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Okay, so as a previously single lady in this lifestyle, I thought I had seen it all.  Jealous wives (oh no, I love to watch my husband get pleasured), overly aggressive men who think it's appropriate to just shove their hand up your skirt at Players and couples that think since you are a "... read more

BBB in July

 We are headed down to Austin for BBB again this year... read more

Manzanillo Mexico 4/10-4/17

Looking for playmates of every variety!! Staying in a beautiful private villa overlooking the Pacific. Sorry, but we don't speak Spanish well.... read more

Night of the Senses

We are going to this on the 30th April and are quite excited. Anyone else going?... read more

Best Swing clubs in Berlin and Koln!

Hey guys! Can someone please advise on good clubs for single visitors in Koln and Berlin in germany!? thanks... read more

Can anyone handle this 18 Inches Of Black Cock???

WOW what else i can say after i saw this video.this is real amateur cuckold video.I want to know what you mean girls can anyone of you handle this 18 inch bleck cock???? i need your opitium about that.Personaly i really like big cocks 9inch + but this is too much for me.Biggest cock what i had is 10... read more

First Desire post

Who will be next to create a post about their experience in Desire.... read more


Hi, We are a Brit couple, we will be on vacation June thru August in the Tampa, Fort Myers area WE ARE LOOKING FOR INFO ON QUALITY CLUBS, and possible meets with other couples, WE APRECIATE YOUR HELP ,THANKS   L, AND P.... read more

China set to jail swingers for 5 years

Saw this on (an anti-censorship site although the title suggests other possibilities). I knew there were problems in Islamic countries like Egypt but I'm a bit lost as to why a secular state like the China is getting so moralistic: "Chinese prosecutors have charge... read more

where in san antonio can be meet a hot guy for my wife/

Wife is looking to play with a hot guy on weekends in San Antonio, Texas.  Where is a good place to find one.  Which bar or dance hall?... read more

Closet Bi People

It is rather amazing how many single and married men on these web sites say they are stright and for some reason, contact me in regards to wanting to try the " Bi " thing. Is it so hard to be open with the wife and tell her what it is you really want. Honest and up front in the first place... read more

Help organizing party in Miami

Hello, I've been assigned with the task to organize a super-party for a friend. Part of this includes hiring one or two sexy private dancers/strippers. Anyone here with experience in this task? Any recommendations? I would greatly appreciate any help on this. Oh, I forgot to mention t... read more


Hello all.... we are looking to head to cancun.  Any hotel recommendations and/or clubs we should know about?  Thanks for your help! xoxo ;)... read more

Why politics?

  I don't understand why people want to discuss politics here though. SDC is about fun and sex not politics. If we develop a friendship it may come up but usually not. It's not the center of our lives after all.  We're looking for exciting sex not who you voted for. ... read more

b day spice

hello foks we are looking to spice things up this week. its my baby's birthday and we wanna get wild and have somefun each day of this week. we live in new york, so if you are a coule or a female who would like to entertain us or provide us with a good party to go to please contact us thank you... read more


You know no matter if you love the Bill or Hate the bill, one thing you can admit is that the way this bill despite the overwhelming public resistance to it was forced down our throats without a true up or down vote is troubling. Dont get me wrong I love the Democrat party but it makes you wonder, a... read more

"We didn't hook up" is who's fault!

A View from the front lines!   "We didn't hook up". If I had a dime for every time I've heard this at our place I could close tomorrow a wealthy man. Ninety percent of the time we are the reason why. The reasons are far reaching, but the visual is not. The majority of the problem... read more

Hedonism 2 or 3???

Hello, I am planning a trip to Hedonism this Summer, and ran into a little problem. So instead of starting to panic I said to myself "why not get the opinion of my fellow SDC'ers" I decided to I just wanted to get the opinion of a few good people. If you have visited Hedonism and would ... read more

new adventure

originally from MIami we live in New York for 18 months but so far never get chance to have a real good time looks sometimes boring nobody have good plan to reopen the light...... read more


there are people out there that are asking for BTA ( basic travelers allowance) do not accept it. It is a romance Scam... read more

Heavy Cum

Ok this one is for the guys.  I have been in this lifestyle for a while and notice that some men cum more than others.  Just wondering why and what is it that makes them have lots of cum?  Is it certain food, drink, or supplements?  Let here it. ... read more


We will be getting some early sunshine on the beach at SHARM EL SHEIK, EGYYPT  APRIL 17-24 - drop us a mail if you are there and fancy meeting up!... read more

