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Single Males

When someone messages you and is respectful and not pushy. Saying things like, it would be nice get to know you, asking about a party, or something you are hosting. It is just me that thinks it's rude to just delete the message with out some type of reply. A simple thanks but no thanks or some... read more

Winstar- Oklahoma

If you're not in the DFW area this post will likely not pertain to you but if you are... have you been up to Winstar? Have you had any fun? Have you met other couples there? Randomly? Planned it out? I've been wanting to plan a concert/gambling/nightclub/dinner/golf weekend for a long time and ... read more

Desire RM/Temp

Anyone else going to Desire RM/Temp from June 30-July 7th? If so drop us a note and we might see you there.... read more

Single males please!

So I guess we are a little different, (but aren't we all) at this point we are looking for single guys.  One of the things I like is get picked up in a bar and taken back to my house for a night of great sex.  My husband is fine with this, he enjoys watching me have fun, plus he wants to b... read more

Searching a travel soulmate

Slightly random proposition. Im a wealthy Swiss man 29 years of age. Originally Indian. I went to school in Boston now live between London and New Delhi. Come for a influential family therefore do not disclose my face on this website once we get chatting would be more than happy to share everything.... read more

Where did that week go?: 19 to 25/3

19/2 Woke and started the work week. At lunchtime Rita and I went to the gym and how a good workout and then back to work. Late afternoon Rita’s eldest turned up in a distressed state. Rang an ambulance as we agreed he needed help but he overheard our discussion and got up to leave and though sugg... read more

Couples Retreats/workshops?

Any suggestions on couples retreats/workshops? Preferably in Florida.  Something sexy or intimate like tantric, massage, or oral sex workshop or weekend session?  Have you had good/bad/worthwhile experiences with these?... read more


Hiya........so I have been living in a box, sexually speaking, and have decided to venture outside the lines and experience a wild weekend  ( Trapeze ATL ?). I have been reading and chatting and getting advice....but really I want a gentle couple or a nonpushy gentleman to take my hand and ... read more

Newbies attending the BBB in Texas

Hubby and I are trying to decide if we are going to attend the BBB event in Texas in July. We are newbies and have never traveled for a LS event. Any suggestions or advices from anyone who has attended this event. ... read more



HOW LONG..........

...........have you had penetrative intercourse with one partner without "unhooking" even to change positions?This applies to men and women. Read a report that said the best sex was in the first 15 minutes, after that the sensations diminish rapidly. It said women that do not orgasm tend to get tire... read more


How is Trapeze on Thursday nights? Never been before, looking to try it out tonight or should we just wait until Friday or Saturday?... read more

Swingers cruise?

Anyone interested to join us in Nov/18 for lifestyle cruise out of Ft Lauderdale?Anyone to join us to escape winder snow in resort in Mexico?... read more

Vikings and Swinging

Who thinks that the vikings wr swingers by nature?... read more

Would you lend your spouse out to others?

We enjoy threesome more that large group play. I'd like to set up some kind of a program where you can lend our spouse to another couple for some play time, and in return they would lend you and your wife one of their spouses. I think this could be a fun and exciting idea to share with other. Anybod... read more

Good Parties This Week: 12/2 to 18/2/18

12/2 Monday and the working week began in earnest. Meant to get to the gym but never made it. Worked through till evening and then sat down with Rita for supper and a chat about her eldest. He arrived around 10 and stayed overnight. I went to bed at 11pm and soon fell asleep. Woke up with a slight ... read more

Aged BBW couple

We recently met for drinks with a BBW couple,both 75+.Although we both enjoy playing with mature couples it was our first time with people over 75.Both were rather attractive and forthcoming and the lady in particular despite her age and weight dressed in a clasy but very provocative manner.After a ... read more

Atlanta Clubs

We have seen promos for the Loft and Trapeze. Which one is better and why. Thinking of trying one or the other out.... read more

Couple`s Play

I am just wondering , I am looking for a couple to play with as a single women. I do tend to find that when I am chatting with "them" it end up being him . That is fine but I would like to hear from both parties because I feel like her concern,needs and wants are just as important as his. Am I wrong... read more

Why people don`t show up

I understand if something happen and you had to make changes BUT I am talking about the people that set up the meeting, respond while you are travelling there and tell you they are minutes away from the meet up. Why would you waste everyone's time like that?... read more

Tonight I (the wifey) would like to vent about...

