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Transistive properties of swinging

We were wondering if others have experienced this phenomena.  So, we recently attended a house party and  met a couple that we hit it off with.  Playful conversation and flirting lead to touching, kissing and that progresses to the four of us moving toward an available bed.  Suddenly another cou... read more

corfu holiday

Any one out there fancy a meet in August in Corfu for some fun in the sun. Some nice beachs to go to and get naked and get that all over tan.... read more

Visit Spice Lanzarote!

We just got back from Spice, the third trip in 1,5 years. We love the ambiance, intimacy of this small resort. Meeting people of various cultures, is so different from your "normal" resort where people barely speak to one another. At Spice we can share spicy details with almost anyone. So much laugh... read more

face pics.. really??

Ok well I understand people have sensitive positions in the world around there business, jobs, etc., not on public viewing. Understandable I don't cater to it , except for my wife, but get it.  I tend to be who I am in all areas kind of like a glass house.  Knowing this i have to be vigile about m... read more

Trapeze or Dennies Hideway

We've been to the Trap a few times and really liked it. Thinking about trying Deenies but would like some feedback on the place. Is it worth trying?... read more

Who's your favorite pornstar?

I'm sure we all love porn. We watch to get off, for ideas, and because sometimes it's just freakin' hot! lol.  So i was thinking, who's my favorite star and right now, i'd have to say Ava Addams. This broad just does it for me<img src="https://awakenfromthematrix.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/600... read more

Visit Instanbul !!!!!!

Hello  everyone!!!!!we are be visited Turke at 27/2/15 until 2/3/15.we were be very happy if any one want to give us information were to go , to meet us to and have great time for fun !!!the hotel we will stay is Divan Instanbul !!!!kissessssssss!!!!!!!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️... read more

Sensuous Mistress

 my submissive was a true submissive meaning whatever I wanted was his desire. He truly desired to please me in whatever way. My way at the time was a house keeper while I healed after my torn hip from a sports injury.  After that he still cleaned my home. He did not want someone who gave pain as... read more

Podcast of a real couple on this site

Hey guysWe're a real couple on SDC, having fun like the rest of you.  We have a podcast called the Curious Couple for the Curious Ear on iTunes.  Actually its on soundcloud, stitcher, zune, podbean, and more.  Here's a direct link http://curiouscouple.podbean.com.  If you check it out, please l... read more

Pics of the MEN!

Probably a topic of many blogs but please please couples, try to post pics or blurred out pics of both individuals in the couple. We find nothing more irritating than pulling up a couples profile to find over 100 pics of just the female!!!!! Reallyyyyyyy.... read more

Oral Cancer

http://www.oralcancerfoundation.org/hpv/hpv-oral-cancer-facts.php/  I see that most use condoms as being responsible people who enjoy the lifestyle without risking disease, I however do not see much if any precautions taken against this deadly disease. We personaly know friends who have passed fro... read more

Sexy time

Looking to hang out and maybe play tonight couples single males and bi females ... read more

my cravings towards cuckold..

I think in swinging we all go though phases. we started with the FFM stage which was a dream come true. from here into couples and groups, the odd MFM was there too. One on my most exciting experiences was in a club in London (A Place For Fun) where they had a grope room. a room with small window... read more

No shows

Made plans to attend TMZ Friday night and a couple that I normally play with had been emailing me all week wanting to hook up. We hadn't played in a while but when I go to the zone, I play with them. Of course, the Zone costs a lot of money for single guys and has increased in cost but I have a good... read more

Almost Back....

WE have taken a break and starting to talk about living the life style again.Funny, the one thing I miss about the life style isn't so much the sex... well maybe alittle... or a little... lol.But no, really. The people and friends made in the LS seem so real.After 2.5 years of a break kind of thinki... read more

Almost Back....

WE have taken a break and starting to talk about living the life style again.Funny, the one thing I miss about the life style isn't so much the sex... well maybe alittle... or a little... lol.But no, really. The people and friends made in the LS seem so real.After 2.5 years of a break kind of thinki... read more

A night of passion

Okay, well, a second hand, partial account.A spend the evening with a woman she met. AR was the third she's met in this context and, I understand, by far the best. I didn't extract all the details of their evening, it doesn't excite me much but AR was very attractive, very keen and open. Rather like... read more

lady boys

I'm not bi , but last night did consider playing with a stunning ladyboy ... Mmmm is there a description for this desire ... read more

lady boys

I'm not bi , but last night did consider playing with a stunning ladyboy ... Mmmm is there a description for this desire ... read more

50 Shades of Grey

Today's exam question:Is wanting to go and see this film simply an admission your sex life is rubbish or non-existent? Discuss.... read more

Milf/hot wife/cougar???

