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First Time Experiences?

We are fairly new to the swinging scene and have enjoyed our few experiences with some minor glitches. We do remember the first time going to our first swingers' club and being nervous. Now, we feel like semi-pros, but we were curious on what everyone else's first time was like. If you are... read more

Whips & Chains Excite Me ; )

Greetings,I wanted to kind of take a moment to post a question to the members of if you don't mind sharing your thoughts...I am crossing over a bit from the BDSM side of things to the swinger side of things and I wanted to know everyone's opinion on the two mixing? I've heard from numerous p... read more

Natural, Trimmed or Smooth...How do you keep it?

Had a question of grooming come up the other night. How do you ladies like to keep it and what do you prefer in others both male and female? Natural, Trimmed or Smooth... read more

Where Did That Week Go? 24/3 to30/3

24/3 Monday morning. Woke at 9 - a long sleep! Caught up on emails and read Times. Exchanged texts with Ja&J and JJ&G who are coming to London next weekend and wanted Home House details and when we could meet. Rest of day on office stuff. Went for a run and quiet night watching TV.25/3 Got e... read more

Do you enjoy watching your mate/partner having sex?

We do; we love watching each other pleasuring and bring pleasures as we do a full (or sift) swap. I live sharing her with another couple as the make and the remake ravish her and we basically all work together to make her a little cum factory. ... read more

Attraction vs Pleasure...

Was having a conversation with a fellow life-styler.. Or swouple, or swingle.. Whatever they are calling us today.. Anyway.. The topic of the lifestyle being all about attraction came up.. Just curious as to how many people play on attraction alone?  Yes, I agree that there has to be SOME attra... read more


Anyone up for a little chat tonight?... read more


Can someone please explain to me what the PSG stands for on some single guy profiles?  My mind is going crazy with... Pounded Some Grandmas?  Proud Single Guy?  Pour Some Gatorade?  Really hoping it's Pass Some Grass   ;)  .....It's disturbing me.... Lol. HELP? ... read more

Petite, small breasted women

Anyone else out there have an appreciation for flat chested or small breasted women? We find some couples on,y like big breasted women. ... read more

spice things up

They say that variety is the spice of life, well this question is for couples,if you were not in the lifestyle where the opportunity to have such a wide range of sexual fun is available,could you still have that same excitement with the same partner over and over year after year? I'm not questioning... read more

Please help; Desire or Desire Pearl (In July).

We are trying to plan a fun getaway. We have done Hedo II and had a great time but want to try something new. Which of the two, (Desire or Desire Pearl) is recommended. Can you do both in the same trip? Thank you for your time. ... read more


101 comments on my blog,I am ruler of all i survey LOL,thanks everyone.... read more

Glorious Slots or Glory Holes?

Imagine creating some “Glorious Slots” in a swinger club where women can very comfortably lie down with their legs up in the air in a slot large enough for men to eat their pussies… NO fucking allowed! Just pussy eating for hours as a way for getting in the mood for a night of pleasure... read more

Squirtake or Bukkake?

We all know of “Bukkake” but what do you feel about “Squirtake”? Just imagine being showered with lots of warm squirt… Hmm now that would be something different… Don’t you think? ... read more

Fiji Nude Cruise 2014

We're doing the BN Fiji Nude Cruise 2014. Anybody else aboard?... read more

If a Guy loves Oral : Is it about Erection Problems ?

