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Te koop: twee kaarten B.I.T.C.H

te koop twee kaarten voor B.I.T.C.H 04-02-2017Het zijn hardcopy kaarten. ... read more

Pub Crawl for Houston, TX

I`d like to get some opinions from the couples out there. I`ve been playing around with the idea of organizing a pub crawl in midtown or the woodlands waterway. It would have between 3 to 6 bar stops, and then an after party at a LS club. You would have the option of doing just the crawl, just the a... read more

Back to Partying at last!: 23/1 to 29/1/17

We 23/1 Monday morning and woke at 8.30. Had tea and toast and then had a conference call at 10. Rita got ready to go to out. I went to the gym for a workout and then home via chemist and flower shop. Rita was home by mid afternoon. I wound up working at 4.30 and watched some catch up TV. Early eve... read more

Diani Beach, 1 to 10 march

Looking for adult fun and infos :-)... read more

Houston club reviews?

I see lots of speed dating posts for people coming onto town, looking for club info. &nbspMaybe some locals could post reviews to help them out?... read more

What do you think about Craigslist?

We don`t use Craigslist to meet people, because we heard a lot of bad stories. Just curious to see what you all thought about it.We just looked up couples that want to meet couples (mw4mw) in Dallas.40 are in their twenties 40 in their thirties 15 in their 40s 5 older than 50.The tendency seems to b... read more

SDC Caribbean Cruise

We are interested in going on the December cruise. &nbspIt would be our first cruise experience (lifestyle or otherwise). &nbspWould appreciate any insights folks may have from past excursions. &nbspThanks!  ... read more

Profile !

Profile? Why is it that there is so many profiles` on here where people`s refuse to put there weight or real age on it? Then there are some that don`t even have a profile picture to show a lil` something about themselve instead they put a blank picture or the opposite sex of another as a picture? Yo... read more


Hi sexies we are travelling to San Francisco on the 7th to the 14th of April and staying in San Francisco and Nappa. if any horny peeps want to catch up with us for fun frolics and that extra fizz xxxxx jane and nick xxxx... read more

NYC scene.

Hey are there any nice swing clubs in NYC? Me and my friend would like to visit one for the first time, and we would want it to be worth our time. ... read more

So what do couples really want

We have been on sdc for a couple of years now.  We are both educated good looking people, neither of whom has any problems pulling a vanilla partner yet on sdc we just can`t seem to find a suitable couple. We probabaly meet one couple a year who we take it further with.We take the view that if the ... read more

Saturday Couples Only / Really?

I am looking for something to do tonight and see all of these parties that say couples only. &nbspBut in reality it is not couples only - single ladies are invited. &nbspThis is the norm, all parties that state `COUPLES ONLY` single women are welcome. &nbspWell that is false advertisemen... read more


I need a professional licensed masseur to give my wife a full body massage. You can see photos of her on our profile gcab. Ty... read more

RoofTop Fetish Party 10/28 - Cold, Lightly Attended & Soooo Much Fun!

Got all dressed up in my latex dress, sexy nylons, pumps, latex hood &amp Opera gloves, topped off with my favorite posture collar/Stainless Steel Chain and headed to the RoofTop last night.It was great to visit with old and new friends but unfortunately, it was cold, sparsely attended and a lit... read more

Perfect Timing - A Wonderful Experience Several Yrs Ago

She blew into the room, late and apologetic, but it seemed as if she owned the room and her timing perfect. She was quite pretty, in a truly classical romantic sense, not as in the hideous and predictable vespers of some modern surgeon.I could hear her laugh at the other end of table, it was spontan... read more

Lanzarote July

We normally go to Ibiza in July but we fancy a change and are considering Lanzarote. We had often thought of paying Spice a visit but it seems to have closed down. So we wondered if those in the know would be kind enough to share any suggestions on either:1. Equivalent Spice style resorts2. The name... read more

Quick Recovery Week: 16/1 to 22/1/17

16/1 After getting up a couple of times in the night to `switch` open my bladder I and Rita woke just before 8. Rita got up to find her youngest had overslept. I then got up and showered and was due to start a conference call at 9.30 but it got postponed and so after tea and toast headed out into th... read more

Any help

We would love to join any private Facebook pages for swinger in the norh ga area does anyone know of any. And thinking about buying a laptop for caming is it worth it our iPhones are not comparable for it. Thanks ... read more

What motivates single guys to be in the LS?

