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Dubai 07.02 - 12.02

Hi there,  we travel to Dubai for a few days and would love to get more info about having some fun with others there. Seeking for couples, well hung man and ladies. As we know, we travel into an islamic country, we dont think about public spots ;) So if anyone is interested or has some... read more

A little fun in the sun

Hi, we are a married couple based in Dubai that is new to the lifestyle and still testing waters. We have always been keen to explore some open air/public sexual activity as it turns both of us on a lot. However, we have not been able to figure out the right venue where it would not be considered of... read more


I'm curious about the number of people that text the people they meet in the lifestyle and how often. We recently had a discussion at a house party about this. Seems that some are more concerned about their spouse texting a playmate than playing with them. Many women appear to text the women they pl... read more

Couple of Chile...

Hello, We are a couple of Santiago Chile and will travel to the Mexican Caribbean in March and want to go to Hidden Beach Au Natural or Temtation Resort. We would like to give us your opinion on these two resort and tell us which has the best environmental and sexy atmosphere. It's easy to meet s... read more

Updating informations on Dublin.

 Hi folks, we would be most pleasead to receive all possible informations on cool places, restaurantes, museuns and must do things when visiting Dublin in Ireland. Thanks in advance for all the help. Kisses from Brasil.... read more


Since moving to S Florida in November we have continued to play... We have only had two Gang Bangs of April since relocating. The first was on November 30th when April got fucked by around 30 guys for around 4 and a half hours in Hollywood, FL. We had a two slut Gang Bang also in Hollywood, FL on J... read more

The anticipation of a new lover

Waiting for February By Scotty Mac Winds blow on dark, cold nights as January stretches out forever Passion burns as I anticipate my new lover In February my softest kisses will make up her new necklace But January stands mighty in front of me on all fours Got to kill the dragon day by d... read more

Inappropiate Touching -- Lady's????

What is the nicest way to politely tell someone.....hands off!!  I was at a pool party enjoying conversation with a nice yound lady.  We were naked, enjoying some touching, kissing and light hearted play.  A lady near us which was involved in the conversation from time to time dec... read more


 I had an email this morning from the system telling me that a member had unblocked me and did I want to unblock them. BUT it seems strange as I have never knowingly blocked anyone. So I said yes and went to see the page where there there was a list of the members I have blocked. And there were... read more


7-11 february are we going to Amsterdam. Maybe Fata Morgana maybe YOU at the hotel och your place......If you like company just contact us.... Kisses from us to you... read more

Tantra Week at Hedo II

Just wanted to post our travel dates to Hedo II - Feb 2-9, 2013.  February trip is always fun with wild women and tantra.  We have been visiting Tantra instructors for 13 years at Hedo. Going there next week.   Great for Pre-Valentines Hope to meet new friends and see o... read more

Voyager of the Sea - Asia - Oct.8

Anyone traveling in Asia Oct 8, 2013 on the RCCL, Voyager of the Sea (16 days,  Starts in Beijing ends in Singapore, w/ multiple destinations ... traditional Textile Cruise ) ?  ... read more


 Hey there :)Goinge to Cuba,Varadero,but will travel some around, for two weeks from 1st of march,would be fun to hook up with likeminded people for a drink or something,and then see what happens :)Love to hear from you :)... read more

Gran canaria April

Will be there from the 15 th so would love to meet any cpls female to have drinks and sexy fun with. Xxxx. Also in Marmaris in june same goes for there. Xxxx Sandy xxx... read more

Fantasy with a couple

I meet a husband and wife at a bar. Not long after, I have my hand on her thigh, her husband's on the other. I lightly touch and caress her, eventually sliding my hand all the way up to her skirt, touching the fabric of her panties. Finally, we go outside, to a quiet side street. Her husban... read more

info on Paris swing clubs (libertine) needed

 Hello could anyone adivse a few good swing clubs in Paris for couples only as well as allowing males please. Thanks!... read more

Where do you prefer to date with other swingers?

