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Desires Mexico

Can people that have been to Desires nearer Cancun at not Los Cabos, please comment on what the resort and experience was like. There are two Desires resorts the Pearl an the other on this side of Mexico so comments also on which one is preferable. Really appreciate any comments, thanks. ... read more

Asian Wonders

Clearly there is something special to a relationship between a Western Man and an Asian Woman. This blog will attempt to explore what has been called "yellow fever" in great detail.... read more


When playing do you allow videos or photos do be taken?... read more

Meeting in la Ribera Maya

couples going to Desire or others resort in la riviera Maya, just remember almost all are all inclusive (they do not allow visitors not even for a drink) so that's why they did not get many replays . And specially the one's that stay at Desire . Why do not arrenge one or two Saturdays a night tour t... read more

DevaDelights Update

Hello and we want to welcome you all to the new and improved Deva Delights community...Please feel free to join us or ask us about out events.Welcome to a place where your intimate desires become my delight. Hosting "NO PRESSURE" for couples who only desire Girl on Girl Play or Ladies who only like ... read more

LS Conversations -- Judged 'not sexy enough'?

Dear X_____,Congratulations on the new treasure trove of 60's sleaze. I have a thing for Victorian porn myself. The more outwardly repressed society was at the time, the more interesting the sexual undercurrents. I think I may have had this revelation at age 12 reading Alexandre Dumas' "The Three Mu... read more

Oh Ladies what's your perfered size? Huffpost

Quoted "Huff post":"According to the chart, the ideal penis size is between 7.25-8.25inches in length and 6.25-6.5inches in circumference. Quite specific, but hey - us gals have needs.Anything less than 5inches in length is deemed "not satisfying". The same can be said for penises with circumference... read more

Pulse Orlando Party

I'm Having 2nd thoughts about the PulseOrlando meet & greet this Saturday the 31st in downtown Orlando and wondered if I am the only one.First, I initially received a message saying my name was added to the guest list, I didn't add it, the party organizers did so I just deleted us from the list.... read more

So you view my profile, then block me....

It's quiet interesting that this has happened 3 times (who knows perhaps more) on the site in the 2 months since I signed up. The funny aspect it's all from people not in my general areas but way out of state. ... read more

Mobile App

Does this sight have a mobile app for android or Iphone? we have both so both would be great but if there is one I can't find it... read more

the pecan tree is budding

Spring is here, seems odd in Jan. but the pecan tree is seldom wrong. So much to do, get the mowers ready, what with all the rain the grass is going to go nuts. Move the fence by the patio so theres more lay out room. clean the party barge for the river, oh wait thats all play, what am I fretting ... read more

I'm courious....

I've seen plenty of profiles and for as long I can remember I always see profiles that have on their list of what they are looking for "she-male" as an option. That's not exactly why I'm curious. I'm more confused as to why that most don't include "bisexual male" or "bisexual couple" on that list. I... read more

non commercial Porn on SDC

To what extent is non commercial porn on SDC appreciated? And if so, only by single men or couples or females. We are curious to know ­čśŤ... read more

Gold coast

Can any body suggest swinging clubs in gold coast... read more

Saints and Sinners in Philadelphia, PA.

Saints and Sinners in Philadelphia, PA. Has anyone ever been? To this question I am positive that will be a YES.The husband and I are looking to do a bit of a Saturday night get away. This would be for out 5th year wedding anniversary this coming weekend January 31st.We are looking for general info... read more

Crete - Santorini

We will spend some days after the SDC Crete takeover in Santorini. Would be nice getting some advices of sexy place to visit in Santorini.... read more

Best butt plug

What style/brand butt plug does everyone find most comfortable and effective to make anal easier at insertion and more comfortable?M and J... read more

Sex- In Houses For Sale

I think we have had the hottest sex when we are house hunting for a new home. The thrill of a quick fuck or hot BJ & pussy eating is the best!! How about u?... read more

Scientists Confirm: Squirting is Peeing.

http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/women-squirting-during-sex-may-actually-be-peeing When aroused, some women may experience squirting, or a rather noticeable discharge of fluid. What it is exactly and where it comes from has been hotly debated: female ejaculation or adult bedwetti... read more

"Single male" doesn't mean "Desperate male".

