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Looking for lady to go to Cap d'agde with this summer

I've decided it's about time I had a decent holiday for a change so am planning on attending one of the sdc cap d'agde holidays that has been advertised on here. I don't want to be crass by mentioning money etc but happy to have a high ratio of me to you if that helps any ladies decide;) Bring... read more

Educated BBC Free This Weekend From School

This weekend (Superbowl Sunday)will be a weekend to release my studies (college) and do what I like to do (you know ;-). Anyone looking for some clean, safe, adult fun, hit me? I have no doubt in my mind; I will make a female cum (more than once) this weekend. Certified BBC Chris (Airborne1) ... read more

looking for couple to share fun on a family cruise

we will be on a cruise March 11 to Mar 18, 2012 with our kids.  Trying to see if any couple will be traveling on same cruise, Carnival Magic.  If compatible we like to have an adult fun at night with.... read more

koh samui - looking for dates

hey... we are a young fullswap swinger couple from austria and we stay on koh samui from 29 january till mid of march. where we have a beautiful villa there and we would love to invite you for a nice evening & having fun together. you can also rent our villa, if you like. ... read more

Political / Question for/about conservatives

I understand this is a swinger website, and this is certainly off topic, but we see a lot of political discussions, so we hope you don’t mind helping answer a question that has been vexing us for quite a while. Why do (some/many, not all) conservatives believe some crazy things (e.g., Ob... read more


Just wanted to say that if you become our friend and then change your mind, please take us off your friends list.  We do not want people on our friends list just for show.  Please note that we will be doing the same.  If we don't hear from you or feel that you are not interested in me... read more

Proper Etiquette when a single male contacts a couple

This blog is in no way directed at anyone in particular. We just thought we would share our experiences and feelings about when a single male contacts a couple looking for a potential date... This is meant to educational to the single males and hopefully help you have more success get... read more

does your friends or family know you are a swinger?

does your friends and/or family know you're a swinger? how did they react to it? does your friends knowing try to hit on you or get with you guys?... read more

North London

Is anyone interested in going to a large house party this fri or sat in north London?... read more

Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

There's no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy. The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. These findings point to... read more

Yesterday.. Zelda

    ... read more

Exclusive I don't think so!!

Does anybody what to be exclusive to another couple only I think not. So why be on a swing site if that's what you want? Yep we were asked by another couple we met to be only exclusive to them, after playing for the first time. Of cause we said NO and miss out on you lovely people, we are swinger... read more

Vanessa assume sa nature profonde

Jeudi 26 Janvier 22h30 Paris 11eme   Une lyonnaise lubrique en escapade parisienne. Une brune aux yeux bleux. Une gourmande de foutre. Enfin, une salope assumée (voir les articles précédents). Madame, talons hauts, bas couture, de l'assurance dans le regard (mê... read more


can you meet someone in the lifestyle and then have a friendship afterwards? with no sexual encounter? do you think its possible? can women put up being bisexual whenevr they want or is it something that stays in you?... read more

clitoral unhooding surgery

Has anyone here had labioplasty and/or clitoral unhooding surgery?... read more

clitoral unhooding surgery

Has anyone here had labioplasty and/or clitoral unhooding surgery?... read more

erotische kleding en speeltjes

Hoi, ik heb een winkel nelly op de grote markt 54 en verkoop erotische kleding en speeltjes. als je zin heb zie ik je snel in de winkel , heb al veel klantjes, groetjes nelly... read more

hollidays in cuba

hello friends we are starting to Cuba, arrived 31 / 1 and will be until the 5th of February, we'd like to meet interesting couples with whom we could share good times. will be housed in Havana. kisses... read more

Monet Claude

 You can see these beautiful things in the museum-Marmottan Monet:   http://www.marmottan.com/ Z.           ... read more


Wednesday, January 25 16h Saint Mandé Registration: https://ticketlib.com/expozelda or payment on the spot Zelda to a particular fantasy. Here it is: "Hello,   For the scenario, I want to arrive blindfolded in little dress or skirt and blouse style secretary, hands tie... read more

Ad Space

 Ok seriously. Is the blog on sdc turning into the speed date section. I'm not one for hating on anyones advertisement of themselves, but it just seems most of the blogs now are about people saying hey what would you do with me if you had the chance or, I'm a great smart hung guy give me a chan... read more

The wife's new thing

So recently my girl's got a new turn on - she's decided that she needed to 'perfect' her oral skills on men - (as though they needed any perfecting ?!!?)  So, being the supportive husband that I am I've obliged her request and been her practice subject.  Tough, I know.  SOMEONE had to... read more

