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This is my link to my blog, sadly neglected of late though it gives you some idea as to what make me tick.http://teigr.tumblr.com... read more

Dubai Friday 31st Jan

Hi all,We are heading to the Observatory and Buddha Bar this evening, looking for fun and to make friends. Drop us a mail and let's arrange to meet ... read more

soft to full status changes

Ok! So after you have your first experience as a full swap and enjoy would you go back to your friends list and let they know that you are full or let go since they blowed you off before for not be full?... read more

On-premise Swingers Clubs in So Cal

We love the idea of having fun in a sexually charged, erotic atmoshere.  We are seriously contemplating going a place like Club Joi to get out freak on and indulge a bit.  We see many house parties, hotel takeovers, etc, but thought a swingers club may be the way to have go... Less intimat... read more


we had posted a blog yesterday and had recieved tons of valuable info. one of the most common was inrimidation. so what we are asking is do you really think that couples would shy away from sexy couples. i think that we are a good looking couple but far from being intimidating. but i guess i do see ... read more

Trapeze FL - Wednesday or Thursday?

We haven't been to the Trapeze in well over a year & are looking to go back. We used to go 1 or 2 Wednesdays a month & had a great time with a hot crowd. Now we hear they have Latin nights on Thursdays that are popular. Which night do you think is better? We don't know any Latin dances &... read more

Summer vacation suggestions

We wonder where should we go for the summer vacationAny suggestions R & A... read more


Do they exist, fact or fiction?  If so, where are they?Please take a second to complete our new scientific poll. ;)  Feel free to discuss below.... read more

whats the deal ??

why is it that we can not ever seem to get a couple to go out with us, they are all flakes. say they will show up and always end up as no shows. we are a cool couple to be around and sexy , at least i think so lol. guess were just unlucky when it comes to swinging. cant find the right group , anybod... read more

closeup pics

Pictures of vagina and penises , bobs closeups ...or .....face , full body , nice dressed.pics ? what is better / what help most to evaluate a couple ? ... read more

five some

We have been swinging for some time now and we have a single male friend who we trust and play occasionaly. We have come to think that sometimes when we meet a new couple a third man acting as an extra can make a difference. What is your opinion on the matter? A ratio of 3:2 better or a ratio of 2:2... read more

Paris Libertine Clubs

Hello all.  We are headed to Paris in the near future.   Does anyone have any recommendations besides Les Chandelles?  Thanks in advance.xoxoxo, June... read more

Navigation Problems

Can you one of you techies help me? I paid for a full membership in SDC, but I am having difficulties navigating the site! Examples: (1) I want to locate local (SF Bay Area) DAY-time parties or venues. (Night-time is tough for me to do.) How do I do this? (2) How do I search for particular features ... read more

Good or Great

Would you rather be great at one thing or good at many things? If you had the choice to be a great poet, athlete, lover, artist or be good at them all what would you choose? ... read more

Supposed to be a quiet January! 13/1 to 27/1/14

13/1 After a great sleep I woke after 8am and Rita woke at 10. Started to make love but we started to laugh about something and got a fit of the giggles and so the moment was lost! After I got up I went for a run.Just after lunch we popped out into Enfield to look at a couple of houses. Headed ... read more

programs movies on swing

can people suggest programs movies on swingers what is enjoyable is playboy tv swing all 3 seasons..the czech swingers and also the movie swingers and happy few (4 lovers )..anything else anyone knows?... read more



Swing club safer than a movie theater

WTF is going on with people in the world today. Couple go's to the movies in tampa & An EX COP,Shoots and kills the guy for texting.people shooting people at malls & schools. I'm a gun supporter, I'm not bashing guns I'm bashing nuts. What's your take on it.. Should these people who do these... read more

Judging couples by the way they blog

We love too read the posts on here. Those of you that do also, see the people who get all bent out of shape over the stupidest shit. When you see some one who always seams to be upset here. Do you judge them by it. Is it wrong to make the assumption on how drama filled someone may or may not be base... read more

