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labyribth ny

so last night we decided to check out club labyribth. and sadly we were very disappointed.one it was in a loft and the set up is not what it looks like on the wed site. 2 there was to many single men more then the couples that was there some of them were very creepy.we did meet and talk to ano... read more

looking for good swingers resort in Phuket

Hoi,we plan a trip to Thailand in July and want to spend a few days in a good qualitative swingers resort in the area of Phuket. we have been several years to club Babylone in Cap D'Agde and hope to find something like that .all suggestions and good and bad experiences are Welcome so we can make the... read more

Single male swinger on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can be fun for single males too. You don't have to stay home alone and watch the walking dead in a dark room until you fall asleep.I thought about a few options that are doable and wanted to share it with my fellow respectful and cool single males out there . So here we go :Option 1 ... read more

Actor, Musician, Dancer, Artist(e), Writer, Performer...

It will come as no surprise that those of in the Creative Arts feel very comfortable with one another in pretty much any social setting and we find it is also true in bed, well, not so much in bed as on, around, next to or under and being of a creative turn of mind we can all have a lot of fun toget... read more

Bangalore - The vanilla and chocolate way

It looks like traveling is a hobby for most people in the lifestyle. Of late, Bangalore has been emerging as a top destination for business travelers. We sometimes get asked by people about things to do in Bangalore. We thought let`s compile a list of `vanilla` and `chocolate` information about the ... read more

Royan France

we are heading to France in the summer and hope to stay around royan does anyone have info on camp sites and clubs in this area ... read more


HelloWe are a young couple and would be travelling to switzerland for a week in april 2 nd weekare there any swinger clubs or ls resort we can go for ?thanks ... read more

An entertaining read about an icon in the LS.

Excerpt from the article: Jon Gross is having more sex than you. Way, waaaaay more sex, and with way more people’s spouses. So how exactly did this middle-aged New England plumbing-supplies salesman find the secret to free love, make friends with porn stars and multimillionaires, and becom... read more


noone in vegas this coming weekend?... read more

Cap D Agde Accommodation

We have 4 apartments - all 5* rated on various sites available to rent. 2 are located in the village - Air Con, Wi-Fi, separate bedroom sleep 2-4 people. Prices from 50€. We also have 2 just outside the village - less than 5 minutes from the village again Wi-Fi and air con. For more information pl... read more

Meeting Couples in the Lifestyle

Happy Monday!       &nbspThis week I would like to talk about, `Meeting People in the lifestyle` &nbspthere are many ways to do this. Online sights like LL, clubs, parties, meet &amp greets, cruises and resorts. We have not tried cruisers or resorts yet. Sea sick issue on cruises and... read more


can anyone give us reviews or opinions on any of these clubs in nyc please CHEAKMATE,TASTE, BOWERYBLISS, LABYRINTH, LA TRAPEZE ... read more

my intro

Hello All,New member here. Just wanted to take a few seconds to introduce myself and say hello. &nbspI am still trying to figure this place out so any tips would be appreciated. My goal is to continue my journey by meeting exceptional hot wives for real time fun. I have lifestyle experience and ... read more

Key West in May

Need recommendations on where to stay in Key West, May 7-11 timeframe. Can`t find a clothing optional b&ampb, Olivia is no longer clothing optional. Prefer to be close to Duval and not crazy expensive. I will be celebrating my birthday -) Thanks!... read more

Paris clubs?

Hi all,We`re headed to Paris for Easter weekend (March 25th) and fancy visiting an LS club while we`re in town.We`ve seen very mixed reviews of many different clubs but would like some first hand experience rather than gambling with open online reviews. &nbspAny recommendations most welcome.Sus ... read more

Dusseldorf- Swinger Club

Can anyone recommend a swinger club in or nearby Dusseldorf? Thanx.... read more

Meeting People in the Lifestyle

Happy Monday!       &nbspThis week I would like to talk about, `Meeting People in the lifestyle` &nbspthere are many ways to do this. Online sights like LL, clubs, parties, meet &amp greets, cruises and resorts. We have not tried cruisers or resorts yet. Sea sick issue on cruises and... read more

San Antonio

Any good places for couples to go out to/ things to do in SA this weekend? Jan 29-31... read more