A hates labels. For her everything she does is essentially normal. She hates the word kinky for example. Anal sex isn't kinky,  for instance, it's a normal part of sex for her. That doesn't mean there are no taboos. Of course sex under cohesion, with people who are too young, poo, pee, real pain, ... read more

Photo Contest

I enjoy voting each month on the photo contest and enjoy the different themes. I am sometimes puzzled by the winners because they don't have anything to do with the theme of the contest. When you vote are you looking for:... read more

Explaining the Lifestyle

Explaining the Lifestyle...I truly enjoy the lifestyle and I want to continue it even when I embark on a real relationship. I would love for her to get involved and be my partner in crime but there are hesitations. First of all, how would the conversation come about? How do I tell her about it with... read more

Never thought it would be this hard

When I first had the balls to start seeking out a threesome, I never imagined a fit 21 year old college studento would have this much trouble. Maybe it's my male ego thinking "who wouldn't be interested in trying him out" but I'm not quite sure how else to approach this. I've been trying for a few m... read more

Women who enjoy tossing a man's salad

I finally agreed to do it. I had a beautiful perverted young 23 year old eat my ass the other day.i wouldn't do it the first couple of times. Finally she kept on insisting that we try it and I slowly allowed her to do so. It was intense!!!!to say the least. So I was wondering if there are a lot of ... read more

Men Not Eating Pie

Believe it or not there are those in the lifestyle who do not eat pie, not even in return for my doing him/her.It took only one time for a guy to allow me to give him head and not tell me that he would not do the same before I instilled my rule of 'you 1st' then I do return the favor. Though, for me... read more

Fetish Friends

I was recently reminded of how I love to give fetish pleasure. Been so long that I truly forgot how much fun it is. Whether it's a pantyhose, feet or other body part, shower for you, strap on or simply to give the latex thing, I am down and with much care that a giver can give. I love to be a place ... read more

Some questions on Bi/Single males and fake profiles

The main thrust of my post is the topic of fake profiles. However, having read the measured replies form my last blog and also a post elsewhere about single men. I had a couple of comments.From our experiences over the past years we have found many very interesting people on these sites, they tend t... read more

Lots of sex

Sex is central to our lives. There are other, equally important aspects; our family and our work. Both of these take on a day to day priority, matters concerning both cannot be postponed. If our child is ill, we have to look after her. If there is a busy time at work, we have to turn our attention t... read more

Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas

Was just wondering if anyone here has participated in it..  Will be there in a few weeks and curious who else has experienced it..... read more


Planning a dinner.  Looking through recipes.  Want something that excites sight and taste (something that uses avocados or berries would be nice).  Any suggestions?... read more

Block Happy

Has any one ever blocked someone that right afterward wish you hadn't? I know that when I first started, I was emotional as hell and began blocking everyone left and right. But later on, I cooled down. Plus I'm sure it would be awkward to run into a couple/single that you blocked and you like them.... read more

DCRP any one seen them?

Anyone seen or heard from DCRP, haven't seen party plans in a while.... read more

STDs In America

If you think you are safe, found this on MSN today:Most Americans have an STD Here's a scary-sounding stat for you: More than two-thirds of healthy Americans adults are infected with one or more strains of human papillomavirus (HPV), a type of viru... read more


Noen som vil leke i kveld?... read more

A & E Reality of Swingers TV Show

I guess at 10PM on March 22ND on A & E, a new reality TV show will start about swinging.http://www.people.com/article/neighbors-with-benefits-ae-reality-showShould be interesting........I will take a look at it ;) What do you think ?... read more

Attributes of a GOOD Bull.

Attributes of a GOOD Bull. I should start out by saying it’s all about size. Also, all about role playing.1. A man who is sexually dominant2. A man who is at least 6 foot tall and in good shape3. A man whose cock exceeds 8+ inches4. A man who takes sexual control of a married woman5. A man who has... read more

Experiences...number 4

FS is a guy on SDC whose picture A liked and we contacted him. I hope he'll forgive me but he seemed pretty ordinary to me. In any case, he called and spoke to us, to A in particular for a while, we had emails and we Skyped and decided to meet.So, I couple of points. Firstly FS is a bit more hardcor... read more

Getting Married in Cap d'Agde

After seven years of living in sin we have finally decided to make honest swingers of each other and get married.  Officially the knot will be tied in Stockholm before we leave, but we have a longing desire to make a sexy, romantic ceremony on the beach at Cap d'Agde.We will be there between the 10... read more

Red Flags

I know that we all get suspicious of certain profiles and the validity of the people. What are some of the things that gets your antenna up for posers? ... read more

