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Swing party on the 11th of April CYPRUS

Hi ,we are organizing a private swing party on the 11th of April l in a private villa in Pissouri area (CYPRUS) .Food,drinks and fun will be supplied with against a participation of the costs .We only want nice REAL couples to pass an excellent night.... read more

Love the new club....

Great layout, finally a fix to the air...and the food. EXCELLENT. ALWAYS. The staff is as friendly as ever, and I might add that Jerry always does a great job. If you haven't tried the new place out,  you should. Big fun...and I mean it. ... read more

What 2 people would you have over for dinner and why? PLEASE READ

This is just for fun there are no right or wrong answers just a fun way to get to know people.   Ok I like  to know what 2 people you would have over for dinner and 1 must be a person that has died and the other one is still alive. They  can be anyone in  the world  that you... read more

Women who love to watch there partner have sex with other women...

I like to ask a question to everyone if you don't mind..   Ok we are a couple and we love  to swing and have a great time and we always do. we really have no hang ups when it come  to sex and Drama free and know we do it becasue we both want to . Well with that said I like to know if ... read more

Fucking Machines

Anyone have any experience with these machines? Are they really worth the money?  If so, why and which ones?   Thanks Swing... read more

DesireWeek43 SDC Group

SDC's 3nd Annual Desire Maya Week 43 Hello Everyone! We are pleased to announce the 3nd annual "Desire Week 43 Group" is now taking reservations. We started this group in 2006 for guests that will be visiting Desire-Cancun during the 43rd week of the year. This year the 43rd week falls October 17-24... read more

guilt ?

This is for the swapping cpls. Do they feel guilty after swapping their partners ? Please be truthful. Your comments.... read more

que opinan

nos gustaria saber que opinan sobre nuestras fotosy si alguien nos quiere conocer? gracias... read more

staying up

hello dr. ziggy,                 i just read your answer to the question of "staying up" my question to you is: i have a problem getting and maintaining an erection weather it be in a one on one situation or at a club i know... read more

Some erotica...

You walk in, hand in hand with your lover. You are late to the sex club, but you prefer it that way sometimes. As you glance around, you see a friend getting his cock sucked by his wife in the kitchen. She waves a brief greeting as she licks the head of his cock. His eyes are closed in pure pleasu... read more

Sex With Others

Have any of you discovered, since you started in the lifestyle that there is actually less sexual interaction with your own partner? We know a couple who used to give frequent 'weekend parties' for lifestyle couples....suddenly, they were gone from the scene....we called to make sure nothing dreadf... read more

Los riesgos de hacer HMH

Estoy seguro que algunas de las parejas de SDC, han recurrido al truco de esconder un amigo en la cajuela de su auto para meterlo al motel de contrabando. Bueno pues esto le paso a una pareja en Leon Guanajuato y la noticia se publico en el Diario AM del 10 de marzo de 2009. ( read more

Code Phrases

Manhicouple raised an intersting topic in the blog on Class: Do you and your parnter have a special set of code words or code phrases you use when you meet another couple that lets your partner know how you feel about them. Any thoughts? ... read more

Take a knee

How often have you seen a profile and thought "Everybody ought to check this Hottie out" So let start a list Yes, I'm bored......and??? point would be????... read more

Stupid shit people say

We have all seen people say some of the dumbest stuff ever. So I figure lets keep a blog of them. Rule 1.... Cut n paste only from blogs post only. No "So-n-So said this" Rule 2.... No names of the idiot that wrote it Rule 3.... only context matter. Posting because of gr... read more

desire passes

hello counselor. how does the day or night passes work at desire?... read more

Anyone coming to Miami for WMC/ Ultra 09?

Is anyone coming to miami this week for wmc/ultra? Anyone would like to meet and play or needs a place to crash for a night let me know.... read more


Who is going to be aboard the Fantasea Fest cruise from 10/27-11/4? It is a Bare Necessities cruise and should be a lot of fun. You get to combine Key West's Fantasy Fest with an 8 day nude cruise, perfect. Now all we need are some lifestylers. Let us know if you'll be aboard. If noth... read more

Party at Club Rub

Going to club rub in London on 18Apr09. Would like to hear from other couples who are/might be going as well.... read more

Cap Adge - France!

Hi every one ! am thinking about going to Cap Adge this summer and was wondering if it is single friendly and whats the best time to visit. Would appreciate your comments on this! thanks... read more

Kissing - how can some people be so terrible at it?

I met a couple at the weekend, they're not on here so I don't mind saying that she was terrible at kissing.  I have now met a few women who were bad kissers and each time I left wondering how you can be a bad kisser.  I appreciate that not everyones idea of a great kiss is th... read more

Does anyone on this site actually meet?

We sent invitations to over 50 local couples for the big Meet & Greet we're hosting at Caliente Tampa on the 20th, and so far, the only replies we've received is from a very few couples saying that they couldn't make it. We have well over 50 very hot couples and single bi ladies from other si... read more

What do you like to listen to when mutually gratifying each other orally?