Judging couples by the way they blog

We love too read the posts on here. Those of you that do also, see the people who get all bent out of shape over the stupidest shit. When you see some one who always seams to be upset here. Do you judge them by it. Is it wrong to make the assumption on how drama filled someone may or may not be base... read more

Throwing in the towel

How many of you have thought about throwing in the towel and why... read more

Stalker or Clinger

How many of you have had a stalker or stage 5 clinger, in the life style. We have had 3 of them and they were all FemalesAfter Mr. Sexy. We were their first on every one. ... read more

Sex Sent Me Too The ER

I was just watching a Show called sex sent me too the ER. I was wondering how many of you have been to theER or know some one, as a result of a sex injury. We own an adult Toy company sensualpleasurechest and I'm always hearing about someone having a toy removed... read more


I just cant seem to find an open midnded girl to help me take care of my man. His birthday is coming up and all I want is another female to help me make him the center of attention. ... read more

Lifestyle Jealousy?

Soooo, this just happened:Sent a text to a couple I met and clicked with in October in a social setting but haven't played with yet due to mutual holidays/work conflicts, etc. The wife and I have a cordial conversation and I mention maybe getting together soon. She responds back; "But you have so ma... read more

A fun evening on the town

Hi there. We're Dhe & Dshe, D&D for short. We tend to be a bit on the quiet side, so we thought we'd get out and hit the local bar to break out our quite rut. This was one of our favorite restaurants/bars. Good food, great bartenders and not too noisy. We planned on eating at the bar, rather... read more

When my husband travels..

He got promoted and has to travel quite a bit. He has encouraged me to play separate with women and couples (no single men) while he is out of town if I want to. Which I do but... I am just so nervous about it. We have met a few people I think I would be comfortable with but I always chick... read more

What are they not telling you

What have you run into in the life style, where the couple was less than truthful or withheld information that would be important.We have seen, where the guy didn't have a dick. That's an important  bit of info that should be disclosed. Impotent men, females listed as BI, that Are not. Couples ... read more

come hang out drink and maybe play we are by Blanco Tx. directions below

Take a look at my photo album - 'THE GOOD STUFF'Hello we live on a ranch very private we can meet at the Shade Tree bar 5 miles from our house and see were it goesif interested mesg uswe live on a ranch and can w... read more

new to SDC looking for playmates

looking for long term fun with friends other than just sex and we have kids so we have to plan it or play late after the kids go to sleep in our other house  friend  us or mesages if interested  we look forward too meeting a few good friends... read more


If you scroll through the video spotlight you may notice how its kinda hard to scroll down the list if your watching them etc and not get lost.Seems like it would be a great option to have the name of the user profile your watching highlighted in a different color so you can somewhat kind have a boo... read more

London swingers clubs or parties

hi. we r planning a trip to London. can anyone plz recomand us on good swingers clubs or parties?... read more

Imagine if Facebook showed "mutual sex partners"

Imagine if Facebook showed "mutual sex partners"... read more

Kissing before we play

The wife and I were discussing kissing and the lifestyle. We tend to have slightly different views and wonder what most think. To me a passionate kiss is the perfect prelude to a great fuck. Unfortunately not all women are good at it. I'm sure a few of us guys fall into that category as well. D... read more

club secret/hedo events

Has anyone been to club secret /hedo events in the orlando area? I have done a lot of looking and have found very little abiut them other than a few not so nice reviews on the community page. Any first hand knowledge woukd be appreciated.... read more

Hot with Not

Ok I'm  saying it. There are a lot of couples in the life style, where she is a 10 and He is a -3. Are you willing to over look this if the guy has a great personality.... read more

I Don't Think So

We were recently contacted by a couple on another site. They e-mailed us stating that we would make a perfect match and that they wanted to meet us at the local swing club. They then followed up with this, You are not to wear any perfume, creams, hair spray or make up of any kind. I responded back, ... read more

