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We are having a BBC Gang Bang of April this Friday night 3/2/12 starting at 8:00 PM at our house to last until the guys do... April loves getting fucked in all of her holes, DP's and TP's and loves to swallow.  After you fuck her, get ready to come, peel off your condom and come in her throat,... read more

Whats more attractive?

So funny just listening to the radio and a question come on about a survey that was done about women. It was that Men are more attracted to woman with lovely hair than a low cut top is this true? I would like to know from the ladies too what they find attractive in another woman!!... read more

New to the scene

I am new to the scene and have always wanted to participate in the lifestyle. I am married to a wonderful woman who went through menopause a few years back and can no longer have intercourse. After much discussion, it was decided that I join this site and see if I can find a safe way to participat... read more

If you're blocked, you're blocked

Recently we've found the need to go ahead and block a "single male", whom we've had the courtesy of "helping" to get ahead within the local swingers' community.  However, and to our disappointment, we noticed that this guy was a simple opportunist and only interested in find... read more

A pole poll, or How NOT posting a cock picture almost ruined my family

Posting cock shots or dick pics if you will have been an issue on this board that doesnt seem to have a majority.  Some welcome them and believe they cut to the chase and save from wasting peoples time, while others feel they are a turnoff and are more interested in the content of the profile.&... read more

No means "NO"

The rule no means "NO" applies to everyone. Ladies do not assume that all ladies will allow u to play or touch them. Not all women are bi-curious If asked and the women says no, it doesn't matter what her spouse or significant other aggreed to. She has every right to deny another woman... read more

IBIZA!! whats your suggestions for July-12

We are off to Ibiza in the middle of July, to PARTY !!!!!!! Seeing all the clubbers that are here we were looking for some advice from you and any useful tips. Firstly looking for ideas of where to stay and best places to party. As we aren’t teenager’s, ssh... read more

South Florida Clubs - Opinions Please

We will be in south Florida again hopefully at the end of March. We come in 3-4 times each year, and we always go to the Trapeze. We would like to try the Miami Velvet, and possibly also Club Hedonism in Pompano.  Have not been to the Velvet in 7 years, so not sure how it now compares to the... read more

Will she or won't she?

So . . . I've read lots of profiles where the wife is bi, but the hubby no way! Fair enough, but what does it really mean when the wife describes her sexuality as bi? My experience is interesting. A woman can say she is bi, but I can tell immediately from a kiss if she's "all... read more

Wounded Warriors

 We had our annual USMC Wounded Warrior hunt last weekend. Despite the bad weather, all of our warriors got their trophy animals.  You have to love these guys for how humble they are. My hunter was a double amputee. He had mechanical legs, but not one of these guys had any regrets for w... read more

Validations, why do not show them?

There are profiles that do not show their validations.. Why do that? How do you know about them besides their profiles?? I think, may be those are auto validations made from other profile... I do not understand.. Validation is the opinion that others have about you, and is the best way to ... read more

honeymoon 2012

we are planning our honeymoon in south florida this year - miami, the keys with a bit of the bahamas chucked in for good measure - what do you guys suggest for hot spots, beauty spots, naughty spots - any thoughts welcome even if it is just a gorgeous beach, a chic hotel, a tasty restaurant, down-ri... read more

Hotels near Fort Lauderdale Airport?

Any suggestions of hotels that are ideal for entertaing a small group of swingers near the airport in Ft. Lauderdale?... read more

Friends on speed dating

Mr. Hot30s & I were having a discussion about seeing friends on speed dating and wanted to hear the opinions of some of you bloggers out there. He thinks that if a friend is on speed dating, they are probably hoping to meet someone new or someone that they've never played with before And that w... read more

European tour, looking for the best clubs

We will be in Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam and Paris from the 19th of April to the 30th of April. We would love to know the best lifestyle clubs in those cities. Please don't hold back on any details. If you know the owners or management recomend us to them. In advance, thank you so much. Nous ... read more

The "Nudge"

Am I the only one that doesn't like the "Nudge"? It actually kind of makes me angry when someone sends us one. It's kind of like a lazy way to say "write to me". If you are interested in meeting, like our pics,  have questions about us, or wonder if we might like you,&n... read more

Carnival Destiny March 24th thru 29th

We are going on a Cruise, on the Carnival Destiny out of Miami, Fl on March 24th thru the 29th.  Is anyone else going also? K&G... read more

God Hates Mankind

Food For Thought: Revelation 12:7-9 "7 Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. 8 But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. 9 The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serp... read more


We are visting from NJ and thinking about checking out Rooftop on Thursday evening. We are wondering what to expect as far as the crowd and the facility itself?... read more

Favorites- I can seem to remember a profile-

Favorites- I can seem to remember a profile- but I can't find where the profiles be found ... any suggestions? thanks... read more


