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WHAT A GREAT MIND FUCK!!! But, does it get me laid? Let's chat!!!

This is, without a doubt, the best group mindfuck of the whole Oddrey inspired-BDSM weekend!!!! I, of course, would have stayed home if that perverted trollup hadn't begged us to go to Dallas. IJ- Legal opinion, if you please... aud went to a class on "Taking care of Master". I am a Master. (... read more

Ummmm, Webbie?

..... Isn't it a bit much to be putting all of us in time out? Just a Question is all. -G... read more

Complete ST lock-down? Does it really matter?

This topic is now blocked as it is deemed inappropriate for ST. You may still read it but answering this topic is no longer possible, thank you.               Hahahahahahaha................................ Why lock it down? Lately it's been nothing less... read more

Mystery of the Mutual Orgasm

There have been many a sex topic here, but rarely if ever have I seen a topic on mutual orgasms. I am very fond of the "Mutual Orgasm" and wonder what the general frequency is for average couples, are mutual orgasms a component of very compatible couples or is just a case of serendipitous syn... read more

the Erotic Zone

We are really getting geared up for THIS theme event! It is one of everyone's favorites and really gets full support from our party guests! Everyone Lovesssssssss those naughty, nasty little school girls, Ya know the ones, the badddddddd girlz! But cum one~cum al!~ even if you are a GOOD girl, heh... read more

Nursing home antics....

THE NURSING HOME POLICEEthel was a bit of a demon in her wheelchair and loved to charge around thenursing home, taking corners on one wheel, and getting up to maximum speedon the long corridors.Because the poor woman was one sandwich short of a picnic, the otherresidents tolerated her, and some of t... read more

What Is This Place Coming To? First Conspiracies.....Now STALKING!!!!!

So.....we pick our kids up from Sunday School (yes....we still have a little religion in us) and take the family to Cici's.  We are happily eating our food when I look up and who is there?  THE DIZ'S!  Yup....that is right!  She SAID it was a coincidence.......but I don't know.&n... read more

Ms. Wanna

I would appreciate an update on Ms. Wanna's condition and current prognosis, if anyone has the info. thanks... read more

E-Male to Nujac67

Here is an e-male I sent to Nujac67       2/26/2005 - 2 minutes      Don't post in my topic again and I wont post in yours. I don't like you and you don't like me. Lets leave it at that.   Jerry... read more

March events at the 13th floor

Details of March Theme parties inside.... read more


Alright,  one time deal.  For all the marbles.  Slo, you argue pro-choice side/ Freak,  you argue pro-life.  One post each.  I am the only judge on who wins the debate.  I feel I can be trusted to remain completely arbitrary.  I feel the looser can be trusted ... read more

Red Button vs Blockers

Well our resident anti-red button crusader Freak has seen fit to block me. It's OK no worries or anything I just though it was a bit hypocritical.....oh and Freak you can post here I aint gonna block ya.... read more

VALENTINES, Days late & Dollars short !!!

We both enjoy and appreciate the SDC photo contests. The members erotic images and creativity is always impressive. In fact, we planned on entering a photo in the Valentines contest, but a computer problem prevented us from uploading any images.  We got the problem fixed literally one hour... read more

Hedo in April

Anyone going to Hedo II or III in April????????  ... read more

Why are there so many swingers in Texas?

I'm curious to know why there seem to be so many swingers from TX (at least on this site)? Maybe it's just my imagination. If you don't have a real answer, feel free to chime in with a creative (non derogatory) response.... read more

Fellatio, my old friend

Haven't seen a topic devoted to oral sex lately. So, for the guys out there...you're more than likely satisfied by your woman's oral talents (just guessing!).  But how many "other" women in the lifestyle have been able to approach, match, or even surpass your own sweet things oral abilities?&n... read more

The Diary of Laura B. February 24, 2005

Dear Diary,The plane trip home was a difficult one. Bushie sang "Back in the USSR" until I thought my head would explode. He only knows three lines and he sang and hummed them over and over and over. At one point, I asked one of the aides if anyone had brought along a bag of pretzels to give Bushie'... read more

ST Awards???

I am aware this may sound stupid, but, what are these ST Awards everyone seems to be talking about?... read more

Show me that Sugarbutt!!!!!