Making out

I was just wondering if you have a no kissing rule and if so help me understand the thinking behind this. I understand that some will say that's personal, but sticking your dick in me isn't. ... read more

Do These Shoes Make My But Look Big

Now that I, have your attention. We have all seen them,, the profile pictures that have junk all in the back ground.whats the craziest thing you have seen in the back ground of a photo. I know this will set off a frenzy of photo shoppers lol... read more

Very Attractive Couples

Just wondering how many of you come across profiles featuring "very attractive couples"? I know there are hundreds of very attractive couples on this site, I'm talking about the ones who tell you that right up front that they are a "very attractive couple". While my wife is the most beautiful, sexy,... read more

To squirt or not???

This goes out to all the squirters and squirt enthusiasts.Are you able to control your squirting, or does it happen automatically?I personally can control my squirting and sometimes I won't.I wonder how many men actually like it or can really make it happen... thoughts??... read more

Sex Music.

What do you like to listen to when it's time to make it happen? Personally, I find anything by Usher, Sade, Maxwell and Teddy Pendergrass sets the mood regardless of the background of the lady I'm with. Just curious as to what other people like, if anything.... read more


Since I became a member of this website I have noticed how frequently the name "Cap D'Agde" pops up, which led me to do a little bit of google search on it. To be fair, I only looked on one website but it seemed to deliver the gist of what that place is about. So it's basically a mecca for nudists a... read more

working girls

We have reach the conclusion that man are lazy and woman are incredibly active.......why we say that ? because every couple we meet trough this site,the woman is.....running a marathon, working , traveling, recovering from surgery , skiing in Zurich, collecting butterflies in Indonesia,delivering a ... read more

SDC Beta

Have you checked it out? Thoughts?... read more

Vacation planning-We welcome inviting us to your city

Hi guysWe usually plan for more than one vacation each year, and since we visited many countries, we would like to visit any country/citythat we will get the most invites by our friends in this SDC site. so we welcome your invites to your city.KissesRad & Abi... read more

Music at 2013 sdc takeover

Some help please...We were at Cap D'agde last year 2103 during the SDC takeover. We stayed at the Babylon and were invited to all the parties. There was one party where they had music, live Saxaphone and a drummer/bongo player. The music was fabulous and I cannot foget it! I am trying to find that s... read more

24: Fetish & Fantasy: Spanking asses and taking names

New episode is out - Click here to listen!   Like every year, Jon and SinD hit Vegas.... quite literally.   During the annual Fetish and Fantasy ball, they volunteer to spank the multitude of party-goers that show up and this huge "rave". During the pre-game events there was (swing... read more

Fever Valentines party 8th Feb

Hey, we are attending the Fever Party Valentines club event in London on the 8th of Feb. Let us know if you are going along and maybe we can meet up there.  No pressure, it's nice to know beforehand a few couples you can spark up a conversation with.... read more


So... I posed a blog question "To DP or not to DP"  and NaughtyCouple2 raised an interesting question that I put to poll...... read more



what to think

just say a couples profile wear they both saying they are straight an they want no contact from single males . so my ? is why are they in the life style... read more

what to think

just say a couples profile wear they both saying they are straight an they want no contact from single males . so my ? is why are they in the life style... read more

First time in Paris! Where should we go?

We're going to Paris for the first time this upcoming February. We need advice on the best Swinger's club in Paris! Where should we go?... read more

2014 Days weeks months swing dance.

Welcome to teaseyou teasme production..Good to let your eyes find my words, thought saying new things for a great year. The days in every place is different, never judge a book when reading it, ladies I read like books page before page, when you the next page comes how do you skip to the next page&n... read more

Banging in the New Year !