I am not generallly a fan of the videos on here, as they take ages to load and the quality is usually not so great. But I just saw the vids made by XOXO, go and have a glance, they are really well made and super sexy too!!! Enjoy xxx... read more

Sword swallowing day . This Sat Feb 25

And for all of you swallowers of long objects. This Sat. , Feb 25 of the offical sword swallowing day. All of the other days of swallowing, was just practice (and how we love the practice... lol). so add your comments, pics or try be counted for swallowing on Feb 25th.  enjoy On Februa... read more

The USA Race Card

Times are changing, old traditions whether in a good or bad light are dying a slow death to accomodate a rapidly growing populace of New Americans. Can't tell those jokes at the water cooler any longer, don't make a pass at the secretary or invite her for drinks after work...all could get you fired.... read more

Perception Shared...what are your fantasies... game on!

Ok so i want to know everyones fantasies... so im going to write a beginning of a sexy story...and i want everyone to comment and continue the story, take us to some places...so we can read it back later and chuckle... Shona, was athletic, free spirited, she liked to be highly flexible in her abi... read more


Last Friday night 2/17/12 turned out better than we had expected.  The Carousel Club was a great place for April to show her stuff.  She had to have been fucked by a minimum of 20-25 guys, quite a number of them numerous times.  She left well fucked after 4 and 1/2 hours straight... read more

erotic book on kindle

Our erotic book - based on true events at orgies - is now available as an e-book for £2.97. Visit www.lulu.com. The book is called: THe Flirt: Game, Sex & Match, by Mary Tindale. We hope you get as much fun out of reading it as we did 'researching' it  xxx... read more

The truth about single males (since there are never any blogs about SMs)

Normally I wouldnt even discuss the plague that is the single male since they are like some sort of Gremlin.  Seriously, if you give these dudes food after midnight, all of a sudden there will be two of them.  But here is some truths about them that they dont want you to know. Myth:&nbs... read more

Great weekend.

Great weekend, lets have another soon!!... read more

First time- 10 days since we even shared our mutual fantasies.

First time- 10 days since we even shared our mutual fantasies. This site is great! My wife and I just started to talk about what turns us on the Thursday before last, on that following Friday I signed up on this site (I checked out 5 sites before I chooose this one). We have already made conne... read more

Visiting Austin, TX

 we are heading to Austin, TX next weekend any hints on lifestyle clubs or parties C&E... read more

tell us

house party or lifestlye club which one is better... read more

What's white, 6 inches long, and won't be sucked on Valentine's Day?

What's white, 6 inches long, and won't be sucked on Valentine's Day? Whitney's Crack Pipe. Come on now,  That's funny! ... read more

your favorite facial

would love to see you post your favorite facial cumshots.  this is one of the hottest/favorite things.... i have a very strong cumshot.... if you do can you post... read more


We will be partying at the Carousel Club in NYC tonight, single men are welcome, April will take on (safe sex) all cummers.... Don't forget, she loves to swallow, so "f" her (either hole), peel the condom when ready and shoot in her mouth or on her, hate to waste good protein...  We... read more

Cruise in August 2012

We are going on a Carnival Cuise, 18 Aug 2012 on the Carnival Triumph out of Galveston, TX.  Give us a shout if you are too.  Jay & Mary... read more

2012 Time For A Change

Feb 2011, I joined fitness first with the goal of gaining weight. before I joined Fitness First 1 month later It started ok, but last June 2011 I was diagnosed with  Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) a condition in which the stomach contents (food or liquid) leak backwa... read more

Daytona Beach aera in April

We are headed down to the Daytona beach area the first week in April hoping to find some cool places to visit and meet some interesting people!... read more

Should we bother!!

We're lifetime members and have participated together on this site for the last 10 years...since we've been together.  However, during that time we've only had 3-4 encounters pleasant enough to make us care to continue meeting others.  Of those good encounters were we able to establish ltr... read more

Is this Lifestyle Addictive?

Given the recent talk of addictions in the wake of yet another celebrity passing from an addiction(s), the question begs is the lifestyle addictive?  How many of us could truthfully accept a so called "Vanilla" relationship after indulging in such an exciting and open lifestyle with s... read more

I'm Just Saying....

Ok correct me if I'm wrong. Single male wants to attend a party where it is  couples and single ladies only, Couples $40, Sing Ladies free. So I set him up with a single lady from the group. Was he stupid for expecting the girl to pay half when he wasn't gonna be able to get in without her. And... read more

The Beauty of The Velvet Society

It's always exciting looking forward to VS.  This Saturday's event looks set to be the most international party yet: always beautiful, always naughty, all ways that are possible.  If you are curious about attending VS parties send us a mail and we will point you in the right direction. Or ... read more

Hey Guys...

