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Faux Pas - Please help me remove my foot from my mouth moments

While at a party last night I tried to start a conversation with a couple there who were from a site other than SDC and I thought I would use that as an opening.  However, saying 'Have you noticed that the site does seem to attract a lot of Bisexual Guys?' was probably not the bes... read more

Playing in Tx

We will be in TX the first week of March if anyone want 2 play...... read more

couples looking or not looking for single males

can someone please tell me why couples say they are looking or willing to meet single guys in the "Searching For " section of there profile, then when you open there profile fully they state that they are not looking for single guys at all ??? spent a good hour or so emailing ... read more

playing in Tx

We will be in Tx the 1st. week in March, anyone want to play? Let us know,k.... read more

Nude beaches on the west coast of Florida

Does anyone know where there is a nude beach on the west coast of Florida and to be able to get there without a boat?... read more

Babysitting and swinging

What time do people book the babysitter to when normally going swinging?  Any party we have booked on normally goes quite late.  Any recommendations for us?... read more

Taking one for the Team - Yes or no and why

Lately we've noticed with newbie couples that the female is willing to "take one for the team" to make the husband/bf get his wish to bag a hottie. I can say this was NEVER the case with my wife and I, she's told me that she would rather I go solo rather then getting together with a guy th... read more

Newbie to the site

I just want to say thank you those of you that have welcomed me to this wonderfull and sexy site.  I hope to meet as many of you as I can, well at least before I get worn out....... read more

Studs and sluts

Why is it that a guy who is very sexually active and satisfying a variety of ladies called a stud, a positive connotation, yet a woman with a similar libido said to be a slut in a negative light? I like a woman to have a strong sexual apatite and to know what she is doing. ... read more

Frozen stiff in Wyoming

  Ok her is on that may stump the couunselor.   I bet a lot of guys keep some condoms in the glove box of thier auto. But when I went out a few weeks ago here in Wyoming the temps wer 20 Below zero F.   I would like to know if there is any harm done to condom from these temps. I... read more


Greeetings all... We'll be holidaying on Lanzarote 9th to 16th March. Anyone else going to be there then? We'll be staying in Playa Blanca so we can maximise use of the nudist beaches, but will be travelling about the island also. We might also take a trip to Feurtenventura. David and Hi... read more


ok here is a good question  a cple posts that they r FULL SWAP they send pics of male in good shape but really isnt  but still very nice when they meet to have a casual dinner together the single female invites them back to her place  but the  single female then decides when ... read more





fun in seoul

I will be in Seoul,Korea .any suggestion please for a club or private party... read more


We are planning to spend a few days in London (me and my italian girlfriend) around end of January / beginning of February, and we want some information about the swinging clubs in that city. We have never experience the clubs of London but we are looking for something really quality....meaning beau... read more

Enjoy our short stay and exploring all we can

As we plan for our trip to Trinidad And Tabago Carnival, we realize that life is truly short and stated to ourselves to enjoy, explore and live life. To those who has come and gone, we are continuing to take a bite out of life for you. If you are attending to Carnival, drop us a ... read more

Mexico temptations

Whos been to Tempations in Cancum Mexico.  Seems to be  one of the most revisited hotels down Mexico way.  Is there much going on ? or is it more soft swing style. Be interested before going first week in feb, so as not to put ones foot in it ...... read more


Again for the purpose of the blog function, please publish your comment to the blog and do not send it to us personally:) Some of comments we had have been that we must be arrogant, therefore we have decided to give all blog readers an example from the real world, experienced few weeks ago. A V... read more

Meet in Khung Thep

A thought - there is currently a distinct lack of parties. Why don't those of us interested, all meet somewhere (a bar?) for a purely social gathering. A chance to make contacts and maybe follow up with those who interest us either after the gathering or at a later date (or never!) Any takers... read more

up 2 u

listen speaking from experience dont let antbody manipulate u  into doing something u do not want to do.  ur a big girl and u v been around / and huby  so when it comes time to saying no just do it like the (ad) says.  no excuses unless u have some big attraction with the other??... read more

Suggestions for a good club in Vegas

Can anyone suggest a good adult club in Las Vegas?  Heading there in a few days and will be meeting a girlfriend of mine, interested in seeing what the city has to offer in the way of the lifestyle.  Suggestions? ... read more

possible meet in Portland Oregon

 Hi guys if there is anyone going to be in Portland Oregon between 28 Jan - 11 Feb give me a shout as I'm going to visit family there, but am booked into a hotel and have a room all to myself, would be lovely to have someone to have some fun with.  ... read more

Suggestions for club in Vegas

Can anyone suggest a good adult club in Las Vegas?  Heading there in a few days and will be meeting a girlfriend of mine, interested in seeing what the city has to offer in the way of the lifestyle.  Suggestions?... read more

...do you NOW want a GIGOLO just for the fun?

Ohw, what is happening??? More and more friends (women, couples) are interested in a good looking and stylish escort man! Is the world changing, is this the newest trend in our society? Women becoming more and more confident and independent. Living life to the full and knows he... read more

Hooray for hairy pussy!

