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The Best Resorts To Visit???

What is the best resort to go to for some great encounters?  :) Desire? Hedo II?  Hedo III?, etc. What time of year is best?  Are there certain events that happen every year that are the bomb? Anyone know of any specials that are going on this year? This will be our first trip to... read more

skills exchange

here in the UK there is an organisation of skills exchange (L.E.T.S.) which allows local communities to trade (for instance) a bit of plumbing for a bit of landscape gardening... by this means, since no money changes hands, there is no tax payable...now my partner and I were thinking the other day, ... read more

101 Signs that you're a swinger

You are wearing wristbands in most of your vacation photos.Half of the numbers on your cellphone are listed only by screen names.You are running out of reasons to tell your coworkers why you can't go out with them this weekend.You have over 100,000 frequent flyer miles on Air Jamaica.You know most o... read more

This Fri and Sat at PlayTyme Night Club, Orlando, Fl.

In here the text, description, location etc... read more


Are there any swing clubs or bars in Ibiza and what are they like?... read more

BDSM/Fetish Festival Hosts Wanted!!!

We are looking for someone, couple or a group to host a Fetish Weekend this summer at the local lifestyle community in Minnesota. You must be knowledgeable about Dominance, Submissive, Bondage, Discipline, Erotic Role Play, Goth, Safe Words and other activities related to the Fetish lifestyle and Ph... read more


Nos gustaria saber si en sao pablo brasil hay playa nudista y cuales son y cual lugar swinguer nos recomienda y si conoce alguna pareja socia para que nos la recomiende... read more

Cape Adge or Spain this summer!?

Hey fellow memebers! Looking for fun this summer and was wondering whats ur favorite place for sun, sex, and sea ? Cap or Spain? I noticed that memebers here have almost an equal intrest in both places! For spain however ... whats the place to be at? thanks for the comments! and advise!... read more

Swinging behavior ?

I want to now is it comon in lifestyle when you have sex with another couple or single person when you try to have contact again  with the same couple or person they dont want anything with us as a couple ( go aut or sex). And when you read their profile the people talk abou... read more

Multiple Orgasms

Dr. Ziggy I am a 40 year old woman and have only had one multiple orgasm in my life. I want to know if there is a technique or procedure that I can do to achieve more than one per playing session? Also, I find that once I climax I tend to dry up very fast. Please tell me there's something I can do... read more

Multiple Orgasms

Dr. Ziggy I am a 40 year old woman and have only had one multiple orgasm in my life. I want to know if there is a technique or procedure that I can do to achieve more than one per playing session? Also, I find that once I climax I tend to dry up very fast. Please tell me there's something I can do... read more


Hi guys i would like to ask you, what you think when a girl is squirting? it is a turn on or....? Which couples have the female part really an heavy squirter??? kisses Crystel... read more

Firefighters on SDC

We have come across quite a few couples here on SDC that have posted photos that clearly show that one of them is a firefighter or at least would like to be!! Having a firefighter in the family (yeah, yeah, lucky her...) we couldn't help wondering: 1) is there something that turns you on on s... read more

Daytona Bike Week

 Any riders that want to meet let us know...... read more

how to understand if friends could be interested in lifestyle?

How is it possible to enquire about a potential attitude/interest of "normal friends" to join lifestyle without losing friendship in case they are not interested? tks ciao silvia+alberto  ... read more

This year's sexual firsts

Here is a catalogue of our sexual firsts for this year: Her first sex with another man since marriage. Our first double penetration. His first sex with a virgin. His first sex with a (legal) teenager. We are looking forward to celebrating more sexual firsts this year!  ... read more

What is 4:20?

Hi Dt Ziggy: In many of the profiles we see "being into 4:20 is a plus"  - What does this mean.   Thanks... read more

couples at glory holes

glory  hole   sex............. it is a real  turn on  to  ahve  cocks  that   you dont  know  to  how it may belongs  and wht the person looks  like  and  to suck it  to the lasat droop. the unknown ... read more

Question for couples

If for whatever reason, your realationship with your partner ended, would you continue on in the lifestyle solo, or would you abandon it entirely? If so, why? We would love to see comments from both men and women on this topic.... read more

Hombres que publican perfiles de Mujeres Solas o Parejas

No entendemos la razon por la cual existan hombres solos que publican perfiles de parejas o de mujeres solas buscando engañar a las parejas de la pagina. Pienso que quizas se estan cerrando ellos mismos la posibilidad de una grata experiencia, hay parejas que estan abiertas a la posibilidad ... read more

saquen a pamella...que fastidio de tipo

 es aburridor, cada vez que entra...pide chat y empieza: "soy pamella, dime", "cuentame", "quieres sexo??" y una cantidad de estupideces....asi que saquenlo de una vez por todas...... read more

Sebring 12 Hour Sportscar Race

Hi, Just curious if any Florida folks are going to the race at Sebring this year (2009).  Since RVing seems to be about the only way to really see the event, it might be fun to share? SoCal folks here, Occasional Fla visitors. Dave and Carol Sailrkidz1... read more


somos una pareja de new sersey y quisieramos saber done queda un sitio swinger serca ya que que nos gustaria pertenecer a esta ambiente . muchas gracias... read more


somos una pareja de new sersey y quisieramos saber done queda un sitio swinger serca ya que que nos gustaria pertenecer a esta ambiente . muchas gracias... read more

