost the desire to play. I just dont know how to end it and still hold my relationship together. I know it should be as easy as saying im done. but it isnt. When i think about trying it again... seeing how i feel about it.. i panic. I feel hurt, angry,... read more

Gran Canaria fun?

Hi! We will be in Gran Canaria (Maspalomas) for vacantion15/02/08 - 23/02/08Any recommendations or suggest clubs, lifestyle, fun, swinger place where we can find youg swingers in the areaThanks, Mony & Cata... read more


I'm new to the lifestyle. I've posted that condoms are a must, and I'll stick to that. But it seems most assume that is referring to penetration only.  What about oral sex on a man? Are most using condoms then too? Seems some believe STD's can't be transmitted from oral sex or somethi... read more

now theres a new lame development

well we've just looked at our new exciting 'your local matches' list mailed to us.   All without pictures All without validations.   good grief. Back to the drawing board sdc.... Anyone actually manage to get a real cpl they might like submitted to them?... read more

viaje Sw

mi esposa y Yo queremsos ir a algun Resort Sw., este estilo de vida no s bien visto en los paises de latinoamerica, asi que no es facil ir a ua agencia de viajes y adquirir los ticketes, etc. Vivimos en Guayaquil, Ecuador, es agradeceriamos muchisismo si nos hacen llegar la informacion necesaria, c... read more


Hi to all reading this blog. Just wanted the ladies thoughts as to whether a girls only night out to night clubs, meal, evening in a bar, etc etc would be something you would be interested in. An evening filled with plenty of flirty fun, drinks, dancing and of course kiss and tell the fol... read more

Ayuda resort swinger

 Buenas noches. Queremos conocer uno de esos Resort tipo Desire, Hedonismo, etc. Esta seria nuestra primera vez, y queremos pasarla bien aunque estamos un poco nerviosos. Somos un grupo de amigos y todos estan ansiosos de saber como nos ira en este viaje para tambien animarse. Disponemos apa... read more


saludos a todos: Les quiero dar las mas sinceras disculpas a tod@s aquellos que me esperaban en la fiesta de Laekim el pasado viernes. Se me presento una situacion de emergencia por la cual no pude llegar y disfrutar con tod@s uds., pero no me rindo y si voy para la proxima. Me encantaria conocerle... read more


...To the ounce  ... read more


Tremendous!  ... read more




   Fastnacktball – die beste Alternative zum „Schabernackt“! Nun wird es Wahrheit - wir feiern mit bereits 230 angemeldeten leuten aus den verschiedensten Foren in einem wirklich supertollen Lokal den ersten Fastnacktball in Rosenheim. Verschiedene Räume von B... read more

Natural or Not?

I would like to hear comments on whether it is better for the male to be natural and hairy or to do the waxing/shaving/... thing and be hairless? Are these preferences different for different nationalities, parts of the world, or background?  The reason I ask is that a South African friend an... read more


hi girls wanted to know what you girls think about facials.....i'm addicted to cum and cumshots, i really love to feel a guy to cum in face, was wondering if it's a common between girls or i'm the only one.......lol kisses crystel... read more




Hi Anni!  I am brand new to the lifestyle and having a performance issue.  I have no problem when I am alone with my partner.  But when other people in the room, there is only a partial hard of nothing at all.  I am 53, in fair shape and do not do drugs.  So far, we hav... read more


I have started rimming my girlfriend and see seems to be liking it.It's a bit of the naughty area to be at but so good with her.When asked if she minded me licking her ass she said no she rahter enjoyed it but that she would not return the favour which is fine with me. My question is.Does rimming g... read more

Divorcing, now what?

My wife and I have divorced recently and was wondering from people who have went through this how in the world to get back into this beautiful lifestyle.  Do I announce to all my friends that I am a swinger and hope that I can meet a girl that is interested in swinging through them?  ... read more

a single irish male swinger, the cheek of him!!!

the new year has got me thinkin about what it's like to be a single male and a swinger (yes folks you can genuinely be one). from knockin around on this site for a year or two i think i can throw my two pennie's worth of insight at what it's like to be of my breed. First things first it has to be sa... read more

PARTY !!!! PARTY !!! PARTY!!!!.....


Desire Cabo or Hedo III

We are going to Desire Cabo or Hedo III this spring.  What are the pros and cons of each.  ????????????? any experiences????... read more

safe sex

should a female use a dental dam when receiving oral from a male or female to practice safe sex.... read more

Fetish Clubs

We've recently started really getting into and loving S/d play.  We only do it together at the moment but did have one fantastic experience a few months ago with another couple which blew our funky minds.  We're currently exploring our boundaries and so can't really sa... read more

The Single Guy

Hi, iam Brian the male 1/2 of the couple. I would like your toughts on the plight of the singlle guy. We are members on SDC and also Adult Friend Finder, on both sites most of the single girls/women are listed as bisexuals (weather single or in a couple). Most single women and couples states no si... read more

The Single Guy

Hi, iam Brian the male 1/2 of the couple, I am writing this blog to highlight the plight of the single guy. We are members here on SDC and also Adult Friend Finder and on both sites, most of the single girls / women seems to be looking for other women and the couples wants other couples or bi... read more

Glory Holes

Hi anybody knows about gloryholes in South Florida or in Europe? What you guys thinks about?, it is a big turn on for us......sucking a cock to a complete stranger..... kisses crystel  ... read more

Matching styles and body-types.

Do you ever find yourself doing this?  You know, looking at profiles of people you could potentially like and want to contact, but then start considering "We'll her husband is X body-type, height, size, etc. so she probably wouldn't be interested in someone like me.  Best move on to t... read more

Got's Retard Photo

Who finds her posting of the Special Olympic photo offensive and distasteful?... read more

Strange and almost true

Hmmmmmmmmmmm....... read more

Best European Swing clubs

Following on from an earlier blog could we start a poll on the most recommended clubs specifically in Europe. Please don't just mention your local or most visited but the ones you have really enjoyed best. Will add a poll as names emerge.... read more

What do you feel like telling those people on here that likes to waste your time?

ever have people who always send emails to meet but never do meet because of some elaborate reason? I ask because i get asked several times "are you for real" "are you really going to show up" and i am always like yea!... read more

Lines that do work

Hi to everyone, Just read through an interesting blog " lines that don't work". I am sure, what would be very helpful to many members are suggestions of " Lines that really catches your fancy".... read more

What’s the most sexual zodiacal sign?

  I think its cancer; look the 69 on the symbol. What do you think? http://zodiac-signs-astrology.com/image/cancer.jpg <img src="http://zodiac-signs-astrology.com/image/cancer.jpg" width="160" height="101" />    ... read more


Freudig erwarten Ingrid und Thomas den unbekannten Herrenbesuch und stehen noch unter der Dusche als es bereits an der Tür klingelt. Shit wir sind schon spät dran entkommt es Thomas, während es bereits zum 2. Mal klingelt meint Ingrid verschmilzt lächelnd, macht ja nichts schnapp... read more