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Lanzarote very soon...

Greeetings all... We're excited our holiday is getting close: we'll be holidaying on Lanzarote 9th to 16th March. Anyone else going to be there then? We'll be staying in Playa Blanca so we can maximise use of the nudist beaches, but will be travelling about the island also. We might also ta... read more

since sex is not an Olympic sport

Hi All  Since sex is not yet (getting a petition for it, who want to sign?) Olympic sport, we are looking at next option is what sport has the best lovers?  and let us know why. Also what sport players (not individuals) would you pass on? For our pass, it would be ice hockey pla... read more

Gran Canaria 31July-12 Aug

La Mirage staying at La Mirage from 31st July- 12Aug Anyone in that area care for some fun!!! XXX A horny Cpl... read more

Orient Beach 4/17 for a week need another couple

We are looking for a 4th couple. All couples are "lifestyle lite" Meaning every night is not a F your brains out night. We are all full swap, but 1st we enjoy being with fun people. If we hook up fine, and if not, let's have fun!  We have 3 couples who are hot and enjoy life... read more

como empezar

  Como empezar     Nos cuesta mucho a... read more

What is the meaning behind your screen names?

How do you decide on your name? Cryptic, short and simple, hidden or underlying meanings? Well ours is to do with a mix of Mrs's nickname at work in the gym with her being labelled "The Duracell Bunny" whilst teaching her Spin classes and her DOB.  Pretty simple really... whats ... read more

Hedonism II or III?

After a long break due to a new baby, economic restrictions and compounding body fat, my bride of 8 years and I have finally gotten a handle on things and are moving rapidly towards that confident and free lifestyle we once so enthusiastically enjoyed. As a reward for all of our dedication, hard ... read more


It seems lately some members need to go back to Lifestyle 101. They don't understand Playing vs. cheating. I find it extremely offensive as the entire reason I take such pride in being a part of this open honest free spirited community is the love trust support and friendship; Oh yes the passion and... read more

Hedonism III "prude beach" now clothing optional!

Hi guys How great is it that the "Prude Beach" at Hedonism III is now clothing optional! Lots more space for all the nuditsts who want to relax. We call it the "Mild side" and the nude beach is the "Wild Side"... read more

Swingng on Costa Del Sol

We're off to Costa Del Sol on 10 March for 4 nights.  Having trouble finding swinging clubs in the area.  Anyone help?  We've heard of El Eden which I think is very near to where we are stopping, anyone been there or know exactly where it is?  We'd love some fun whilst there so a... read more

How discreetly find out if a couple friend have ever played with another couple or are in the life style?

Sometimes one of those couples that you meet in your regular social life out of the life style, calls your attention. I do not know if this happens to everybody but it does happen to us. Sometimes we have the curiosity to find out if they have ever had any experience paying with another couple. The ... read more

Single Male Phobia? Manophobic??

Why do so many couples find it necessary to be rude to single males? I am constantly being contacted by couples who write or im before they take the time to read my profile. Then they act as if I was hounding them! Instead of saying something like "sorry, I misread your profile" , I get &q... read more


We discovered a very unusual movie "Shortbus" that we bought by chance and which depicts the rather unusual sex habits of people who attend this private club in New-York. Pretty everything seems to be possible there, except for the usual extreme things most of us seem not to enjo... read more

meet us in brazil on 8/may/10 till 18/may/10

looking to meet any in brazil  on obave date.or you now any club or place to meet swingers. thanks n&d x... read more

what's the difference?

... read more

Hard to figure...

Okay, so that poor, unfortunate, underpaid and underlaid Tiger Woods is returning to therapy. We all feel his pain, but... what kind of therapy do ya get for being a horny bastard???   ... read more


I always am impressed when I read a profile where singles or couples include "respect" for couples relationships. However, I'd like to ask ,what does that really mean to us? To me,quite frankly, it means, if I "get" that there are 2 people in a relationship, & I've openly sai... read more

the ultimate validation?

