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Rita not well but still partying!: 22/1 to 28/1/18

22/1 So up early and completed the tender. That took through to late afternoon. Then Rita and I headed to gym where Rita had an induction. Then a quiet evening watching TV. Then we shared a little M and headed to bed - made love and slept.23/1 A quieter workday and Rita popped out shopping and heade... read more

Looking for company😀

On Feb 17th were attending a black tie event to raise money. The event is at the Mercedes Benz stadium, were there will be gambling, openbar, vip access to after party till 2 am. The event is called brawl for a cause, but it should be alot of fun, plus we have a condo booked for that night. We would... read more

Maid service

My wife had her first experience to work as a maid over a weekend for another couple.This included apart from any sexual favors to always be dressed in a particular manner,clean the house,cook,serve meals,take the garbage out,escort the lady during her shopping etc.She came back extremely horny from... read more


My wife intends to have her nipples and cunt lips pierced.We would like to hear from people with similar experiences on the subject. Is it possible to even have her clit pierced?Furthermore my wife who already has a tattoo on her shoulder as a sign of ownership would like to add one more close to he... read more

Singapore CFNM Parties

We host CFNM parties in Singapore. Message for details. CFNM = Clothed Females, Naked MalesWhat to expect at a CFNM PartyAt this party the men are naked and the women are fully clothed for the entire party. The men are there for the pleasure and enjoyment of the women. Women can have the men, s... read more

Bliss Theater/Swing Club

Who can tell me anything about the Bliss Theater/Swingers Club in Dallas off the 114?  Wanted to check it out but heard good and bad about it.  Some say it's a sausage fest and others say they've liked it.  Anyone that has been and has personal experience would be nice.  How clea... read more

Adult Book/Video Store

Looking for information about Pure Pleasure near Gainesville FL in Hawthorne on Hwy-301 ... understand there is a theater but are there video booths with GH's?  Understand late afternoons are best for couples ... any info is appreciated. ... read more

Secrets hideaway

Hoping someone can give feedback and answer questions about secrets hideaway resort in florida. Are all rooms about the same or are some condos, can you check in late or is front office only open certain hours, are playrooms and pool open 24 hours for guests. Would a single guy have a good time here... read more

Yummy sexy songs that turn you on

... read more

My First Black Girl (True Story)

We went to a swinger club in Paris on a Friday in July of 2016 called Taken with the Baltic Cruise pre-cruise group of about 20 of us. The club was very nice with great looking people. Our pre-cruise group was about half the patrons when we first arrived around 11PM and I did notice this... read more

A much better week: 15-21/1/18

15/1 Here we go - another Monday. Popped to surgery to pick up my PSA test which is still after a year low at .56. Sent it off to my Prof. Worked through the day and around lunchtime Rita and went to the gym for a workout. Had a quiet evening.16/1 Another full work day - both of us too stiff to visi... read more

Spain Canary Islands, 24th – 30th March 2018

Join us for some pre Easter fun in the sun with some amazing couples in luxury surroundings with entertainment, catering, shows & DJ, limited amount of couples ! Come for a day or the entire event duration. ... read more

Las Vegas Adult Fun

We will be traveling to Las Vegas in March for our first time. We are interested in swingers clubs and or places for adult fun. For those of you familiar with Vegas, can you recommend some locations? ... read more


HI we planing tour to Munich ,Swizerland, paris we will feel grate if guided with sexy friendsCine nic... read more

Moving to Raleigh North Carolina

Anyone know any swingers clubs or LS couples they can connect us to. It’s a new place for us and we would love to connect with like minded people.  ... read more

New to the scene and struggling

Hi,I'm new to the scene (but not to debauchery) and I'm struggling to get involved as when I try and message members whom I'm interested in it says (I'm paraphrasing here) "This member has either blocked you are this feature" has anyone got any advice? Any tips on how to get into the scene, I'd... read more

To msg or not to msg

Recently had an observation and wondering if others have had the same. When you're perving a profile on whatever kinky lifestyle website you may be on do you send a message or not? Do you send a wave/like/whatever or click the thumbs up etc etc or do you just browse and go on about your perving?&nbs... read more

Whatsapp/ Telegram group for swingers who love to Travel

We love to travel! When we do, that’s the time we let loose and play with other swingers and singles.We are proposing a whtsapp and a telegram group for couples who love travel. It will be a worldwide group and will certainly generate a lot of interest and information. If you wanna join in in... read more

