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Visiting Los Cabos March 6-11, 2013

ANY sexy couples visiting Los Cabos from march 6th-11th? Let us know we'll be there... read more

Visiting London or Europe, get in touch

If anyone is planning on visiting London and really want to see and experience its beauty please feel free to contact us. If your a coupe looking for swingers clubs, want to arrange a small private meet, want to attend the best private parties or just want tips on where to shop, where to stay an... read more

Desire - Sept 2013

 We are travelling to Desire Cancun in September and wondering if any couples are looking at heading there around the same time. Send us a message if you are and if we are all compatable then we might be able to organise meeting you there.... read more

How to tell someone no?

So once you have met someone and you are out for dinner or drinks etc, and you decide that you are not interested in playing with a couple/SM/SF, how do you tell them that you are not interested? I imagine it could get pretty uncomfortable really quick? What say thee SDC? Experiences? ... read more

Going toTMZ 3/2

Going to TMZ 3/2... read more

ocean mayan royale h 10

just wondering anyone everbeen there t is a new resort adults only... read more

How Many In This Lifestyle Because Of The Male In the Relationship,

and how many because the female half got the balls rolling? We think it is 80% because the male half convinced the female to give it a try. What do you think?... read more

New in this page

Hi, I am new on this page and I think that for new people it is very difficult to contact somebody friendly. I am looking for nice, normal, people to have fun. Can anybody explain how to proceed? I am from Barcelona.... read more

Double orgasm wow!!!

 Dear All, I had a new experience recently with an amazing vanilla lady which I wanted to share with you. She manages to bring herself to a double orgasm: one vaginal (from my penetration) and for the other she uses her hands on her clit (we need to be in the right position of course) and she r... read more

Harrison's Wine Bar and what we missed?

OK we need help. On a Saturday night, wanting to avoid the huge crowd at Trap due to the SDC party we wandered over to Hollywood Fl for a nice dinner. After dinner we decided to drop in to Harrison's for our first visit there. This is what we found. At 10 P.M. there was one person there besides u... read more

What are your favorite sex toys?

I (the female half) have a few favorites but the one I like the most is the Hitachi Magic Wand. http://www.tbawsextoys.com/Hitachi-Magic-Wand/sku-CNVELD-VHIT250?a=tbawsextoys   The others are:  One-Touch Mini WP Bullet because it is small and I can carry it anywhere :-)  Flexible... read more


In an effort to help us all discretely identify others in the swinging lifestyle, we suggest wearing a black ring on the right hand whenever you're open to meeting others in the lifestyle.  If you agree, please post this to your profile and we can quickly spread the word that the black rin... read more

100 peoples night ruined by a cowardly, selfish act

I have seen some selfish and petty acts in my 30+ years, but I have seen few that match the act of informing on a party, with what can have been only one intention.  To try and ruin our night of fun. 3 couples (pandp4u, adriann and milfy) and I had booked a luxury 5 bed house in central lond... read more

Wife needs advice

Husband and I would like to get started in this life style. Does anyone have any advice on how we can get started slowly and ease into this life style? Are there any groups that have parties, are there any swinging clubs? All advice would be appreciated.... read more

What a sad turn of events!

We have to ask the question.........What makes people be so petty minded and vindictive? Isn't the point of swinging to just have fun and never take all this too seriously?  As some of you are aware, we have had to cancel, what would have been, a great party night in London on the... read more

A black ring on the right hand as a symbol for swingers

  WHY WE WEAR A BLACK RING ON OUR RIGHT HAND. In an effort to help us all discretely identify others in the swinging lifestyle, we suggest wearing a black ring on the right hand whenever you're open to meeting others in the lifestyle.  If you agree, please post this to your profile and w... read more


I have always wanted to try it. I finally got the courage to ask my man for a little play and he freaked! We were having a tiff one day and he threw it in my face. Well...we are no longer together and I am interested in finding someone with experience that can kind of guide me threw it. Any sugg... read more

Miami bound next week

Well we are on our way to Miami next weekend and hoping to find some young, trim black studs to party with will my hubby works. I envision 2-3 trim, athletic well hung black studs working my body for several hours. Taking turns pounding me as I ride orgasm after orgasm. ... read more

Single guys Guideline

I'm currently a single male in the LS however I've been on all sides of this subject as I've been part of a couple (married and dating) and I've been in the LS for 15 years. But as a single male I find it very difficult to participate mostly because I have to shoulder the burden of all the &q... read more

