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Party's in ireland

Hi all sexy peeps we looking a good swingers party to go to in march if anybody nos of any plz let us no .thanks xxx hornyjp... read more


The best!Season Premiere: Sun, April 13 at 9:30 PM ET/PT... read more

Love Is Cursed By Monogamy.

Human beings in a mob.What's a mob to a king?  What's a king to a god?What's a god to a non-believer, who don't believe in anything?Will we make it out alive?  No church in the wild.I live by you, desire.  I stand by you, walk through the fire.Your love is my scripture.  Let... read more

Our wives are not gonna take one for the team guys.

I'm certainly in this camp so don't count me out. I'm about 10-12 pounds out of shape. And every time I look around the ladies are kicking our asses guys. Not to mention my wife will say "She's pretty but I'm not taking one for the team with him." Do I have the only wife that feels this way? ... read more

Dive & Desire in March

Hi... We are not travel agents but we do make an annual trip to Mexico that we call "Dive & Desire"... We always go around the March time frame, stay a week in Cozumel and then a week at Desire (usually Riviera). We have met a lot of people that have become friends at Desire but not too man... read more


I FOUND THIS ARTICLE INTERESTING TO SHARE.Dear Men of SDC,Look, I know you men have it difficult. Women are just about impossible to understand, much less please. In a post-feminist society, you never know exactly what you should be doing. Women are bloody picky, I know we are. It can be scary... read more

Temptation Cancun 24th april - 9th May 2014

Anyone going this year would love to here from you before we go. We ink it is Spring Break so should be mad... read more


Why are single men making us favorites. Rarely do we deal with single men plus these are men that have never tried to contact us ( not saying we would have responded ) or requested friendship( lol lol lol) . Whats there angle?????... read more

Signing your name

How in the devil would we know who we're talking to if you never sign your name to an email? I'm sorry your school, parents and boss failed you in life, but please, for the love of baby Jesus, sign your name to the email and don't make us ask for your name. If we have to ask, we probably won't care ... read more

chat rooms

What ever happened to the Irish chat room. never anybody in there, it used to be good fun and there were a lot of meets from that room... read more

Temptation or desire?

We are a young couple, late 20s and are planing a trip to a lifestyle resort for the first time. Any advice on which one we should go to. Desire or temptation in cancan. Thanks  ... read more

One more shot.

I figured I'd give the LS another try for a few months.  My last shot at it was uneventful, apparently the scene locally is very cliquish...  Jacksonville has never been a very exciting place, not really...not like other places.  Not even with the local population boom in the 90's. &n... read more

MadameO Party during Venice Carnivale: 19/2 to 24/2

19/2 Woke early so started to watch New Series of House of Cards from Netflix on iPad until Rita woke. Had a fast and furious fuck session till we both came! Then after breakfast got ready to tube down to Oval to pick up Venice costumes from National Theatre. Rita stayed at home as had to shop and g... read more

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

The scientific journal Personality and Individual Differences has recently published research on the average erect penis lengths of men around the world, and according to the study, the men of the Republic of Congo are the biggest at an average penis length of 18 cm.The study ranked 1... read more

Email error messages

Anyone else getting email error messages?... read more


Hi to everyone we will be in Berlin in 4/4- 8/4 in a nice hotel, we want to meet a nice people from all over the worldsend us a mail and we will be in toucheden & liran... read more

Is June/July at Desire R.M. a good time?

We have our hearts set on going to Desire R.M.  Our first choice of time period is the SDC Halloween party.  However, as a backup, we are looking at this summer.  Is June/July a good time to go?  We understand the SDC events are great times, but how are peoples experiences during... read more


Hi everyone, We are going to be in x clube in Lisbon on Saturday night 1st march for carnival, just wondered if any fellow sdc members will be going too?... read more

What could be wrong with monogamy?

A TED talk... So Perfect!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aKPy1SvYPs&feature=youtu.be... read more

Are we designed to be sexual omnivores? A TED talk!

This was way cool:http://new.ted.com/talks/christopher_ryan_are_we_designed_to_be_sexual_omnivores#Enjoy!... read more


HiJust read a blog written by CLAUDIAMAX that really liked!!(Why men want to have sex with other women)It really worths reading it.....and love if you could read my comment so to know what you think!!XXXOOOS... read more

i love the grope rooms!