Post Move- Great Parties & MadameO party in Venice: 26/1 to 9/2/15

26/1 I woke at 8 and started to make calls, rearrange wardrobe delivery, do emails etc. Rita slowly came too and popped to shops for some sandwiches and around midday we headed to pick up the car from Westfield. Stupidly I had left an interior light on when I had fitted the car's resident permit and... read more

The Move! Disaster and Fun: 19/1 to 25/1/15

19/1 Monday morning. Up after breakfast and spent the day juggling work stuff, packing and coordinating suppliers. Rita went into London to sign off on the flat and also take some measurements I needed. Early we had a light supper, watched TV and collapsed into bed very tired. 20/1 Rita stirred befo... read more


WE WILL BE IN KEY WEST FEB. 15TH to FEB 22ND. Lynn&Dave... read more

Rotterdam Fridays??

HelloWe will visit Rotterdam Friday and we would like if there is any special club/pub for adult/swingers meet?We go Saturday in Fun4two but Fridays it's open for suggestions.... read more

Getting Past Erectile Dysfunction

I found out about SDC from a patient who came to see me for ED. Having experienced success in getting over his problem, he found that it felt good to share his issue with other potential couples. My patient was quite surprised to find that many of the men to whom he confided his "secret" were going ... read more

UK TV programme about sex parties

I am currently watching this programme as I am writing this blog, while waiting for the delivery guy to bring our new radiators for the flat....(whether it's sad of me or not to have kept this progamme recorded for so long, you be the judge lol)So, has anyone of you out there seen this programme on ... read more

June Vacation

Looking for suggestions for an early June adults only all inclusive vacation in Cancun area. Somewhere that women can go topless and it won't break the bank. ... read more

June vacation

Looking for suggestions for an unforgettable adult only all exclusive resort vacation in June that won't break the bank. Suggestions needed... read more

Question about "the pills"

So I use to have a very cool doctor who prescribed me Cialis no questions asked.  But I had to move and now my doctor and other doctors want to ask me all kinds of questions about why I need it and will only give me a two or three month prescription and then I can only get a few since they are so d... read more

Experiences since the renaisance no 3

t happened at a Killing Kittens party (more on KK later). This was held in a flat in Battersea, there were oysters and champagne and everyone looked very glam in their masks. We met T who A had met a few weeks previously (I can't recall if we had arranged to meet her. Anyway, T was a very sexy woman... read more

Pics of your guy!! Please!

OK. I have a question, Why are all women BI and all men straight? Seems odd it is ok for girls and not guys! and please put pics of your guy on your post. they are half the team after all!! xo Jean... read more

Private House Parties

We recently attended a private house party (private by invitation only and there was a nominal fee/couple to attend).  When the party host asked my wife to play, she said "NO" because she wasn't interested in playing with the host.  He was not a happy camper.  So here is the question:  Does "NO... read more

Costa Rica

We are planning a vacation to Costa Rica and would love some input from those of you who live there or have spent time/vacationed there before. Best beaches, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, etc., Thank you!!! XOXO... read more

Bisexual males

I was interested in the replies that raised some relevant points. When I started swinging at the dawn of time it was unusual for any of the women to play with each other, it was usually male/female pairing in the same room and no guy ever crossed swords let alone offered to suck dick. Oh, and yes, t... read more

Experiences since the renanasance No 2

This has been the only really negative experience since we started meeting people for sex. It was the first man that we had met and we contacted him through KiIling Kittens.We met at another railway station hotel. We chatted for a while and learned that he (like A) was Italian. Moreover, he was a ph... read more


So, I want to tell you about me. I am ahem years old (a decent score in cricket) and love sex. But, I'm also quite shy and cautious. There are many reasons I am happy to be married to A, she's super super sexy, she's my best friend and great company, we are good partners and she's a wonderful mother... read more

Experiences since the rennaisance No1

Our first experience on returning to meeting people was with a unicorn. J was (still is) an attractive 30 something women for whom we thing the term bi-curious is most appropriate.We met at the bar of a large railway station hotel, had a few drinks and decided we fancied each other and booked a room... read more

Abfabs, February

I'm writing this afternoon after a mixed evening at Abfabs, a swingers' club near Heathrow. We went with our friend J (a man) on a night when single men were welcome. It was our first time there, though J had been a few times before. The first problem is that Abfabs is, well, for us non drivers it's... read more

Lifestyle experiences – A woman's perspective

It gives me such pleasure to feel exploring hand over my sensitive skin and the excitement when the hands discover a tighter body than expected. A man's sexy response in words or body reactions. Moans, nibbles and kisses ignites the air. I get goosebumps all over, my nipples perk while my muscles re... read more


SENSUOUS RUBSI am going to have a community soon so we all can share our views, favorite rub girl/guy etc. You simply request friendship too.I do hope many join to both discuss and learn what we all love to have.... that massage that ends the way most would wishIf you do wish to check out my skills.... read more