People can come to the weirdest conclusions based on either too much or too little information.If a guy loves Oral, do you think he may have Erection issues?In my case I'm an Oral Perv however I'm able to have a long and sustaining erection.  Then again, I also love pounding a girl while she sc... read more

A "thousand" questions for a thousand nights :)

Hello all,As I wade more into the pool that is the lifestyle, questions have surfaced.  Wondering if anyone would be so kind as to provide insight: If facial hair is sufficiently long, will there be any problems with giving oral sex? On the path to pleasing a woman in bed, I've been focusin... read more

Dazed and confused

Ok, here's the just of my confusion.  I am a very bi female that only plays with bi or at least curious single men.. Evidently the bi female is a commiodity around here, which I get.. What I don't get is why so many so called "straight males" per their profiles, contact me and say they are bi? ... read more

Cap d'Agde

We are considering going to Cap d'Agde this summer and were wondering if someone could recommend a great hotel?Thanks for your help ;) Kisses... read more

Bowery Bliss

Hey! I'm interested to see if anyone is attending Bowery Bliss tonight or sometime soon? I want to go, but I'd like to go with someone I'm familiar with! Thanks :)... read more

To much thought?

So simple question, do people put way to much thought into Swinging? ... read more

Masturbating while looking at your pictures

I am wondering... Will you be offended if somebody tells you that they masturbate while look at your pictures and/or videos? will you be offended? or will you feel excited? will it make a different if it is a woman or man?... read more

Back from being away

MAN!!  What a mission.  I just was able to come up for air(sort to speak).  I had to attain a couple of things.It has been a while since I have posted anything...  I survived MANY class hours, and am presently a study fiend.  Wassssup people?  I hope and kinda know most... read more

Condoms and Erection Issues

Why is it that so many guys have a hard time keeping an erection once the condoms come out? They had no problems just a few seconds before ........ read more

A Great Party Weekend: 17/3 - 23/3/14

17/3 Woke at 8.30 - a catch up of 13 hours sleep and got stuck into office stuff and emails. Had brunch at midday. Worked on office stuff pm and then we got ready to head for Home House for a St Patrick's day dinner. T was staying there and came and said hello and invited us to his son’s wedd... read more


Old pictures , out of focus pictures , blurred pictures , ass pictures , foot pictures ,cartoon face pictures , Disney background pictures , penis pictures, 2005 dated pictures, .......WTF ?... read more

Do you prefer to wear panties and bra when going dancing or not?

How many woman prefer not to wear underwear when going out dancing?... read more

At the Tender Age of 21

This is the youngest woman I have had sex with since I was in my twenties myself. Yes, a long time ago. At the tender age of 21, Leah agreed to come to my house to celebrate her recent birthday and we would be doing so by eating, drinking, and having meaningless sex. Life is good, enjoying all my fa... read more

Swing Clubs are dying out

We have been in the lifestyle for more than 20 years. When we started The clubs were not crowded but somewhat busy. Now even on a Saturday night in South Florida most clubs are flat, no energy and just slow. Is the Swing Club idea dying out? We see a lot of on lookers and people just hanging out and... read more

Guys do not use condoms

Is it us, but we have seen more guys at the local clubs that refuse to use condoms for intercourse. We have been to local clubs in South Florida recently and meet guys that refuse to use condoms or do not have them with them. Very frustrating for her because we meet some good guys.  But the guy... read more

From my Wall of Shame

One day, this lady sends me an email out of the blue. She identifies herself as Jeannie. When I asked her where did she find my info, she answered that she had seen my profile on fling while checking out her friend’s account. Cool, fling served me well while I was a subscriber. We exchanged... read more

Bass player wanted

Lifestyle band is looking for a bass player. Contact me if interested.... read more

F Club London

Hi all,I used to go to (and have  great time at) The F Club - when it was over in Wandsworth. What has happened to it? And where are the best place to now go in London to meet attractive couples? I always thought the quality was great there!P... read more

Pushy or empty hands?

We been reading in a lot of profile the self description "we are not pushy " , "We respect the comfort zones " etc etc.......and even we agree that that's a virtue....we also wondering ? how many situation didn't happen just because the couples don't know how to cross the barrier of friendship to a ... read more

San Juan Puerto Rico

We are headed over to beautiful Puerto Rico for a much needed vacation and would like to know if there are any lifestyle friendly clubs on the island. Even if the places aren't lifestyle friendly, we would like to know of somewhere (Vanilla) that we can hang out and have a blast with some sexy open ... read more

Condoms...Tell us How You Really Feel....