This is a mystery to us. I just did a bit of math, and looked up our area, North Dallas. Tons of single guys.1) Out of 100 validations, 21 were received by single guys2) Out of 200 people online tonight, 50 were single guys. Same proportion as the validations.I know that if i was single, I`d be dati... read more

Seems like everybody is doing it

Everybody`s Doing It. If you’ve spent time looking at all the amateur couples on sdc and the rest of the web, you might start thinking that all married couples are either swinging, hotwifing, cuckolding or generally just having a better sex life than you. 😜It might remind you of that party you ... read more

2017 AVN Parties in LasVegas

Hi Everybody !HELP ! !We have always received good advice from our fellow SDCers and hope someone can help us concerning parties at the AVN Porn Convention (Adult Video News - `Porn Oscars`) January 18-22, 2017.Question: &nbspWe have attended the AVN`s in 2015 and went to all the AVN after parti... read more

Soft vs full swap advice...

Warning: some of this blog might appear negative to soft swap couples.  That is NOT what we intend.We get approached by folks of all stripes and we welcome all approaches even if it`s not our bag.  However, the most common is soft swap couples (or couples who say they are only soft swap).  Admitt... read more

Not a swinging topic but

If you have friends go on beta blockers watch out for behavioural changes. &nbspBecause they breach the blood brain barrier they (in rare instances) can have nasty side effects. &nbspNightmares depression irrational bursts of anger. &nbspGot weaned off them recently. &nbspFeel 1000 p... read more

The Real

Every once in a while, I question my lifestyle as a bull. I’m not looking for a change- I love what I do and have made friends with some amazing couples. That said, I still think a healthy reality check now and then makes sense given that there are certain risks that come with all the fun I’m ha... read more

Wral Thst was a Week That Was!!: 9/1 to 15/1

9/1 Woke up at 6.30 as I was asleep by 10pm last night. Checked transport and planned to catch the 8.10 bus to Bond Street and then walk to Harley St for the HIFU procedure. Let`s hope bus is not full as a result of tube strike! Left just before 8am and managed to get on a No7 with a seat upstairs. ... read more

Swinging Koln?

Going to Koln / Cologne for few days, any info on swingers clubs over ther?... read more

Travelling to Bracknell

HiThe make half of the cpl will be travelling to Bracknell and Dublin between 23 and 28 of Jan 2017. Would love to connect with genuine drama free people for threesomes and more.... read more

Make friends in the lifestyle in 2017

One of new year`s resolutions for 2017 is to be open to making new friends in the lifestyle this year.  We are planning on attending more `meet and greets` where playing isn`t necessarily the end result.  We are also planning to `date` more outside of clubs and to try very hard not to fuck on the ... read more

Any place in west Palm hosting a party?

Haven`t watch people play together in a while so wanna make sure it`s worth the time... read more

The Curious Couple Podcast #53 - NYE Pregnant Swinging

On our latest podcast, it`s New Year`s eve and we are driving home from a house party in Dallas. The Mrs is pregnant and our lifestyle experience has changed a bit. She talks about some of the unique challenges partying and playing while pregnant. We give an update on our Desire trip and there`s sti... read more

Where to go dance in Windsor?

  We are heading downtown Windsor this Saturday night. Where is a good dance floor? We aren`t looking to mingle with the kids. Where do people 40+ go to dance and mingle in Windsor?... read more

Jeweled Butt Plugs

I`m thinking of getting a female friend of mine a jeweled butt plug. She is small so I know a small one is what I would get her. Does anyone know what online store is the best place to get one and is there a brand and style thats better than the other.... read more

Deleted mail

We all delete mail. Got that.But when `sent mail` is deleted, was it read first or just deleted?xoxoA... read more


We use an iPad using the site. Messenger used to work. For months now we are not able to send messages. Any ideas how to get it working?we have upgraded browsers and tried different browsers (keyboard on iPad does not work), downloaded app (keyboard appears however the send button is disabled).we c... read more


Funny how you can tell the real validations from the fake ones.Here`s a few thoughts, you might agree or disagree:1. Everyone wants to validate a single girl. Any time a single girls goes to a party, 10 couples validate her. Maybe one couple played with her. But it`s like a badge of honor: you got t... read more