Where do you prefer to date with other swingers? Do you like to visit swinger clubs? Or do you like to attend home swinger parties with more then one couple? Or just dating one other couple? We like to visit swinger club such as Fun4Two in Moordrecht in the Netherlands. It's a bit more anonym... read more

Party Critique

We attended the Aahz party in Orlando last night and wanted to give our opinion and also to hear from others if they think we are off base in our opinions. Let me add, I have noticed this at other larger parties and at the same time I am glad and appreciative of the efforts made to present these par... read more


Any swinger clubs or nude beaches in Hawaii? thanks... read more

GRAN CANARIA 14th to 21st March

 Hiya I’m traveling solo to Maspalomas/Playa del Ingles area of Gran Canaria from 14th to the 21 of March. I’d love to meet up with an adventurous erotic couple or single girl to meet for meal/drinks and fun. Hope to see you and have a great time. Dave 00353872235760 ... read more

caribbean vacation on the yacht

After going to few swingers resorts my wife and I decided to try something different. I was serching the net and found an ad for swinger sailboat caribbean vacation, the one that starts in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Is there anybody who took tha vacation? If yes, whould you share your experience ... read more

First Experience

Our first experience was during a trip in Las Vegas! Our hotel was center strip and my husband's friends joined us in our room to share drinks and to get ready to hit the town. It was early evening and the bottle of vodka was near an end when my husband's friends went out to the balcony to... read more

Trapeze Ft. Lauderdale question

We are planning a visit to the Trapeze in Ft. Lauderdale soon (shouldn't be difficult, we live in South Florida) but we've never been to a swingers club. Our main question is about the locker room. We've heard they have a locker room. Are there gener specific locker areas, or are they co-e... read more

nurturing friendships...

How is this best described? Most profiles say that they are looking for friends, or is this just a casual reference for sex partners? So, define this statement. As we have grown in this lifestyle we have been fortunate enough to meet great people that we can truly call our friends. What we experienc... read more

San Antonio Adult fun?

We are headed to San Antonio feb 28-March 3 and were wondering what types of adult fun they have available? Are there clubs? Are they good? Or is it mostly private parties? Love to meet up with others who love heels and hose too Mia n T... read more

Hong Kong-looking for couples

New to this site, but experienced.  We are looking to meet some compatible couples in Hong Kong.  She is cute, petite, bi.  He is tall, average build, open to all.  No interest in drugs.  Just clean sexual fun.  She is 40 and I enjoy seeing her with another ma... read more

Nudges - Good or Annoying?

I understand that the "Nudge" feature is used to let someone know that you are interested. Would seem like common sense to follow it up with an introduction email to the person that you sent a nudge to. Recently we received a nudge from a couple and we replied, that same day, with... read more

The big nude cruise on Carnival Freedom FEB 9th

Anyone going? This is not a declared swinger cruise but i figure if you have 3,000 naked people on a cruiseship some things may happen...any why not discuss before hand? email me here if you're goig... read more

Hairy Pussy Bush

I wonder if I am the only person left in SDC who really loves a hairy bush on a lady. I think it makes her look different, really sexy. Do any ladies in he SDC communiy have pictures of their bush which they could post? Are there any other people out there who feel like I do or am I the only one ... read more

India, 19- 25 feb

Ciao, we are an italian couple, in India from 19 to 25 feb and we'd like to meet an indian wonderful couple: are you???... read more

Happy Hump Day to All!! ;)

So it's 12:40-something and for whatever reason, I'm not tired. Mornings always have a way of giving me that reality slap after not getting rest. I've decided to piss off morning a little longer to say happy hump day everyone! I figure, why not send out those positive vibes to all the couples and si... read more

A blond and cheap parking space in New York - Adult Jokes

A blonde walks into a bank in New York City and asks for the loan officer. She says that she's going to Europe on business for two weeks and needs to borrow $ 5,000. The bank officer says that the bank should be a form of security for the loan, so the blonde hands over the keys to a new Mercedes ... read more

Fun and Joy in Germany

 We are thinking of taking trip to Fun and Joy in Germany, anyone else who has experience in that place? is it nice etc? and couple that wants to join us:)... read more

Oasis of the Seas Sept 8-15 2013

We just booked the Oasis of the Seas leaving out of Ft Lauderdale September 8th-15th 2013. Now, if you would like to join us please do and its always nice to travel with others who enjoy having a fun time together.... read more