Hi, I'm a single male that's been in the lifestyle for about 3 years. I've come across mostly good and a few bad but overall, I've had great times. I've met great people and made legitimate lifelong friendships. In the beginning, I was trying to figure out the process and looked to other single male... read more


Hello Everyone, Meet us at Sultry Club on Thursday Jan 29th, 8pm to 2am, to enjoy "The Sexy Dance Alive" Live DJ Playing the best of Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbias, Screen Videos, Radio Top 40's.... read more

Where are all the beautiful single women?

Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to this site but I have been knowing about it for a while. Anyways me and him r very outgoing and fun to be around. Very attractive young couple, just waiting for the right person to message me if u kno what I mean. ;-) ... read more

Party Invitations

We got invitations to 3 different Super Bowl parties, which one should we attend? :-) ... read more

Talking Dirty

Ladies and gentlemen who out there likes to have their partner talk dirty to them. If you are a dirty talker what are your best lines... read more

Any suggestions????

Hi to all you swingers out there,I am a SWM living in the Atlanta area and I want to get more out of the LS. I have been a member on this site since 2005, but I have normally found myself to be in a relationship that is not LS friendly. I am now single again, and want to change that. I am not a p... read more

Preparing for Move - Ugh!: 12/1 to 18/1/15

12/1 Monday and a busy one too with conference calls, emails, tax issues and client issues as well as trading. The rain was continual all day and Rita popped to the shops to re- provision. We were booked for a play at Home House but we both came to the conclusion at the same time that we'd rather st... read more

PSG? Preferred Single Guy?

How do you get that little badge?? I see some guys have it on here... read more

─░stanbulda swingerlar─▒n devam etti─či bir club/bar var m─▒?

Ba┼čl─▒k yeterli olsa gerek...... read more


If you know about setting up websites, you are who we need!! Will make it worth your while!... read more

New Swing Club in Miami?

We were talking to a couple over the weekend and were told of a new club in Miami. No name just a rumor in a place near the Falls area. Anyone heard of anything??... read more

NYC clubs ?

We're in NYC for the weekend on Feb 13th / 14th and wondered if anyone had any recommendations for lifestyle clubs. Seems there's a few around but always nice to get opinions rather than diving in blind.... read more

Seahawks or Patriots?

Who will win the Super Bowl?... read more


We are named that for a reason.I am one who holds much respect for the Mrs. I get to know her 1st before I get to know the Mr. I make sure that she is comfortable 100% before anything happens, if it does. I know my place and do not try to 'take' any ones Mr. I even say thank you as we part.Anytime t... read more

Fantastic club experience

We live in the DC/Baltimore area, but sometimes travel up to Philly. We were sad when Trapeze closed before we had a chance to check it out, but somehow never managed to check out Saints & Sinners (same club, new owner)...until last night. It totally blew us away. We will DEFINITELY be coming ba... read more

Electro Sex Party on 1/17/15

I went to a great party last night. My wife and I had fun and learned something new about electro fun too. Great people, great food and fun devices to try out in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Thanks, Tric!... read more

Mirror mirror on the wall...

I assume we all appreciate confidence in our potential playmates, but what ever happened to objectivity? A couple of days ago, i recieved a nudge from a lovely couple, but when i read their profile, it just didnt match their pictures. Why do some people describe themselves as "nice and slim" and whe... read more

Females Not Worthy Of Male Photos

At least it seems that way.Yes, the wife is the 'bait' for the other couple, but does't the other couple or Unicorn get to see what the man has? 3 million and 6 photos of the her but maybe 1 of the him IF we are lucky. Are lucky in the way that he is sparing us from his hideous face? Lol. Why not at... read more

South Miami Swingers Bars

We have been to Scully's Tavern and Little Hoolies recently and we really get the feel that both of these are swingers hang outs. On the weekends Scully's seemis very hot. Anyone have any inut on either of these or any others in South Miami area?... read more

Selfish Couples

I have been on the seen for around 11 years as a single guy, couple & for some 9 years running a very active group :-)I find it interesting when interacting with a couple where the so called lady lol only plays with other females,NEVER with another guy but wants her socalled male partner to assi... read more

Desire cancun

New to Sdc . Going over to desire in Mexico 15th Feb. just wondering if anybody else is going to be out there xx... read more

Best local bars

Can anyone here in Florida recommend the best bars/ clubs (not trap and velvet) to meet other like minded people? We are more spur of the moment over pre planned.Thanks in advance :)... read more

Taiwan Clubs

Does anyone know of any swing clubs in Taiwan? Is it even legal there?... read more

Weekend in Riga: 5/1/15 to 21/1

5/1 Woke and made love to Rita and after a snack spent most of the day on work related stuff. Did some weights. At lunchtime headed to The Bull at Turnford for lunch with K, P&P and caught up on news since we last got together. Popped home via bank and then worked through till 7pm and had a quie... read more

Do you recognize this ;)

http://swingingfornewbies.com/funny-video-shit-swingers-say/... read more

TRAPEZE-Atlanta-Ft. Lauderdale?

