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Desire Cancun

Hello sexy people, we have confirmed and booked our dates for Desire RM, We will be there 6 August 2013 until 19 August 2013. Please fell free to send us a message if you are staying there during those dates... read more

Moulin Rouge

We are going to Paris next weekend and wanted to visit the Moulin Rouge. However, we have read some terrible reviews on it. Anyone been recently and can comment on whether it is worth it? ... read more

Saturday 30 March 2013

 G and I exceptionally excited in attending Mass Pleasures event and meeting for drinks first with our sexy friends R & J. I spent the afternoon hair being styled and cut with a new even sexier look. Outfits already organised. G and I set off and made a change that an event was close to wh... read more

Rita & Chips : Mass Pleasures New Venue

27/3 Woke at 6.30 and read Times. Rita back in bed at 7.45 and we chatted cuddled and gently made love until Rita came to a shuddering cum.  We couldn't sleep and then door knocked by boiler people..decided then to get up and after some work stuff,  Rita and I  cooked together in th... read more

The Connaught, Mayfair Friday 29 March

 Good Friday so lets make the most of it and meet new friends in London at the 5* The Connaught Hotel Mayfair. Used to travelling by car and hotelling it, we decided as we're travelling tomorrow, we should get the train and tube!! Heels and dressed to the nines is M looking 'glam'. We arr... read more

Just when you thought the lifestyle couldn't get any better....

Bacon-flavored condoms... read more

5 things you would change about America

Rather than stick to party lines, what are the 5 things you would change about the U.S. ( Not 6)  Pick the 5 most important to you. Lets see if we can find a consensus that the politicians cannot.... read more

Fuerteventura 25 28 May

In Fuerteventura for some day of relax , ready for meet nice couples . ... read more

Spice resort April 11th for a week

Looking for lifestyle friends at Spice x... read more

imagination cruise march 29 2013

looking for lifestyle friends that may be on this cruise... read more

Our Tumblr   go. look. enjoy.... read more

What do you think about our videos

How did you like our videos... read more

What kind of profile pics would you like?

While making our profile, we were stuck with the dilemma of what kind of photographs to post. As we are based in a conservative country, we decided not to show our faces. However, we were unable to decide how much of skin is right! Does it make more sense to have nude pics of both of us?... read more


Why cheat on your partner when you can both enjoy the fun.  A threesome/foursome can be a great way to explore your sexual fantasies. You can enjoy the pleasure of watching your counterpart teased and pleased. Explore the feeling of a different size penis or vagina, have sex with people who cat... read more

Pale Gold Snake

 "(...) the SNAKE was PALE GOLD, glazed and shrunken, we were afraid to touch it, the sheets were hor dead prison!... (...)" JDM... read more

Seeking to barter Physical Training for Favors in Miami

April and I are starting a diet and physical training program the first week in April.... I am a member of a gym and will be working out there.  For April we are seeking a well built, well hung, preferably Dominant and Black male to "Train" her and get her into better&n... read more

need help

looking for veterans in the tulsa area that would like to help other veterans with ptsd i am starting a nonprofit and need 2 other trustees to do so... read more

De eerste keer

Wij vragen ons af wie bij jullie met het voorstel om te swingen kwam, hoe de ander daar op reageerde en wat de reden was om te gaan swingen. Bij ons kwam ik (de vrouw hier) met het voorstel. Tot mijn grote verbazing zei mijn man meteen ja. De reden? Das wat moeilijker. In ieder geval hebben we be... read more

Rita & Chips: Weekend Surprises - 21-23/3

21/3 Woke feeling  better. Up and showered at lunchtime and by evening ate a little food. Rita had a little fun and we shared an M. Cuddled naked on sofa and Rita then mounted me and after some gentle fucking she came in a long juddering orgasm that seemed to go on forever. 4 days a long time... read more

Single & Making Mistakes

Just starting out in this thing. My mistakes have been many! It's to the point now that when I sign on to SDC, all I see are parties and mail from my communities I'm a part of. Is the lifestyle that unforgiving? You cannot do any wrong without the backlash of unforgiveness and de-friending? Must y... read more


single male DFWPlaytime 38.. When rejected took out an add representing us and stole pics from craigslist and posted my cell number.. He is obviously sick  ... read more


This is for the ladies. Lately while attending house parties it seems like many guys have a hard time getting or keeping an erection if someone else is in the room. My husband likes to watch, that's our high in this. Yet, recently even with manual or oral stimulation, several guys have a hard ... read more

Erectie probleem

Nou bij deze start ik dan maar de blog over het uitblijven van een erectie tijdens een date. Hoe gaan jullie daar mee om? Het komt toch best wel eens voor dat tijdens een date om wat voor reden dan ook de erectie uitblijft bij 1 van de heren. Zelf vind ik dat geen probleem. Het lijkt mij vervele... read more

Being Safe in this LS?