Finding girl girl play

I have new friends who love girl girl play. Of course being a single guy I offer only limited options. I have reached out to maybe 2-4 couples to set them up. Nothing lol. People are always suspicious since I am the one helping them out. Still why is that so hard trying to fund them nice poeple? Don... read more

The New & Improved Rooftop

We just want to say lately rooftop is attracting our attention more and more. New security guy is great..the upgrade in the play rooms and private room is very impressing and the atmosphere is better than ever. What is your opinion? And if you haven't been there...why not?...Try It You Will Like It ... read more

Caliente Tampa

Hi we would like to go to Caliente in Tampa one day. We would like to hear from other couples. We have heard great things as well as some negative stories. What is the usual rate to stay their for the weekend? Are there any special fees? ... read more

1st Time up was a Swing and Miss.

This was during the time in which my wife and I were dating we simply "spoke" about sex clubs and potentially having another girl join us. And although it took a bit of time for any of the talk to be realized the 1st time up was a bit of a swing and a miss. Way back when we went to a Club here in t... read more

Our first time ever, 7 years ago. Then club Joi in Los angel, 7 years later.

My husband and I arnt what you might call swingers. When we first met 7 years ago we only hung out, never dated, not that I didn't want to, it was because he really wasn't interested  in dating. He'd come off a long marriage and really didn't want a girlfriend or fuck buddy as he told me.  Over th... read more

Our slutty adventures (C POV 1-31-15)

With a fistful of hair and his cock deep inside me, my husband discovered a secret fantasy of mine. His aggressive growl painted a scene of my face buried in a wet pussy while he pound my dripping cunt from behind. He detailed every aspect of me sucking on her clit to him filling me with his cum...... read more

Our Slutty Adventures (D POV 1-31-15)

We started this SDC profile because after our first amazing swinging experience we knew not only are we lifetime swingers but we also knew we were the same type of swingers. We Are both happy sluts. We are not go out for drinks and get to know each other; we are lets meet and let the girls start ma... read more

Missing Out

Do you think women that equate big dicks to good sex are narrowing the chances of actually having good sex? I've met women that say they've met guys that met guys that are well-endowed and the sex was bad because the male thinks that being big is what only matters to pleasuring a woman. And I've hea... read more

Englewood FL area

Anyone in the Englewood Fl area want to meet for drinks or local band on Sat night (2/7) just meet hang out and see where it goes/... read more

Celebrating a beautiful girl's 40th

What a Saturday night. Awesome P & A's venue. Amazing few hours to the morning light. Orgasmic feelings alive as we see our gorgeous friends M & J come up the stairs, our wonderful meeting with C & P again, C looking stunning as ever. As I turned there was the delightful darlings B &... read more

toys sex Dubai

hi every bodyneed help where can buy toys sex in Dubaithank u... read more

Orlando club scene?

2/2/15Headed to Orlando for a weekend.Can someone give a few names of clubs there?Thanks.... read more


I mean, this site has wonderful open and broad minded people but this still seems to be taboo... read more

Bisexual males

Hi, anyone have any views on what seems to be a double standard regarding bisexuality? Seems to me that Bi females are accepted and in huge demand - almost as if it is an appetizer for the guys. While many profiles state the couple are happy with the bi female but notthe male or will even play with ... read more

Losing your virginity!

Everyone remembers when they lost their virginity in the vanilla world. You remember that first girl or boy you were with, the place, the music, and how you felt before, during, and after.  But, do you remember when you lost your full swap cherry?  When was the first time you did it with someone e... read more

Big Game Observations

So, SB 49 is in the books. What did you think of the game?... read more

Any Watersports Lovers out there?

Any Watersports Lovers out there? :) love to exchange stories / experiences or just chat via blog so waiting to hear from you ! ... read more

Lifestyle in Ohio

Where are the good lifestyle parties in Columbus? Doesn't seem like there are many couples in the Ohio area on SDC. Is there any other popular lifestyle site??... read more

Cuckold Cock Cage Question for NEW Cuckold

We always keep things fresh and exciting. We are VERY kinky and are now starting with cuckold role play. My gorgeous wife wants to be in charge of the cock that belongs to her and will determine when and under what circumstances I will be allowed to cum. Can anyone recommend a good cock chastity ca... read more

A little respect and curtesy.

If you are going to set up a meeting, but have no intentions of showing up, just say no thanks in the beginning. If you change your mind and decide not to show please communicate and let the other party know ASAP. Please just don't disappear. ... read more

Carnival Cruise NOLA March 1, 15

Any sexy swingers or straight single males on the boat for some fun... read more