LS resorts in Europe

Hi,We are looking for a Lifestyle friendly resort in Europe for a short trip in April. We`d live somewhere with good nude beach, and lifestyle clubs or scene. We are considering Cap D`Agde, we like the sound of it and the nude beaches and concept, does any have previous experience of if it would be ... read more

Party Weekend in Madrid: 18/1 to 24/1/16

18/1 Woke at 8.30 but felt exhausted - not sure why. Did what I had to do through the morning on business and spent the rest of the day on the couch watching TV, dozing and slowly recovered. Rita did a small shop. Watched another episode of War &amp Peace with Rita in the evening. Took delivery ... read more

When the fling becomes more

Has anyone encountered where the fun relationship evolves into more than just a fun sexy time and a more of a relationship between the 3 where are involved truly mutual and the 3rd equally likes both?   &nbspMore of a poly thing i guess.   We have been seeing a single female for about 2 month... read more

Visit New York and Cruise

Hi guys we are visiting New York staying for a few days in Park Ave from 18th Feb to 21st Feb then Cruising on the Norwegian Gem for 10 days looking to meet up with some like minded couples so we can teach you to speak proper English hahahahha Joking. would like to meet with couples, single Fems wh... read more


we are visiting Amsterdam on Wednesday 27th till 31 January...Any hot proposals from couples or men?????... read more

UK Chatroom

For goodness sake will SDC please turn off the photos and pm functions in the chatroom. It`s so flipping boring!... read more

He loves to please

Looking for a bi couple , or a female  or male to play with my hubby . Dave fl... read more

Wife needs it

Lookin for couples or select singles to cum and FUCK my hot ass wife while I`m away. In the Flint Mi area . She can usually entertain on tues and fri nights. She gives as good as she gets . Inbox for details and possible meetings... read more

Raleigh Area People, please read!

We have a lot of fun swinging, but we also have fun supporting a good cause. &nbspThe Triangle Wine Experience supports the Frankie Lemmon School for&nbspchildren with special educational needs and their families. &nbspThe Frankie Lemmon School and Developmental Center provides life-chan... read more


Why put erotic email as a fetish if you don`t erotic email?... read more

To web cam?

So my&nbsphusband and I are separated do to a&nbspnew pending move. He has been living in a different city than me. I go see him often but the separation is tough.  The town I live in is as good as a chastity belt..lol. &nbspSo do you think he would like it if I did the voyeur cam and&... read more

Response to Sexycouple1315

I for one like to be complimented by my husband and other men when we are out....after all `&nbspmama don`t get dressed up for nothin` &nbspas they say.My husband also likes it when I look good and other men notice.  I guess it all&nbsphas to do with&nbspcomfort level.  No one like... read more

Hedo Feb 2016

Has anyone been to Hedo? We`ve booked 10 nights in Feb. Looking forward to it but not sure what to expect!  ... read more

Damn this site is frustrating on android

Soooooo slow and jumpy and the back button takes you to places you have never been...does it work better on an iphone?... read more

Apprehensive female and eager and talented male

So my Daddy and I are spending tonight in Monterey. He`s been very patient with my hesitation to join in all the couples fun. I`m finally starting to come around and I`m getting more comfortable with the idea of sharing and experiencing new things. If there are any open minded couples in the area lo... read more

MFM Introductions. Who Leads?

I have attended a few lifestyle clubs and parties over the years as a single guy and experienced varying approaches by interested couples. With some the lady takes the lead when it comes to initial introductions and expressing interest, sometimes It’s the Husband/Boyfriend, and others It’s a tea... read more


We are cruising on Norwegian escape on February 13 until 20th. Hoping there are some LS couples aboard. Email us if you have interest ... read more


we are planing to spend the weekend in vegas next weekany female interested in meeting us for something soft? ... read more

Allure of the Seas January 31

Hi All, We were wondering if any SDCers are gong to be on Allure of the Seas on January 31?   &nbspLet us know!!!... read more

The Beautiful Women of the Lifestyle

Happy Monday Everyone.    &nbspHow do I begin?........ The lifestyle is ruled by the women. They control just about every aspect. When we started this adventure, I had anticipated and assumed several things that were not anywhere near reality. I thought that women in the lifestyle, in general,... read more

black rings ?

