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Secrets Hidaway Orlando

Anyone ever been to Secrets Hideaway in/near Orlando? &nbspThoughts? &nbspThanks. ... read more

Blind Friend Requests

Those profiles that send a friend request without bothering to properly introduce themselves or say a single word to you first. The same ones that send the friend request, you accept, &nbspand you never hear from them ever. What is the point of adding someone as a friend and then never utter a s... read more

why do some girls freakout when it comes to swinging

recently i am dating a girl regularly , she is amazing , fun person and we enjoy our time together , she is sexy girl and we have amazing sex together ....the issue here is that she is not into swinging at all , i tried to open the subject with her few times and she totally freaked out , even one ti... read more

About time...

Go Leo....it was about time....... read more

The Blog Police

There is no such thing, just some that think their opinion is supreme. Ignore them.There is a more `tranquil` way of passing on info to the many newbies on the blogs.  Many here are frustrated by seeing so many blogs that are aimed at hooking up in some usually distant location.  This frustration ... read more

Safe sex - who are we kidding?

One of the things I like about SDC is that they let people list their `safe sex preference`. However, many people are not honest about it. I`ve been with `must use condoms` folks that never even hinted at them. And, I wonder when I see a couple where she is `must use condoms`, and he is not obviousl... read more

Bisexual looking for a connection next Thursday at 11:47 AM in Ubekistan...msg me

I am serious...... read more

Saturday fun

Hello everyone! Any couples in Singapore looking to have drinks later and a little fun? Message us, we`re really easy going and chill. Xoxo ... read more

Creampie Fantasy

Hi everybody...we always played as couple together whether with other couples or with single males , &amp have always enjoyed every single moment playing with others, but I have a fantasy that I would love to welcome my Mrs home after being out / after work ...etc &amp to find her full of Cr... read more

Days of the Week

Mounting/Musky MondayTwisty (not Tweeky) Tuesday Wet/Wanking WednesdayTantalizing/Titillating ThursdayFucking FridaySultry/Sweaty Saturday Sucking/Sharing SundayPost travel plans in the SPEED DATING section!Anything positive happen this week? Sexual or otherwise?!MrsH... read more


Attention all you people who insist on putting your speed date request in these blogs: STOP IT NOW!!! There is a feature on this site called `speed date`, guess what it`s for? It`s there for you to post your speed date! This is a blog section, no one wants to see your damn speed date here! If this c... read more

Does `BLOG` Mean SPEED DATE by chance?

Omg so many SPEED DATE NIGHT blogsPeople for real? Guess you think global date night gets you a better of interviews and passable play time?Not! ... read more

this weekend

would like to meet a beautiful women or a nice attractive couple this weekend for drinks in the bronx ... read more

friday fun!

Hey sexy people! my boyfriend and I want to make new friends have some drinks and maybe a little fun if you are in singapore message uso) we can host! hope to hear from you soono)... read more

Ramakien resort Pattaya

What a strange feeling nobody else staying at resort but the swimming freely naked in the pool is wonderful further updates to follow if I can find this blog later... read more

Key West Clothing Optional

Our beloved Pilot House has closed it`s doors this year.  For those not familiar, it was a clothing optional guesthouse in KW.Are there any folks out there in Key West/SDC who can recommend a similar establishment in Key West or even the middle keys? One that you have actually stayed at would be he... read more

Does Singapore swings?

I`ve been to Singapore many times for last few years and could not find any traces of swingers lifestayle there. Is it exists there? Please help me a club or two )... read more

Miami love motel for hotwife party?

We`re having a hotwife party on Friday and need a `love motel` that can accommodate around 8 people. Many of the places online say two people per room. Any suggestions where to go?... read more

Key West

We are going to Key West the last week of March. We would like to meet nice LS couples. Interested? Contact us... read more

Spring hiking in the UK

We plan on being ibn the UK the last two weeks of April through the first week of May. We are looking to hike, but are unsure of the best route for that time of year. Any insights/advice?... read more


any couple going to Mauritius island next April 12-17?We wish to meet any nice couple to have lot of fun together.K&ampA... read more

Visit Finland

We r a nice couple traveling in Finland, we stay at Rovaniemi until Thursday and after that we will be in Helsinki. Is there any couple ready to enjoy?... read more

Why does every blog devolve into...

...single guys posting about how great they are and how they are so much better than all the other single guys...stay on topic guys...stay on topic :)... read more


We were out at Top Golf Loudoun last night with Vanilla friends who have ZERO clue about our LS choices. We had been there may 15 mins and a gorgeous young couple sat in the bay beside of us in Bay 212. She had dark black hair that was short around ears length and a face and s... read more


Hello all,My wife and I are new to the scene. &nbspOur `vast` experience consists of 3 MMF scenes and one time I just watched a man enjoy my wife.  We recently relocated and when I updated some location info the emails flew fast and furious asking to meet us. &nbspMy wife is a petite adorab... read more

couples tower isle jamaica

just wondering anyone , been there, how was it?... read more

AbFab parties

Would like to go there next month. Is anyone having a good suggestion on which is best day for a single male ? or alternatives clubs in london ?Thanks in advance :)... read more

Are chat rooms dead?