I am curious...has anyone ever experienced or heard of others who have been victims of crime while involved in this life style? How do you prevent your self from being a vitim? I am assuming phone calls, meeting in public places, exchanging good conversation, etc? I have come to appreciate every... read more

Cap d' Agde - France (Naturists village) Jul 2013

Hi  We are going to be at the Cap d' Agde (France) naturist village, during the first half of July. We can't wait since this will be our second visit. We welcome people to Skype video chat with us at our Skype name: Rad Abi ... read more

Swingers club

 Hallo everybody, My wife an I travel between Paris, Milan and London and we would like to have some suggestions on the best, most elegant and funny clubs in these cities! Thanks alot for your help... read more

Couples & Single Guys searching for Bi-couples

We have noticed some couples and several single guys looking for Bi-couples. Bi-couple to us mean, both male and female are Bi-sexual. Does this mean that the male half and single guys who are searching for Bi-couples are open to the possibility of being with the man as well? Our thinking is that th... read more

Thursday Evening 21.3.13

G and I this morning chatted about how last night went before G has started work, not before bringing me in a strong cup of coffee to wake me up so I can begin writing my blog page.  So let me tell you.... Mobile is bleeping, hang on, its Yvonne texting about our meal date next month with th... read more

Is Hedo II worth it?

Hello SDC family....  The lady and I are thinking of doing Hedo II towards the end of June for our first trip to a lifestyle resort (outside of Caliente) but have to admit... the negative reviews make us a little apprehensive. Has anyone been recently - since the change of ownership, seen an... read more

Hedo Renovations

Hi All, We have heard the new owners of Hedo are totally renovating the place.  A few people have given us sketchy details of a room by room renovations but we havent seen any official notice or pics of what the new look will be or when it will be finished.  If you have any news or detail... read more

Sacramento CA anyone?

Going to be in the Sacramento CA area for a few months starting in May. Anyone from that area? Looking to make some friends to hang out with who might be able to give me some good info on places and things to do. Thanks Everyone :-)... read more

Tuning in

Special times, a slow, quick-quick, slow rhythm makes my flower tune into orgasmic notes, lots of slow activity brings me to 5 quality high intensity orgasms - just what my GP ordered! Both G and I extremely satisfied but 4 am awoke this morning????? I need to look my absolute best as my meeti... read more

Safest way to get fucked by strangers?

Serious question on my part. My profile states, honestly, that I want more sexual experience, I want to try anal, and MMF desperately.  I want the thrill of new and random partners. But accepting offers on here and meeting up in a hotel seems risky.  Is a swinger's club the right way to... read more

New Blog

 I have always been interested in writing. And what could be more fun than writing about our experiences and some fantasies in the lifestyle. Check out my new blog at If you like what you read then please follow me or feel free to post a comment. And don't worry I ... read more

My Time x

Oh my as I lay in bed 2 almighty orgasms - work commitments I miss G's cock but I am so sexual I cannot control myself and as I do again today.  My right middle finger needs to be repaired so often, I am sure my nail technician suspects something!! Tonight better happen - I will make it happen,... read more

Sexual Feelings

Thought it was time I did my next blog! Yes I have that sexual feeling! So what's been happening with us? We enjoyed an amazing time with J M & their group 30 Dec 2012 New Years Eve Eve Ministry of Sound Torture Garden Event, it was our 1st. I dressed in burlesque style, finally I had the ... read more

If my profile says str8 why I keep getting gay's bi writing to me

I'm not homophobic but I'm tried of the whole wast of time with the damn emails back in forth. So after I'm hard ready to set a date with a couple I hear...... one last thing can my husband suck you off. Or hey are you bi or do you have a open mind?  Come on this is a Swingers Website is f... read more

Kaarten toxic

Door treurige omstandigheden kunnen wij niet naar Toxic (zaterdag) en bieden hierbij onze kaarten (2) te koop aan. ... read more

Mediterranean Cruise

anyone going on the cruise to the Mediterranean May 16th... read more

First time

How was your first time to swing, did you meet a single man or woman, or was it a couple, and what was your over all rating of the experience, all this and much more questions, new couples are asking it to themselves, but in the future tense, how it will be, I bet I can ask at least 30 to 50 questio... read more

I ma getting nowhere FAST, and I want to be faster!

