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100 Reasons You May Be A Swinger

from Kasidie.com1. You are wearing wristbands in most of your vacation photos. 2. Half of the numbers on your cellphone are listed only by screen names. 3. You are running out of reasons to tell your coworkers why you can't go out with them this weekend. 4. You have ... read more


We stay in Las Terrenas,Domenican republic, from 2th to 16th of February Any advice, adress, contact, on night life? Couples welcome, please leave a message to martine and jean-Louis  at  809-240-5077... read more

Bush's Final Numbers

Bush's final numbers: "U.S. Military Deaths In Iraq: 4,228. "U.S. Military Deaths In Afghanistan: 634. "Number Of Visits To Camp David: 149, totaling all or part of 487 days. "Number Of Visits To His Texas Ranch: 77, totaling all or part of 490 days. "Number Of Visits To His Parents' Home In Ke... read more


Aanvulling op Sonja Bakker Dieet VERMAGEREN DOOR SEKS Het is al een hele tijd bekend dat seks een goede vorm van lichaamsbeweging is, maar tot voor kort was er nooit onderzoek gevoerd naar het verbrandenvan calorieën door verschillende seksuele activiteiten. Na een diepgravende studie kunnen we u ... read more

Visiting Berlin

Hi,this is a request for help, we are looking to visit Berlin early in Feb and looking for a club to visit, we have looked at Dirty Davids site and feel we need a little local knowledge if any one can help?Sixwebst1... read more

...and to all a good night

  Well, it's two weeks into 2009, Christmas is history, New Year's has passed and the bills are now piling up by the ton. I know you all had a great New Year and I hope your Christmas was wonderful, but it's possible that Santa didn't quite get around to all of you. If he missed your ... read more

Orlando Area Meet & Greet Jan 16th at PlayTyme

SDC FREE Meet & Greet on Fri Jan 16th at 9Pm...Send us an e-mail if you are planning on attending this M & G so that we can put your name on the guest list... read the info for Jan 16th to make sure you meet the criteria to attend the event and to get in FREE for the night. This M & G ... read more

Caribbean Cruise Jan 15th - 30th

We are on board the Grand Princess sailing out of Fort Lorderdale on 15th Jan around the Caribbean. Dont suppose anyone else is too ???... read more

ski andorra

can someone tell us is there a swinging club in andorra or is anyone going there 7 th feb   susan... read more

Fasching in Germany

I would like to hear some information about the 'Fasching' that is held in Germany. Where in Germany is more hotter and which dates?Thxs ... read more

Birthday Weekend at The Silver Minx, come help me celebrate mine and others!

FridaySheer and sexy is the theme and dress for the evening! Ladies,cumdressed in theme!See how many fevers are heated up and cooled downupstairs!As always we are BYOB and by reservation only. Call us at972-225-6792 or 972-754-8768Rhonda and RuelSaturdayfishnets Hose and HeelsBirthday fun with Fish... read more


We are going to Vegas for Valentines day, and we are looking for suggestions of sexy things to do while we are there. Or if there is anyone who would like to meet us out there.... read more

Cock pictures

Why do people feel it is necessary to have so many pictures of their cocks, especially the single guys. As a woman, unless your cock is ridiculously small, large or deformed then it is not going to make me pick you over someone else. For the most part 97% of them all look alike, with minor variation... read more

Can't Cum

I have this problem that when we swing i can not cum!!  I can only cum when having sex with my wife.  Which we always finish the evening with each other after swinging.  I think i put to much pressure on myself to cum.  I thought it was drinking that was causing this but i did... read more

Can't Cum

I have this problem that when we swing i can not cum!!  I can only cum when having sex with my wife.  Which we always finish the evening with each other after swinging.  I think i put to much pressure on myself to cum.  I thought it was drinking that was causing this but i did... read more


Hi, my wife and I are heading to temptations in cancun in july. Has anyone stayed there before and how is the atmosphere and activites. Thanks... read more

where in the usa is the best weather?

we are thinking of moving and are looking for a place to move to. i have been searching the net, looking all over the usa for the place with the best weather. so far i have found that san diego ca. has the most even temp. year round. i heard that it was nice there but there was a lot of crime. so i ... read more

who's cheking my profile?

 Is there a way to know who's cheking our profile?... read more

Tell me

Anyone been to the 13th Floor? What did you think?... read more

what is that about?

I noticed that some people won't accept friend invites and emails..and that's fine.. but they delete the invite/email with out either refusing it or telling you that they are not interested..wouldn't it be easier to tell the requester that you're not interested.. rather than leave them hanging.... read more

Hedonism III 27 de Marzo-3 de Abril

Hola Somos pareja española que estaremos en Hedo III a finales de Marzo , principios de Abril.Quisieramos saber si alguna pareja de habla hispana estará por esas fechas y si es frecuente encontrar parejas que hablen español Gracias... read more


We have been to swinger resorts like Desire we love them but we are thinking of doing a lifestyle cruise haas anybody gone before and how was it?... read more

Catholic girl?