Alright somehow I always seem to be coming back to the same ole thing. ENOUGH DRAMA!! LOL So with that in mind comes Mrs. Waywards Sugarbutt contest!!!  lol  Show that sexy ass and lets see who's butt will be dubbed Sugarbutt of the year. Rules are....must be YOUR very own ass not somethin... read more

the Zoners

The Zoners will be at Sans Souci's tonight partying with our friends! All ya'll sexy people come out and join us!... read more

Calander of Events

Events in March listed inside!... read more

Harrowing tale of the Limo ride after the ST Awards

Wow.  What a night.  Attending the Awards with some newcummers to ST, we made our way early to the meet and greet, ready to see everyone and enjoy Ronalds  Hospitality.  No.  There werent a lot of folks there we knew and yes, we missed old faces very much.  But, all ... read more

The Shadow

Whitemale here is your door   Inside... read more

Pearls of Wisdom...

Pearls of Wisdom   You learn a lot from people throughout your life, some of them from right here on ST (go figure).  So what is the greatest pearl you have taken to heart, lived your life by, prayed and meditated on... I will start us off:... read more

A Contest

It is called the Cop Contest.  Since the flavor of the moment is conspiracies, I thought I would have a contest with the prize being the free Hedo II trip that I received for counting votes. That is right, you can win a free trip to Hedo (this is serious).  All you have to do is come up w... read more

May I interrupt to say thanks??

I wasn't able to attend the awards, and I know with all the post-award topics and drama the purpose of the event has been lost....however... I do want to express my thanks to all that voted for me.  Maybe it's a 'silly message board' to some, but nevertheless, you are my peers, and to be recog... read more


How many of us have dreamed of writing a novel, but just know that you would totally suck ass, because 1) you can't write worth a shit and, 2) you just aren't creative enough to fill 300 or so pages? Well, I have that dream, and know with the help of everyone on ST we can create the next great Am... read more

problems posting

Is anyone else having problems posting? I find that m posts are showing up mltiple times for some reason and if i want to remove a post ...I cant. Or at least it is very difficult and takes several attempts. And I cant edit at all..I have to attempt to remove it, then repost. Or post again with m... read more

CNN: Study: Fellatio may significantly decrease the risk of breast cancer in women

AP) -- Women who perform the act of fellatio and swallow semen on a regular basis, one to two times a week, may reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to 40 percent, a North Carolina State University study found. Doctors had never suspected a link between the act of fellatio and breast cancer, b... read more

VIP Party?

Any other single ladies going to the VIP BLISS party Thursday night?  ... read more

Samui in March

Hi, we'll be in Samui from 28 March till the 1 th April, any couple around xxxxx llisa & alex... read more


We are traveling to New Orleans for a well needed vacation. We are wondering where to go to have a "not so vanilla" time either March 18 or 19th. I was hoping to get some help from the locals. Any suggestions??? Thanks! Bibaybi ... read more

Jesus Hated Bald Pussy

If you hadn't heard, Hunter S. Thompson apparently ended his own life with a shotgun very recently at age 67.  In his honor, how about an excerpt from his 2003 book "Kingdom of Fear" called, "Jesus Hated Bald Pussy." ~~~~~~~~~~~ Let's face it, the yo-yo president of the U.S.A. knows... read more


I just wanted to give a big shout out to the following folks for being such a big help and making the event possible.  If I forget anyone I am sorry.  Thank you so much: I moved the rest inside.... read more

the Erotic Zone

Get ready for something so totally EROTIC, it could only be at The Erotic Zone! DO NOT MISS THIS TGIF EVENT!!!!!  The guest list is already growing! This will be a veryyyyyyy special evening, full of all the sensualism, sexual tention you can stand!! We will be also taking pictures of the ladie... read more

Under a Scotsman's Kilt, even at an SDC party!

Just in case anyone was curious what a Scot wears under his kilt.  The ever shy Mrs Shywtxcpl went on safari to find out the truth! ... read more

Hedo III

HI!   we'll be making our first (and long awaited) trip to Hedo III from April 16th- April 23rd. Would love to meet any SDC couples that will be there!... read more

Post Awards - My Take

Just some thoughts on the whole thing.... (inside)... read more

Really cool sand painting!