Hello everyone we have a question being new to the lifestyle we have read that wearing black rings on your right hand symbolizes that your in the lifestyle of swinging is this true and do ppl really wear them?... read more

Straight Dom Bulls and Bi buddies

I am new to the lifestyle and must say I have never been so sexually satisfied in my life! Something was missing for me. I am a bi African American man but found myself not having the type of interactions with women after deciding to be honest about it. Men are such sexual beings that its quite easy... read more


We do not mind getting nudges, and we reply to all of them with a thank you, some get a thank you!!.  So why send a nudge and after getting our thank you, there is no further response?  Just strange.... read more

Buscando mujer soltera que swing

Me encantaria encontrar una mujer soltera que le guste el swing para posible relacion formal sin celos ni inseguridades pero una relacion de respeto, alguna mujer que este buscando lo mismo comunicarse.... read more

Work and Winter Russian Ball: 11/1 to 17/1

11/1 Another Monday morning and another day stuck at the desk completing a tender. Early evening Rita and I relaxed before we had a great evening of sex.12/1 Tuesday finished off the tender and took a break at lunchtime to go the gym. Early evening Rita and I decided on a naughty night and so got o... read more

Searching couple with kids - Benelux/nearby

Let`s try the kids subject again.We would like to meet couples with kids in age range similar to our two (approx [6-12] at the date of this posting), so the kids and the adults can all have fun: holidays together, pool babysitting etc. If this sounds like you or you know someone and we are oth... read more

Home depot

i am not kidding, female part here, how many of you went in front of home depot, picked up a random worker in the parking lot, jerked him off while i was completely naked sucking my husband`s dick and paid him $40? ... read more


A BIG thank you to all those sexy people that attended our intimate party last night. Special thanks goes out to our sexy single female friend - can`t wait until next week xAll those idiot single males that blew out - you will never be invited again and wow, you missed out.We love parties and holdin... read more

Can`t Wait

Hello all of my fans. Lol, just kidding. Can`t wait for a week to post another blog. I would like to post every Monday if I can. So, be looking for the next one on Monday. I`m still trying to figure out the format I want to use. I would like to talk about particular subject and than tell about our r... read more

`Open Minded` Couples and Male AKA Bi-Males

Lately, I have been running into couples that say they are `Open Minded`. &nbspI am straight and NOT bi, not interested in male on male contact and I tell couples that. &nbspEverything is OK an cool at the start, the wife and we are having a great time then the husband says to me, `Hey do yo... read more

ladies choise

so ladied,you`re out at a club and you meet a great looking guy,a `10` an adonis.you &nbsphit it off and decide to get a room.once there things are going great and the clothes come off, OH NO!!!! he doesn`t quite measure up.another night at the club and you meet a toothless slob,but it`s a slow ... read more

Would you bring a friend to a club?

I have a friend - she has expressed an interest in going to a swing club - and an interest in a MFM... We have known each other 20+ years, never had a physical relationship but we have been naked on naturist beaches together.A few years ago she was in a very bad abusive relationship - both mental an... read more

Whos the kinkiest of those 3 countries?

The Kinkest of those three.... Germany , Belgium , or The Netherlands ? Lets have your opinion and share any personal experiences!... read more

Looking for Couples or MFM Threesomes to shoot for My Sex Goddess Project

I’m looking for that one percent of the population:
Who cares about art and artists.

Who is truly sex positive. 

Who isn’t paralyzed by the fear. 

Who believes that sex deserves to be celebrated in the public sphere.

 Who is connected enough with their core to be a... read more


What is the best way to guarantee success finding a woman to add to our couple equation? What methods works? What have worked in the past for you? What is the best way to go about it here on this website. Any advice is appreciated.... read more

Glory hole

does anybody know of any safe place in los angeles with a glory hole ? ... read more

Fun and Culture Week: 2/1 to 10/1

2/1/16 We woke at 10ish and had room service and then packed and checked out and got a taxi from HH to home. There Rita and I unpacked and just after 1pm I left to meet F&ampC and A&ampD for a look around Portobello market while Rita spent time with her son`s and went shopping. The weather w... read more