 Before I email someone or respond I have to admit that I tend to check out their validations as I think you can tell a lot from someones validations. You don't have to read many validations to realise that not all written equal.  Having read lots of validations on here it has got m... read more


May 2nd to May 9 th on Celebrity's Solstice great deal join us ports of call San Jaun St. Thomas and St. Maaren. Hope to hear from you, Lets party! Anne and David... read more

Play in TX

Playing in Tx.. I'll be in Tx the 1 st. week of march, would you like to meet & play some....... read more

glory holes

Anyone know a good place for a beginner to get involved in glory holes in the brownsville,texas area she wants to jack off a big cock?Thanks... read more

Free pass

playing alone my wife recently told me that she would give me free passes but that she won't want to know about them. What should I do?? Is that a trap? We spoke many time of trying different things but never that. Not sure what to thi... read more


The launch night of lovers cult parties 27th feb 2010 new for 2010 lovers cult couples only party in a new venue in the west midlands. The venue consists of a fully licensed bar  . A  dance floor with dance pole. 3 top ttm radio dj,s will be playing on the night so you can be ... read more


I had a blast last night on the webcam with y girl friend she had so much fun thank you everyone for making her feel comfy.  Muah!!!!!... read more

Heddo II

Hi all you sexy sdc peeps, can anyone give us any tips for do's n donts and where to go and what to do for our first trip to Heddo. Its a special birthday and we want it to be a blast folks, any help and advise will be greatly appreciated. Visiting 13/03 - 20/03. Cheers all, have fun.....H&S ... read more

Dating is good for your mariage!

      I have been dating for over 10 years now and I am absolutely convinced it contributes to the happiness in our mariage. If you don't feel constrained, you don't get frustrated, you don't ha... read more

My black-eye and fat lip suggests.....

My black-eye and fat lip suggests that 'up the backside'... was definitely the wrong answer, when my girlfriend asked "Where are you taking me for Valentine's?"... read more

Answer Email

Vinden jullie het ook niet meer dan normaal om in ieder geval een bericht terug te sturen als je een bericht ontvangt? Ik begrijp gewoon weg niet waarom sommige stellen het bericht lezen en vervolgens helemaal niets terug sturen. Ik zou ook dan wel heel graag willen weten waarom dit is? Ook al i... read more

To all my friends

To all my friends,      I have been so busy with life and work Im sorry I have been absent.  I look forward in reconnecting and spending quality time once again. Thanks for understanding. Muah... read more

The Greatest Poker Play EVER!

Two couples were playing cards one evening. John accidentally dropped some cards on the floor. When he bent down under the table to pick them up, he noticed that Bill's wife's legs were wide apart, and she wasn't wearing any underwear! Shocked by this, John upon trying to sit back up again,hi... read more

new club opening 27 feb 2010

Hi there we have a new club opening on the 27 of feb please add us on this site and please check out our website for details thanks PLEASE NOTE THE FIRST PARTY IS FREE AND FOR A LIMITED TIME FREE MEMBERSHIP http://www.loverscult.com... read more

Pt Vallarta

I'm going to pt, Vallarta, 5-star on thea beach, any of you ladies want to go with me?  6-13 March.... read more

2x2 swingersclub

The new swingersclub 2x2 is located in the shoppingcenter La Sandia (close to cita and yumbo) in playa del ingles, gran canaria. The new club features: big bar area, dancefloor (25m2), stage with pole, cosy corners and 9 different playing areas: massage-table, 2 private rooms, mirror-orgie-room, b... read more

actually I have a alternate story

I am a recently divorced man, I am divorced because my former wife and I become far apart and nothing i common. Nothing worked and the life we had while was upscale was not lovin and fun. What I actuallly want in life is maybe something not to be had, can you build up my hopes and give me a spirit o... read more


any one going to Hedoll in late May?... read more

Kinky Beats @ Cologne

Kinky Beats in Cologne is a nice and pleasant event within the German szene. Keywords: open minded people, steamy music from phantastic DJs, special shows, heating atmosphere, well organized party. One of the location's benefits is the in house parking area which allows indoor-only entrance. Di... read more

When is the best time to ask a couple's likes/dislikes in swinging life style?

As a single guy ,I am always curious to ask when to ask a couple what to do or not to do,red lines of this couples, I generally talk to them when we meet face to face in the conversation lately. For example,most of us are using condom so do you think when is the best time to ask where to cum, in co... read more


..if anybody from SDC have plan visit Croatia next sumer, just contact us, and we will prepare  all for play what you need, we are in Dalmatia!! welcome ... read more

Local guys in Jamaica

We are going to Hedonism 3 Jamaica from febr 6 to febr 16 and we wonder if you can help us with some adivice/information about how to meet some local guys for sex with the lady. Thanks N&V... read more

Sex in Jamaica

Hi, we are going to Hedonism 3 from febr 6 to febr 16 and we are looking to gave some good tips about where to meet some nice local guys for the pleasure of the lady. Any experience or any tips are welcome!! thanks N&V... read more


bareback is best?... read more