Organizing sexy cruise on in Biscayne Bay

Looking for a group of nice couple to enjoy a day or/and a night in Biscayne Bay, I have a 40 foot boat with two AC bedroom that can accommodate 6-8 people. Let get the party on the water! Text me if interested with date and # of people. Clothing optional on the boat of course! ... read more

Ins and Outs

Bonjour,We are not boring, to the contrary, we love to have fun. And ‘fun’ covers a large spectrum, not only sex. We are very attracted to the lifestyle. In our minds, having friends we can have fun with, flirt with and, as I have read so many times, if the chemistry is there, who kn... read more

Tel Aviv

Hi,Anyone knows good swinger club in Tel Aviv? Pls suggest best time for vacations.. thanks... read more

We Just Had to Laugh (our recent experience as a newbie couple)

We were happily recovering from a wild, fun night of play at a house party. My husband was unpacking our weekend clothes, frustratedly pointing to a bright pink stain on his new dress shirt. "What's this ? Can I get it out?". Examining it, I casually said, "Well, it's not my shade of lipstick. Must ... read more

Tulum Swingers beach?

We just bought a 2 bedroom there. Heard there is a hidden Swingers beach, anyone verify? If you need a gorgeous 2 bedroom, private pool etc., let us know...... read more

Loud mouthed rednecks...

You know who they are. You are engaged in an incredible orgy scene, and there they are, not doing anything, hanging on the outside, and think it's totally cool to start arguing about football or nascar. Can't you guys take that shit to the living room? What say you? ... read more

Well written profile vs. a poorly written profile

We've come across some profiles that are very poorly written.  Sure, sometimes mistakes are made, but consistent use of bad grammar in a profile, we find is a turnoff.  What say you?... read more

Naughty Nauti

So, if I were to restrain a playmate on my boat at sea, is she tied with rope or line?  ... read more

Selfies In A Profile

How do you feel about selfies?  For us, usually OK for singles, as long they are not all of the genitals.But for a couple, and mostly seflies, we wonder why both of them are not usually together, maybe not a couple?So, what are other opinions?... read more

Another Fun week together! 8- 15/1/18

8/1 Woke before 9 and got up soon after as had a conference call at 10. Then more work related stuff and then headed out to a meeting at Andaz Hotel with a competitor in acquisition mode. Interesting meeting and will keep communication lines open. Then popped into a barbers near Liverpool St for a h... read more

The world`s most photographed lions?

We have dozens of pix with her and the white lions.Her and other girls, both of us, us and another couple, etc.Looking at other profiles, we are certainly not alone in that. ... read more

Clothing labels

I have a pet irritation about clothing/washing labels on otherwise sexy panties and bras.it detracts so much from the overal effect/view in my opinion .and how many people actually read the labels ? And even if they do is it something that needs to be read at each wash?Howeve, it can be ... read more


That little map in the lower left corner of the SDC opening page, anyone use it? How?... read more

Explaining to a vanilla your Kink

This clip is such a great example of being misunderstood when you are desiring and wanting to play in your Kink. What would you do in this situation. https://youtu.be/Vk1_PutEGf8... read more

Pictures on SDC blogs now works

... read more

Photos on SDC

Are we the only ones or have others experienced problems managing their Profile pictures on SDC?First we found our Private Pictures moved to Private File and then,very recently the links to Pictures seem to have been removed.Would welcome any advice... read more

Dallas Strip Clubs?

What`s your favorite strip club for couples in Dallas?  ... read more

Gibtown Bikefest

I will be attending the Gibtown Bikefest http://gibtownbikefest.com/. I am interested in meeting/playing with sexy lifestyle females, and couples for conversation over drinks. See where the conversation goes? Hopefully qaulity good old fashoin passionate fucking at the end of the day? Message me if ... read more

What can make us less sexist and misogynist and reduce sexual harrassment and misconduct?