Atlanta Trapeze

Would some of the folks that have been to the Atlanta Trapeze let us know of any close hotels that are clean and not that fat away. We`re planning a trip and would like to stay sort of close . Thx... read more

Swing Clubs in Germany Vs The Netherlands

With the large germany and Dutch memebers on SDC , can you please tell me where are the clubs more exotic and have better facilities? Germany or the Netherlands? Thanks... read more


Hi Everyone who is reading this,       I`m want to start a series of blogs beginning with, &nbspHow the lifestyle has changed our lives. In all the upcoming blogs I will refer to myself as R and my beautiful wife as G. I (R) am a very expressive person and love sharing my thoughts and our ex... read more

Favorite lines

When at a resort such as Desire. You find your. Self attracted to a Cpl. Dinner maybe Bar/ Disco. How do you broach the subject of going to the playroom,back to your room or to the hot tub for some fun? ... read more

Some etiquette and manners go a long way with us.

We make an online gesture of interest in someone and they respond positively and we trade whatsapp or emails then trade some pics and videos to see if there is something there of interest. &nbspThe other party seems enthusiastic enough then........nothing and more.........nothing.... &nbspNo... read more

Privatize or Share the Love

After time to reflect I want to spit it out. I talk to this device versus type, so please forgive the structure. `Privatize or Share the Love` Late night New Years Eve🎉 so the senses were fully numbed. &nbsp200 people at this party. the lovely couple we ended up behind closed doors with we... read more


anybody with very dirty mind who would like to webcam tonight?... read more

Word of advice when sending emails...

For those that aren`t very adept to social etiquette and politeness. When you are interested in meeting a person, don`t insult a person you saw them with or criticize the pics and videos they have displayed by saying you weren`t impressed. And then after, finding it ok to introduce yourself as if no... read more

Shit Swingers Say...

https://youtu.be/O5v-6_6qat4... read more

40 and still Rocking it!

My Gorgeous wife just turned 40 yesterday and she gave me some of the best sex of my life...so I just want to take the time to salute her and all ladies on here who are 40plus and still Rocking it!... read more

videos and the `money shot.`

Very few videos here seem to show the end result of the play.Whilst not all have to we both like to see the end result at least sometimes, be it into a condom, onto the body, or even the creampie afterwards. Are we alone???... read more

Calamity brings out Humanity

We joined SDC recently in the end of 2015. Around the same time, the heaviest of rains in history hit the city of Chennai. We have family and friends in the city. We were naturally worried about everyone but fortunately, most of the people we know came unscathed.Although various agencies and organiz... read more

The Sex Goddess Project

I’m looking for that one percent of the population:
Who cares about art and artists.

Who is truly sex positive. 

Who isn’t paralyzed by the fear. 

Who believes that sex deserves to be celebrated in the public sphere.

 Who is connected enough with their core to be a... read more


A man and his wife were getting a divorce at a local court in Italy, &nbspbut the custody of their children posed a problem. The mother jumped &nbspto her feet and protested to the judge that since she had brought the &nbspchildren into this world, she should retain custody of ... read more

Sex With A Stranger

I said I will learn to write by blogging so here I go.  Yesterday and today have been very hopeful on the sexual front.  This fellow messaged me from my site here and everything except distance was great.  He had videos and 34 pictures.  I answered   long&ampshort,       we`re suppos... read more

So we've never swung and today night be the first..

Me and my wife been together 10 years and over the years we've spoken about swinging and we've have three sums with not mfm fmf.. So today might just be our first toile going to the pendulum. I read a few validation sand it seems cool how can I make it a sure thing to get her there???... read more

No Comment club, Paris

We noticed that this club was open again. Its the first club we ever went to, about a decade ago. We can't figure out from reviews whether it's still a swingers club or "just" a dance club now. Does anyone know?thanks xxx... read more

Hedo/Desire RM/Pearl

We have been to DRM twice and had a great time both times, although the last time we were a little disappointed with how `quiet` it was -- not much going on outside of private rooms the whole time we were there.  We are 37F/44M and curious about how the different resorts match up as we consider try... read more

Hedo for Lovevoodoofest

We are still trying to get to Hedo. Last year we booked LoveVoodooFest in November, for whatever reason,but were not able to go.&nbspIt sounded good, but wonder if anyone has gone and their thoughts. We tried to ask 3 couples from the site that sponsors it, but no reply from anyone. Plus the mai... read more


Since a time Im open for a sensual -sexual play. Im happy to share it on sdc.But I prefer around my age. I get a lot of messages/offers from 21-22 years old boys &nbspor 69-72 (76!) years old men and couples. And some of them just after few messages say the real age. &nbspIt not excited me a... read more

Hotel Bar meetup?