This is a LONG video clip (10 minutes) but its really worth downloading! http://www.pambrose.com/misc/humor/SandAnimation.wmv ... read more

3 Million Swingers in America? Where's the Proof to Back it up?

I keep reading from time to time there are these 3 million swingers, but I can not see how ANY number could be accurate, even so much as an estimate.  Are there card carrying members with membership numbers, subscribers, or any other recognizable legions of them to be counted in any way?  ... read more

I'm not getting "a good vibe"........

Holy shit! Was the awards THAT fucking bad last night, or what? After the first two awards, there were 5, 10, who knows, maybe 30 topics concerning how much fun people had and who they had met, etc. This year there is one. What the fucks up with that? I'm not in anyway trying to make fun of the... read more

Texans Look at Business...

For the first time, Texas decries the importance of the SDC awards to be a National Event!!! The next SDC event will be held in.... Surf... read more

St Award winners!

Here are your winners from last night's St Awards. Jules did not post them because she left the info at the club. 1. most likely to use strap on: diz 2. bi male banter: truck/sav 3. heartwarming: wanna's cancer post 4. most thought provoking: bsn 5. person you would want on your team: fireworks ... read more

ST Awards;

We hell, I have never been called the sharpest knife in the drawer. So I will start off the first post ST Awards topic.   Inside... read more

Party Rooms?

Sooooooooooo, which rooms are the parties happening in tonight afer the Awards!?  ... read more

Las Vegas April 27 - May 2

Hey all, We are coming to Vegas at the end of April for a 6 day romp in Sin City. What are some "Adult" things to do? We hear the Green Door is a fun place but don't have a clue where it is at. Any info would be great. -Nick & Anne... read more


on the inside...   Saturday, February 19th Events   Since I just spent the past 30 minutes searching thru the filters looking for all of this information, I thought I'd share it with the rest of you so you know who is up for what award tonight, and what time things are goin down. ... read more

ST Awards info

OK I am here in New Orleans for the ST Awards where the fuck is every one. ... read more

For Women Only!!! Can We Talk? LOL!

...Let's talk! Do you like a man's penis thicker, or longer? ( And before you respond with the classic "I have such a small vagina", please consider that a Higher Power made all vaginas flexible enough to accommodate a baby passing through...LOL)..and what is considered "big" to you? Bondage...have... read more

Do you like Movies?

Well gang, if you like DVD movies, then you will like this deal.  How about new DVD movie for one penny?   I know the reason because I had to change to that price.  Goto your local  Best Buy store, and look for the Budget section or the 5.99 bin area.    The T... read more

maine couple looking for fun

In here the text, description, location etc... read more

ST Awards

This is posted in Local so as not to upset anyone not comming to the ST Awards. We are at the Sterling Rm 1107 Post here when you get to town. Jerry... read more

Single Male Status Fading..........

I am totally infatuated with a new woman she is a Forensic Anthropologist, has a great band.....and...and....and she is bi-sexual!!!! There is a ton more, but I have not felt this way in a long long long time (if ever) and just needed to scream it from the roof-tops! I'll write again when she s... read more

Pajama Party Tonight

at the Erotic Zone, where swinging's made EZ!... read more

Party Tonight

O.k. everyone, it is time to get your ass handed to you in Pool, Shuffle Board, darts, and Space Invaders. Tonight is the meet and greet for the ST Awards event and it is being held at Dave and Busters on Hwy 35 (right behind Cabaret Royale, which is our next stop after D & B's). We will not b... read more

Imagine my suprise

After not posting for weeks now, because I am simply tired of all the shit, I log on and see my name and lies <edit> I now know that the topic is a copy/paste of a previous topic.  As I said... I have not posted at ST for a while now. If I had the time or the desire to stand and defend m... read more

How delightful! Even more drama for a drama ridden event....

7        20         864- lick a dog's ass until it bleeds       Have I mentioned that the Houston Pervs will be having a Dinner Sat. Night? All I want out of life is to have good friends who enj... read more

Melbourne, FL

May be moving to work at Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne, FL Needing name of local paper to check on rentals until we can find a house or have one built. NO APARTMENTS!! Condos, Town Houses and most important....A House for rent near the hospital and preferably on or near the ocean. T... read more

Patos Costa Rica

Hi everybody!  We just won a week at the Patos Resort in Costa Rica.  The web site looks pretty cool, if smaller than Desire or Hedo: www patos com   Was wondering if anybody had been there to give us an idea of how it went, etc..  We are thinking of going in April. Th... read more

Dissappearing topics/posts?