New Years Eve 2013 at Trapeze Atlanta.We went with one of our favorite couples, the one where he has a giant cock and she is a multi-orgasmic, beautiful, sexy f**k slut! My sexy Hotwife wore a very beautiful white and gold short, short, dress that showed her beautiful 36 D breasts and great leg... read more

Miami's Groove Cruise X - Who else is going?

It's almost here!  Groove Cruise X to Cozumel is less than 2 weeks away!  4 days of non-stop party music and some of the best DJ's in the world.  Lifestyle events on board are with the bLiSS Club and any other private parties that might spring up.  Voted #1 by the travel channel ... read more

how to post a blog

Apparently there are some here who do not know how to only post a blog once. When posting a new blog, click on create new blog. Write your blog in the box provided. Click on the envelope with the green arrow. Only do this once, remember patience is a virtue. Your blog will then post once, instead of... read more

What exactly is income inequality and how is it addressed?

Trying to get my hands on this.  Does it mean if you have the same job as some one else you should be paid the same?  What about if one person has more experience?Does it mean that everyone should get the same pay despite the job they have?  Does it mean everyone gets a stipend whethe... read more



Body Images Within The Swinger Lifestyle

Having a negative body image is common. We have all had to come to terms with having a poor perception of our own bodies at least once in our lives. Many of us live with this feeling everyday. We look at ourselves in the and are far from impressed with what we see. We fail to perceive the beauty tha... read more

mauritius couple

hello we are a broadminded married couple wish to meet couple on holiday in Mauritius thanks... read more

DP: Love it, Like it, Loathe it

DP (Double Penetration, typically anal and vaginal) or DVP (two in the vagina) - Yes, No or Maybe so?... read more

Who would you tell?

We were talking recently about if you could tell any vanilla or family member you were swingers with guarantees of no repercussions, who would you tell?  For me, the answer is simple, it would be the "work wife".  My real wife met her at a concert in 2012 and had a pretty strong cocktail a... read more

Young members on SDC

I know 18 years of age is considered adulthood but I feel a little uncomfortable when I see a young kid looking at my profile or tries to contact me   Most of us appreciate discretion due to our professional and personal lives and kids that age love to kiss and tell and would probably even shar... read more


Who wants to webcam tonight? Looking for a dirty mind person or couple.... read more


Kamasutra says1. If you suck one nipple, the woman herself offers the other one. And that was the origin of "buy one get one free"! 2. Did you ever notice: everything on a woman's upper body starts with a "B". Blouse, Bra, Bikini, Boobs & lower body with a "P" Peticoat, panties, pussy...... read more


Him.We entered the lifestyle no more than three months ago. Upon entering, we really didn't have any preconceptions or expectations outside of meeting and playing with others. Although the decision to be apart of the lifestyle was a mutual agreement, I would be lying if I didn't say I am nervous at ... read more

Just because

Ok just because I ask for condoms does not mean I have an STD WTF?? How dare anyone says because their preference is to use condoms they automatically have something! I truly believe in the LS you really have to be careful and you can't assume what the next person is doing? Yes it is all risky of ca... read more

Just because

Ok just because I ask for condoms does not mean I have an STD WTF?? How dare anyone says because their preference is to use condoms they automatically have something! I truly believe in the LS you really have to be careful and you can't assume what the next person is doing? Yes it is all risky of ca... read more

What should my wife wear for her date this afternoon?

My wife is going on a playdate this afternoon with Ken.She want to wear leggings with sexy panties and leggings. I'm thinking Ken would like a crotchless body stocking with a plunging back and heels. What do you think. Vote... read more

Vegas Baby!