Men pictures on profiles

We understand women are definitely more attractive than men and why couples tend to put more pictures of the female than the male. However lately we seem to come across more and more profiles of couples with no pictures of the guy or maybe one or two taken from a mile away or just of his penis. Wh... read more

The Intercom - Adult Jokes

A boy takes his girlfriend home after going out together. When they reach the front door, he leans against the wall with one hand and says, "Sweetie, why don't you give me a bloowjob?" "What? You're crazy!" "Don't worry, it will be quick, no problem." "... read more

Da Jay unchained

In the last few months I've had two couples get very upset with me because the last few times they contacted me I had other plans. Just because I'm not available everytime you get the urge does not make me a flake. If you send out an email or text at 9pm on a Sat, why are your feelings hurt if I a... read more


visit warsaw for fun end of this month i like to meet nice people... read more

Catfish in the LS

With the Notre Dame episode, I over heard a new word. Catfishing. My understanding of a catfish in social media terms, is someone who creates a fake online profile using photos and information taken from someone else. This got me thinking. OMG this kind of stuff always happen in the LS. People... read more

Magic Wand vs Personal Massage

 Ok... I want to buy a new toy for my honey...what do you think is better..... Hitachi Magic Wand or Brookstone Personal Massage? And why??... read more

Hoe werkt nou een thuisfeest?

Hoi, wij zijn een jong stel en hebben wel wat ervaring met trio's vvm en mmv en gaan zo nu en dan naar parenclubs en hebben daar ook leuke ervaringen gehad met stellen. We zien echter regelmatig speeddates voorbij komen voor thuisfeestjes etc. Wij vinden dat nog een behoorlijke drempel, omdat voor o... read more

Club Cave

Going to Club Cave 1/19.... read more


Zo af en toe is het leuk elkaar te verassen met een swing cadeautje. Marc had bv mij eens verrast dat er zomaar een leuke jonge man ineens ons stoeizoldertje op kwam. Ik heb hem verleden jaar een speelgoed shop weekendje in amsterdam gegeven, en ik was pas geleden ineens een geblinddoekt cadeautje v... read more

Dallas advice please.

We have never been to Dallas and are hopng for some great tis with some details. Looking for upscale bars where I can dress to inpress, show of, get hit on by hot guys and hopefully take one back to the hotel.  Any ideas?... read more

Why do Single Men put up pictures of Women?

 I'm a single woman on SDC and I find it interesting that single men would put up pictures of single women in their profile.  Many have more pictures of women than of themselves.  I love to see the man with women but these are pics of just a woman. Also, what about men who say they we... read more

Cruise ships

Ok so we are about to take a cruise on board Carnival's new ship the Breeze. (note this is are first cruise) What do we need to know? What should we NOT do? What should we do? And last, who wants to join us lol We don't leave until the 5th of May out of Miami..... read more

Just because you are friendly, does that mean you are interested?

Hey... I consider myself a nice person. I really do and for those that know me I talk to everyone. That brings up my reason for this blog. When I am at a party I talk to everyone. I am not saying I am into just because I stop and chat. I am a natural conversationalist. It's very easy for me ... read more

Your World of New Locations, New Experiences & New Parties Starts Here!

 Amolofos is a new adult playground, a private village exclusively for couples. Indulge all your senses and enjoy our magical, secluded location on the stunning Mediterranean coastline. Every moment here is an adventure, from our debauched themed parties to private moments in our beautiful grou... read more


Have you ever experienced swinging with former "normal" friends? Any tips? Dos? Donts? Kisses ..and more... read more

Hair or No Hair..... That is the Question

Hair or No Hair.... Is it better to be bald and look like you've never hit puberty?... to look like your 10 year old daughter? Or is it better to look like the adult you were so anxious to be when you were 10 and couldn't wait to grow that natural hair in places that proved you were an adult or abou... read more

Are there clothing optional resorts in Ft. Lauderdale?