Ok...there was a topic here earlier...now its gone? lol. Is that normal? Mrs. Wayward ... read more

Trial Members and Chat

Why is it that Trial members now have access to the chat room? I thought we had a little bit of privacy from the people that don't pay. Sheesh....had to take all the pictures down again. ... read more

thursday night party

The Zoners will be at Sans Souci's tonight. Ya'll come out and party with us!!!!!... read more

After hearing this who would you rather have in office?

 WASHINGTON  It's only a matter of time before Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups try to launch an attack on the United States with chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, CIA Director Porter Goss told a Senate panel on Wednesday. ... read more


Is anyone else having problems navigating the site lately? For nearly the past week we get a session timed out message every time we try to go anywhere but the home page. This is the 1st time we've been able to even get HERE, but still can't go to mail, profiles, or anything on the navigation bar.... read more

navigation problems

Is anyone else having problems navigating the site lately? For nearly the past week we get a session timed out message every time we try to go anywhere but the home page. This is the 1st time we've been able to even get HERE, but still can't go to mail, profiles, or anything on the navigation bar.... read more

navigation problems

Is anyone else having problems navigating the site lately? For nearly the past week we get a session timed out message every time we try to go anywhere but the home page. This is the 1st time we've been able to even get HERE, but still can't go to mail, profiles, or anything on the navigation bar.... read more

navigation problems

Is anyone else having problems navigating the site lately? For nearly the past week we get a session timed out message every time we try to go anywhere but the home page. This is the 1st time we've been able to even get HERE, but still can't go to mail, profiles, or anything on the navigation bar.... read more

navigation problems

Is anyone else having problems navigating the site lately? For nearly the past week we get a session timed out message every time we try to go anywhere but the home page. This is the 1st time we've been able to even get HERE, but still can't go to mail, profiles, or anything on the navigation bar.... read more

navigation problems

Is anyone else having problems navigating the site lately? For nearly the past week we get a session timed out message every time we try to go anywhere but the home page. This is the 1st time we've been able to even get HERE, but still can't go to mail, profiles, or anything on the navigation bar.... read more

Club H Pink Passion Valentine Fantasy Ball, Saturday, February 19, 2005

Club H Presents A... Pink Passion Valentine Fantasy Ball Saturday, February 19, 2005 Minneapolis, Minnesota 7pm to 1am A Lovin' Event For Couples and Single Females That's right ladies and gentlemen, it's time to do something special for Valentine's Day!!! It is said that Pink is for fun, and it ... read more

Republicans Against Bush

inside... read more

Wife's sex with woman starts fight

Has this ever happened to you? More Inside......... read more

Since I wanted to move the topic below, I figured I'd use the space. 7, 9, 11, 20, 28

Not everyone is going to make it to the Awards this weekend, so we've created an alternative for those of you in Houston. It's time for a Perv Dinner!!!!!! Regular place- Los Tios- Westhiemer + beltway 8    Regular time- 7:30-ish See y'all there!... read more

Las Vegas

Anyone ever hear of or go to a club in Vegas called, "Krave"? Looking for reviews. Thanks ... read more

ST Events at The Sans Souci

postamble(); # 7 postamble(); postamble(); postamble(); postamble(); postamble();... read more

Payday Massacre

# 9... read more

the Erotic Zone

Get ready for Friday! It's our favorite nite of the week ~ TGIF party nite! This week it will be our Pajama party! *grinz* You know the drill ~ wear something comfy, provocative or whatever it is that you wear prior to sleeptime. It's a wonderful way to get the weekend started, hehehe and get re... read more

Hedo III April 16 2005

We're off to wonderful Jamaica and Hedonism III on April 16th for 7 days/6 nights and we'd love to meet and talk to some people that are also going to be there before hand. This is our 3rd trip, and with any luck, our best trip! Please reach out and say hello... ... read more

OK....Go Ahead.....Humiliate Yourself!

Post something really embarassing about yourself and stop trying to be so cool! lol! I watched the Happy Days 30th Reunion in its entirety and then when they repeated it on Saturday, I watched it again and still drooled over Scott Baio.....just like in the old days.... read more

Hot Profile

Who do you think has the hottest photo's on SDC ?... read more

Who Loves You?

