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parties Las Vegas

heading to Las Vegas and looking for some clubs as well as private parties any suggestions? contact: ... read more

lost weight need help

I work alot , 6 days a week. Dont have time for the gym. i lost weight need to know any good work out for the ass. i had a great ass now not so great. any help would be great. just want my firm ass back. something i can do at home... read more

MILF I am and Damn proud of it!!!!!!!

First of all let me say that calling a women a MILF is or at least should be a compliment. I have noticed that a lot of younger people use that as some form of derogatory slang but as a 43 year old women I take it as a compliment and always know that yes I may be in my early forties but I can still ... read more

where would you recommend?

Hi, we have got a week of from the 7th May, and wonder if anyone could advise us where to visit for fun in the sun! Do we head for Mexico or Europe, plenty of choice not sure which ones is best. Mrs Farmer likes luxury and doesn't mind spending Mr farmers to get it!! Looking forward to your suggesti... read more

Dublin soon

Going for Dublin 15th to 19th of april, looking for some fun:D... read more


Well if anyone knows how to or wants to host a hose and heel event we would be glad to help/join/participate ... read more

S & M clubs

is there a club in New York who is for S & M and swingers combine?... read more

Hols in UK

Hi guys we are in Scotland from May 8th until 15th hillwalking then of to the Lake District until 22nd may so if you are near by please say hi ok. looking for BI Couples,  BI Females, Or BI Males, for a we bit of fun as we travel along lol xx to all. live every day to the fullest ok P&S Ire... read more

Retro heels and hose

What type look do you or your man prefer? Pantyhose with a hole? Stockings with a garter? Thigh highs? Pumps? Sandals? Stilettos? Stripper shoes? Retro 1950s pinup? Secretary? School girl? What is your favorite outfit for sex/role play? What really turns you on?  I love to dres sup to make th... read more

What do you call ?

What do you call a female that likes to receive play from another female, but does not like to reciprocate ?... read more

Is it possible to find your soul mate permanent partner here

I'm curious. I have been in this life style for almost 12 years. Started after my divorce. I see a lot of couple's that are very happy in love but I noticed this became a part of their life after being together for more than a year. Is it possible to meet a man on here or in swinging, fall in love, ... read more

Anal Play for Men

The issue of anal play for men seems like one of the final frontiers of sexulality--at least when it comes to talking about it, even among the enlightened.  Attached is a link to one article about it.  Just wondering what people around here think and have to share about this. It is so... read more

Any good Swinger clubs in Barcelona/Spain?

Hello there! We are travelling to Barcelona in the second week of April. We would like to visit a swingers club. HAs anyone any recommendations? Thanks Mari & George... read more

Register Interest please

 As it states in our profile I (Elle) am very new to multiple male partners in the intimate sense.  That certainly doesn't curb my interest.  If you would like to increase my experiences in this field do leave a comment.  It would be beneficial if you could arrange accommodation ... read more

South FL Bisexuals Meet & Greet For April

The monthly meet and greet is back! We will be meeting on the first Friday of each month and all are welcome to stop by. There are some other things going on the same evening but we decided to have it anyway. This is a public venue and there is no cost outside of what you buy to eat or drink. The me... read more



1st time you saw your partner with someone else having sex

what was your reaction the first time you saw your wife or husband having sex with some one elses... read more

Anyone visiting Melbourne for the F1 GP?

... read more


When I look at the profiles on SDC, it's amazing how many couples are looking for a bi-sexual female but very few looking for a bi-sexual male.  Is this because the male is the dominant partner ?  or is it because women can do without men ?.......or is it because the thought of 2 men toget... read more


Global Mobs hiding behind humanity,democracy and hit the innocent people...Local Tirans also kills the same innocent people...This is insanity....... read more

Another War??? it or leave it   Should we get ourselves involved??? Will this start WW3 on this site??? Please vote...... read more

Looking for a club

Years ago we went to Bilitis in san Juan Alicnte. We had some really good times there and fulfilled many fantasies. We are returning to Alicante for a short break and apparently the club has shut down but another one has opened with the same name in Vistahermosa. Does anyone know anything about... read more

Nude beach signals

We were talking to a couple from New Jersey over the weekend and they told us that swingers at the nude beach at Sandy Hook use (sticks) to signal sexual preferences. They didn't go into it but we imagine bi-couples, verse's searching for singles would use different kinds of numbers of sticks. We ne... read more

Married couples that play alone

We are curious to your thoughts about the following: 1st: We play together and seperate. 2nd: He trys to play seperate when he travels out of town for weeks at a time, only with swingers. 3rd: She plays seperate when he is away and when he is home but is working and she has ... read more

Let's try the condom poll again.