Newbie couple heading to Vegas Jan 30-Feb2.  Planning to get an adults night out on Sat Feb1.  Any recommendations on a newbie friendly club in Vegas?  We would very much like to find a woman to play with for her, and/or a soft swap couple.  Certainly open to a club - but have he... read more

2014 Electoral and Political Predictions

The State of the Union propaganda speech is coming soon, income inequality, fairness for all executive orders, yada yada.My 2014 predictions:1-The republicans will retake the US Senate.2-Benghazi will re-emerge3-More workers will leave the workforce as unemployment dips yet again.4-Food stamp recipi... read more

First Contact Response

We get numerous nudges, and introductory messages daily.  Obviously due to the photos of the Mrs., certainly not for me (Mr.).  If they do not include a photo, whether couple or single male, we ask them for a current photos, G or PG is just fine.  Way too often we get a response, "you... read more

Mauritius fun?

Does anyone know of any clubs in Mauritius? Going to be there last two weeks of March if anyone's going to be around? J&Z... read more

Any Interest In A New Lifestyle Bed and Breakfast in NW Arkansas?

Some friends of ours are looking to open a couples-only Bed and Breakfast in the Ozarks of NW Arkansas and asked us if we could put some feelers out and see if folks in the areas surrounding NW AR would support such a thing. So Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma--is there interest? If so, let us... read more

"hall passes"

have noticed an abundance of "couples" profiles with the male half having hall passes regularly...frequently posting on speed dating..but rarely if ever as a couple?have noticed h... read more

False boobs

why is it that men prefer big pornstar boobs that look like garfield eyes have been stuck on to what otherwise could have been a very beautiful woman. Is this actually true? Personally we prefer the natural look and feel no matter what the size or shape. This cannot be replicated. do they do it for ... read more


Headed to Nassua Headed to Nassau Paradise Island feb 6th to 11th ... read more

$ 1000

Last Friday at a well known club  a single gentleman came to me and offered me $1000 to be with my wife.....that "I will be allow to watch"....I didn't know what to answer , even a thousand dollars is good money it is far away from what Roberd Redford offered to Demi Moore......of course we ref... read more

Need some guidance

Hi there,  I'm new in this website and I would like to meet new people.  If you would like to meet please drop me a line. It doesn't need to be to have sex but mostly do get some guidance.  I live in downtown area montreal... read more

Skiing in Alpe D'Huez Feb 15th- Feb 22nd

Anyone in Alpe D'Huez skiing starting Feb 15th? Drop us a line.... read more

Patagonia - Outdoor - Swinging

I organize hiking groups in Patagonia, in Torres del Paine.  I had a great experiences organizing swingers hiking or kayaking trips in Patagonia, just let me know and we can organize a group to enjoy outdoors and sex.Cheers !!!... read more

Post New Year Frolics: 1-12/1/14

1/1 Both woke at midday and eventually decided to get up and go for lunch in Fulham. Showered, dressed and left a pile of fake snow from last nights party on Ox's carpet! Ox still flat out, and so borrowed her umbrella as weather windy and wet. Rita picky about menus and what she wanted to eat ... read more

Swinger's Club at a Saturday Night

We went out to a nice club in Miami, the music was ok, the crowd was mostly sexy but for some reason the management set the ac ice cold so we never felt confortable. Can someone give me a good reason why ?... read more

Where do you like the guys to finish?

I've never been a big fan of cumming in a condom...so ...that being said...curious as to where the ladies would prefer a guy shot his load?  Some like the facial, some on the tits or ass...some may swallow....what's your preference ladies?... read more

Fun in Amsterdam

i´m looking for good club in amsterdam for fun from 17 January until 19  , anyone can help ?... read more

Lingam Massage for husband !!!

 LINGAM MASSAGE, including testicles, perineum and Sacred Spot ( prostate ) externally, allowing the man to surrender to a form of pleasure he may not be accustomed to. From this perspective both receiver and giver relax into the massage.  Men need to learn to relax and receive. Traditiona... read more

Attraction At Work And It's Difficulties

Okay so even thoe normally at work I try not to date female co-workers to avoid complications. Now that being said from the time I returned back to Orlando in 2010 until the present time, twice I was involve temporary + intimately with two females at my job. Afterw... read more

Finally got a weekend off! (warning - pity party ahead, lol)