I think in swinging we all go though phases.  we started with the FFM stage which was a dream come true. from here into couples and groups, the odd MFM was there too.  One on my most exciting experiences was in a club in London (A Place For Fun) where they had a grope room.  a room wi... read more

why men want to have sex with other women

I have been reading a lot of blogs on why people swing and the top 2 answers are often to be found in 1. we got bored with our sex life 2. curiosity on how it was having sex with someone else. Hardly ever is mentioned the more spiritual part of swinging. I guess most of us just are not into t... read more


Everyone's idea of well hung is different.  The problem is the guys will say that they are larger than they really are.  What the hell do they think will happen when you meet.  We have politely asked them to leave.  How do you handle this situation.  Even ask for pics but th... read more

SEX STUDY: How long can you go?

According to the link below, New Mexico Lovers take it SLOW, Eskimos sprint to the finish!Obviously they didn't ask the right people.Some I'am asking. How much would you re-adjust your states numbers?http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/02/22/Sex-Study-New-Mexico-Lovers-Take-It-Slow-While-Al... read more

25: Whips, canes and latex at Dark Odyssey Kink conference

Listen to the new episode Jon and Sind are back from "Dark Odyssey:  Surrender", a 3 day event in San Francisco with training, demos and play-parties with the who's-who of kink. They visited classes on "fisting", "scene negotiation", "rough sex" and "erotic publishing", which are just a sma... read more


we would love learn about it and do it as a couple any advise... read more

Pearl panties

Ladies,What is your take on wearing pearl panties or thongs?  Do you like one string or more of pearls and does the size of the pearls make a difference?  Any recommendations as to brand?Thanks for your input.... read more


This may sound odd but does anyone know what the acronym HWP stand for? ... read more

NYC Feb. 21st -24th....any parties or advise for a super horny couple?

We are staying at the Paramount hotel off Time Square. Looking for adventure, parties, day time fun and anything you New Yorkers can advise. Planning to go the Checkmates Sat. night. .....is it good? I'm mid fourties and she is mid twenties.......the pic of him is accurate......she is an ebony princ... read more

Motorcycle Events and Meeting People At Them

Do you attend motorcycle events and meet people for sex? What events do you attend and how do you meet and or identify people who are swingers?... read more

New Orleans, Mardi Gras, Best Restaurants

Hey everyone. We're heading to NOLA for Mardi Gras weekend the 28th through the 1st. Need recommendations for some great places to eat whe we're there. Hoping to have lots of naughty adult fun whe we're there too! ;-)... read more

migrating to mmf

it seems that a lot of the couples we have met are starting to prefer meeting mmf instead of couples. maybe part of it is convenience since arranging meetings with couples who all have schedule limitations proves difficult. seems there are two terms for this hotwife and cuckold. I know labels are no... read more

Getting out there as an SM...

I have read a number of great blogs on here, very intelligent discussions posted by caring an honest folks accompanied by the expected dose of overly critical types and a few a-holes to round them out.  But that is to be expected, and not my point.  Judging from the general feel of SDC (i.... read more

Berlin march 20-24

Hello Beauties ? Coming to Berlin march 20-24 looking for som sexy fun. Maybe we can meet nice Berliner that like to guide us in Town/club and in bed.....we are very flexible and like to have fun.Kisses from Us to You... read more

Where do you play ?

Where do you prefer to meet and play ?? ... read more

Valentine Week: 9/2 -18/2

9/2 Awoke around midday and after a cup of tea Rita and I made love. Got up and had a late lunch and more vodka and decided we'd all go and see the new 3d version of Vihy - a fantasy based on an old Russian/ Ukrainian fairy tale. First time Rita's parents had seen 3d! It was fun and not too hard to ... read more


Which club is better, in Austin; Friends or Players?  We are planning to go for the 1st time.... read more

My Wife's Most Precious Spot

I've come to believe that for a woman, all of her dynamic traits are centered around her most intimate spot.  It's the sensational spot that provides her inner drive, her desire for beauty, to love, to feel…  This is most certainly true for my wife.  She is an extremely d... read more

tuscany villa

hi all,we have booked a villa in tuscany, from 17-24 may 2014. it is private, with a pool and hot tub. we are a group of 7 couples, but unfortunately one couple can no longer make it. the cost is only US500 for the 7 nights, and we are really nice people. some of us plan to hire cars, so as to be ab... read more


So we have been to Hedo 3 before it closed. We live in the Tampa area so we have been to Caliente several times.  We also visited Desirse.  We are looking at a trip for March so pretty soon... Wondering about Hedo 2. We enjoyed Desire but we like the fact that there are single guys at Hedo... read more

Some help?