Hey Guys...  I am Ronney and live in Bangalore. Would like you all to invite here at home and will take care. Will look forward to see you here in Bangalore and be my guest for few days.. Ronney.. ... read more

whats your fantasy..?

hi sexi people..x we are planning a trip this summer back home to russia..and yes guys it can get hot !!! so our plans include 10 days locked away in a dacha..a small private secluded woodland retreat with a banya, bbq, nearby lake, drinks, food and music..sounds nice but one of our fantasi... read more


I have notice a number of blogs about so called"Obama care,race & various other issue that tends to divide rather enchance relations.Its amazing that some of the so called "Christians" would even listen this B...S... Take the birth certificate for an example, maybe its hard u... read more

Swingers club in central amsterdam

Easy question, what is the best swingers club in central Amsterdam? I'm sure there are "better" clubs in other towns, but we're only there for two nights and would love to sample one or two nights of what Amsterdam has to offer. We've been to Amstersdam before as regular tourists, so we... read more

Validation; To hide or not.

Just curious, what is the need or advantage to show how much validation is credited to a member on profile. Does that increase credit ratings like that of Standard & Poor (A3)? ... read more

Why do couples have to be so rude in a response?

Our prefernce is to meet guys for MFM or MMFM, ocassionally we see a couple that piques our interest. We are both straight and only answer ads for straight couples. In the last 3 weeks we have sent messages to 3 couples our age or older and 2 replied with very rude answers. Today was the best one, w... read more

new member

party venue in essex... read more

Visiting Pheuket

I will be visiting Pheuket island early April... looking for a nice and cute female, open minded, straight or Bi to join me, sure we will have a quality time, we will go to swingers party and live our life style...... read more

Where are the bi sexual women who want a couple?

We are a couple in south Miami seeking as female to develop a friendship and share intimate moments. Is there a lady out there that sincerly would like to meet a couple? Many ads but no replys. Whats the deal with women who place an add and do not follow up? ......... read more

If a couple is searching for other couples, why do they only post pictures of the lady?

If a couple is searching for other couples, why do they only post pictures of the lady? We are a loving couple who are looking for similar couples for fun and potential friendships.  We joined SDC as we wish to enjoy such times together and not individually. In our short time on SDC, which ... read more


If older women are cougars, somebody said when they reach 60 they aren't cougars anymore, but what are they?... read more

Club Kayak-A new Community for South FL Kayakers

 If you enjoy being out on the water and having some fun and laugh.....and to boot you own a kayak...well then this is the place for you!!! We are looking for fun, active, water lovers that could enjoy kayaking get togethers (weekend trips, Full moon tours, etc)....if you like the idea, then jo... read more

Should sex outside marriage be tolerated by society?

"I think it’s harmful to our society to have a society that says that sex outside of marriage is something that should be encouraged or tolerated, particularly among the young." Rick Santorum, Leading Republican Nominee for President As a swinger, do you agree with this state... read more

Looking for video editing software

Hi All   We are looking for recommendations for video editing software that can to the following                 1. Blur a moving object example face            &... read more

Reschedule Gang Bang From 2/10-11 to 4/20-21

Just giving everyone a heads up. We had to reschedule our next GANG BANG of April from Friday night, Feb. 10-11 to April 20-21, and will still start Friday night at 8 PM and continue Saturday until checkout at 11 AM at the Affinia Eastgate Tower, 222 E 39th Street, New York, NY 10016. April has a... read more


The first time I visited Miami what immediately caught my attention was GREAT ASS....BARE LEGS & OPEN TOED HEELS....... POST UP THOSE PICS.... DRIVE ME CRAZY...... read more

Favorites Match

Curious if anyone else has experienced this situation. We are a Favorites Match with some couples in an area that we visit frequently. Both have indicated wanting to meet, they have seen our very current face/body photos. Very similar profiles, ages, etc. Initial contact was very positive... read more

Birthday Sex!!!

Wow, we recently had the most exciting sex ever!  Both situations were MF MF swap on the ladies birthdays.  We (Carolina and I) met a couple Friday evening at a party and the girl's birthday was the next day (Saturday), well we all sang happy birthday to her while "it" was all go... read more

swinger clubs or hot spots to party in key west

Hi, we are going to be in key west from sat thrugh next week rideing our bikes ! Wondering where the best places were to hang out n party will be in our Motorhome . Any good suggestions ??  Thanks Ann & Robert... read more

What do you do on this site?