Greece ~ Summer 2010

We are planning a Summer trip to Greece this year. Yayyyyy ;-) We are thinking of going to Athens, Santorini & Mykonos, and we would LOVEEEEE suggestions, of where to go partying, clubs, hotels, dining, etc, in this cities. We are aware that Santorini is more romantic than a party place, so ple... read more

looking for other couple to have 5some

hi we are looking for other bi couple to share with our italian male friend for 5 some. we can accommodate and it will be near wembley (london),in april. please live your full pics,email address and mobile number thanks n&d x ... read more

Finding a Community

To the inspired and inspiring expats of SDC, So we've been living the expat life in SE Asia for the last two years now. We love being overseas in the tropical climate with great food and a good standard of living, but we are missing something crucial to our satisfaction. A community. And by that ... read more


Has anyone else ever had the problem where you go meet a single or a couple and than they whip out the drugs around you?, well it happened to me and i was pissed, and than they had the nerve to say "I hope you are ok with this" and i am like Uh NoOoooo i am not, really depressing when that... read more

Computer locking up ?

 I was wondering if any one is having problems with their computer locking up while your are viewing profiles?  I have this happen every 10-15 minutes that im on this site. I have contacted SDC and they tell me to clean up my broswer and I have several times, it still locks up. If this hap... read more

Best hotel and clubs in Cancun?

Any suggestions for hotels in Cancun? And what bars are the best?... read more

Cap Dagde July !

Hi all we are going to Cap dagde from the 17th of July till the 24th. We have a two Bedroom Duplex Booked and we are looking for roomates to split the costs with us. So if anyone is interested please feel free to write us for more info. Lisa And Adrian... read more

texas hates Thomas Jefferson? What the hell is going on with our education system, now John Clavin and Thomas Aquinas are more important than Thomas Jefferson and the Enlightenment? Imagine trying to rewrite history and indoct... read more

rent a holiday appartement or so one, we are searching .. ferienhaus, hotel, pension, ferienwohnung bei swingern ... gesucht

WIR SUCHEN: Ferienwohnung, Pension, Hotel, Ferienhaus in Europa, welches wir für Ferien / Städtereise mieten können. Von Swingerfreunden und / oder selber Swingern. Wir möchten halt, dass wir wissen, bei Gleichgesinnten zu sein und gfls. auch zueiander kommen ... we are s... read more

Visit Egypt - Sharm el Shaikh advice needed

We are going for a week holiday to Sharm el Shaikh in Egypt from April 5 - 13. Does anybody have some recommendatins for swinging clubs, couples or other idea's? Thanks in advance A&R... read more

Visit Sharm el Shaikh - Egypt

We are going for a week holiday to Sharm el Shaikh in Egypt from April 5 - 13. Does anybody have some recommendatins for swinging clubs, couples or other idea's? Thanks in advance A&R... read more

Gran Canaria (English - Deutsch)

Hello my dear Inivation for Saturday for a frivolous Latino-Night We celebrate together a donnybrook frivolous partynight for swingers. With the aim for building a regulars table for islander and tourists to become acquainted with regular meetings. From soft to hardcore, all are welcome. Let u... read more


Great idea. What is the cost?... read more

Your First Visit To A Swingers Club

PERSONAL DESIRES.....................Al and Donna, Nashville, Tn,  But Travel the USA. To be very Honest, we never know what we are looking for in a Person or Persons until we meet......If things CLICK, we just Go With The Flow....MEN, WOMEN AND COUPLES ARE ALWAYS WELCOME.   My Ideal Pe... read more

Length or Girth?

OK so here I am trying to figure out if I prefer length to girth. I guess my profile name makes it clear that I like big guys but I've had a few long ones and one or two thick ones which weren't so long. Every now and again I've had both as you can see from my photos. Would love to hear ... read more

what to wear

Hi to all out there. We are most probably free on Saturday and we are planning to visit a club, yes, for the first time. We know there are loads of blogs with advice for newbies, but our Mr is not sure about what to wear for this occasion. Honestly as a woman you can`t really be wrong as l... read more

Would Love a Gang Bang

Steve and I would love to have a gang bang. If anyone know of any in Singapore or Malaysia (KL) please let us know.... read more

Looking for some fun - Are u up for it??????

Hi we are Sally & Steve. Sally is Asian and Steve is from UK. We live in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Steve is working in Singapore. We are into most things and like to please and be pleased. If you would like to play with us either as a couple or with Steve by himself please let us know and we can... read more

Date Switch

Has anyone swapped partners overnight or dates and how was it?... read more

Paphos - Cyprus

There 1st - 8th Aug 2010, anyone else around there on these dates too??... read more


 The following appeared on our local speed dating section at SDC: hi single male looking to show how much i enjoy giving oral too wemen and very good at it long lasting sex I realize that everyone needs to get laid on occasions but are not first impressions important?  If you can't... read more