My company (software) has been working on a new product for a little more than six months now. The longer it has gone on, the more time I've had to put it.  Over the past couple months, I have worked weekdays, evenings, and weekends - many 16 hour days and 100+ hour weeks.  I got a total o... read more

Stripper shoes for sale ;)

Hi ladies and gentlemen,I a selling stripper shoes, they are size 7, they are from 6" to 7".If you are interested I will send you pictures of them.Thanks and have a wonderful day.Narabinaki... read more

main profile picture

Hi i am trying to change my main profile picture to another But cannot seam to change it any help on this please.... read more

spain hotel & clubs recomendations

we will be traveling to malaga  and sevilla next april, recommedations for swingers resorts or clubs to visit or attend? than youestaremos viajando el proximo abril a espana entre malaga y sevilla, sugerencias de clubs y hoteles swingers que visitar??? gracias... read more

Good naturist spots in Greece

We are planning to visit Greece in June and would love to explore some nude beaches for a little bit of open minded fun. Any suggestions on the best places?... read more

Her: You can have one toy... which one?

So... what is your most favorite sexual toy? Partners and occasional bed buddies don't count...Using en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_toy as source, which one of the following oils your engine and floats your boat?... read more

Awkwardness Of A Surprise Encounter In Public With Lifestyle Begginer's

Wanted to share with you all a true and funny story about a couple I met at a nightclub one night in downtown Orlando. It so happen was enjoying a wonderful time filled with electronica music and dance, and through the mist of it all I met a couple who found me intrigui... read more

CHILL! One Time is Sufficent.

This is a free PSA for SDC blog posters: If you post a blog and you don't see it right away, give it a minute before posting it 10 times in a row! Nobody wants to wade through 3 pages of your 1 question. Grazie.... read more

Female Half Of Couples: Really BiSexual?

So many profiles of couples state the female half is bisexual. It just seems like a very high percentage and they ended up on a lifestyle website.The question, what percentage of these women listed as bisexual is for real, or is this just her spouses fantasy?... read more

Him: You can have one toy... which one?

So... what is your most favorite sexual toy? Partners and occasional bed buddies don't count...Using en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_toy as source, which one of the following oils your engine and floats your boat?... read more

The Importance of Trust Between Supplier and Client - Whether You're a Dominatrix or a Plumber

http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/jacky-donovan/the-importance-of-trust-b_b_4549066.htmlIf I hadn’t ended up as a Dominatrix, I may have retrained as a plumber. After all, both jobs are to do with bums and involve standing back and observing the fruits of one’s labour at the end of an hour’s w... read more

Why I gave up my job as a Director to become a Dominatrix

http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/jacky-donovan/It is the satisfying squelch of the chocolate gateau as I smear it over the jowly face of the Right Dishonourable Gentleman in front of me that finally convinces me that turning down the post of Managing Director of one of the UK’s largest security ... read more

Rock Boat February 2014

Anyone going on The Rock Boat cruise in  February 2014?  Always a fun cruise with great music. ... read more

A vocal woman in bed

Just curious what others thoughts and preferences are. Me (the male of this couple), I like a vocal woman in bed. Not talking about a moaner or a screamer (unless that is a natural reaction to what I am doing), or even a dominant woman. Just a woman that vocalizes exactly what she likes and tel... read more

Cap d'Agde

Just out of curiosity, I've decided to head to Cap d'Agde, France around June/July this year on my own. Any other single guy or lady heading over this year? Would also love some advise on what to expect as a single guys visit on his own ... read more

Gloryholes in Amsterdam

Hi, we are planning a trip to Holland. Does anyone know any Gloryhole there? That is clean and hetero? I (Rasha) would love to have my first GH experience. Please let me knowThanks... read more

XTC and bliss

Just would like to share with you our experiences with xtc use in the swingers scene and where it has taken me. We got introduced to it by good swingers friends who came on holiday to our little paradise here under the Vulcano a couple of years ago. Me (Max) had never taken any drugs, thou... read more

How do you deal with " fluids"?