Okay, so about us he has had some fun in the past with a few couples. I am new and very shy about all this. But a part of me wants to go wild. We are looking for people around our age group. 18-30s we both are d.d free but 420 friendly. We are looking for the total package looks and smarts .... read more

Secret Swinger Signal

Wouldn't it be great if we had one type of signal that we coud use when we see a couple we would like to play with to determine if there's mutual interest? This woud come in handy at clubs, parties and even the grocery store. Anyone have a suggestion? ... read more

No Condom? No Way

Let's be clear: we love sex However, we really are adamant about using condoms, and especially so when we are playing with others. We've noticed lately there seems to be less concern among other couples that the ones they play with are wearing protection against STDs adn unplanned pregnancy (it happ... read more

What Are You Looking For?

I have a question. So, I'm taking a poll. Are you interested in "Fuck Buddies" or "Friends With Benefits" ?There is no right or wrong answer, it's just a question. Thanks!... read more

Friday 21st Feb 2014 & Sat 22nd Feb 2014

7 Bedroom house. Private Mansion House-South London- Sutton,SurreyLuxury Swingers party Set in the heart of Sutton, South London this fantastic 1905 Edwardian home is full of character, with its beautiful chandeliers, picture framed contoured walls, it’s beautiful staircase and the huge mirror tha... read more


Hi, guys! We are young couple from Russia, and we haven't any experience before. Our girl wantn't start with strangerman, We decide to tempt he. We have a softgame last week, she do great blowjob for him. We have great time. But our friend, she is out of lifestyle, he dont know, whats line of behavi... read more


I might be just a fat woman who is upset that people assume I am no fun because I am not HWP but I have beenreading profile after profile of people looking to find fun people to meet and have a drink or dinner and then see where it goes from there.  Couples who post we are a hot, or we are... read more

I get down on my knees with a rose in one hand

Take this day my friends to honor that special person and do something out of the ordinary... To show the love, that should be shown every single day, not just in a specific one.wake up your loved one, getting down on your knees, with a rose in your hand.... And slowly remove her clothes, caressing ... read more

What lifestyle events are there in Spain?

We are going to Spain and on a Mediterranean cruise this year so we are looking for fun things to do.... read more


Does infidelity exist in the lifestyle ?.....if so..doesn't sound weird that you enjoy your partner intercourse with another person and at the same time feel bad about unfaithful (if you can call it like that)  husband /wife ?......what do you think?... read more

Swinger Parties vs. One on One Dating

We are both professional hard working people. We think that we are a decent looking couple, and we always very friendly to people we meet in the lifestyle. Monday through Friday, we are conducting sales, interacting with customers, and making business deals, but on the weekends, we are swing... read more

Poorly written profiles

Does the way someone's profile is written affect whether or not you'll meet with a couple or single?  If their grammaris poor, use of the words they're and their and there used incorrectly etc?  I'm not speaking about people where English isn't their first language, but people who write li... read more

Spice lifestyle -lanzarote

Hi we are in the spice resort in. Lanzarote  in early April 10-13 ...any if you guys there during that weekend .. We would love to connect ...... read more

Caliente vs paradise lakes

We have been to caliente many times and enjoy it for both the sdc/aahz parties and the nudist aspect of it as well.  We have not yet been to paradise lakes which is very close by.  Does anyone have any feedback or comparisons of the 2?  Thanks :)... read more


When looking at Speed Dates one can’t fail to notice that in many cases where a couple or a single woman are looking to date a single man they specify a preference for BBC (Big Black Cock) or HBC (Hard Black Cock).Sometimes a couple may specifically specify in their profile, that they are soft swi... read more

Party in Cyprus

we are 4-5 couples, will be hosting a party in Cyprus and looking to call some single girls to join the party.Tickets and expenses will be paid if needed.Please contact us if you are ready for fun and action.... read more

Happy Hump Day !!!!!!

Well it is our favorite day of the week, so if your ready,willing and able, then I suggest you drop a line ASAP because the clock is running and times a wastn............. read more

rome club privée

hi fellow sexy travellerswe will be in rome in may, and are planning to visit a swingers club for a bit of fun, and for the "cultural" experience. we are hoping somebody can recommend somewhere nice for us to visit, preferably couples-only, and a bit classy. any suggestions most appreciated. xxx... read more

LS clubs in the north Florida area ? ?