We were thinking of taking a road trip to check out one of the Trapeze Clubs we have been hearing so much about. We see there is one in Ft. Lauderdale and also Atlanta. Looking for people that have been to one or both and can tell us which is better if either is superior to the other.... read more

50 Shades of... Slow Sex

If you pretend that you are easy to get inside of, you will attract low grade players that have no idea of how to penetrate you. You can intoxicate them to stay for awhile, but they will eventually drain you. With each one, you have less and less power to attract someone who could actually give you ... read more

Video recording

Is it just us that likes video recording? We love it. At times it makes things so excitng and hot. Even with masks we love it. Maybe we are just weird. ... read more

Clubs in Puerto Rico

Are there any swing clubs in Puerto Rico?? Hopefully near San Juan... read more

Cum Shots

Do women really like seeing guys cum on here?... read more

Cruising on Carnival Liberty

Cruising to 5 Exotic Eastern Caribbean ports, leaving on 03/22/2015. Coming along with some friends for an adventurous - kids free adult blast. :-) If you are booked on this cruise, or want to join us, give us a shout.... read more

Fun things to do in Brighton - Suggestions please!

Hi there,Planning a dirty weekend in Brighton on 23rd/24th Jan. Looking for suggestions for things to do. Bars to go to, clubs to visit, parties, other fun stuff to do.We're soft swingers who get out for a fun child free weekend from time to time.One suggestions we've already had is the newly opened... read more

Does It Matter If You Have A ( Validations ) Or Not?

I'm curious of wanna know does it really matter if you have comment on your page like ( Validations ) or not, because I really don't see a big differents in that, i'm just saying, yea I have 1 on here, i have met a few swingers in person that don't even use websites like this at all, i had... read more


I'm not sure whether its just me, but I have the impression that apart from perhaps joining there is not much activity on communities. I used to be on another site LL and their equivalent worked much better. Thoughts?... read more

Why So Many Blogs Without A Comment?

We like to read the BLOGS here and there have seen some good subjects but we see most die of lack of oxygen...(Single Male having an ORGIE @ $25 admission) Come on post it in Speed Dating.... read more

Sex style different in the Lifestyle?

I have had this conversation with couples and singles in the lifestyle in SoCal but curious on everyone's thoughts. Do you engage in a different type of sex in the lifestyle than you do in your relationship or vanilla dating life? There was an article in the Huffington Post entitled The Three Kinds ... read more

Soft Swing Couples

Joining a swingers site is usually always a waste of money for us because it has never once lead to anything. The obvious reason is that the couples on swing sites are already there, they know what they want and they are going after it.A couple which has decided to try soft swing fun has to go throu... read more

Vote of your thought's on MFM/69 position

Vote below . . . .... read more

Only photos of the woman

is always something strange to see a couple where there is no photos of himis like trying to say the woman is beautiful men can admire herbut if other women liked to see the man is not importantfinally this is a swingers site and both woman and men are important... read more

Biggest LS city

Hi, Which city/cities have the biggest/sizeable population of people in the lifestyle? Any Ideas? I would definitely like a pilgrimage to these cities. Thanks... read more

Swingers Utopia, the city of Orlando, FL

Being originally from N.Y.C, the city that never sleeps and famous for such legendary swingers havens such as Plato's Retreat and even Studio 54. The scene died down by the late 70's early 80's. I was just a child when all of it was occurring. But was always intrigued by the stories I read about lif... read more

Cruzan on Carnival Victory

My girlfriend and I will be cruising on the Carnival Victory out of Miami for 5 nights departing Saturday January 10th. I will blog our sexploits across the Caribbean!Full Swing meets straight cruise.....who do we convert?......who swings on board?.......these and many other questions like how many ... read more