I was told that on my last attempt, My question was not clear enough. Let me clarify this time. I am not looking for answers based on how you wish things were. I am looking for answers based on how things are today. You can be honest in the poll because no one can tell who answered or how they answe... read more

Drunk texting

Thanks for being a good sport... read more


 We have been so fortunate to run into the nicest people in this scene.  A lot of things have been written about what separates us from "lower" animals.  I'd like to think that thoughtful courtesy would really be one of the markers of humanity.  Unfortunately, I'm afrai... read more


Cuckqueans The cuckquean is the female equivalent of the male cuckold.  Are there any woman who enjoy being humiliated by their h... read more

Tantric Erotic Massage

Has anyone had a Tantric erotic massage before.  I am trained in massage therapy and have just done training in Tantric massage.  It's extremely erotic and very relaxing allowing you to let go of all your inhibitions and release your inner sexual energy.  Let me know if you've tr... read more


The cuckquean is the female equivalent of the male cuckold.  Are there any woman who enjoy being humiliated by their husbands as the male cuckold enjoys being humiliated by his wife?  Never heard the word before. I suspect it is farly uncommon.  Just wondering.umiliation cuckold ... read more

Before and after parties?

Does anyone know where there will be before and after parties?  We would like to meet and greet before the cruise, so we can increase the time we have for fun. Please make your post here, so everyone knows.... read more


Anything and Everything about American Politics... What is your Political Ideology?... read more

Money Grabbing Scams

I received this email this morning from a profile named as FAITH2000 and it's not the first time that I have received something similar! I was wondering if anyone else received these kind of emails on here and what they do with them if/when they receive them? Surely SDC once they kno... read more

Does Tightness Matter?

I wish I had a dollar for every time ladies have asked the question "Does size matter" on this site. I'm curious to know what the lads think regarding pussy tightness. Have you ever been with a woman only to to realise that it's like throwing a sausage down 5th Ave? Have you ever had it ... read more

How many Validations is too many?

What is the general opinion? We had a discussion the other night with a couple who are good friends and this came up. Some people hide their validations, maybe as they feel they have too many and don't want to seem to give the impression that 'they have been around the block a fair bit'? Some ... read more

It's the same old bareback vs. condom debate.

Y'all feel free to debate this issue, or anything else you want to talk about. I am only interested in the poll which will tell me what most people think when no one can figure out who they are. The poll question is,  If it is left up to you, would your swinging encounters be bareback or w... read more

100 ways you know you’re a Swinger!

100 ways you know you’re a Swinger! 1.      You are wearing wristbands in most of your vacation photos. 2.      Half of the numbers on your cell phone are listed only by screen names. 3.      You are run... read more


I have friends in Japan.  They were from Sandei.  O my God... read more

single and looking for the one

Recently single gave up the lifestyle for my exwife and was faithful. I now know I don't want to give it up again it makes it hard to date you cant just ask if this works out can I Shari you with my friends I like to keep my lifestyle discrete and have been burned in the past I truly want love commi... read more

Wierdest Swinging Rules ??

Interested to get people perspectives on from their lens what is the weirdest rule a someone has presented you with .... we have had a few from "nothing above the neck" to "he full swaps but she does not". Or if you have had someone who had so many rules that you needed a cheat s... read more

The "You Know Where" club in Fayetteville NC

Has anyone been? Any thoughts or comments about it if so? ... read more

?? swingers clubs in amsterdam

 we are going to amsterdam in 2 weeks and want to know where the busiest clubs are with a young crowd ? has anyone got any suggestions ?... read more

?? swingers clubs in amsterdam

 we are going to amsterdam in 2 weeks and want to know where the busiest clubs are with a young crowd ? has anyone got any suggestions ?... read more

Ok boys and girls

Ok boys and girls Where oooohhh where can I find the perfect girl in this world Orrr ....guy To play with, hang with and keep for me when I'm in neeed. Or do u dare Or are you the one who will care. Wanting her to have long beautiful hair and be very fare. If not a girl with nice long hair... read more

Ok boys and girls

Ok boys and girls Where oooohhh where can I find the perfect girl in this world Orrr ....guy To play with, hang with and keep for when I'm in neeed. Where do u dare Or are you the one who will care. Wanting her to have long beautiful hair and very fear . If not a girl in this world than giv... read more

I'm Still A "Rocky Horror" Virgin

We we're so looking forward to going to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" last night but once we got there they said it was cancelled for this month. Something about codes or something like that. Anyways, I'm still a virgin but it was great dressing up like Halloween. (Although fo... read more

Contacting Couples

We are all here for one thing, hookin up. Why is it that when people contact you they can't include face pic's.  After several emails asking for them still no pic's.  Thats a big turn off for us. A picture says a thousand words and sometimes one pic says it all.  D & C... read more

Swinger's Etiquette

 All of us want to be successful as swingers. It doesn’t matter how often, with whom, where, or in what style we swing. One of the nicest things about our lifestyle is that most of us relate to each other with understanding, thoughtfulness, and common courtesy; just as we ourselves wish t... read more

Getting to the Circle O Club Belgium

hey hey guys :) My partner and I are planning on going to the Circle O club this Saturday (12.3) but are not sure of how to get there as neither of us will be driving Was wondering if you could offer any advice :) thank you in advance... choco... read more

Animal house

So many great lines but here is one (Boon) You're gonna hump her brains out, aren't you? (Otter) Boon, I anticipate a deeply religious experience. Read more: read more

Fuzzy Math Another Obamacare Set Back

During a hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday, the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) admitted to double counting in the Obama care budget. In her first appearance before the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee since the health-care law passed, Kathleen Sebelius re... read more

A topic to answer

we are single we will love to meet other single female too to make sdc a place for single too and not just for couples cos some couples are not open mind couples has they use to say or write in there profiles. so it will be good for use to meet single girls too or sdc should make single females in o... read more

Watching your wife with another male... why is it so hard to connect?