The Mrs is very concerned with remaining disease free, so no sharing of semen or pussy juice. She loves men and women, so thus is a bit of a drawback. How do other disease free couples deal with this other than flavored condoms?... read more

I downloaded this from another site, but it describes my feelings to a T

Don't stop when I'm cumming.JUST DON'T.There are no justifiable excuses or reasons.It is not a time to ease up or coast.Don't go lighter or stop and, for God's sake,DON'T CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE DOING.I don't care if you can't breathe.I don't care if you are dying.I don't care if your nose/lip/jaw/tongu... read more


Has the time come for SDC to banned political blogs on SDC? ... read more

My Travel to Turkey

can someone recommend me a nice couple in Mersin? i will be there from 01/02/14 to 06/02/14. Thanks... read more

What does polyamory mean to you?

We saw a blog on this almost 2 years back and thought we would revisit. One blogger stated, "Polyamory is just another way of defining some commitment but with an uneven number of individuals or multiple partners.  As such, they can engage in swinging just like any other committed relationship.... read more

Shy Swingers

This is just an observation, and its offered as a funny quirkHas anyone else noticed that while many of us tend to be outgoing online, when we are at a house party or a swing club we are standoffish and aloof or shy? Kinda funny that. We get on here to meet other couples but then we are li... read more

Kiss and tell...

Some couples are fine swapping and consider intercourse and oral acceptable, but are less comfortable if their partner wants to kiss someone else... I'm curious on the numbers...... read more

Swinging and condoms

So... I always use condoms for intercourse - I love to give oral... However I hate the taste of condoms "taste" (which I can pick up after intercourse).  If you have found yourself in a similar situation, how have you deal with it? Different brand of condom? A wash cloth to give a quick wipe be... read more


HiJust read some comments in the last blog that MLTRBL posted that I consider humiliating!!This is what I replied to the people that consider SM's and SF's as objects:"I really respect the opinion of all and clearly comprehend the semantics of Swinging.However, as a single female that perfectly un... read more

What if swingers solved the health care issue in the u.s?

This blog is intended to solve the health care issues the U.S. Faces.  (Seriously). So here is the deal. Propose your solutions.  How would you set up healthcare in the U.S.   No restrictions.  But you must give solutions not criticisms.   This is not a free speech blog. &nb... read more

Getting a room tonight

Going to commerce tx. Tonight. Gonna get a room if someone want to join! ... read more

MF Swinger? Question for the M

So... you the male, consider yourself straight, you don't mind "close contact" with other males. Your female partner has just given oral to another guy for the past five or ten minutes while you take her from behind... You climb the mountain, she takes her mouth of her second cock, leans back to kis... read more

Time for another swing on the Trapeze!

It's winter. It's cold. It's time to heat things up with another weekend at Trapeze in Atlanta. We'll be getting into Atlanta Friday, January 24th, spend the day Saturday enjoying Atlanta, and then opening and closing the Trap Saturday night. This will be our third visit. Both previous times were am... read more

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

At the start of this discussion I want to be clear. I have long been a proponent of a Single Payer system in the United States. Many claim that Medicare does not work; but it does. It has fiduciary issues, which can and should be fixed from an actuarial point of view as well as the ongoing problem o... read more

Getting to Andalucía

Hi Everyone...OK...How do you get to Andalucia Spain for the take over!  What airport do you fly to and once there what is the best way to get to Cadiz?  Thanks for the help!!!J&J... read more

wher has my private life gone

ok we took a break for 7-8 months and when I try log back in I get a message saying no user, huh so where are all of our private and discreet pictures gone, I opened up a new account but am not happy to know I don't know where our images  has gone,... read more

wher has my private life gone

ok we took a break for 7-8 months and when I try log back in I get a message saying no user, huh so where are all of our private and discreet pictures gone, I opened up a new account but am not happy to know I don't know where our images  has gone,... read more

wher has my private life gone

ok we took a break for 7-8 months and when I try log back in I get a message saying no user, huh so where are all of our private and discreet pictures gone, I opened up a new account but am not happy to know I don't know where our images  has gone,... read more