 Always amazed at the number of people 'online' but neither chatting in the chat rooms nor using the blogs. Makes us wonder how people use SDC as a site. Do you largely mail' locals, or for planning trips, or use the chat-room (behind our backs). Do you rely on people mailing you or do you mail... read more


Sometimes people say things for shock value others because they truly believe what they are saying. Check out DOUBULIQUE profile...gotta admit man speaks his mind...noting that Black Males are LIVESTOCK OR SERVANTS to over 40 aged bleachy White Females from Florida.... In writing this he had to w... read more

Golds Gym

Does anyone know of a good personal trainer at the Golds Gym in Clermont, Florida.... read more

KISS Kruise 2012

Hi, we are sailing with KISS from October 31 – November 4, 2012 from Miami, FL to Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas onboard the Norwegian Pearl. Who will join us for the wettest, hottest, wildest, & most rockin’ time? Looking for hot SEX onboard, too! Before the KISS Kruise we will al... read more

Caliente Caribe for New Years Eve

Has anyone been to Caliente Caribe for New Years Eve?  We have been to H2 for the last 3 yrs and are considering an alternative for Island resort.  Does it have any comparison to H2?... read more


We're going on a Carnival Magic Cruise out of Galveston Tx tomorrow.  Is anyone else going to be on that cruise?  Maybe we could meet up?... read more

On Premise clubs in Jacksonville?

Hey all a little help here, we will be traveling and stopping in Jacksonville tonight and would like to know if there are any good on-premise clubs in the area. Any recommendations? thx!... read more

Looking for ???

 OK here is the thing... I being on SDC for a few years now and I see this happening over and over again, If you see this on a profile or speedating it is very simple to know what they are looking for right? Looking for Soft Swap... read more

north florida party

how many people would be interested in a party in the Jacksonville or Saint Augustine area. Thinking of high end place on beach or private river setting.... read more


Has anyone figured out why most swingers start swinging in their forties.  I have my own theory about that.  I believe that when you're in your twenties and thirties, your mind associates sex as something pleasurable that leads to procreation.  Usually people in their twenties and thi... read more

Party Invites

Like most of you, we're sure you get lots of party invites and they all look like so much fun, we would love to attend them all.  Every one we get gives a detailed description and cost of the party, but never tells us where the party is, I mean just tell us a city so maybe we can plan.  Is... read more

Missing/Rare "Break from lifestyle"

Hi   When going though the profiles you find people who are taking a break from the Lifestyle for various reasons    1. Baby Break : should there be a warning label tatoo on xxx , that this may cause babies    2. Couple break: life hetic,    3. Wife taking... read more


More and more there are there seems to be a demand for private or public parties... Are you using these avenues to meet people... Give us some venues or new ways to meet people in the lifestyle!!!... read more


More and more there are there seems to be a demand for private or public parties... Are you using these avenues to meet people... Give us some venues or new ways to meet people in the lifestyle!!!... read more

"Laid back" and "no drama." The same or opposites?

While "no drama" and "laid back" appear to describe the same type of person (non-confrontational and passive). I am beginning to wonder. Could it be that by "no drama" members really mean the opposite (pushy and aggressive)? I understand why someone would descri... read more

Excuses for family and friends

Looking for some ideas on alibis for what we are upto when doing lifestyle activities. For instance for an upcoming trip to Desire we need to come up with which resort did we go to, where are the pictures etc. What do you folks typically do?... read more

Political Romance on SDC

Just shaking my head reading all the "labeling" of who's conservative or liberal plus their staunch defense of it, like it really describes who they are and everyone else is wrong for thinking otherwise. Years ago when I when I initially moved to Florida I was host of a daily drive t... read more

The Story Continues

Well, Friday night at Club Amante was a sucess. "A" got fucked from 11 pm to 3:30 pm by 12-14 guys of all shapes, sizes and races. 4 of the guys fucked her multiple times. It was a turn on watching her get fucked, suck cock and come over and over. She got off walking around in her shelf... read more

How it started

We started our adventure into this wonderful world of kink on Friday, November 25th at Club Amante in Brooklyn. I guess we were a little nervous, he, because it has been a while, she, because it was her first time. Would she hate it and never want to play again. No worries, she took to it like ... read more


Just giving everyone a heads up. We are scheduling our next GANG BANG of April for Friday night, February 10th, 8 PM and Saturday AM, until checkout at 11 AM. Clear your calendars and show up and fuck the night away. We received a lot of, oh sorry I couldn't make it last time, but I really want to... read more


We are looking for a Black "Master" to finalize her transformation into a sex slave/slut. He wants to give her to a well hung black dominant for training and testing her limits on a regular basis (once a week). Do you have the equipment to use on her, the experience to control her (she lo... read more

Our Profile

I am a submissive female, who loves sex in every variation. The more sex I have, the more I come, the hotter I get and the more cock I want. I am testing my limits constantly and oops, I haven't hit any yet, except for extreme pain. Bondage, spanking,paddling and whipping, mmmm. I want to please m... read more

New Cpl Looking

We are new to this and are trying to make new friends (female) in and out of the bedroom, we live in western pennsylvania, please read our profile and let us know what you think contact us on YIM (curiouscpl6268) if you like... ... read more