Hi,      My wife and I are making preliminary plans to visit the Ft. Lauderdale area in the beginning of May '13 in order to attend the Dixie Splash party. The party is for three days but we were thinking about hanging out in that area for a while. Just wanted to inquire if ther... read more

Spring Cruse

We are thinking of taking a 7 day cruse this spring. It will not be a Lifestyle cruse:( We were wondering which cruse line would be more fun with a younger crowd, and more likely to meet Lifestyle couples. Has anybody had any luck on a cruse? What are the best destinations? What advice do ya'll h... read more

Color coded bracelets for Trapeze

We just want views on an idea that Trapeze used one night and then did not pick up on. We thought it was a great idea to have color coded bracelets upon entry ( they make you wear one anyway) with Red being for girl on girl only, yellow being for soft swap and green for full swap. ( we think that wa... read more

Entertaining Vanilla Kids......

Does Entertaining our kids who are still Vanilla put a cramp in "our lifestyle?"  Going to a pool where you need to wear bathing suits puts stress on our "lifestyle", so you can imagine what this past weekend was like with Dee's daughter with her BF.  OMG .... they just... read more


What do you like to see on camera?... read more

Rita and Chips: 2412/ to 31/12/12

Anyone reading this is looking for a traditional blog to comment on please note this is an event diary – no comments required. For those who have commented they enjoy this sometimes tongue in cheek ( or similar) description of our lives we hope it continues to entertain… We have al... read more

A little word game, add style

I don't know if its been done before but was wondering how many out there have thought of this. I was getting a bj while crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and thought: Has anyone given a golden shower, or gotten one, on the Golden Gare bridge? Then I wondered what other rhymes out th... read more

Fata morgana?

Have u been recently to Fata morgana in Amsterdam? Is there fun on a saturday night? Are there many couples? Thanks for any advise.... read more

Thank you SDC members

I wanted to say THANK YOU to all of the SDC members who have reached out to me.  Your kindness has been more than I would have ever dreamed.  SDC and the wonderful people in the lifestyle are truly awesome.  I love the positive energy and healthy attitudes that this site and all of th... read more

Nice-Cannes Swinger Clubs

 Does anyone know and recommend Swinger Clubs near Cannes&Nice? Thanks so much, Burak... read more

Give Me Simplicity

So little joyful simplicity in most people anymore. So much complication and obligation and resentment.  People not truly enjoying anything--only trudging through, stuck in some rut, and racing past most of the important things at 90 mph.  Why are they so afraid to&... read more

msc splendida

 hi we are are setting sail 21 jan 2013 from barcelona on msc splendida,would be great to find some likemined friends on board... read more

Pubic Hair Removal

 O.K. ladies - share your secrets - how do you get your pubic area silky smooth?  I love to lick a smooth pussy, and love to shave my wife, but the stubble quickly returns, and seems to get more coarse with shaving.  So, what is the trick?... read more

What to put on your profile?

Ok beeing new to this we would like to know what most people look for in profile pics.... read more

Day by Day with R&J - 13th to 23rd Dec 2012

Anyone reading this is looking for a traditional blog to comment on please note this is an event diary – no comments required. For those who have commented they enjoy this sometimes tongue in cheek ( or similar) description of our lives we hope it continues to entertain….  13/12... read more

Ambiance or no Anbiance?

We are a mature couple and we prefer an erotic ambiance for sex, except if it's at a pool party, of course. Is this really unusual for swingers, or do some of you feel the same way? One couple we had mention that to reacted quite adversely and said that in many years of swinging, they never enc... read more

Our new web site; http://nh.worldmodern.com/sessions/new

 This is our new web site for booking parties, seeing who's going, and making a Orientation tour sighn up!... read more

Costa Brava: Barcelona / Lloret de Mar / Cap d'Agd

We are going to Costa Brava in late June, for our summer holiday, and will spend two to three weeks there inclunding a stop in Cap. Starting in Barcelona, we will work our way east, with a stop in Lloret de Mar, maybe a few other places before Cap. Are there any beaches on the way to Cap d'Agd, w... read more

lifestyle on a naked beach

How woud you identify fellow swinging couples in a nude beach? Her left leg anklet? Shaved genitals? Other ideas? ... read more

Day by Day with R&J

6/12/12 Woke to find email from F re email from H's solicitor. Took me all day and by evening the last thing I wanted to do was go out. So abandoned that and spent evening in. Rita called PP and we ended up having a long naughty night of fun, sex, porno films, fisting and Rita fucking me and peein... read more

New member

Hello my hubby and I are new members of SDC and also very new to this lifestyle as well. Just saying hi and hope to make a few new friends ... read more

Whats the best birthday present you have given or received?