Just a fun Topic for those who want to play.... read more

Jeff Gannon, aka James Guckert

Ever used a pseudonym? I have. Used one here sometimes. I'll bet y'all have too. But NOT if I'm going to be in the White House Press Pool!! Geez! WTF is going on here? Not only was this guy using a fake name for the Press Pool, lobbing rhetorical softball hand-jobs to Bush or McClellan, he al... read more

ST Family- For members who want to exercise their total freedom of speech

#9 Before anyone jumps to any conclusion. I moved it Inside, because I was sick and tired of scrolling. Jerry... read more

Racism and Swinging in the South

Has anyone had the experience of moving to a new community, and finding things are quite different? We sure have! We moved from Georgia to South Carolina, and although this is a much more conservative State, we get a LOT more emails from interracial couples! Woo Hoo! We actually thought that when ... read more

What was so great about the

We've noticed a lot of subjects that, not so long ago were verbotten, don't even raise an eyebrow to the current ST crew. So If I may, a repost of a topic that, in it's time was SO edgy, that I called a dear lady of the Board to ask permission to post it. There is a heavy overtone of non-consensual ... read more

PMS Jokes

13 THINGS PMS STANDS FOR: 1. Pass My Shotgun 2. Psychotic Mood Shift 3. Perpetual Munching Spree 4. Puffy Mid-Section 5. People Make me Sick 6. Provide Me with Sweets 7. Pardon My Sobbing 8. Pimples May Surface 9. Pass My Sweatpants 10. Pissy Mood Syndrome 11. Plainly; Men Suck 12. Pack ... read more

Thank You, My Love!!!

Our first anniversary is Valentine's Day! I love you with every breath that I take! I cannot imagine  how very sad my life would be without you ... I know that you rarely read ST..but this is a small gift to you...the best will come later! LOL! I love You with all of my Heart!!! Jeanne ... read more


Ok slam me if its already been done.... Whose coming to the awards? when do you arrive? what are your plans for friday? are you attending the after party? Who do you wanna meet that you haven't met already? Are you coming because you were nominated for a award? Rednsweet... read more



Sensual Valentines Day Ideas

A Little advice by the Lonely Guys over at askmen.com on how to get your Lady primed on Valentines Day... Inside.... ... read more

Serious Question for y'all

We are friends with another couple that we met in the lifestyle a few years ago when they were just getting started (as were we).  They were/are fairly new, a few experiences (mostly with us) and several parties.  About 3 years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and ha... read more


Tonight is our Valentines Party. Cum out and celebrate Valentines Day, the Erotic Zone way!!!!!!... read more

Way to go, Dr. Rice!!!

Great choice, George! Dr. Rice has single-handedly managed in her first week of office to shut down all talks of weapons reduction with the greatest threat to the world...North Korea! ...and let's not forget to give her credit for "killing two birds with one stone"...Iran. What a fucking disaster! ... read more

got this e-mail today! is this true?

INSIDE'... read more

got this e-mail today! is this true?

IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU ARE REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT!2008 Election Issue!!GET A BILL STARTED TO PLACE ALL POLITICIANS ON SOC. SEC.This must be an issue in "2008 ".----------------------------------SOCIAL SECURITYPerhaps we are asking the wrong questions during election years.Our Senators and Congress... read more

Talking Dog

One day up in the East Texas piney woods, a guy sees a sign in front of a house: "Talking Dog for Sale."He rings the bell and the owner tells him the dog is in the back yard. The guy goes out and sees a black Lab just sitting there."You talk?" he asks."Yep," the Lab replies."So, what's your story?"T... read more


All these Red Button topics that have been created are a brilliant diversion to the upcoming ST AWARDS. Instead of all the fun bickering, whining, name calling, and anything else that happens before the awards, someone BRILLIANTLY thought of this diversion......interesting.... read more

Win a Room

postamble(); Come and get in on the drawing for a room for the ST Awards for Sat. Feb. 19th for $5 per ticket. Valid only on Sat. Feb. 19th. Get your ticket Feb. 11th (Friday night). The drawing for the room will be held at midnight on Fri. Feb. 11th during the SDC Meet-N-Greet Par... read more

Simple solution to Social Security problem

You can easily fix even that minor problem by lifting the cap on FICA taxes now at $90,000. Why should people who make more than $90,000 have their higher income exempted, when every nickel made by people below the poverty level is taxed?more inside... read more

I Push Buttons

Yea I pushed the button and I am still here do I win a prize? Kinda like the nuclear warhead button.....all weapons have buttons and triggers. I am pushing a series of button to write this. I like buttons, buttons are my friend.I even have a LED blinking SDC Button!I have a little belly button....li... read more

What would you do if someone outed you and it cost you your job and affected your family?