HI there, Once she is finally there, has had a couple drinks, and gets into the mood, my wife has a terrific time in swinger's parties and clubs. However, I have the hardest time getting her to agree to go on the first place. She knows I love it, and she loves it too well too, but always resists fi... read more


Dear Dr Ziggy I dont know if its me or if anyone else had experianced this but i have to ask and get an opinion. basically when my husband is checking out other pics of girls on the site in stead of saying ' oh shes hot' etc etc hes resulted to saying that hes in love with them. Now dont get me wr... read more

clit sizes

I have experienced different clit lenghts, is there more or less feeling in the length of the clit?... read more


Just need some help with getting started... read more

broken rules

Elvis, I have been reading many of the questions and comments on here and find many of them very intersting but not really helpful in my situation.  My husband and I  have been married 20+ years.  We started swinging about 3 1/2  years ago.  I really wasn't wanting to but de... read more

Watching wife play

Elvis, We have been married 16yrs and have been talking about wachting my wife as she plays with a married couple. She is not interested in singles but is very turned on about the idea of being a third with a married couple. We have had some trouble finding the right couple since most want all part... read more

Wife playing with a couple

Dr Ziggy we have been married 16yrs and have a great marriage. For some time we have discussed my fantasy of having/watching my wife in a sexual relationship with a married couple while I watch only. We would hope to have her eventually playing and building a friendship which would allow her to meet... read more

Face Pictures!

We haven't been in the scene for long but have met some really sexy people in this short time. However a lot of people don't have face pictures on their site, which we can understand! But the bit we don't understand is that when we are contacted by people who don't have any face pictures, and the... read more

Desire Cancun

Is Desire Cancun the one that is at Riviera Maya? Hotthoughts... read more

As much fun as you can have with your clothes on!!!

A few of the lads in the UK were chatting about what they get upto when they aren't swinging or working and the vast majority loved playing computer games, whether on PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii. Most of these have online functions, so we thought about starting a league or group. Would be great to know ... read more

swinging in Asia..

Hi, We r 29f/32m from India.. we would like to have swinging parties here.. can you pl help.. thx... read more

Swingers Etiquette, and Yes More Etiquette!

I and all the members of the Swing Tyme Entertainment would like to welcome you to our Blog. We hope you will find the basic elements that will answer many of your questions concerning the life of a Swinger. This blog is our contribution to the swinging lifestyle and the swingers’ community.... read more

Validations - Can you have too many? And how many would be too many?

Now I personally don't care whether a couple/woman I'm looking to meet has one validation or 100 as I work on the basis that everyone is after something different.  Some like to play rarely and meet the same people regularly, while others like to play lots and love the thrill of meeting new peo... read more

Sex is like tea: variation makes it better..

Let's see if this works!... read more

is it ok to chat?

I've noticed that some of  us swingers get  offended when our mate has a hot and sexy chat with a member of the opposite sex... is it ok to have a sexy chat wit someone else's mate?... read more

Real Men Real people.

I have noticed and increasing change in what is considered normal and not normal.  Do to the media all men are expected to have hairless bodies and six pack abs.  Now I agree that men should take care of themselves and admire a man who can get a set of six pack abs, but r... read more

Legal Advice in Cape Verde

My question has nothing to do with swinging but I'm looking for a recommendation for a good solicitor/lawyer in Cape Verde or someone elsewhere who understands the law in Cape Verde in particular in regard to Property.... read more

What is Your Definition of Bi?

Elvis, I'm sure that this subject has been brought to you many times so please bare with us...:)  Why is it most people think two or more ladies going at it is normal but, two or more guys going at it is just plain gay?   We have seen some people say they are STR8 but it's ... read more

como votar las fotos

quiero votar las fotos del concurso para el viaje a las cataratas del niagara pero no se como puedo hacerlo, me puedes orientar por favor... read more

Obama Inauguration Housing

Is anyone on SDC planning on cumming/comming to the inauguration in the DC area?  Hotels are almost all gone and people are asking rediculous prices (week for $17,000) Anyway, i live in a beautiful 5 bdrm newly renovated house 15 miles from the capital and got rooms.  If anyone is int... read more

Stealing pictures or internet pictures

We just discovered that BLADEJG is using one of our photos to pass off as themselves in their profile. Is this the lowest of the low? Or is it worse to post professional internet pictures as yourself? Or worse to pretend you are a couple with 9 pictures of a hot girl in the profile and one cock pic,... read more

no pictures

we're new to the sight, that being said why is it then that when we are on the chat page it is sometimes said that ' why do people without pictures expect to be chatted with'. that's a little close minded ( no offense ) i think.... read more

Anone here going to AVN this year?

This will be our first time going to Vegas, and can't wait to go to all the parties.... read more

New - curious - etc.

Hello Community, I am a 40 year old happily divorced woman that has always been rather sexually wanton.  I am seeing someone and we have talked quit a bit about fantasy fulfillment, primarily in his desire to have another woman join us.  We have a fantastic sex life.  I have no ... read more


matrimonio... read more

Trouble in Paradise, Cap d'Agde is really hot

Sorry if this has been posted already but makes an interesting read The Sunday Times November 23, 2008 France’s nudist mullahs ‘at war with swingers’ Matthew Campbell div#related-article-links p a, div#related-article-links p a:visited { color:#06c; } On... read more


We're a mid 50's HWP/trim,atractive Mex.-Amer. couple.I(male) have been trying for years to get the wife to OK some swapping and 3somes(MFM)to energize our infrequent sex play.We've done everything that a married couple can do to each other.I have my eye on the only couple that we frequently sociali... read more


So we are having a party at our house in Jacksonville Florida this Saturday (Jan 3, 2009). We would love to see new faces or people that we haven't seen in a while. Email us back and let us know if you are interested. Please read our profile beforehand though, we don't want or except any drama.... read more