There is nothing like cuming simultaneously like above, so intense so delicious. We love to listen to Pat Metheny, are you going with me while either gives or receives oral diligence. I find it soothing, relaxing, yet sensuously invitingly, a journey of blissful sexy music&n... read more

What Music do you listen to when?

There is nothing like cuming simultaneously like above, so intense so delicious.  We love to listen to Pat Metheny, are you going with me while either gives or receives oral diligence. I find it soothing, relaxing, yet sensuously invitingly, a journey of blissful sexy mus... read more

Shouldn't you be.....

Shouldn't YOU be a member of The Red Door Community?  That's where you'll find our real blogs, extremely sexy couples and single ladies that live in Texas and Mexico and soon, special forums, chats, "community only" discounts to the club, etc etc.  We only all... read more

The Free Spirit Experience

  The Free Spirit Movement          Minutes of the last Meeting: It was agreed that the Experience will now become the Movement - We concluded that between us we have enough experiences for the change to be warranted. ... read more


Ok I'm ready for somthing important. I'm getting ready to by the Mrs a new little buddy and i need the ladies to tell me Glass or Plastic and why? Hell lets make it interesting and throw in some of those left over hide the dildo photo pics.... read more

BBB - Where are you staying?

Just made our reservations at the Lakeway Resort and Spa for BBB and we were wondering who all we'd be seeing there running around half-naked (we hope)!! If we won't be seeing you at our hotel then be sure and grab us and say hello at the parties or on the lake! :) Can't wait for all the fun! ... read more

Profile Pictures!!!

So whats up with all the profile that just advertise Dick & Pussy? Yes we might want to see what your privite area looks like but we don't want all 20 pics on your profile to be your privite parts. We know alot of people like to be discreet on SDC and we respect that, but if you don't want anyon... read more

Anything but politics

let's discuss anything but politics - tired of seeing the same 2 blogs of angry right wingers on here let's try sex - since this is a swinger website - or religion - that should piss people off - or should we talk about how to raise your kids in a swinger home... ... read more

Why do people add them selfs to a guest list And have no intention of attending?

Why do people add thier names to serveral events on the same night ? Seems silly as the guest list is provided so others can see who will be attending the party or event as feature  from sdc. Expessialy Single Men as the limit on Single men are based on the volume of couples to have a nice... read more

Visiting Phoenix

We will be in Phoenix mid April and wanted to go to a nudist resort and lifestyle club... any suggestions out there? All input would be appreciated, so to speak!... read more

Cape Adge or Spain this summer!?

Hey fellow memebers! Looking for fun this summer and was wondering whats ur favorite place for sun, sex, and sea ? Cap or Spain? I noticed that memebers here have almost an equal intrest in both places! For spain however ... whats the place to be at? thanks for the comments! and advise! ... read more

Michael Jackson

Winner or Sinner? Still an icon? Still the King of Pop or now a washed up has-been selling himself to the highest bidder for cash now he's skint? ... read more

how to create a community

Can any one tell me how one creates a community as have plans for guys to a have a great time with 2 females friends of mine and would like to create a community for us all to keep in contact... read more

One you go Black...........?

Dear Dr.   I am a 34 year old woman who wasmarried for 7 years to a wondefull man. I strayed but i strayed with another woman, in fact 3 other women during the last year of our marriage.. he last woman in my life, Jasmine, was our black cleaning lady who took care of me when i had a badl... read more

one wonders...

If we simultaneously legalize marijuana as "medicine" and provide universal health care at the same time, will it now be out government's job to deliver us Marijuana on an as-needed basis? Seriously, I wanna know, because in THIS country, that would be baaaaaaaaaaad (although I'm sure K... read more

Best Brazillian Shop in DFW?

looking for the best place to get a full brazillian done, can anyone share their favorite place her in DFW?... read more

Looking to try our first time at a swing club..

Looking to try our first time at a swing club..  Didnt know if there happen to be maybe another newer couple here in South Florida that wanted to try it out but didnt want to go it alone..  Thought that we would see if there were any other first timers that might want to do a double date s... read more

We Care About OUR Members @ TMZ, Houston.

Exciting NEWS to All that Enjoy The Mystery Zone! We at The Mystery Zone realize that our country's economy is going through a hard time right now.  We certainly understand that our members are feeling the crunch of this recession! Fortunately we have prospered here and are in a pos... read more

Que opinion te merecen mis videos???

... read more

Different Feelings

Hello, I have read your boards from the start and am in a runt so to say.. my husband and i have been swinging for as long as we have been married (9yrs).. we love it.  the problem i have is in 2007 we got into a money crunch so i did what i thought would help(escorting) and it did until I got ... read more

Cap d'Agde OR Hedonism??

We have been to Cap d'Agde (in France) 5 times and think the place is absolutely is like nowhere else on earth.....EQUALLY we have met some friends who say that Hedonism I/II/III is fantastic BUT we have never met anybody who has been to both to give us a comparison. We would love t... read more