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Hi, we have been in the lifestyle for a month now and are now wondering; what’s the deal with couples saying they play safe but never want to use condoms…we have no problem if you play(ed) in the past or future without condoms, that’s your prerogative! However, it seems that we ... read more

Pensacola Federal Court judge rules Obamacare Unconstitutional.

Since the judge ruled the entire law Unconstitutional, and not just the mandate, will this slow down implementation while the appeals process unwinds? Here is a poll about how you think the Supreme Court will rule.... read more

Calling all Cape D'Agde-ers...

We have a large 4 bedroom village home in a stunning location just an hours drive from the famous hedonistic Cape D'Agde and 40 minutes away from the beautiful sandy beaches of the Mediterranean sea. We invite VERY select couples to join us there but it is available to rent when we're... read more

Lifestyle Application for IPhone or Android

Just a thought...and maybe something SDC might consider for future upgrades... I've seen many dating applications for smartphones that would lend themselves nicely to the lifestyle crowd.  I believe this technology could be tweaked to create an extremely fun and helpful application. For i... read more

Uk Hotels

 We got thinking about having a fun weekend away in the UK but we are struggling to find a a decent, lifestyle friendly hotel.  We discovered - http://www.swingershotels.co.uk - Its the Devonsim hotel and looks potentially fantastic but the website doesn't work and we can't get ... read more


Off to San Miguel Tenerife on 11th,anyone thereabouts?... read more

Swingers Political views

With which party do you most  closely agree?... read more

Swingers Political views

With which party do you most  closely agree?... read more

Mardi Gras Hotel Takeover - We have a whole floor to play on!

Mardi Gras Hotel Takeover Hampton Inn, Navarre, FL March 5th, 2011 We have arranged to celebrate Mardi Gras at the Hampton Inn in Navarre, Florida. An entire hotel floor is ours to party as only Emerald Palms members can. With our usual buffet, mixers, and giveaways, as well as the Emeral... read more

rama kien - pattaya

we stay a few days at the rama kien in pattaya (maybe till the 29th january) ... who else? or which young couple stays at pattaya looking for some fun with us? contact us ... we are alsways open for a sexparty or erotic plays with other couples :))... read more

the ususal socialist input..This is a republic!!!

Invest used 7 or 8 times. that = MORE spending. NObama in 12.... read more

Plymouth and glasgow fun??? help

Plymouth then Glasgow,  we are  not from either areas and rather hope you can enlighten us as to the where abouts of fun and games in either of the Cities, we shall be visiting both in the very near future and would rather spend a night of swinging fun than a night in a dreary pub or resta... read more


Reports from France of swingers' clubs being taken over by non-libertines, 'Muggles'. Anything similar elsewhere? ... read more

lookin to gangbang my gf

 any couples or males that want to participate in orgy/ gangbang please contact me. we are in the chicago area... read more

Hotwives of Tampa Bay Social Club

This is a question for all the gals in Tampa, Florida. I have been thinking of forming the Hotwives of Tampa social club just for the ladies in the lifestyle. The purpose of the social group is to occasionally meet, lunch, happy hour, to  socialize, network, meet new people and maybe find new... read more

Cap d Agde

Going for SDC takeover 5th to 12th of july, would love to meet some likeminded kinky people to chat and have fun with. Kisses Siggi and Helga... read more


Hi,  I am an English fellow and I live in Italy. I have chosen to play only outside of Italy OR with non Italian visitors to this lovely country, as I have never liked the "scene" in this country. Recent events have confirmed my suspicions.  As I was due to be in the north ... read more

Your New Log In Page

Thats a bit creepy. We are considering cancelling our membership. ... read more

Temptations actors or players

Temptations Cancun,  Actors or players? what did you find when there? We've had some great fun out there, and off there 6th to 22nd feb.  Some people dismiss it as its not full on, we find it part of the fun the seduction side.  Whats your views ?... read more


Suzi and I are off to San Miguel Feb 11 for 1 week.Any advice on best naturist beach and where to hang out,we have a car so can travel,look forward to any help. Suzigee xx... read more

HOT FUN Valentines

HOT FUN is having a VALENTINES Party on 12th Feb and your invited. To pre register clieck the link below. http://www1.sdc.com/party/guestlist_ext.aspx?AgendaID=11430&ref=RMID4975... read more