Condoms.....ugh....Everybody hates them....and everybody uses them right???? Maybe...not so much..We've always noticed that most profiles you look at on this and other web sites state somewhere in them that condoms are a must. Everyone knows that using condoms provide the greatest protection from a ... read more

Be honest

ok,so your profile says couple,str8 male,str8 female and you invite a str8 male over for a little fun,great.Then after a while the male half of the couple utters out how he's curious about sucking a guys cock,wow! you never mentioned that when we emailed and talked on the phone,it's nowhere on your ... read more

Is the term Chocolate a bad thing?

I believe this hobby is AMAZING because you can live out all your sexual fantasies that non lifestyle friendly folks can only dream about and if you are lucky enough to b a couple, when its over you can go home with he love of your life.  I was recently lucky enough to be involve... read more

Blog posting. . .have patience and faith

When posting or replying to a blog on this site, one must have both patience and faith.  Even though most things internet are immediate, when you click on that little envelope icon with the arrow when posting or replying to a blog here, it is not going to post right away.  If you click the... read more

tells a lot

Why are there so many couple pics with only explicit pics of the female half and none of the guy. Trust I understand the lady is the draw , my girl is the draw in ours. Yet its nice to let them see me the other half. Now if she free to date and fuck without him thats cool, but normally thats not the... read more

Barbie & Ken sounds dumb.

Why is Barbie and Ken the default phrase for a so-called "perfect looking couple?" Why not "Will & Jada" or "Kim and Kanye"? When I hear Ken and Barbie I think of plastic figurines with frozen smiles and Fno working parts. ... read more

Collette New Orleans

We will be in New Orleans several times over the summer but will be arriving on Monday and leaving on Friday.  Does anyone have any experience at Collette on a Thursday? ... read more

Wanee Festival in Florida??

We are headed to the music festival in Live Oak, FL the weekend of April 10-12th.  Anyone else going?... read more

How do you play

We see lots of couples on here that state in their profile that "they always play together" . So what do you do when you meet a couple and you are not attracted to one of them. I mean your partner may like the other female but you're not attracted to the other male. So do you play in an "unbalanced"... read more

WARNING: Clicking on tiny "sexy" photo can lead to large unsexy photos

How many times have you gone WOW that couple looks really sexy and then you right click on the tiny image only to go, OH SHIT!, They are not what we are looking for at all! Shit Shit Shit. They are OMG! not what the tiny pic showed.The next thing you know you get a nudge followed by an e-mail that s... read more

I guess I'm a Daddy.

I like women younger than me and who doesn't.  Joined FetLife and there are bunches of Daddies on there each with their babydolls.Didn't know I was a Daddy but I'm not into the diapers scene or pain of any kind.  More of a orgasm giving Daddy or watching my baby doll make love to a girlfri... read more

Almost a Normal Fortnight - 4/3 to 16/3

4/3 Had a light sleeping night with lots of strange dreams.So did Rita - but much more sexually explicit! Came too at 8.30, and soon after Rita woke up, and we started to make love and ended up fucking till I came. The up, showered and off to office, picked up bacon bap and coffee on the way, for me... read more

A Snowy Sunday Evening

This single lady or “unicorn” and I had been talking for a few months on one of the lifestyle sites. For some reason, we hadn’t had the chance to meet. She is a transplant from Florida and didn’t know many people in town, so she broke the ice and sent me a message. We exchanged number... read more

Desire Pearl

Would like to vist Desire Pearl end of May/beginning of June. Any idea please whether the place would be full or not as we would not like to go there when not so many couples around. Thanks.... read more

Boss 'sacked us when we said no to a threesome at his flat'

Boss 'sacked us when we said no to a threesome at his flat': Female executives seek £100,000 in compensationAnna Mazover and Diana Nicholl-Pierson claimed they were told they would get promoted if they had sex with their married boss Darren ScottMiss Nichol Pierson contacted police after Mr Scott '... read more

Diamond Club at Trapeze Atlanta

Just saw on another website that Trap Atlanta was renovating the back of the club where the jacuzzis and pool are and converting it into a "private private" with a $1,500 year annual membership.  We haven't hit the Trap in several months and are curious if anyone has more details.  The Tra... read more

A Great Sunday Afternoon

A good friend emailed me last week to tell me that one of his female friends was very interested in having her first MFM threesome. Shortly after, he gave me the news that he had showed her my pictures and she selected me as the other guy. I was excited when he emailed me her picture because... read more

What are you into ?