Swingers Honeymoon

My fiance and I are planning our July honeymoon at a Swingers Resort.  I am torn if this crosses the line of how to begin a marriage, although we are both open to the idea.  Does anyone have any suggestions on locations or alternative choices for a NAKED honeymoon?  Has anyone else ou... read more

SDC Courtesy Questions

Two things that have been on my mind... 1. If you and a couple exchange face pics and the other couple indicates they aren't interested, which is fine, then is it not considered rude or at least a little creepy to see them regularly on your "Who viewed my profile" page? If there is no interest,... read more

Double Vag Penetraton

What are is everyone here on SDC thoughts or personal experience on DVP (Double Vag Penetration) ? What is your comfort level of choices below. . . .... read more

23/12 - 31/12: 'Tis the Season for Fun and Sex!

23/12 I woke at 6 but Rita slept through till 11am! Rita left to shop and do nails etc whilst I spent most of afternoon on office stuff. Rita home for 6 and with storms outside quite pleased to be having a few days at home. M and L came round fordrinks and shared 4 M's while the storm raged out... read more


We will go to Spain, Gran Canaria, Bahia Feliz on January 12. We will stay for a week and if there is any / some that are there or live nearby who want to meet, it would be nice! If you have any suggestions on places like clubs or else you are welcome to give us tips and advice. Please contact us.... read more

any recommendations on cruises in Europe?

We are interested in a lifestyle cruise in Europe (or Asia).  friends of ours did a sailing cruise around croatia and shared all the fun.  Anyone has any advise and contacts?  Would love to hear your experiences.  Are the big cruise ships more fun or "just different"?xxx Marc n B... read more

the loft, in atlanta ga

we are curious about going to the loft, we usually go to trapeze, Atlanta, how ever we would like to do something different, just wanting to see if any body has been to the loft, and your opinions about this place.... read more

w8t, ur up 4 a fun time

Ok...Am I just expecting too much for someone to use a couple extra letters and not stuff like 'u' 'w8t' '4' or anything else someone in a hello kitty backpack would type :(... read more

Bareback!?!? really smh

It always facinates me well i guess disturbs me to see gang bang bareback activity, I mean really? in what world is that ok!?!?!? Am I being to judgemental here?... read more

more on pot legalization

If you have not signed a petition for the legalization of cannabis, the attached letter is self explaning.Conflict of interests are and will hamper any attempt at Florida legalization.Did you know that our governor has said he will veto any measure .... Want to know why?  He owns the firm that ... read more

Single Male - What couples are looking for!!

As a single black male in the lifestyle, what are couples looking for? What gets your attention? I know the obvious -  respectful, in shape, healthy, stamina, and well-mannered. But what else?... read more

Cannabis legalization

Did you know that today 1/1/14 is the first day you can buy pot in Washington State and Colorado for strictly recreational use.  The ice is broken and soon every state in this great country will be decriminalizing grass and make non-criminals of the rest of us.  Furthermore, Florida will h... read more

Las Vegas

We will be in Vegas for CES. Peter will arrive on the 6th I on the 9th and stay until AVN. Any advise where we could pick up some nice couples or females for us or peter when he is alone. Also some nice classy places where to go to meet interesting people who are in the lifestyle like we. would appr... read more

Swinger clubs in Vienna

Hello there.We are going to Vienna for a romantic weekend and wondering if there are any good decent swinger clubs worth attending.David and Vicky... read more

Jan 1 Birthdays

Wow, there are a lot of people born on 01/01? Is this something I can get some grant money to study what caused so many conceptions, 9 months earlier.... lolHappy New Year... read more