Erotic Photography

I love sex and love photography so it makes sense to combine the two, who wouldn't? I have just updated my profile and added a few new pics of me, the woman on there is my ex (she is happy for me to use them). Now I'm not so young (39) but def single I have decided to pursue my love of the above. I... read more




 We are a young couple looking to have fun and fairly new to this life style. We are seeking couples with similar profiles as us, drug and disease free. We both enjoy dancing, even though I need to have a few drinks to keep up with his salsa dancing. I’m very outgoing and love to chat whi... read more

Swinging themed movie recommendations

Would appreciate movie recommendations that has a lifestyle element in the storyline.... read more


In love, there is the danger that our freedom will escape us. For Sartre, love is a kind of conflict; a struggle to enslave another without becoming enslaved yourself. Yet the lover does not simply want to possess but wants to be desired and so needs the beloved to be free.  According to J... read more


Four hours from any part of europe sun nearly 360 days all inclusive and half the price of Hedo or Mexico Yes we like it thiird visit and planing next even if for just a long wekend Give it a try Hugs Jo& Lo x... read more

Good club in London?

Looking for recommendations for a good club in London this February. We wanna go too a club with playrooms etc....not just see/bee seen, but with action.... Anyone? Thanks :o)... read more

we want to know bisexual women !!

we gonna be in march here in playa del carmen if  bisexual women  or couples , can be nice . if you are coming to playa del carmen  contac us  . we like to know  bisexual  and maybe couple .... read more

Over a Year

 I have been on here for over a year and I have not gotten one single message am I doing something wrong?... read more

only naples hot single guys

   Hubby and I are going to Edun Lakes in Naples President's weekend.  If you  are a single guy under 30, drop me a line.... read more

Gran Canaria

Visiting GC in early april. Looking forward to the clubs and some fun. Any tips on best clubs/beaches etc or anyone in GC at the time feel free to drop a line. ... read more

Florida Primary

Starting immediately after the results are in in South Carolina, the focus will shift here to Florida.  Please vote for your candidate and if you'd like, tell us what about him and his proposed policies.   ... read more

Meeting people in South Florida

 Where are some good places to meet lifestyle friendly people?  Please share so we can get out and meet each other!!!... read more

Old pictures or pictures from "creative" angles

Its not exactly a new trend but its definitely becoming more of an issue lately. Why is it couples are posting on their profile pictures that are years old and do not reflect their current state of physical well being. Or they take pictures from obscured angles. It is not like when we actually me... read more

Austin, Texas, November 2012 Recommendations

Wanting to attend the F1 race in Austin next November 18, 2012. Hotels are either booked or over $300/night. Any ideas for lodging would be appreciated. Thanks!!... read more

The dilemma

Over the weekend I got a text from an unfamiliar number stating they wanted to have some adult fun. Since the only thing I had planned prior to the text was watching Girls Gone Wild infomercials and giving myself a stranger, I agreed but stated that I wasn't sure who it was I was talking to. She gav... read more

Party in cork City

Guys, I would like to arrange a party in Cork city. Only 3 or 4 couple max, plus some ladies. Let me know if you are interested. I would say first saturday of feb month... read more

You & Me......

If you had me for two hours and you can do whatever you want to me, what would that be? Sexyback ;)... read more

Erotoc Book

We have written a book, which is officially fictional - although it has been largely inspired by the people we have met at parties and about 90% of the described action actually happened. Everyone who has read it has told us they loved it and asked us to write another. We are therefore enjoying more... read more

Desire in Reviera Maya

We are going to Desire for the first time next month for a long weekend.  Anyone ever been there on a Fri, Sat, and Sun night?  If so what do we pack? I know its a silly question being an all nude resort however what about for the themed parties?  Thanks D&K... read more

Desire in Reviera Maya

We are going to Desire for the first time next month for a long weekend.  Anyone ever been there on a Fri, Sat, and Sun night?  If so what do we pack? I know its a silly question being an all nude resort however what about for the themed parties?  Thanks D&K... read more

Desire in Reviera Maya

We are going to Desire for the first time next month for a long weekend.  Anyone ever been there on a Fri, Sat, and Sun night?  If so what do we pack? I know its a silly question being an all nude resort however what about for the themed parties?  Thanks D&K... read more

Good Clubs in Paris????