What's with all the shaved cunt? What's wrong with the hair God gave you? Anyone else out there like a nice bush just the way nature intended?... read more

Travel Egypt 10th Feb

Hi We will be diving in the Southern Red Sea for 2 weeks in Feb, and Bi or Bi courious girls in the same location please get in touch. Many Thanks... read more

Just Feeling the New Year !!

I just love the beginning of the new year. Its been Perfect!! That's right . Just the way it's ought to be. ... read more

New Orlean,La

Hello to all I will be going to New Orleans the weekend of the 16th. I was wondering if any single females or cpls would like to have a good time with a laid back guy who knows how to have a good time with like minded people.... read more

Desire in Cancun

Hey, We know that Desire in Cabos is becoming Temptations and going vanilla...but is the same thing happening to the Desire in Cancun?? We would love to plan a trip to Cancun soon....... read more

website preferences

I have noticed that at many of the meet and greets and clubs  we have attended, many of the men are there simply to observe their wives with other women.  In some cases, they loom like a druling old man watching their wives have a very good time.  There they stand perched ready to pou... read more

Why Do People show wealth in their profile?

   I see so many profiles with pictures in front of a Porshe or on their big boat. I read where people comment on their "proffesional" careers. My question is, why? For us at least we're not interested in your boat, the size of your house or your exclusive address. We're interest... read more

We popped a cherry...

So we were out this past Wednesday night. The wife was feeling frisky and we were on a mission. We headed over to trapeze grabbed some dinner and a drink and hung out on a sofa for a short while. I spotted him first, then my wife did. It took me to prod her into going to say hi. So she used th... read more

More Milk anyone?

How we all grew up with the notion that milk is good for you. Don’t we take the health posse information for granted and rather never think twice about it? I do or rather, I did. Till I found this interesting tidbit by milk savvy sources that states quite the opposite about the goodness of it ... read more

Other swingers resorts in the Cancun area?

We do not want to go to Desire or Temptations as we want a vaction with a mix of relaxation and party time with other sexy couples should we choose to. Both the El Dorado resorts look nice but are they really quiet, can you find fun if you want it at either hotel, or can anyone rec... read more

Special condoms, approved for swingers

http://www.tigercondoms.com/ Sound on and smile;)... read more


Losser4now will be looser4ever, no doubt. My friend, please get out of the closet and see the world. People like you slows down the planet. Victor... read more

I-phone & SDC

I've just brought myself an i-phone and it's fantastic, but has anyone else found you can't use the mail faciliy of sdc with it as you get the pop up but can't enter any text. Now I freely admit that IT is not my strong point, but am I the only person that has found this and as more and more peop... read more


Close your eyes and imagine the one you love in the arms of another. How does this make you feel? Is it a distressing picture or are you happy for the person you love? Would you be comfortable to be present? Do you prefer to put such images completely out of mind? The bitter feeling of hurt an... read more


Quality is often a missing subject in the open minded lifestyle. We do not know about others but our appetite for playful action is often there but the level of weekly parties and possibilities is not there even if you are based centrally in Europe. Please do not misunderstand, you can drive to Fun4... read more

Party Games

Hi people, We are wondering if any of you have been to parties where games have been played as sort of ice-breakers or just in addition to the fun already being had. Any real good ones which you have then used for your own parties or hope will be played again at the next one? Let us know, the g... read more


Looser4now will be the Looser4ever. They always repeat the same sad idea, "hispanic" people do not care about their children. Please looser, take a look of your insane society, capable to send their young people to unfairs "wars", not to call it occupations. Get some books an... read more

Bi Male in couples more common than people know

Bi Male in couples more common than people know. Without outing anyone, who can give an example of knowing many play friends who are bi but wont put it on the profile.... read more

Using the block feature....

Recently I was blocked by another member -  Not to go into details however, It made me wonder...what are some of the reasons that members would block? Obviously people you don't like or have had a bad experience with. But does anyone use it in any other way? So my question to ... read more

Answering emails

It surprises us that many emails we send are never answered. Comments?... read more

Summer vacation - Cap d'Agde

We are a couple recently got 2 very cute twin boys, who will be 1 year in summer 2010. We are planning to combine family and lifestyle vacation for 2 weeks at Cap d’Agde and therefore are looking for other young parents to share child care/babysitting while visiting the clubs in ... read more

Size Matters??

Most men ascertain that they want or need a larger penis to satisfy their spouse or significant other.  Watching Fox News in the evening emphasizes that fact with the Encite commercials that we have to endure.  In my opinion, as a woman,  it's not the size of the tool, it's how you op... read more

Happy New Year!

As i watch the news and see how many car accidents have taken lives, i continue to wish everyone a happy new year. The many friends i have now are the ones i wish to cherish. If i didn't get around to you all and you are still around, i want to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year!!!!!!... read more

Lot's of Birthday's on Jan 1

Hi    It seems we have a large number of SDC members are having birthdays on Jan 1. Is that the day that people were "born" into the lifestyle or members parent's were very playfull 9 months earlier   LOL Definity a good reason to keep the party going from last n... read more