Naughty Night in London and Valentine Trip to Amsterdam

6/2 Woke at 9 and made love to Rita and she went back to sleep till midday. Worked in bed. Got sad news about P's father in Canada so that they can't make ROH with us tomorrow. Also heard about death from a heart attack of a friend in Australia (early 50's and 3 young children). After supper had a... read more

Playa Linda beach

Considering the crappy weather we've had lately, this weekend's weather forecast is looking pretty great. 85° and only partly cloudy at Playa Linda beach. I'm thinking about going for a few hours on Friday or Saturday. I can't wait. These cheeks need some sun!... read more

House parties

I am new to the lifestyle and am eager to attend a house party as well as curious. What is the etiquette for a new single bi curious female willing to,participate in full swap with couples or singles at the party.And what should I expect? I have been looking for a few but doesn't seem to b many with... read more

fake new profiles

 What is with the endless amount of new profiles created "looking for a true love". What sort of spamming is going on with the site? Seems like every day you see a handful of new profiles go up allways of single women saying something along the lines of: I am looking and seeking fo... read more

Barcelona Swingers Clubs

Guys .... need advice on the lifestyle / swing clubs in Barcelona ..... would be visiting on 22nd and 23rd Feb and shall appreciate some good advice on the same ... thanks  ... read more

Got scammed for a Mass Pleasures ticket today by Nicky13

Hello folks, Just letting you all know that I got scammed today by the profile name Nicky13 for a ticket to Mass Pleasures party in London. I pay for the ticket, she asks me for full details, and then on the night, she cancels on me. I've had nothing but good experience on SDC, so this is my ... read more

Should married single reveal they are married

We find it offensive and dishonest when a single on this site does not reveal that they are married. Although we are not the moral police and dont really care if someone cheats on thier spouse ( it is their marriage and their future divorce, not ours) we do care that we are running the risk of being... read more

Swinging in Cyprus

We would like to take a holiday in Cyprus in the summer and are new to swinging. Are there any cities/beaches/parties/clubs that members can recommend? Some fun in the sun... Anyone from Cyprus who can shed some light on the swinging community there?... read more

Gigalo night

Were on the hunt for some attractive friendly down right sexy guys to become our very own "prefered Gents" We have had lots of interest from the ladies so if there are any reliable good guys that fancy putting themselves in the frame please contact me on ... read more

DC Gurly Show Tonight

 There is a burlesque show in DC at 9pm tonight that we'll be at. We'd love to meet someone there http://dcgurlyshow.com/ This isn't really blog worthy but I don't see a Wall or some type of event function on here that we can post at.... read more

The Love Master!!! You will love this!

If you haven't seen this, you will laugh your ass off! I want you all to meet..."The Love Master" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieIisdMdIOg... read more

Your MAN in all his Glory!!

**URGENT CALL TO ALL PROFILES** "Get your man in front of the CAMERA!" This has probably been blogged time and time again and if that is true why isn't anyone listening? Where are all the photo's of "the guys" I'm talking to all you couples out there that have a disproportionate... read more

New to all of this

 My husband and I have been married for 7 years. It was not until recently that we became active in looking to fufill a fantacy.  My man has always wanted to have a threesome and I have been bi-curious for so long that I would love to be able to have the experience with a nice woman. Howev... read more

Temptations in April

Anyone going to Temptations in April?  Our first trip to Tempations and heard good things.  If you have gone to Temptations before let us know some things you liked about the place as well as if you are going the same time let us know...  April 4/6/13 through 4/13/13... read more

Greetings SDC

Hello SDC, I am new to the SDC/Swinger community and wanted to introduce myself. I have chatted up a few different memebers here and its turning out to be quite pleasant! The chat rooms tend to make me laugh on the regular! I currently resid in Texas, but will be moving to Florida up by Fort ... read more

Swinger clubs in Bloomington/Normal IL

Is anyone aware of any lifestyle clubs in the Bloomington/Normal IL area. My friendand I will be there and she has never been to club before and would like to go. will be there the begining of March. Thank you for any information... read more

Bike trips??

 Any lifestyle bike group around South Florida??? Lets us know.. :) Lets make trips and sex.. Lol... read more

open minded

 before i make a mistake and answer the wrong profile,when a couple says looking for open minded guys does that mean the male half of the couple likes to walk on the wild side, bi.?... read more

CNY fun

 Its CNY and we want some fun. Any couples, single guys or girls who want to visit us in Qingdao??... read more

Off to Cap de' Agde.