Just wondering if there were any clubs in the Pensacola to Destin area ? ? maybe even as far east as Orange Beach/Perdido Key area ?Thanks !!... read more

Happy Valentine

Long Weekend For Lovers, Lets Make The Best Of It !... read more

Happy Valentine

Long Weekend For Lovers, Lets Make The Best Of It !... read more

New Orleans ideas

We are heading to New Orleans for a long weekend to celebrate 20 years of marriage. Would love to get ideas for what we can do while we are there. We have some daytime activities planned, but looking for night time activities specifically. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. We will be visiting ... read more

Any one used electric wands before?

Hiya guys,saw this electric wand stimulation thing... are they any good? does it really stimulate? Thinking of getting one thanks... read more

a matter of good manners (or) a bit of little etiquette can go a long way

From time to time (not near enough as we would like to) we are being contacted by another couple who takes the initiative and sends a ‘nudge’ or an email. As one would expect in these parts, facial photos are requested and exchanged as a matter of priority. Unfortunately, we too often ... read more

Time and place for nudity

We get so turned off with people walking around the club/parties barefoot n naked eating, drinking, sitting on furniture. We are all here for sexual adventure, but even the hottest of women would look better with some heels on instead of the ever so popular blackfoot. Lingerie only adds to... read more

Thoughts about Voyeur Cam - Cheap or Classy?

My wife thinks that having sex via Voyeur Cam is cheap as it takes away from the allure and mystery of it all. She also finds it risky in terms of remaining discreet. Her phobia revolves around someone recognizing her and exposing her in her everyday life. Any thoughts/comments will be appreciated.... read more

Rita's Birthday - Thank Heavens only once a year !

31/1 Rita slept through till around 11. After a conference call I got ready and headed up to The Bulls Arms at Turnford to meet K,P and P for lunch. On the way did the tyres and got some cash. The two hours over lunch passed quickly and convivially. On the way back to the office I picked up some Coi... read more

Fever party last night in London - wow

So as relative newbies (been to some club nights but hadn't played) we went to our first fever party last night in London and all we can say is wow!lots of young, sexy couples there and lets just say, we're not so inexperienced any more ;)Drop us a line if you were there, we loved it and will defini... read more

encounter and adventure

any couple interesting in meet in cap d'l agde we will be there the weekend 25 thru 28 april 2014, let us know. Our first time, we need a tour and directions  :)... read more

Clubs in Houston

Hello everyone-what are the best swinger clubs in Houston. A club with a good mix of people(races), no drama, friendly people, and plenty of hot action.... read more

KIK messenger app

Does anyone use KIK messenger on smart phones to chat? I have seen a few profiles showing this app as a way to contact people. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts were. ... read more

To be or not to be.....

This question is for the ladies. I spent 19 years married and was with only my wife till we started swinging last year. I was raised to be a gentleman and to treat ladies with respect. With a bit over a year in this wonderful lifestyle I have experienced quite a bit. My question to you is how d... read more

Ladies and couples traveling to India, let's meet up.

We are a good looking couple in India, and would love to meet ladies and couples traveling to India.. Let's get together and see if we can have some fun..... read more

TG Valentines Ball - Tickets

Does anyone have tickets to the TG Valentines ball? Really like to go but left it a bit late xxx... read more


we would like to go to Cancun in June Which is the best swinger resort, Desire or Tempation...or what? Any suggestions please?? Thanks a lot... read more

The Bikini Effect....

When we were teenagers, the thought of a naked body was enough for excitement. Now we have graduated from that state and get aroused by different triggers....Most of us have met interesting people in the swingers world... some are "we take off one clothing at a time while we are talking" while the o... read more


This is my erotic Fiction Blog: bluerotica.simplesite... read more

Motorcycle Riders

Are you interested in meeting others at motorcycle events?Do you prefer meet and greets or possibly a universal sign like a bandana tied to a belt loop so you will recognize others with the same interests?... read more


Tattoo's people. Many many years ago these used to be the domain of sailors and very bad boys, those who basically refused to conform to what was considerd normal for the time. Today they seem so common placed that they're not a form of rebellion, in any form, shape or fashion. not even a statement ... read more

Recommendations for Cap d`Agde France

We are planning to visit Cap at the beginning of July. We are not going as part of an SDC group - just on our own. We`ve checked Babylon and Jardin d` Eden, but it seems impossible to book with them directly. We don`t want a minimum stay requirement. We want to stay for only 3 nights. We also don`t ... read more

No-Face Pics.