I was going to post the following to the private party section of the website, but figured I would see how other people handle setting up something like the following:Trying to determine how much local interest there would be to have an open meetup at One11 Night clubhttp://one11bar.com/ in Clinton,... read more

January 23 Celebrity Reflection - Miami

Hey looking for new LS friends for Jan. 23, 2016 Celebrity `Reflection` sailing out of Miami.    Let us know....... read more

Do I have to be a BI in order to be a good BULL?

The 2nd thing that has had a big impact on me this year….. is my fight with my bi side without any sense of shame….or discomfort, which I failed and strictly not interested in any bi activity…..Previously if guys got too close to me in any kind of swinging situation….I would sometimes have t... read more


I`ve see info regarding Clothed Female Nude Male...I`m curious if anybody has ever been involved in a CFNM party.If you have then let us know how it went, if not is it something you would do?Maybe even multiple couples getting together and starting off with the guys naked?... read more

Meet Us

Come and meet us you might find out you made good friends for social events as well as playing. We have a very flexible schedule.... read more

Our Information

We have a very flexible schedule. &nbspMost any play date we are available even if it`s just to get to know each other. Local couples especially wanted. NO single males. And no we are not desperate we are just very available. This isn`t something we need to do it`s something we like to do. Like ... read more

My Diary

04 January 2016I am one of those people whose brains runs at 180 miles an hour as soon as I wake up. thats when my mind goes in all kinds of directions with thoughts &amp ideas.....more so on a day like today. The first day in the year when I always find myself feeling reflective and contemplati... read more

How to swing when you have children

Man, it was hard to figure out a title that couldn`t be misunderstood. Anyways, we have One little ones at home. In one of the threads I was reading here, someone brought up the statistic that most swingers are in their 40`s or above. I`m starting to see why. It`s really difficult to figure out chil... read more

Cambodia & Vietnam

Hi guls,I will be visiting Siem Reap in Cambodia and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam both for business and fun. Since these are gonna be my first visits to both cities, do need advices of experianced SDC members where to get kinky but classy adult fun.. Thx for sharing your experiances with me..... read more

Sexy things to do in Las Vegas

Hellowe are heading to Vegas in a few weeks and would love to do some sexy things such as topless pools, swinger clubs, strip bars... Any suggestions?... read more

Non-swinging friends and their opinions

We were at a non swinger friends house for gathering. This couple has been our closest friends for long time almost 20 years. They went to HS with hubby and our kids are now growing up together. The other couple there was my best friend , the 2 couples that we spend time with more than anyone else... read more

TNC `Thick-N-Curvy` Group Forming

Hello to all and hopefully everyone started the new year out safely and happy. We would like to get some feed back from all of you on the potential for a new group forming that caters to Thick-N-Curvy women and those that love them. We`ve attended quite a few functions throughout Florida and have ob... read more

Party Xmas & Wild New Year: 21/12 Ro 2/1/16

21/12 After I woke after a great nights sleep I headed down to the car to drive it in for a service. The latter was completely dead and even the portable charger wouldn`t get it going. Called the AA and while waiting cancelled service. The AA guy said that the basically the battery - only 8 months o... read more

What Is Your Advice About This Situation

A man had played with a random woman at the party ,and ran across her profile in the new icon member section. Do anybody think it is a good idea of not to message her period? The reason I ask because it might be a shock to her.  ... read more

Cruise in February. Anyone else going?

We are going to Galapagos the first week of February. &nbspAnyone else on the ship at that time?... read more

Different strokes for difference folks...

As a single male in the lifestyle I think people have certain perceptions due to previous experiences or encounters, which is totally understandable. Heck I know I have made a few stumbles and fumbles in the lifestyle trying to find my footing in what works for me as well as what doesn`t. I try not... read more