I see no link anymore....... read more

Older man

Hi, we are a couple looking for an older male, straight, for soft swap. A man who can be in the same room. Interested? Los Angeles area.... read more

Key West

Can anyone recommend a clothing optional B &amp B in Key West ?... read more

How many women face this in the LS?

Okay, my husband and I have been in the LS for 4 years now. We love the openness and trust it has added to our relationship. Our own sex life is amazing and can`t be compared to any other. Yet we enjoy the variety of others. But I have an issue that I have dealt with since the beginning of our LS ve... read more

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...

I have to laugh. Really.In a number of blogs I`ve read recently, the discussion has devolved (or deteriorated) to a discussion of who is the best looking guy, which guy gets the most `trim`, who`s too fat to voice an opinion, or who is the most arrogant.Good grief. I can tell you, flat out, that guy... read more

South of Portugal

Hi, we are planning vacations in July to algrave, Portugal. Can anyone suggest us for good beach parties n clothing optional beaches?... read more

How do I introduce tantra to a new lover?

Interesting article on how to recognize a tantric lover.http://fusiontantra.com/5-things-to-look-for-in-a-tantric-lover/... read more

BDSM Husband/wife team in HOT persuit

Okay, so here is the dilemma. My wife and i are swingers and have been for sometime now. We recently started attending (BDSM) events in the Dallas,TX. area. It turns out we really enjoy it. So now we have decided to venture out and search for a sub/slave. As of this writing we have had no luck findi... read more

Young Couple on Curacao in March!

Dutch and english speaking young educated couple will be on Curacao for a month from the first of March and want to get naughty on the island.We are a bit experienced.. but we want more experience. She has experience with girls and he had threesomes. She is 26 and he is 29So if youre on vacation on ... read more

Wild Valentine Week: 8/2 to 14/2/16

8/2 I woke at 6am and read Times and then at 8am I woke Rita and we got up and packed up and cleared up the cottage - had a light breakfast and we left just after 9.30. Rita slept most of the way home and we got there a couple of hours later. Unpacked and then I worked through the afternoon till aro... read more

Fucking as an Act of Worship

Fucking as an Act of WorshipMy wise and interesting Ex Lara reminded me this morning that fucking is an act of worship. I don`t think it always is and probably most times isn`t- but it certainly can be. Anything that you throw your whole heart and soul into can be an act of worship, can transcend th... read more

When your `Ex` finds out....

When your `Ex` finds out.... I have been divorced now for little over 15 years from the mother of my 2 youngest children. By youngest, I mean 20 an 17 respectively. I have been with my amazing Lady now for over 6 years and we began enjoy... read more

more on validations

In the validation section it shows who has validated you,so if you`re interested in someone and want to take the guess work out have you ever contacted the person or couple who gave the validation to find out if what is presented on sdc is really true? like i said,it would take some of the guess wor... read more

Phuket Thailand

We will be there from 8.3 till 15.3. We will be happy to get information on the swing scene… ... read more

Validation Disclaimer

There are certain profiles that go to an exaggerated extent to qualify their validations with language such as: &nbspJust because we have validated or been validated by someone doesn`t mean we slept with them.We`ve been on this site for a while and can attest to the fact that validations are rar... read more

Wifes with Slaves

Just wondering, in general, do wifes like slave males ?... read more

Dallas, the Big D, and Testing

I`m not talking about the big D as in dick. I`m talking disease. A recent party in Dallas had an attendee that was ill. It sounded a bit off so I looked into it. I`ve verified through contacts in the medical community that there has been a little outbreak and it appears to be in the swinger communit... read more


Hello all! We're going to be doing a bit of traveling this Summer. We're trying to cut costs where we can and wanted to hear from anyone that has used AirBnB in the States and throughout Europe. As swingers, what has your experience been? In the instance(s) where you had the opportunity to play with... read more

For single wimmens

How many emails do you get a day?  Do you even view profiles from guys that send emails?  I envy you :)... read more


We`re thinking of going to Desire...Any thoughts on when the better times are to go?... read more

Some thoughts on BBC Play.

I have been in the lifestyle nearly a decade and I have enjoyed almost every experience I`ve had. Even the bad ones were learning opportunities. The vast majority of women and couples I`ve had fun with have been white, although I have played with many hot Black &amp Latin ladies and my memories ... read more

You Wanna Know What I Think?

You Wanna Know What I Think? Today I think I had enough of all the bullshit on SDC! &nbspThis is suppose to be a swingers site right? &nbspI especially understand the single men and I guess women on the site. &nbspBut the people that are on here to make money I do not get nor do I have a... read more

This is cool!

Just found this website for swinger Bed and Breakfast locations. It appears to be in its infancy and does not have to many places listed. kinkbnb.com... read more

Single Males: You need to bring more than your dick...