...past and potential future playmates.Especially the single ones or those that are claiming to be single and/or newbie couples. Yes..."we have been there and done that" as a new couple to LS, but we were humble in the beginning and definitely not pushy and we expect the same. With singles we welcom... read more

Places in Cuernavaca

Hello Friends,Years ago, there were a couple of place close to Cuernavaca, Mexico. One was called Pistache and the other Caracoal. Can anyone let me know if these places are still in business and how to make contact. If not, are there any others you can recommend. Many Thanks!... read more

A creative and fun profile title might get you laid more often

A few thoughts on titles. We change ours on a regular basis depending on our mood, and we are not necessarily funny every time. Sometimes we want to announce a party, sometimes we say “Happy Holidays”, ....But I have noticed that we were more attracted to fun people, and it could show in the tit... read more


We are visiting bucuresti in March any upto date info on the clubs?... read more


We are visiting Paris in April any upto date info on the clubs?Wendy... read more

Penser à haute voix/Thinking out loud

We are new to the lifestyle. We are attracted to the lifestyle. We are having trouble finding our way… This is what we would hope for: Meeting people that are happy, interesting, funny and playful. Playful in every sense. We enjoy social games, dinners, going out, etc. Our starti... read more

A sexy week!: 5/2 to 12/2/18

5 and 6/2: Well not to much to say except that they were two long work days while Rita shopped using some of the vouchers she got for presents. Had a visit to the gym together on Monday and on Tuesday Rita had a visit from J who gave her a massage and manipulation. Monday evening we had a great coup... read more

Looking for accomodation at Cap

Hi there - we are searching for accomodation 7-10 july after hot days at Jardin Eden 😘 Maximus XX ... read more


Do any couples enjoy kiss or snowball with your significant other ? What is best public place you’ve received a bj ?... read more

My first Flogging

I am so turned on this morning that My clothing rubbing up at against me at Pilates was torture and I could barely keep from whimpering under my breath. I received this message this morning from a new friend I agreed to do a public scene with tomorrow night.She had been curious about her first flogg... read more

Rita’s Party Week: 29/1 to 4/2/18

29/1 Another week. Rita had another bad night coughing. Mainly work day though Rita popped out late morning for a sunbed and we then met at the gym for a workout. Quiet evening- early bed.30/1 Rita had an even worse night. Busy work day. Rita headed to hairdresser to get some colour in her hair. Sto... read more

Traveling to Europe

We will be traveling to europe as from June to September, starting from Athens, sailing in Greece islands, then visiting friends in Italie and France, Britanie, south of France, Lyon. drop us a message if you are in our location.... read more

Hedo for the first time

Anybody else going to Hedo in Negril, Jamaica? Free timers here. Just looking for some advise. Will be there 2/22-2/26... read more

Dallas Clubs - Best Rated

On a Saturday night, which clubs in Dallas are the go to?Very attractive, fit and early/mid 40's couple looking for some fun fantasy exploring and want a good crowd and sexy atmosphere to help facilitate that.1. Why that club?2. What's your experience?... read more

adfabs heathrow

have adfabs been closed down ... read more

Fantasy Fest 2018

Planning to attend - need advise.  Stay the whole time?  Just a few days?  What days are the best?   Hotel suggestions?  Appreciate any suggestions.... read more

Tomorrowland 2018

Is anyone going?... read more

Miami or Las Vegas Clubs?

Between Miami and Las Vegas, where are the best clubs? Newbie, early 40's attractive couple looking for fun, dancing, beautiful people and a sexy atmosphere. Recently went to Caligula in NY on a Wednesday night and it was a place we will never visit again. Granted, it may have been that it was a Wed... read more

Everything in moderation

We are told to take everything in moderation, too much of a good thing is a bad thing and too much of a bad thing is really bad for you. We apply this to drinking, eating, spending money, and other things which can get out of control; however, in the 12+ years I have been in the lifestyle I have not... read more

Couples why no male pic jQuery1110041587905575360673_1517770627937??

We are visual creatures and know that our optical nerves are connected to our genitals! So why is it that on a lot of couple profile you can not find one picture of the male half ???  Yes you can ask for them butshould you have to ? ... read more

Hedo resorts

We are thinking of going to Jamaica to Hero. Would like any and all advice. Definitely going to indulge in many fantasies!!... read more

Is it just me who gets annoyed at multiple RSVP`s?

Am I the only one here who gets annoyed when people RSVP for multiple parties (private or clubs) on the same night?We don't do LS stuff very often. When we do, usually, we go to one of the clubs, and we do look at who is planning to be there that night, how many RSVP's there are, to figure out where... read more


I am going to try really going to try to make my number one fantasy of sex on a yacht happen this year.  Looking for some advice or someone with or has a friend with a yacht that would like to help?... read more

Calling All Unicorns!!!

Let's keep this nice, however I want the honest truth. Why do you like being a Unicorn? Why do you not like being a Unicorn?  I want to hear from you!!!... read more

The New SDC Menu Sucks!!

Please let them know! It's terrible! ... read more


We are visiting bucuresti in March any upto date info on the clubs?... read more