Looking for recommendations for a good club in Paris in early June? Tried the review sites and have found 2+2 and Chateau d' Lys- what others are there? Thanks for your help  ... read more


We are thinking of visiting The Netherlands for some fun in May. Are there any good swinging clubs in Amsterdam? Good means: clean, fun, sexy&classy people, playrooms, couples only, buzy, perhaps a combination of a club and a swinging club... Too much to ask for?! Please do not focus on fu... read more

Sat night

well what a night met up with a great young guy 28 yes and after a few to many drinks invited him back to our to spend the last few hours in the hot tub. Well what else can I say but amazing night and god did he have the biggest cock and new how to use it.... read more

Are corporations sociopaths?

Perhaps the issue of whether corporations are really people (as Romney claims them to be) is in the process of being settled.  One blog on this forum presents compelling arguments only in the negative, IMHO.  However, let's assume for the sake of argument that Romney, Chief Justice Roberts... read more

Let's Talk About Sex "During Sex"

Some people say.. talking dirty can even make their orgasms stronger.... But a lot of people are embarrassed by the dirty talk. I want to know.... do you talk during sex or... are you quiet until orgasm???... read more


We are looking for single women, men, couples, groups, and 2 females to help us make videos. We are looking for adventurous people. Should not be shy in front of a camera. Should have stamina. If you are interested please shoot us a comment or email. We will be glad to hear from y'all.... read more

Couples Email Signtures~~

 I(LeAnn) was just curious, when one half of a couple signs their emails do you write both names or just your own? Is there a way for the person receiving the email to know who actually wrote the email? I today wrote one just a "nice to meet you" kinda thing and I wrote LeAnn an... read more


Having been regulars at Mooncity for a few years we found this place last week. It's a sister venue for Mooncity and has a very similar feel, just a bit "newer." also its couples only 5 days a week which we prefer. We met a lovely couple there a few days ago but generally it's been very quiet. Ye... read more

Left wing Love!!!

My pick for my 3 way love would be Jane Fonda,Nancy Pelosi and Maria Cantwell(d-wa)... read more

New Goldfinger's Club

Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that the Showgirls Gentleman’s Club in Sunrise Florida is under new management. The new owner is the same owner of the old Goldfingers. Now Showgirls is going back to Goldfingers and they are bringing back they same high class entertainment that t... read more

How bout them Texans!

way to go Texans! We have been waiting along time for this!... read more

Rigth Wing love!!!

Who would you allow at your bed for some far rigth 3 way? i would get Ann Coulter,Meg Kelly(Fox News)and Alessandra Mussolini... read more

Katy Perry was 2 boring in Bed 4 Russell Brand

I was reading about the spilt that is suppose to happen between these two & was just wondering what people in the lifestyle thought about it.  I think Katy is a musical genius & super hot.  Russell Brand, uhh not so much.  Never understood why she was into him in the 1st place... read more

American soldier censored by CNN Wolf Blitzer.

CPL Jesse Thorsen is censored by CNN. American hero tells the true that Wolf Blitzer does not want you to see!!... read more

Haulover Beach

Is there a certain area on Haulover Beach where people from SDC/lifestyle friendly set up? We will be there the first week of March and are looking for some fun people to hang out with at the beach. Thank you for your help!... read more

IL Castello---Rome

If you are in the area-visit Il Castello. It is 10k north of Rome--a faux castle set behind walls ,and acres of walkways-tree lined lanes. The owners live on site-and will tend to all your needs. The restaurant is divided into quaint rooms-open fireplaces-vaulted ceilings-excellent wine and food. ... read more


i would like to know why a lot of couples choose to post pics of only the female in the their profile? and why only pics of genetalia. could there more of a variety? we are couple looking to date a couple; we want to know what both people look like, not just one. i'd also like to know, why some sin... read more


The lifestyle can be difficult for women. We are wired different than men and tend to be much more selective. The women generally look better than the men and makes it hard for the lady to find an age appropriate couple. Why do so many profile leave out the guys pics??  ... read more

Intimacy Time with your swinging partner?/ Aun tiene momentos calientes con su pareja?

First and most important..... Happy New Year!! Me and H wish everybody here in SDC a hot hot hot 2012! Now, let's get to the topic of this post. Oh, and by the way, there is a poll too So, I was wondering, dear swingers friends, how is the intimacy time between you and your partner(wife,... read more

Happy new year! Many orgasms to one and all! Now here's the thing...

We (J+M) have been together for just over four years now and ever since the beginning, we decided that a monogamous lifestyle was not for us. Luckily we had a good male friend that helped us out with our first experience. He was a total gentleman and being a friend made it all the more relaxed...... read more