Has anyone ever considered the possibility of this happening?  I'm curious to know how different people may respond.  Has this happened to anyone?   Would you have any reaction at all?... read more

SAV - Love 'em or Hate 'em...

The whole time-out thing is out of control, and I know this subject has been been beaten to death, but... I find it ridiculous.  So... while SAV and a few others are sitting in the corner, lets have a SAV SLAM!  Love 'em or Hate 'em...... read more


Would anyone else like to see a "who's in the corner" list posted on here?  Seriously, Sav is getting tired of me sending e-mails that say "are you still in time-out?".  I'm from a small town and we just love to read our 15 page newspaper to see who got arrested and who got divorced. ... read more

Life After Swinging

So now that I am dating, I am a bit worried that my past might catch up with me. If for instance I found someone I really liked it would seem that the right thing to do would be discuss my past. I understand that it would be best for me to find someone similar to myself as far as sexuality goes, but... read more


We will be in St-Martin feb 12 to feb 19th, Any couples will be there ?,please tell us where to go out for partys. ... read more

Houston Club Covia raided

Very late Saturday night (Sunday morning) Houston cops raided the on-premise "couple's retreat" Club Covia. 17 people were arrested, including most of the staff, the club manager and the club owner. The owner and manager (and presumably most if not all of the other people arrested) were charged with... read more

the Erotic Zone

Y'all come out to the Zone for YOUR Erotic Valentines Day party, the Erotic Zone way.Call us at 214-763-3087 or 214-763-3711 for your reservations! Fri Feb. 11~ Valentines Party   We will be continuing our TGIF themes where our celebrations are on FRIDAY! So dress as decadent as you dare,... read more

Private on premise Valentines party

see inside... read more


We will be in Maui during the month of July if anyone is going during this time we would enjoy hearing from you.... read more

What is Love?

All joking aside folks. What is Love? Two reasons for this question. One is Audrey post and the other is me catching two kids {ok teenagers} about to do the act. When comforted after getting their cloths straight they ask me. Now I am a single male. So what the hell do I know wh... read more

Roof Top Hotel in Hollywood, Fla.

We are lanning a trip to The Roof Top Hotel March 12 & 13. Will anyone else be going? Would love to meet some of the lovely people we have seen on here that live close by.... read more

Honesty- The best policy

I have heard people say that they will lie to keep from hurting someone's feelings.  At what point have you decided that honesty is not the best policy?... read more


YOUNG COUPLE PLAN A TRIP?WE NEED SUN HI WE RE A YOUNG COUPLE;we are looking for couples ;we plan a trip soon but don t known where maybe hedo maybe desire or?we d love to meet some couples from sdc there;we love nude beaches and sun;LOVE TO MEET COUPLES IN VACATIONS.WE CAN TRAVEL A LOT IF THERE IS S... read more

Bi Guys Wanted - Marshalltown, Iowa; February 26

When? Saturday, February 26 from 7:00 pm to 2:00 amWhere? Marshalltown, IowaMany women appear to share Bobbies fantasy of seeing multiple men getting it on. Wed like to try to make this fantasy a reality. Were hosting a male orgy. Since this is being held to fulfill Bobbies, her friends, and many ot... read more

The Solution To Social Security...

I have an idea...since the President seems to feel we have trillions to give away... Why doesn't he just pay every individual a lump sum for what they have paid in and eliminate the program all together??! Simple! No more worries for future generations, and all those that have paid in for the last ... read more

atlantic city

we will be traveling to atlantic city on may 15,will anyone be there who would like to get together.... read more

We will be traveling on the Caribbean Princess March 19th thru the 26th will there be anyone else on

We will be traveling on the Caribbean Princess March 19th thru the 26th will there be anyone else on board??... read more

visiting New York

Hi all. We'll travel to New York last week of march. If anybody is interests to meet us, please send a mail, thanks, Magda & Vicen... read more

Superbowl Sunday....