I have tried this request on Experience Project as well as here, and can't get a single response! I Am The Wife And I Want An Erotic Massage By: Me Written on March 18th, 2013 Where can I go in central Florida? Who can I call? Help me out here folks! If it helps, he... read more

Erotic Massage for a woman - Central Florida?

Can anyone recommend a venue or masseur?... read more

April is Back in S Florida, Hot and Ready

Just got back from NYC where April took on 14 guys at the Bowery Bliss who fucked April virtually non stop from 10 pm thru 2 am... 674 guys to date. A friend is hosting a Gang Bang for April with a small group of his friends at the Executive Airport Hotel in Miami, FL, Friday night 3/29/13 starting... read more

Question for couples???

 Who like to meet and play with single gents here in USA,  Please respond with your location ,,,... read more

Vanilla? Where does this come from?

I am still a newb, but just curious....where does the term "Vanilla" come from? Thanks ... read more

Cruies April 6th

 We going on the cruies out of San Juan P R  April 6th  are any of you going ?  Brilliance of the sea... read more

My video with Janet Mason.

Hello friends.  Just wanted to tell you I have a great video out with the lovely and Sexy Janet Mason.  So if you like to see me in action  you can take a look at the video through this link. read more

Lovemaking and orgasms in the afterglow

     For us, when we play with other couples, the 'breakng apart' of the marriage bond, as we sex it up with other partners, seems to release, like the fission of some radioactive element, a remarkable burst of energy that ends up, in the afterglow--when we are making love agai... read more

Fun with Friends and Party Weekend at Torture Garden: 1 - 17/3

1/3 Woke early and after Rita came back to bed we made love. Then dealt with a number of work issues and then at lunch went for a run - very cold- and bought some shopping on way back. Exchanged texts with I&T re meeting up in La Torre in May for some fun. Early evening decided on a naughty ni... read more

Clubes o bares SW en Lima?

Viajamos a Lima, PerĂș. Nos pueden recomendar algĂșn lugar. Gracias... read more

Amsterdam spa info please

 hi all, Does any1 have any thoughts on the best spa spa in amsterdam...we think we are going to need a few hours of relaxation widway though our trip kisses SnD... read more

My perfect perv scene

 the perfect scene, the dream fantasy , the TGurl slut dressed to the nine's, a 5 star hotel suite, a nice group of classy black gentlemen, educated and professional, way too many men, 10, 15, 20 of them and they all want their pleasure, they all showed up with their balls full and they expect ... read more

Yoga Pants - wear thong or no panties

I think yoga pants are hot and i love the sexy show off it gives girls.  I was wondering if you have to wear panties with them.  what do women do.  Personally I want to get a few pair wear them out around with a sporty sexy top kind of look like work out t-top.  I dont want to we... read more


Who wants to webcam tonight ?... read more

Now I know why!!!!

This is going to be short, along with being able to validate someown I as a singleton I would prefer a list of people who LIE LIE LIE then leave a hotel room with your car keys! This Fetisfun guy is no fun he will badger you until you meet him the leave with his tail between his legs!!!!... read more

Deel 3 van 3 (voor nu)

Laatste verhaal voor nu, eerst even de acties afwachten :) Het was weer te lang geleden dat we een weekendje hadden zonder afspraken, en deze week was het eindelijk raak. Over een paar weken is het grote feest en we wilden toch iets anders dan laatste keer. Misschien toch een keer die handschoene... read more

Are we Swingers?

 If so, what kind are we. We are a man and woman. Hello all you good and fun loving people :) We are a couple who love to play with an extra lady(ies) But no extra men. In otherwords, we can do full swaps with bisexual girlcouples, but not with hetro couples. There are som many ... read more

Heading to Maui...Any BBC available?

Let us know. Looking for BBC only. ... read more


Anyone going to the Bar ralley in Wills Point this April 4th ? We have been to the last two this last year in Alvarado and its a blast ! ... read more

Couples - FFM's and MMF's

We absolutely love FFM's + MMF's with other couples - we are not so much straightforward "wife swappers". We would love to hear from other couples - especially younger couples - who want to experience more than  just straight swapping, but want to do so with an unthreatening, but v... read more

April's Ongoing Gang Bang Saga

Hi there, it's been awhile since we posted... We will be visiting NY for the first time since Hurricane Sandy hit last October and we relocated to S Florida. We have been staying active in the Gang Bang scene since moving and we are now up to 660 guys who have fucked April since we started p... read more

Desire's in Cabo or Cancun?