Summertime Fun

will be at the cove in Kissamee all summer long......  ... read more

Summertime Fun

will be at the cove in Kissamee all summer long......  ... read more

hola amigos

hola somos una pareja con muy poca experiencia en lo swinger, quisieramos saber por favor donde queda un club o sitio  swinger en new jersey. nuestro problema es que no hablamos bien el ingles. gracias de antemano por curquier informacion.  ... read more

clubs or parties in the Orlando area

were new can anyone offer any good tips on where to go meet others in Orlando? Kristine... read more

so confused

Hi all I have been a member for about amonth now and I contact people and they never respond or i will ask a question and nothing.  what gives? we are an adventurous fun and incredibly sexy couple.  Is it because we weigh a little too much, we both exercise 6 days a week for health... read more

What do you think?

Do you think that glasses are sexy on ladies and men? We find that glasses are attrative. We wonder what everyone thinks. ... read more

Can one be to Tight?

I have a question for you guys.  Iam very Tight and even with foreplay and being very excited its like doing a virgin all over again. so My question is this. can one be to tight?  do guys really like that or is it a turn off?  please any info would be great... read more

Starting on Thursday....

From Monday thru Friday I am thinking of ways to please him. How can I please my man? SEX comes to mind. Monday- I want to shower him in a puddle of my sensual, sexy, slow grinding ... Tuesday- I want to tie him up and play all around his body... Wednesday- My pussy starts to get wet ju... read more

Can't Get Started

I am a 46 year old man who has been married for 16 years. My wife and I have shared fantasies of swinging/swapping the whole time we have been together. The problem is after all this time, she is not willing to go the next step and make it a reality. We did visit an on-premise cl... read more

Swingers Films

Is there any swinger movie that can recomend??... read more

broken rules

Elvis, I have been reading many of the questions and comments on here and find many of them very intersting but not really helpful in my situation.  My husband and I  have been married 20+ years.  We started swinging about 3 1/2  years ago.  I really wasn't wanting to but de... read more

Acapulco fun

Hello, we will visitng Acapulco on this weekend any idea of swinger clubs or nude beaches on Aca?... read more

Pole Dancing y Streeptease (tuberas y desnudistas)

EL PROPOSITO DE ESTE BLOG ES EL SIGUIENTE: ¿Quienes de las chicas de SDC se comportarían como “taiboleras” y saben bailar en el tubo (pole dancing) y hacer un streeptease para su marido? podríamos decir que son muy pocas, pero… ¿Cuantas desean hacerlo ... read more

Hellfire Valentines party saturday 14th Feb

 Hi Everyone Just wanted to tell you all about an event we are organising for Valentines night this saturday 14th. We run the Hellfire club with a Friend and we are holding a party at The F Club in Wandsworth south East London 10pm till 3pm. This event is losely based on Eyes Wide Shut. A f... read more

Jimmy Buffett & Atlanta, GA - Party???

OK fellow swinging Parrotheads....it's that time of the year (except this time we're in ATL, not Dallas). Anyone headed to the April 16th show at Lakewood?  Tailgating?  Maybe a little bit of drinking and nekkidness?  Look us up!  We'll be there as early as possible (weath... read more

Swinger-centric advertising

OK...we're sick of hearing commercials for things or services we use, but that are not honest in thier use! Wouldn't it be great to hear which brand of tissue is good for wiping up cum? How about which lube is good for a Double Vag? Why doesn't Trojan market to us..."The 'Party Pack' great f... read more

a bi sex couple and a bi sex male


Visiting Orlando area - Visitando el area de Orlando

Hi , we are a Venezuelan couple and we will be visiting Florida (Orlando) in April , we do not have experience about swinging but we are very curious and are exploring the lifestyle , we want to go to a swinging club in this area , where we can enjoy the enviroment , see some people in action and ma... read more


Wich one is the best Sw club in London and copenaghe?... read more

I am jealous!!!

I have read many questions here (not all...) and I am pretty sure I am somewhat an exception to the rule. Since very recently we started to get involved in the swinstyle world. I was the one suggesting it. Now that we have been on a few dates, I am confronted with myself. My lady appears to lik... read more

The Race Issue

The other blog entitled The Race Issue is still running!!! But... This guy (couple) has just proved he (or they?) are the ones with the problem!!! Seems cos we outed them about the abusive emails they send people who don't fit in with their viewpoint, we have been blocked from answering... read more

How do you deal with being part of and taking part in the 'Swinging Scene' with friends, family and work associates??

We are a secure couple who are relatively new to the scene. Loving every minute being in it and meeting some very cool people. We are also very intrigued as to how other people deal with it. We know all people are different so we wanted to know your thoughts... Do you keep it super secret, wi... read more

Is there any formula for me to get succeed in this Lifestyle . . !!??

Hello, I see most of the members concentrating in Europe, UK or America. a little in Bangkok too I must say. will you let me know how we be able to bring them to Nepal, where I live. I dont see any existance of  lifestyle here in Nepal, I tried hard alot, but still unsucceed. Could you please ... read more