So...how may watch for the game, and how many watch for the commercials??? Me...I watch for the commercials!!! Surf... read more

The cost of enhancement surgery.

I was just wondering what the cost difference between womens enhancement surgery compared to a mans enhancement surgery. Inside... read more




Jack wakes up at home with a huge hangover he can't believe. He forces himself to open his eyes, and the first thing he sees is a couple of aspirins next to a glass of water on the side table. And, next to them, a single red rose! Jack sits down and sees his clothing in front of him, all clean and p... read more

Sat. Feb. 12: The Sans Souci Valentines Party

postamble(); Sat. Feb. 12: Our Valentines Party is a night to express your love, and to celebrate the spirit of love. Start the occasion by coming to The Sans Souci and lets all celebrate the spirit of lovers together. Drawing for Lovers Night Gift Basket at Midnight. Couples and Single ladi... read more

House Parties

We have always wanted to attend a house party, have mulled the idea of hosting our own, even planned one at our home that fell through at the last moment due to an unforseen catastrophe. Any advice? Shit anyone in the DFW area that will invite us?         &nb... read more


Thats right!  after 3 long years of trying.. i am coming to dallas for 1 night in april while i am en route to las vegas! email me for details!... read more

Ever Thought About Hosting Lifestyle Parties?

COASTAL's Topic made me think about something.   Just wondering who has ever thought about getting into the party business, so to speak. I'm curious to learn what the motivations would be for different people. ... read more

Mexican Inmates Demand Sex & Pizza!

Prisoners at a maximum security jail in Mexico are protesting after losing privileges including sex and pizzas.An investigation at La Palma Prison, near Mexico City, found inmates enjoying a host of illegal benefits.They included conjugal visits, takeaway pizzas, flat screen TVs and mobile phones.Bu... read more

help wanted

the company that i am working for is looking for a sales person. if anyone is interested feel free to email me at  ed at southendcabinets dot com ... read more

the Erotic Zone

Get ready for this Fridays TGIF party and our Saturday Sexy Party!Feb. 4th and 5th Our mini theme event Friday will be THE ROARING 20's! Think Flappers and Gangsters and the Bootleggers and ALL OF THAT JAZZ!!! It's all sexy, it's ALL fun, so call us right away for your place on our guest list!a lil ... read more

Valentines Party Saturday February 12th.

                                    Celebrate Valentine's in the 13th Floors Style . The theme is "pretty in pink" and whethe... read more

Picture poses

I think it is generally accepted that the majority of women in the lifestyle are bi. It also seems fairly universal that couple's profiles are looking for bi women or couples with bi women. So it seems to me that the profiles and pics are (or should be) designed to attract women. But when I look at ... read more

Houston feb 12

Who is going to Encounters and who is going to Radiance this febraury 12... read more

Houston feb 12

Who is going to Encounters and who is going to Radiance this febraury 12... read more

Wow...something cool to make browsing faster !!

Hello guys We were working very hard to make SDC much faster as perhaps you have noticed we do have much more people online then last year. So I was opening some new tricks to make it faster...then I noticed something I was doing wrong myself. Every time I was opening a profile (using the little ... read more

Is It Possible To Have Standards That Are Too High?

This Topic is not directed to anyone specifically.  It is just an array of questions and observations regarding things we've read here and elsewhere, as well as things we've seen from time to time.  After reading about the outrageous Drama some say they experience in the Lifestyle, it ... read more

Pre SuperBowl Party

see inside for details... read more

Sleepy sex

Who likes sleepy sex? (I'll put my bragging inside)... read more

Dr. Phil on swinging

Well, just what we have all been waiting for. Sometime during February sweeps Dr. Phil will have a swinger couple on his TV show. The promos have him saying something about "playing with dynamite" and "watching some guy crawl all over my wife is not my idea of a fun time" so I'm pretty sure I know w... read more

I know there is a thing called Gay-dar, but what about....

It's been a while since I have been on line. A recent move and career change has kept me offline for a while. But the wildest thing happened to me about a week or so into the new job, so I had to come on and ask. I know there is a thing most of us have something known as Gay-dar, the ability t... read more

I miss ST

With the exception of a few rednecks here that really like stroking each other I miss this board.....how the hell has it been going around here?... read more