Hi guys: Hope everyone is getting their groove on and living in the moment. Trying to get some feedback as to your experience between the two resorts, whether the one in Cancun is better or Cabo.  My wife and I are planning to go for a week, maybe get a small group going in October.  W... read more

March 23rd

Come and find us at Liberty Elite on March 23rd say hi , have a drink and who knows :-)... read more

recomendations in NY

we will be traveling in NY april 2nd - 5th, do you know a decent party or club we can attend? we heard about Carousel, but we don't know if they have events tuesday thru fridays. or any recomendations are welcome. we will be sayong at the hilton on 35th st. ... read more

adult game night

 we are going to be organizing a weekly/bi weekly lifestyle game night very soon and are posting this to see how many local couples would be interested in cumming over to suggestions always welcome... read more

Basket Ball

"Yo Bea what chew gone do bout dis? I can't be havin no injury dis close to der playoffs I just can't! “ Even through his broken English American accent Beatrix could tell Derek was concerned, she'd never seen him so worked up at a practice before. He had entered the loc... read more

100 Ways to Know You're a Swinger (taken from online forum!)

  100 ways you know you’re a Swinger! 1. You are wearing wristbands in most of your vacation photos. 2. Half of the numbers on your cell phone ... read more

Is anybody out there?

Hello all.  Just looking for a couple to hang out with with some possible playtime... Anyone interested in the Central VA Area? E&C... read more

Med Cruise in May

We're a couple from Germany, looking forward to the cruise in May. Does anybody know existing groups or forums of fellow cruisers?. We'd like to meet you already before the cruise.............. read more

Paris clubs

We've been in Paris since Saturday and had fun at the L'Overside on Sat. Sunday was at Chateau des Lys which was quiet but not as quiet as Le We tonight where we were the only couple. We're in Paris for another 7 days.  Any suggestions? ... read more

Las Vegas

 Heading to Las Vegas Strip for the first time, 4-1/4-8. Staying at the Harrahs. Looking to go to the shows; Fantasy, Crazy girls and X Burlesque. We have friday and Saturday Night free. Does anyone else have any recommendations. ... read more

Wanee 2013

Headed to the music festival in Live Oak Florida the weekend of 4/18. Anyone else going?... read more

Madam O party

Hello Has anyone been to the Madam O party in Milan or Vienna Can you tell us how it is and whether it is suitable for couples who are new to the Lifestyle Thanks Rob + Diane... read more

Swindate and assumptions

So I put a speeddate up a couple of weeks in advance because we had an opportunity to play. Not much response which seems to be usual these days. Got a couple back though and one of them had got the dates wrong. They were a week too early so mailed back and said wrong date but stay in touch. In b... read more

looking for this dutch member

Does anyone knows this member from fro Holland by the name Lekkergezellig... read more

thank you

well thanks everyone for your comments and advise,positive as well as negetive,never had so many people check out my profile before,maybe i should complain more offten,no just kidding lol.and just got invited to a private party,wow,funny how these things work at you soon and thanks again.... read more


Looking for any Dogging clubs, websites or location if central Florida??? KImmmy... read more

Sailboat Charter Search

I'm not sure is this is the best venue, but I'm getting desperate. I'm looking for a sailboat charter from West Palm Beach for two hours so that I can take my mom out sailing one last time. Sailing is her passion, and she is currently residing in a nursing home in West Palm Beach and has Lou Gheri... read more

Oral sex giving

I met some guys who are not into giving oral sex to their ladies and if they did it that is a chore that they are doing it expecting something in return, do you want to tell me that having a woman twitching at each and every move of your tongue and lips, that is not a pleasure by itself, kissing all... read more

swingers site,yea right

First of all let me say, I know I'm not every couples or single females type,believe me i understand that.But this being a "SWINGERS SITE" the number of people that wont meet or even answer a polite email with a no thanks confuses me after all this is a "SWINGERS SITE". Now I'v m... read more


I have a suggestion that maybe will be good in case applied , my suggestion is to add an option within the mobile application in which bluetooth should be used to search for users  sitting around also you could add an alert to notify users in case other user is around .this could help in m... read more

Looking for a good place in Raleigh, NC

Hello, we are looking for a good place to hangout for the late 30 or 40 something crowd in the Raleigh, NC It doesn't have to be a lifestyle place, just looking to hangout with a crowd close to our own age. In town for business ....Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated .....Thanks... read more

introducing new ppl to swing

Im single and have been in this site for a long time. Ive mostly dated vanilla females and when they find out about my involvement here they either get grossed out, curious (but not really), suspect Im going to cheat on them. A couple have gotten involved in here with me but very few. Of course I da... read more

Swinger Circle Atlanta

 Anybody familiar with Swinger Circle Atlanta or Las Vegas? We always like to try new things, but would love to read some reviews first.... read more