Cap de' Agde south france from 15may 2013 till 26 may 2013 Again we are off to naturist resort at Cap de' Agde for lots sexy fun, party's, groups fun and clubbing, we have best apartment booked on above dates. If you like to meet us then add your contact details then email us your, email address, ... read more


WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT???? "'Intimacy 2.0' Dress Turns Transparent When You Get Sexually Aroused " http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/05/intimacy-20-dress-transparent-sexually- aroused_n_2622920.html?ncid=wsc-huffpost-cards-image We love to see the ladies all dressed... read more

Strip Clubs in Dallas

Any recommendations for classy, couple friendly stip clubs in Dallas?... read more

Swing clubs in Orlando

We will be in Orlando in May and would like to find an on premises swing club (not an intermittently scheduled party).  The only one we seem to have found so far is Club Relate that advertises as the only co-ed masturbation swing club in the US.  That strikes us as a bit odd.  Do acti... read more

Males... can you be both a Dom and a Sub?

Am I looking for something that doesn't really exsist?  I know some guys say they are but I think it is truly with significant others (being submissive that is).  I really love a Dominate type guy.  I like a man that is full of confidence.  The way he smiles says a lot about h... read more

Miami Velvet or Trapeze FLL?

We are going on a business trip to South Florida on the first week of April and want to visit a swinger club. What do you recommend, Miami Velvet or Trapeze FLL? We love our Trap here in Atlanta. ... read more


Surprise.  Hope this link works for everybody. http://entertainment.msn.com/videopreview/?channelindex=1&from=en-us_msnhp#/video/89331498-84f2-3110-888e-ae8d8c684830... read more

Swingers Resorts in Mexico

We just spent a week in the Desire Resort located in Cancun, Mexico; we are active swingers and thought this would be an ideal place to have fun. The rooms are ok, food is ok, nice pool, nice beach, nice night club, nice entertainment. All of these are nice but not extraordinary; service is extraord... read more


I´m in Bigasscomunity hope to contact you soon and have a great time Estoy en la comunidad Bigasscomunity espero contactarles pronto y tener grandes momentos... read more

Changing times?

 We've been swinging for about 2 and a half years now, and we're not sure if it's just us, but it seems like a lot of people have stopped recently. Maybe it's just SDC (there are as ever a plethora of time wasters on Fab), but even the UK chatroom seems dead these days.  While we still c... read more


Does anyone here know which strip club in Miami is the most couples friendly?... read more

Why do single men say condoms only and pics say something else

We enjoy playing with single males (and couples ). We find it very interesting or really dissappointing that when we look at their profiles we notice the lack of condom use. In addition , more than half the time, they will admit they're just fine with bareback. What is your take on that/ What has be... read more

Changes To Home Page

One used to be able to personalize their home page so it would show only items of interest to them. Now the home page is fixed, so you may end up seeing items of no interest to you. In my opinion it simply clutters the page. I would like to take a poll to see others opinions on this.... read more

How do single guys fare on here, and how has your experience been with a single guy? Does one bad meeting or encounter with a single guy mess it up for the others?

Hello there. I am a newbie to the site and was curious about a couple of things. I am single male and was wondering how we fare on this site. Being involved in the lifestyle as a single guy has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of course is you get to meet some good people and possibl... read more

Watching April Getting Gang Banged NOW

It is so hot seeing April with a big Black cock in her pussy, another in her ass and another in her mouth while she is stroking two cocks waiting their turn in her holes. There is cum spread all over her face chin and tits and dripping out of her mouth.  OMG, she is screaming ar... read more

Confession of a Curly Girl

Confession of a Curly Girl I was cursed with curls. CURSED! Yes, there are benefits to naturally curly hair. I will be the first to admit it’s wonderful to get out of the shower, scrunch some goo (store-bought, not man-goo) into my ringlets and walk out the door with wet hair. Never thin... read more

Private Picture Etiquette

So, we're relatively new to this site and we're a bit confused on the Private Pictures etiquette. We have personal and face pictures that we do not want available "to everyone", but if we establish contact with friendly people and those who interest us... we'll provide our password(s). We'... read more

Is it just me, or....

...does anyone else experience the following: when corresponding with someone here....in some cases, you send an email to someone, in others, you reply to theirs....and then not only do you never hear back, but after letting some time go by, you check your Sent mail status only to discover that your... read more

question about english websites

 Dear friends,  we wonder, if you are searching for a B&B in Spain, what sites do you visit?  we want to promote our B&B on english websites as well.  what are the best sites?? we are so curious.. thank you for leaving a comment. xxxxxx... read more

Thai police raided a swingers club Rama-Ken

 http://www.pattayaone.net/pattaya-news/71999/swingers-party-jomtien-resort-raided-pattaya-police/ What is the crime?! Pattaya prostitution - yes, but a swing - no....  We have been visiting this wonderful place. Ron and Kannika, we support you!... read more