I was wondering, why do so many people here have photos with no heads? I understand that lots of you are famous, or Captains of Industry or Senators ála Eyes Wide Shut, but if someone recognizes you here, well obviously they're here too, so what could they really say? I'm just curious as ... read more

Loop 2 - Sarasota FL

In what otherwise appears to be an abandoned office building just off route 301, in the vast commercial parks between route 70 and the airport, lies LOOP2 swingers club.  It seems kinda weird to drive into the middle of an industrial park and find a Swingers Club, especially one so popu... read more

Femme Fantaisie hosted by Liz Lovely

Femme Fantaisie hosted by Liz Lovely @ Club Secret every first Friday. The night is exclusively for Couples and Ladies, only! Femme Fantaisie is a bi-girl friendly party which allows you to explore the sensual touch of a woman in a warm, relaxed & alluring environment. Tantalise your sexual desi... read more

Setting the bar higher

This week I meet with a single man that has set the bar higher for any others that may try, he type that makes me happy that my husband lets me play around ! We made a date showed up on time and brought flowers, and the first thing out of his mouth wasn't  nice tits my husband told me... read more

You live where???

If you live in a different state why don't you put that as your primary location and the place you travel to as your secondary location. Ok...before you have anything to say about this, if your answer isn't 'yea, those people are frikin' wierdo's' then you're going to be wrong...I know, I know, you ... read more

What is attractive to you?

So, I, the male half have pondered for a while what is most important for you in a potential playmate.  I have broken it down, for me, into four facets. Face, which includes hair, body, personality, and the X factor which is a sexiness which is hard to quantify, but you know it when you see it.... read more

Fun at St. Simons!

Had A Great Time  At The Beach We emailed a couple from SDC web site that lives at our vacation destination. They responded back and we texted and spoke on the phone firming up the details of our date for Saturday night. Turns out they are a very experienced couple in the swinging lifestyl... read more

Starting age of swingers

I find it very interesting that most swingers are normally +/- 5 yrs of 40 years old when they start in the lifestyle. I think this is an important time in most people's lives - the kids are older and more independent, sex becomes fun again, both husband/wife are comfortable in their own skin and wh... read more

Playing with fhe female half for years

  I am new to the sight and have had a on going  one on one sexual relationship whith the female in a commited relationship where her and i became best friends ! me with her and her with me...  she and her hubby  (both have hall passes)  and play seperatly for about the last... read more

Swing Clubs on YouTube

This TV piece on YouTube is in dual language - Besides English, I believe the langauge is Danish and I found it very "swing positive"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Rdk_cWhh_gAny others anywhere online that folk might recommend/share?... read more

Playful Couples

Weeds growing in the driveway, lawn mowers abandoned in the foot tall grass that once was a lawn, peeling paint, worn flooring (with a distinctly adhesive quality), sheets of uncertain cleanliness, a broken stripper pole held together with duck tape, a hot tub that's been busted for over a... read more


She had a friend that softly whispered into my ear you both should have sex....... read more

Why are you here?

The motivations of becoming a swinger are as varied as the people themselves. For some, it is decades of monogamous dedication to their spouse. While for some, it is a transition from pleasures to swinging, and then are some who just want to "spice up their lives" and/or "explore our sexuality". Few... read more

N Resort Jamaica

That's it, haven't seen the sun in two weeks. Just booked five nights at N Resort in Jamaica in mid March..Can't wait to go. Anyone want to enjoy the sun with us? Its all nude all the time.... read more


Ok my friends i have a question. How many men prefer mfm when playing how many women prefer mfm when playing and why for both.... read more

I want to take my wife for a weekend to a great city a Swinger club

HI, We live in Bangkok and we need to escape once in a while.  We would love to go to a great city in Europe and include a few swingers clubs.  We know London and Holland, were disappointed in Germany.. Any recommendations for a weekend getaway?Thanks :)... read more

Go Hawks!

Seahawks or Broncos?... read more

iPhone Apps for swingers

Anyone know of any decent iphone apps for swingers to find other swingers?... read more

Getting a foothold

Hello all,Writing to ask for feedback.  Joined SDC over two months ago, spent hours digesting how to best setup the profile pics and description, and what makes people shine in this community, etc.And then, virtually nothing.........LOLWell, I've decided to reach out and ask for help.Admittedly... read more