I post this blog because I think a “swing site” such as SDC can be an interesting forum for addressing thiese issues.This blog can give us a chance to listen to a wide range of voices we can all learn from in terms of reducing sexism, misogyny, sexual harrassment and misconduct. ... read more

Deleting `Likes` from your profile

Under this new floor mat with SDC , can someone tell us how to delete(or hide) LIKES from your profile?... read more

Not such a Good Start to 2018!: 1/1 to 7/1/18

1/1/18 Well we woke late after excesses of the NYE party and afterparty at home and had a lazy moochy day watching TV. Decided on an early night around 10.30 and wasn’t long before we slept.2/1 Woke at 9.30 after a very wet and windy night. Felt awful and so cleared up some emails and read Times i... read more


Hello!I will go to Thailand, arrive in Bangkok, in mid february and I´ll stay for a bit more then Three weeks. Some first and last Days will be spent i Bangkok but in between it´s a blank page. Anyone who want to meet up and do some fun let me know. I can travel to different places if it sounds in... read more

Which Cuckold are you?

Which best describes your fantasy?... read more

SDC Front Screen

How sad is it that the front  screen as SDC opens isn`t a REAL photo anymore?But a graphic - an imaginary cyber babe?... read more


Took a few minutes to figure it out.  Under EXPLORE are the blogs, speed dating, travel.  Under CONNECT is messenger, mailbox, viewed me.  It appears no more who we viewed.Love these changes without&nbspany notice. ... read more

Cuckold Stages

I am an experienced Bull looking for the right couple for Bull/Cuckold relationship.In my opinion, there are nine stages to this kind of fantasy/lifestyle. STAGE 1 : when a hubby fantasizes about his wife &amp keeps it to fantasy onlySTAGE 2 : when a hubby wants his wife to be an exhibitionist t... read more

Travel & LS

We have been in the LS for a couple of years now and one of our favorite things to do is travel. While our home area has an active LS community we have found people to be more open and fun while traveling. We we go to Mexico frequently and w love attending the NIN in July. This year we’re startin... read more

Fun with sexting

&nbspA fun sexting game on a cold Sunday night. Helped to warm my sheets as hubby was out on a date. We played truth or dare. He kept picking truth (🙃) I kept picking dare. He was very clever. I was impressed. My two favorite` s. Dare - go out to your truck and sit in your truck naked and t... read more

Finding the `Elusive Unicorn`

Here is a blog that will def draw some attention and probably some hate mail and hateful comments but I do not give a FUCK, so here goes!We have been full members of SDC for almost 8 years, married close to 30 years and pretty active in the lifestyle community in and around the Dallas area, meaning ... read more

Netflix Open Relationship / Swinger Parody

If you haven`t yet seen it: &nbsphttps://www.youtube.com/watch?vVS08cWZrlQAIt`s going to hit home for many of us.... read more

only females

hello ime from larnaca Cyprus 23 years old  contact me at hondaltz@hotmail.com... read more

Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach - my story

This is my first blog on here so it is a learning curve be patient and genialI with me please. 😘 I was kicked off Facebook because of my business as a coach involves educating others around their sexuality. Before I was flagged I shared my personal story. I am certified as an Erotic(TM)Blueprint ... read more

Photo Storage

After being in the lifestyle several years we have a lot of sexy photos and unfortunately we have lost some due to devices crashing or just wearing out. Wondering what folks do to save photos that are not for public/family consumption? For these types of photos would you use Apple iCloud, Amazon Pho... read more

Calling all Tampa/St Petersburg folks

 I know this is a little strange but it is the easiest way to reach the people I need to talk to.  If not allowed please feel free to delete no worries.  I am looking for anyone who works in restaurant management&nbspor may be a recruiter or knows of one.  We want to move to the Tampa/St P... read more

How to maximize Business Opportunities

For the purposes of this document, `Business` is used as en euphemism for intercourse, or fucking, if the reader prefers.So you want to make big business? Everyone does.The first rule of business is to discover a niche - A portion of a market that you`ve identified as having some special characteris... read more

Fun End to 2017!

27/11 Had to do a little work this morning with my Finance Manager. Rang my middle son J to wish him a happy birthday. Rita and I later got ready and went down to meet S&ampR at The Meat Co for a meal at 7. The food wasn’t bad but after not finding our reservation, bringing the wrong order to ... read more

party venue

Hi there and thank you for reading,We are looking to put together a lifestyle event and charity fundraiser and are in need of a venue.If you have or know of a home or venue in or around the San Francisco Bay Area that can accommodate between 100 and 200 people, please let us know.Thanks again!... read more