Good Site to order Lifestyle Accessories

Does anyone know of a good site/store to order Lifestyle accessories from? And by "accessories", I am talking not just about lingerie, but funny underwear or accessories for theme nites and such.... read more

st.Paddys weekend events

Is anyone aware of any lifestyle events or parties in savannah on st.paddys day weekend?  I cant seem to find any info on any lifestyle events that weekend.... read more

Hot Damn ! First time party and meeting for sexy people from the sexy 60's

(Photo ID required).  Welcome to any who are close enough to make it. For socializing, playing, exploring, music food, drinking, dancing, laughing, touching, kissing, feeling------,only when feelings are mutual.  I will supply the food, and drink, and fun.  Some toys.  Some smoke... read more


Hi guys,,, We will visit Rome at 22 of March,, for 4 days!!! We would like to propose to us shops for entertainment ,dining and shopping it  will be great if we find sexy and interstring couple for company and guide us !!!! lots of kisses..... ... read more

Lakshadweep Visit

We are on a trip to Kochi,Kerala and the Little million Islands called Lakshadweep on the western coast of kerala. If anyone is interested can come along to the Capital Agatti which is almost has virgin beaches. We will be posting the pictures as and when we come back. But if anyone is plannin... read more

sw clubs in Paris, France

Do you know swinger clubs in Paris ? ... read more

sw clubs en Paris

Busco referencias de sw clubs en Paris. Gracias... read more

April 6, 2013 Brilliance of the Sea Couple Cruise

 We are going on the Brilliance of the Sea Couple Cruise out of San Juan, PR on April 6, 2013.  This will be our first Lifesytle cruise and can't wait to go but we were hoping to get some ideas on what to expect and if anyone had some good ideas on what to bring. We are good for stuff... read more

You can't stop us partying, no matter what you try

In a previous blog I wrote about how someone had tried to ruin a party that some friends and I were holding at a luxury venue by informing the owners of the our plans. This 'tip off' resulted in our loosing the venue with just 9 days notice, putting many of those that planned to join us out of pock... read more

Eyz Wide Shut March 9

We'll be in the Sarasota/Tampa area from March 8 through 17th. We love parties and were wondering if anyone has been to Eyz Wide Shut recently. How easy is it to meet people there? Is it more of a party/cliquish atmosphere or can you talk and make friends easily? We appreciate any feedback!... read more

Desire Cancun AUG. 2013 comments please

We are Looking at desire cancun 4 thru 9 aug 2013. never been to a lifestyle resort. there are no groups sheduled to be at the resort during that time frame so as "newbies" so to speak the combo of no group and aug....... do you think i am setting us up for a potential disapointment ??... read more

Creating A New Blog

So you click on "create a new blog", you pick the language of the blog, and then......drumroll, in the upper left hand of the blog screen, it says "send mail" on that, and magic!! OR, better yet, scroll down, and theres an icon that says "submit".  N... read more


 i think that people are not authentic in their needs wants and descriptions. I believe that good taste, common courtesy and maturity dicatate a reply to a message, even if it is a polite, "No thank you". On seond thought, you do us a favor by not replying. While we are an openmin... read more

Poly love story

     You heart is pounding as you walk up the gangplank. Sam is holding your left hand, quiet as ever. Amanda is holding your right, smiling and nodding at everyone you pass. Her red hair flies free in the sea breeze, and tangles in your own. You can't help but to notice the two ... read more

the room

     The email said to go to the hotel, room 224, and knock. That all. You step out of the elevator on rubber legs, and walk slowly down the hall. You find the room, and hanging from the doorknob is a plastic bag, with a slip of paper taped to it. On the paper is your first initi... read more


     You walk into the club as a trio. You smile at her as he goes and puts away your bag of toys. You greet friends, and quietly smile at the hungry eyes that follow the three of you. He walks back to you carrying three towel, and your smile widens. Hand in hand you walk outside... read more

Why Post A Blog If You Do Not Want Honest Answers??

So, the blog immediately below this one, about the bi-fem, two of us gave honest answers, the profile is misleading. It appears to be a single bi-fem, but NOOO, it is some sort of couple.  Yet the OP wants to know why people contact her as a bi-fem, ignoring the fact that she has a male compani... read more

Murder Mystery Train

We are taking the murder mystery train out of Ft Myers Saturday. Has anyone by chance (sort of) hooked up on this or a similar vanilla evening? We're thinking about adding a private layer of intrigue. Subtle clues about playing could be added to the tour's clues about the murder as everyone wor... read more