Sex Diet

Since sharing is caring.... (a little nod to the Life on the Swingset podcasters...) I wanted to share with everyone what M and I started around the holidays.  Unfortunately it wasn't a real diet (read: we are gourmands and the holidays are the time we enter into a love hate relationship wit... read more


In a previous blog, I wrote that there needs to be a universal question we can ask a couple or single to quickly determine if they are in The Lifestyle, without breaching confidentiality.    Alcoholics use “Are you a friend of Bill W.?” The gays use “Are you a fri... read more

Debate About Blow Jobs

I was in a debate about BJ's, so she said i am really good at giving BJ's and she never got any complaints. I told her i never once had a bad BJ (excluding braces or big front teeth issues, which cant be helped). I spoke to 3 other girls and they all said they give great head, so are guys just lie... read more

Is anyone PRO drama out there?

I think it's a given that people arent looking for drama on here. That's the least helpful/descriptive tidbit that people include in their profile. Even if they are a drama-filled couple/single chances are they aren't putting that in their profile. It's something you have to find out in your interac... read more

Naked in Vegas - Any sin left in the Sin City?

We're looking for clothing optional pooltime in Vegas and the best possible lifestyle clubs, but despite the Sin City reputation, we're seeing not very good reviews for any of our LS or clothing optional options. The topless pools on the strip are apparently a joke for die harders that like to get n... read more

Greek Island Sailing trip May 28 - June 4 2011

Hi couples, A group of LL couples are organizing their third sailing trip aboard some luxury catamarans in the Greek islands starting May 28 near Athens and sailing one way to the gem of the Greek islands Santorini. We will be visiting 6 other islands along the way arriving in Santorini on June 4... read more


I wish you could know how it feels to be me, Why I appear so intoxicated, When I let you inside to seek, Looking for what you seem to need. Some nights you enter ever so tenderly, Others you ravage and plunder, Pervading primed lips, as I silentl...y wonder, As host, which pair you like most? Occa... read more

possible meet

We on holiday on Koh Samui from 21 Jan untill 31st we would love to get to know you, best wishes Caroline and Andy.xxxxx... read more


RedRuby is arranging up scale open minded events and is having a community on SDC like other organizers. SDC is offering all organizers various tools to use like promoting the party, guest list for each party and more. This guest list feature is really great IF the people on this site respect th... read more

Why do people brag about their money?

Why do people put in their profiles how they are "successful" or in other ways insinuate being wealthy? For us at least bragging about your wealth is a turn off. We're not there to admire your house or hear about your career and accomplisments. We're with you because your fun and for great... read more

The Ever Widening Gap

Ok, the guy was a nutjob but the recent event in Arizona has once again highlighted the deep division between right and left in the US. In a nation that is largely united in their patriotism, why is it that half the country cannot stand the other. How can a modern developed democratic society be so ... read more

Spice Hotel

Just back from Spice and after five years of hedo this is five steps up great couple who run it and great staff Re booked Many thanks xx... read more

The F Club

Hi there. Could anyone help us out please. We came across a profile for the F Club in wandworth by accident yesterday and now we can't find it again!! Could anyone please send us a link to it? Thanks. Sexgang. ... read more


I like many women prefer to be smooth. I have always shaved, but lately I have a lot of irritation. What do you all think is the best method to stay smooth? Also, what about the men. What is the best method for them?... read more

Tennis in Melbourne

Anyone coming to Melbourne for the tennis?... read more

That first time

The plan was not to plan. We all knew what we wanted and decided to just go with the flow…just another night out. But, even for a “night out” you have to be prepared. You need to set a date, time, and location and place to stay just in case. All of that was set. But, if you are ... read more

thailand koh samui swingers

we are an austrian couple, living on koh samui for one month (10.-30.1.2011). we are looking for having some sexy swinging times here on the beautiful island, and we also plan to make a private party here ... join us, if you have same interestes, if you wanna spend erotic holidays or if you life her... read more

Girls night out

I have decided to try and start a community for the girls. A night for for the single married and everything in between women who just want to have fun let their hair Down. Imagine when you were a teenager having a slumber party but better. U get to fulfill your fantasy's u had as a girl. The goal w... read more


I've been giving some thought to doing a blog.     It seems most topics are covered thoroughly.    And if this one was covered.....I apologize for not catching it.     Having said that.....I wonder how other members feel about people in the chat... read more