Ok as a SINGLE male, I have been in the lifestyle for years. I have met some great people and formed several friendships outside the bedroom. One topic that always comes up is the husbands wanting to watch his wife with other men. The discussion always amazes me that the couples seem to have a hard ... read more

Are there Pic collectors on sdc?

I just wanted to know if anyone thought if there were pic collectors on this site. Cpls or females ask to see pics g,face, or r rated and then they never send a pic back. Even if you are not interested I think it is fair to reply back with the pic you ask to see in the first place.Maybe someone can ... read more

Watching Your wife..... Participate or not?

I know as a SINGLE in the lifestyle for years, This has become more and more of a turn on for couples. I have several Couple friends in the lifestyle and we often discuss WHY they are turned on by it, But it always comes up that it is a hard find for them to locate quallity guys that they can play w... read more

Our first hotel adventure.

Well, Emerald Palms' Inaugural Mardi Gras Event is in the books. And it was a TOTAL SUCCESS! We had over 100 guests and we sold out more rooms than we had available to us. The hotel was scrambling to accommodate everyone who wanted a room. In the end some were denied a room, but everyone found... read more

Will be in Temptations cancun 15th march to the 22nd

Hi we will be in Temptations in Cancun for a week starting on the 15th march .Anyone like to meet up Dave Sue xxx ... read more

SDC Cruises and Takeover Events

Here is a question for all. Why do you think that on all the SDC Events, such as resort takeovers, cruises and holidays always seem to be couples only? Do you not think that it would be beneficial to all to allow a certain amount of qualified single guys? I'm not sure if they exclude single fe... read more

Limit of Liability ....

Need your opinion on who is liable in the following scenario .... Husband is on his back with another woman on his face .... so in effect he is blindfolded albeit with a very nice blindfold (lol) ... his wife is giving him oral sex at the same time and so she is controlling the direction of the g... read more

South Asians Sleeping??!!

We see swingers activity is very much popular in South Asia, but only behind the curtain. Wife Swapping is getting popular but up to a community and defined friends circle. We believe SDC a global umbrella for all the swingers through out the world. Now, I believe it is high time for the USA and Eur... read more

couples for St Maarten

We have a 4 bedroom villa rented  on Orient beach, April 16-23 If you or another couple would be interested in sharing it with us, get in touch. I will send you info and the other couple info. We stayed here last year, and had a blast. No strings attached. Jeff + Chris  ... read more

Sexless Swing clubs

  We have travel the US and have found over the last two years that it has become harder and harder to find a couple to have sex with.   What we find is that a couple will go to the club dance drink go in the back and have sex with each other. When ask if they would like to swap they... read more

Scent of a woman

What does scent of a women mean to a man? To another woman?... read more

Swinger Clubs in London

 We will be in London April 13-18. Does anyone has info about a nice classy club close to central London?  Thanks!!!... read more

Swinger Clubs in London

 We will be in London April 13-18. Does anyone has info about a nice classy club close to central London?  Thanks!!!... read more

West coast Norway April 15 to 24th

Hi there! We're doing our Easter travel thing in Norway this year. Anyone want to 'introduce' themselves to us while we're there?... read more



What do you want in a Swingers Club?

Following a conversation with several "friend" couples about swingers clubs, it became obvious that we all liked different things from those clubs. So in light of my desire to know more, my question to other couples in the lifestyle is this....what are those things that will make or break ... read more


Here we go again. Just when we were all hoping that our economy would take a turn for the better, turmoil in Libya, (most people don't even know that it is), throws us a screw ball. Considering that most of us would agree that we do need alternative energy sources eventually, the need for oil is ... read more

Cap d'agde 2011

Who ll be on Cap d'Agde on 2 first weeks of agoust??... read more

Amsterdam+Fun4two info please

Hi,sexoholics! We have few questions about Amsterdam and Fun4Two club .Please answer if you can help somehow.. 1. Cheapist taxi from amsterdam to fun4two and back? 2. Not expensive but good quality hotel /accomadation in amsterdam? 3. Any good swingers partyes in Amsterdam itself? 4.If you woul... read more

What do you do...

What do you do when someone emails you, and after you reviews their profile, you are not interested? do you respond No thanks? or you just don't answer and expect them to understand that you're not interested? ... read more

New Club Erotica March 5 &19 2011

Hello We are inviting you to our party on March 5 and 19 2011. This event will be catered and its BYOB. Please visit the website for more details at or SDC all parties Thank you Tina and Prince 4fun5... read more