Too many single males bring only their dicks to the swinging lifestyle. After 20 years, I am tired of seeing SO MANY single males AKA towel sharks want to play with a couple and all they can say is, “Your wife/girlfriend is hot and I would like to fuck her”. While some of you do well and are bas... read more

The Road to Poly

I want to start this blog with, `I`m having the time of my life`! Now that is out of the way, wanted to share my latest experience. Swinging as a single man that is not 6`2 and180 pounds can be interesting. As a newbie you are somewhat led directly into these super intrusive `single friendly` situat... read more


i want to explore my bi side I would like to get together with a male and a girl and do that... read more

South Beach Suggestions, please

We are going to be in Miami the 24th-29th. &nbspPlan to visit Haulover while we are there, and staying at the SLS. &nbspDoes anyone have any suggestions on better hotels closer to the beach? &nbspAnd any ideas on clubs that are nudity friendly? &nbspNot necessarily swinger clubs, jus... read more

Why is it so hard to find...

Webcam girls, -guys or couples? Everybody seems to be so open minded and liberal nowadays, but when it comes to having a little bit of fun in your own home in front of a computer and getting paid for it (and we are talking 4 pairs of Louboutins per months), everybody rather say they don`t want to ha... read more

Sex is not political

There are some in the LS who make the mistaken assumption that only liberal democrats or atheist participate in this lifestyle. If they paid any attention to the news or just knew a little history they would know otherwise. It`s just my opinion but I would bet a high percentage of those reading this... read more

Anal Sex Illegal.....

........new Michigan law, up to 15 years in prison.Such bull shit, aimed directly at gay men.  What a way to circumvent simply passing&nbspwhat would be a very unpopular&nbsplaw against homosexuality.  Such arrogant discrimination.So, will they issue butt plugs?Will they form an anal polic... read more

Weekend Bitrthday Party for Rita: 1/2 to 8/2/16

1/2 Got woken by a phone call at 9.15 - what a long sleep - and not long after headed upstairs to work. Rita came up at 11 and after a light brunch she went to do a foot spa. After lunch I went to the gym after misplacing my debit card and so reordered another one. Only for Rita to say she had it i... read more

Tip For Single Males

You should buy a small notebook.  In that notebook, keep a diary of the couples you have contacted, and then note their response to you.If the response is negative, then check your list before you send another message and do not contact again.  It is really irritating that many single males sit ar... read more

Going from Single Male to Couple

I started swinging again as a single male about a year or so ago, now I am part of a couple and I have to say I am glad it happened. The attitude from other couples alone is a million times better as a couple then single male. People who did not respond as a single are now inviting us to private par... read more



Interesting Idea

Was chatting with an acquaintance in this hobby.  He said his wife was getting tired&nbspof playmates that did not listen to her wishes up front.  Many times they tried to play rough, or show off their talent by changing positions way too often, biting her neck or nipples too hard, etc.She tol... read more

Coffee, Tea or Me Girls Books

Growing up in my teens, the summer holidays were mostly a lonely affair. I got into the habit of reading books, anything that I could lay my hands on. These ranged from James Hadley Chase novels to Will Durant`s `Story of Philosophy`. An interesting gem of a book was `Coffee, Tea or Me Girls Lay It ... read more

Club in Rio

Hi, Last year we went to a club in the Tijuca area or region but we can`t remember the name. Can anyone help? as we are back in Rio and would like to go again. It was really nice and in a kind of residential area.... read more

Swingers in the Isis Crosshairs?

http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/02/02/suspected-islamic-state-terror-cell-plotting-attack-on-swingers-club-arrested/Be safe out there gang........ read more

Swinger Joke

My friend's wife nearly won the 'cocksucking championships' at our local swingers club.But she choked in the final.She really blew it!... read more

Fun in Greece

Hi all, looking for sexy beach locations in/ around Crete where you can enjoy naturist beaches and perhaps sexy venues to attend of an evening. Any ideas welcomed.... read more


We will be in Praag on 23 24 Feb 2016 and like to meet like minded&nbspcouples &nbspthere who can show us a good time.Please contact us via e-mail: kinkyandcozy@hotmail.comX X  X... read more

Perfume lingerie and heels

Is it just me or does that happen far less often on dates than it used to?  I miss it :)... read more

Any one near Khao Lak?

We are here for a week. Anyone about?... read more

Party week with friends: 25/1 to 31/1

25/1 Surprisingly woke at 7.30. Read Times and emails. Woke Rita at 8.30 as she had to leave for a bone density scan. I started to work through to lunchtime when Rita got back. I then went to the gym and Rita went out for a grocery shop. On the way home I bought some flowers and then helped Rita bri... read more

Things You try

So we are just finishing a trip in Europe where we had to attend 5 lifestyle parties. Our last party (last night) was in Amsterdam. Pretty typical lifestyle party, but they had a “Sensual Rack”. This is a big cross (like an X) that you are strapped to and blindfol... read more

Ever Experience This Situation Before?

This how it started, I had posted a ad ( speed dating ) about looking for people who would like to have dinner, a couple wrote a message asking me.  (`` Who goes out to eat on a date on a swing site? ``   I had reply back saying. `` What is wrong with that ? `` )    They did not even repl... read more