Beaches and Clubs in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife

Hello sexy couples and singles,Due to a romantic surprise for Christmas, partner and I are spending 7 days from tonight in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife. If anybody knows any nice and FRIENDLY swingers` clubs as well as nudist beaches where one might meet couples, could you please let me know? (id... read more

Hotwife connection with hubby approval

I have busy enjoying life and the holidays so it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything. Last night, while waiting to meet a new couple in a restaurant, my mind drifted to...dating vanilla ladies (non swingers)..what excite me about my blog is that I have the opportunity to lift the vei... read more

First party week of 2017: 1/1 to 8/1/17

1/1/17 Woke at 3ish and Rita came too at 3.45pm. Slowly got up and showered and Rita prepared some food for 6ish. I watched some catch up TV and Rita her Russian NY specials. I had a fun evening watching some old sketches of Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore and some of Morecambe and Wise`s best sketches... read more

House party size!

So, guys have this simple question....What is the ideal guest size of a house party? Is it really `More the Merrier`? I am sure that there is no magic number, however should there be a size? Does size in this case really matter? Further, if you are invited to a house party, do you really care to see... read more

places of interest in Dublin Ireland

As we are getting slowly back into the scene, what are the current locations where swingers hang out, use to be gubu and front lounge in our old days `lol`Or has dublin gone more upmarket now!!... read more


Sleeping with other people could be the key to a happy marriage, researchers have claimed.... read more

Old Platos Repeat

We used to frequent the old Platos Repeat before it closed. Looking to see if anyone that used to go there are still around?... read more

Groove Cruise

Anyone going to the Groove Cruise Miami? January 21... read more

Biker/motorcycle related groups?

Hey sexies!  So I got a Harley this year and we`ve fallen in love with riding.  We plan to hit at least one rally this year.  Does anyone know of a motorcycle riders/swinger group or site?  Just looking to combine to pastimes!  Also, thanks for all the great feedback on our blog posts!  We bot... read more

London newbies

Ok, we are still new to all this but have a trip to London for a mid January weekend that we are hoping could be fun.   Any suggestions for a Thursday-Sunday trip for sensuality in central London? &nbspSexy bars, restaurants, clubs? &nbspAnyone willing to help show the way for an attractive... read more

DESIRE PEARL RESORT First week of April 2017

We are going 4/1 to 4/5, first visit, looking to make friends before we leave and get advise from you Pros that have been several times. &nbspBeen to Temptation in Los Cabos before it closed, and had a great time! &nbspHoping this is even better!... read more

Sex can be so much better for the Silver Couples

Sex is better for the over 50’s! According to a recent US study, like fine wines and whisky, sex only gets better with time. Lead researcher Miri Forbes, of the University of Minnesota, says more mature lovers tend to focus on quality over quantity in the bedroom, wi... read more


Does anyone else check the `viewed your profile` and wonder why they didn`t like you?  As I type that, I realize how crazy and shallow that sounds.  There could be any number of reasons.  They live too far away.  They are only soft swap.  They hate blondes.  They don`t like funny guys or old m... read more

Cuckold vs swinging a

CUCKOLDING VS. SWINGING? (Yes that’s me in my pic. Yes &nbspOn a almost a regular basis, the male half of a couple will be a hesitant to introduce me to his wife because, as they sometimes say: they are swingers and not into that cuckolding stuff. I have quite a bit of lifestyle experience and... read more


So what is up with praising single guys in validations for being `respectful`...should that not be a given??? &nbspSame with `he has good hygiene` 😀😀... read more


Perhaps many are not aware how much work it is to organize and host a party, rather it be at their house or another location. &nbspSetting the party up on SDC and then dealing with the plethora of requests to attend, then manage the guest list, not to mention setting up the location and collecti... read more

Fab Xmas and NYE Party: 27/12 to 31/12/16

27/12 Didn`t come too till late morning - we made love and at lunchtime I headed to the gym, whilst Rita headed to Selfridges to do some shopping with the vouchers I`d given her. Then I got ready and headed to Hawksmoor in Piccadilly to meet Rita, my middle son and girlfriend for a late lunch to cel... read more

Trippy New Year sexy swingers#2017

Let us all start and maintain a great healthy freaky sexy new year.More fun and more parties.... read more