Great New Year! 28/12/14 to 4/1/15

28/11 We didn't come too till nearly midday and after a snack we had a quiet afternoon watching TV and ended up in bed not too late and soon fell asleep.29/12 Another quiet day. Rita and I developed coughs at virtually the same time. Watched some TV early evening and then had an early bed - dosed up... read more

Need sexy girl to video tape us

We want to be video tape, with our camera....you must be naked as well.... :)... read more

A Call For Help From The Single Males On SDC

Our profile gets viewed quite often daily. Probably the photos of the Mrs. 95% of the views are single males. For the longest time, it appeared that everyone read our profile, and only those that met our criteria would contact us. Great!!We found some really nice SMs, and couples.But for the las... read more

A fantasy fullfilled

I conspired with a loving husband to give his wife a surprise 7 man at once experience.Last month I was contacted by the loving husband of a very beautiful but shy wife whom had fantasies of being the center of attention in a room full of men. In previous late night pillow talk conversations with he... read more

Dirty weekends in Brighton...

... we can offer Brighton Club Spank's fetish parties with play, or the Brighton Fetish Weekend... but how the hell do I promote our brand-ahem-spanking-new communities via SDC? And what sort of parties would YOU come to Brighton to attend?... read more

step back

Do you ever find yourself spending to much time on this and or other lifestyle sites,or involved in only lifestyle get togethers,and you say to yourself,hey i need to take a brake,this is getting out of hand,almost like an addictio... read more

Parties in Dubai

We would like to get invited to some parties in Dubai? Please anyone?... read more

Haulover Beach vs Rooftop

What is your preference Haulover Beach or the Rooftop? We used to go often to Haulover Beach when living in Miami. Now some people are telling us that the Rooftop is the place to be. Please give your opinions. Thanks... read more

Fantasy Hand Outs

As a Unicorn many times I am the one who hands out the fantasies. Sometimes I even give it up to surprise someone who is normally not the 1st chosen fir various reasons and even just because.This time spending 10 days at Hedo to celebrate the end of year holidays & Birthday, my throat handed out... read more


HI All, I need some advice or help. I am very passionate and wanting to please my man. I am always looking for new ways to turn him on and try out new stuff. I am not into Anal nor is he, I have started licking his ass area, he likes that. But I would love to squirt for him or even figure out mo... read more

NYE Experience

New Year's Eve always has so many possibilities. We ended up spending ours at Eyze and there was a good size group of people and some real hotties in the house. That is not the only thing hot about that place. Would be nice if they would turn down the AC when they have large crowds. So, where did y... read more

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The first full account of the masseuse at the center of the explosive Prince Andrew 'sex slave' drama

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The first full account of the masseuse at the center of the explosive Prince Andrew 'sex slave' drama... but is she telling the truth? Prince accused of abusing 'Jane Doe 3' at orgy where she was 'sex slave'Jane Doe 3 is Virginia Roberts, whose story was first uncovered in 2007She ... read more

New to all of this....

So I have been on here a month today. I am totally new to the lifestyle. I want to try a few things. I have been sheltered lol, well some what. I will say I have had 1st experiences already this month and I am loving it. I have been wanting to go to some of the clubs however, not sure how it would g... read more

nude swinging campgrounds

Are theer any nude swinging campgrounds in southern USA states?... read more

Fabulous Friday Mixer and Suite Party

http://www.sdc.com/swingersparty.aspx?AgendaID=43383&ref=RMID25431&lg=6... read more

Happy New Year!

May 2015 bring you a plethora of orgasms and amazing experiences.- Jamal... read more

Grammar Turn Off

I dont mean to sound like an ass, but just in the past few days i got a few email with the worst grammar i have ever seen. English is not my native language so i know i make a lot of mistakes when trying to speak or write it, but this people wrote to me in spanish and i checked their profiles and sa... read more

Erotic Reading

Anyone read anymore ... ? We are always on the lookout for good erotic books - well written, but a turn on ... well -WOW - !! What a ride!Have just finished - at one session ... JJ Bancroft's new book Silhouette. It's the first in a three series trilogy.It's well written - a real earthy read, full o... read more

Rotterdam tonight Looking for New Year FUN

Hi all,Been to the fun42 last night and want to keep the beat ;)Do you have suggestions for tonight? Clubs parties people near Rotterdam / Amsterdam?We are staying in Rotterdam till 5.1 and can travel Love kisses... read more