Today is my (Mr Dionysia) birthday and Mrs Dionysia is secretly planning all kinds of wonderful dirty and sexy agenda for my birthday. I have a feeling I know what it could be but all wil be revealed over the coming days. What is the best present you have either recieved or hope to receive. Conve... read more

Your best birthday present?

 Today is my (Mr Dionysias) birthday and each year with Mrs D gets better and better, makes me truly feel like Peter Pan. Again the question is a simple one, whats the best birthday present you have either given or received....or what would be your ideal birthday present to give or receive? I w... read more

spice lifestyle lanzarote

is anyone going to spice hotel lanzarote for it`s 3rd birthday bash?... read more

Nudge backlog

Took a few minutes to go back through our mailbox over the last month or so and discovered all these nudges we received during that time leading up to the holidays. Some I remembered seeing and others I don't remember seeing them at all. All the party announcements and helpdesk r... read more

Do this at least once

I went out last night with a friend attending a life style event and I must say it was different as well as enlighten and I suggest all serious single do it at least once. It will change your perspective for the better as well give you another view point to think and operate from . I found to be ... read more

Out for drinks

We have no meetings planned for tonight but Cathy has been shopping today and is looking forward to dressing up all sexy like in her new clothes. So we have decided to go out for a few drinks, and Cathy intends to flirt all night with any guy that takes her fancy. No panties, no bra, but nice dark s... read more

Baltic Cruise

Anybody going to the B/N cruise "Best Of Baltic" aboard the Star Flyer in June 2013 ????... read more


To all, We would like to say that we are very sorry to people out there that we have made plans with. We have set up to see some couples, and go to some parties, but my husband has some medical issues and is waiting on surgery. We plan to go at some point but have to deal with some stuff first. Ple... read more

I love anal, but...

My husband and I both love anal sex.  Back when we were swingers, I never felt comfortable allowing another man to penetrate my bum.   I'd like to know if other's felt this way.  ... read more

Newest party houses/clubs

So who of you in the Phoenix area know of some newer clubs, or party houses to go? Playgirl  ... read more

Caliente Tampa--any thoughts?

We're considering going to Caliente in Tampa but have read mixed reviews. If you've been, we'd love to know what you think. Is it worth a week-long stay? Looking forward to hearing from you! C&J ... read more

tantra workshops

we are looking in europe for tantra workshops that give time both to each coupleand allow some tantric mixed couple games - any suggestions?  ... read more


I am looking for either a couple or a single (sinle men are ok too) to webcam with here on this site. I like to be directed. No looking for conversation, to make friends or to hear how nice my hair is. Anybody interested? Let me know XXX Kate... read more


I am looking for either a couple or a single (sinle men are ok too) to webcam with here on this site. I like to be directed. No looking for conversation, to make friends or to hear how nice my hair is. Anybody interested? Let me know XXX Kate... read more

Legal question...

I have new neighbors that moved in next door with teens(boys). They climb the biggest tree & their roof that over looks our backyard over our privacy fence. I put up the fence years ago for privacy & now I feel I am the one who is being violated/grounded from my time in my backyard. There... read more

Xtasia Party Friday 18th Jan 2012

 We are going to our first party @ Xtasia Friday 18th Jan 2012.  Anyone else going?... read more

Value of Commnities

Am curious to know if anyone out there realizes any benefit to being a part of a Community here on SDC.  Reason I ask is that I've joined a good handful of them, Golfers, Wives Who Date, etc. and cannot ever remember getting a single email, seeing a single post, etc. about anything to do with t... read more

New Years Day

A statistical observation mentioned rather tongue in cheek, but doesn't January 1st spawn rather a lot of swingers ! Happy New Year to all and a happy birthday to all our January 1st friends and favourites xxx... read more