Marriage and swinging

 The first thing I'd like to talk about is based on a bit of pootling about I've been doing on the internet, God bless its informative soul. I stumbled across a letter on an advice page from a curious man, who is not by any means thinking of swinging (!), but was just interested to know people'... read more

we like to visit new places

 hi from athens greece we love travel and we love swing,so the 2 of theme is a perfect compination for us if you are cpl that you like to meet cpls from uther countries,mabey we can fix something together see our profil,and if you like to meet us,we happy for that our msn is and if you pr... read more

Indian cpls

Hi We want to know do u have any plan to visit India, Kolkata ? We love to meet u guys Ria and raj ... read more

I want to be bbc gangbanged and filled with black seed

How many guys out there want to BAREBACK gangbang my pussy ass and mouth and then soak my body with sperm and over flow my shave pussy and ass with thier loads, I live in the Tampa bay area looking to meet 3 to 15 guys at a hotel must give proof of D/D free within 90 days.... read more

Swinger friendly clubs of hang outs in Birmingham Alabama

My wife and I enjoy going to the trap in atlanta but it is 2 hours away and usually have to get a hotel. We are an hour from Birmingham. All you Birmingham area swingers on this site are there any clubs that you frequent that are swinger hangouts or meet and greet spots. Would really like to meet so... read more

Castle events

Hi, we are curious if anybody has any experience with the "castle events" (castleevents.com). What kind of people / age and is it worth the money. There is one near us in Nurnberg in February but at 700 euro's it should be pretty amazing with loads of good looking youngish people. Please l... read more

Lifes Greatest Achievement

In your own opinion, what has been your single greatest achievement in life thus far? If you had to pick just one, what was the most defining moment in your life? The birth of your children, your marriage, your divorce..lol, your education, your job etc etc?... read more


Kamasutra Sex Positions Ancient Indian Philosophy of Kamasutra: The Art of Love Kamasutra Quotes / Pictures on Sex Positions In this webpage we have used the common spelling 'kamasutra'. Alternative spellings include 'kama sutra, karma sutra, karmasutra and kama shastra'. Embrac... read more

India land of kamasutra

Hi welcome to Land of kamasutra Kama is the enjoyment of appropriate objects by the five senses of hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting and smelling, assisted by the mind together with the soul. The ingredient in this is a peculiar contact between the organ of sense ... read more

swinger friendly hang-outs

Wouldnt it be great for there to be nice places that were not labeled as "swinger hangouts" but places that you could go to for a drink or dinner and know that it would be possible for like minded people to possibly be there without the pressure of having to plan a meet? Maybe have a ... read more

Stolen pic advice

 We have had the unfortunate luck of having some pics stolen and posted on porn sites without our knowledge. Nor did we ever share them with anyone. We believe they were taken off of an old hard drive that has not been in use for 3 or more years.  If anyone has any advice of getting them r... read more

Hair Removal

Removing genital hair by shaving every day or so is getting tedious. Can anyone provide info on products they have used (ie: creams, waxes, etc.) successfully and where they bought them?   Thanks ... read more


 hi from athens greece we love to meet other cpls from abroad,to visit their places,and have lovely weekends together we dont have problem to travel,if we arrange that earlier see our profil,you can have an options of us kisses to all kostas dimitra... read more

awesome massage

hi there, i'm willing to give a 2-hour massage to both couples and single ladies. contact me for more info. d.... read more

What does searching for MALES-STRAIGHT mean.

Ok so, I answered a speed dating add from a couple that had checked off that they were searching for Males-Straight.  Now that person went on to call me an idiot because he says that when a couple checks off the MALES-STRAIGHT box, it means that they want the male in the couple to be straight.... read more

Confucius say

"Man who walk thru airport turnstile sideways going to Bangkok."... read more

Japan in March

Hi im heading to Japan for few weeks in march just looking to see if anyone has any info. Cant find much about swing clubs or anything.... read more

New Year..New Ideas..

So I have had my nipples pierced for quite a few years now. But now it seems I may want to take them out and do the milking fetish thing. I am curious to see who all thinks which is hotter, kinkier, sexier, etc, etc.. Sooo...pierced nipples vs full milky breasts... Thanks.. XO... read more

3some vs. swap

Hi everyone, I have noticed that my wife is most turned on when together we share a woman. I know this is a site for swingers but I thought would it not be nice to start a blog where all those who might want to try a 3some (FMF) would have a venue to know about others who share the same f... read more