Normal sex is boring that's why we are here but sometimes some people want to go extreme,like fetish,taboo and other thinks so I would like to know and learn what are you guys into ? Or what other thinks you guys do durning sex ? (Be expesific and dong judge) ... read more

Its seems a little weird...

Ok the situation was this.  We had met another couple that were interested in hard swap.  There was no problem from mine or my wife's end we were both attracted and the other husband was totally game.The other wife had some reservations about whether she would be able to handle watching he... read more

Is every Tequila the same?

Upon my trip to Mexico last year, I visited my team in Mexico. Hearing that I loved Patron they laughed me out of the building. Their point was that Patron is only popular in the US. Of course I said that it was better. They sent me home with a bottle of 1800. This year I picked up some Don Julio. Y... read more

Travel destinations with benefits - join our new circle of travel buddies

Hi all!  We're looking like minded couples (full swap same/separate room, educated, playful and young at heart) who would like to meet us for fun weekends. We offer to reciprocate when you visit Belfast! Maria is a great hostess and Carlo is a very good cook and makes a wicked pizza! We both lo... read more

Midlands get togethers

Hi all,We are looking for 5 or 6 professional couples in the Midlands who would like to meet up every 3 months for a private dinner parties......with afters!Those who like the social side as part of the experience will be best suited. Apart from that, it's an open invite...w... read more

"You've received a. Nudge"

We love getting nudged, and nudging other couples (yes you can read between the So we need your help.  A couple sends us a nudge.  Our email says we have received a nudge and so-in-so couple is interested in our profile.  We check out their profile, actually read it and ... read more


It has come to our attention that a new member here using the screen name of HIALEAHBESTCPL has been talking about us to others. He says that we are definitely a great couple to be with and that I (the hubby) have had intercourse with his girl and my wife had intercourse with his nasty fat ass.BIG P... read more

Too lazy to read profile or doesn't care about what it says

My profile is really simple and clear, or so I though. Although I say in it, I prefer TALL, DARK and HANDSOME, I get email from men who are not even close to that. Just today I got one from a 5'5 white male. Checked to see if he spoke English and his profile says he does. Although I feel flattered b... read more

Cap d´agde - Black and Pink Party...

Any one who knows when and where the Black and Pink party is this year in Cap? ... read more

Dallas advice please.

We do not know Dallas at all.  Looking for upscale vanilla bar (not to loud) where I can dress to impress.  See and be seen. Get hit on by hot guys and hopefully take one back to our hotel.  Any serious advice would be greatly appreciated!We don know ... read more


Anyone going to Jamaica next week? If so what resorts do you like best?  ... read more

camino de santiago

has anyone here done it... read more

Ranting for an IM instant abuse - No means NO!, and be polite about it.

Today a couple ( handle AJAYSHALU37 - probably the guy) from Kolkotta, India, IM'd me and I accepted the message.  Within a few minutes I tried to explain him that we do not prefer dating people from India, expecting that he would accept this and explore at least the scene in Thailand, asking f... read more

Do the ladies want any cock shots in the profile pics?

I'm sure it's been asked but I guess I"m going to use a poll to better understand the results....but questionfor the ladies in particular:  Do you prefer at least 1 cock shot in the profile pics of a couple, or is just a nicebody shot enough, even clothed?  No interest in what you'll be ge... read more


hi hi guys to know that is there any one of us here found in relatives or family friends as swingers...and what's your reaction to know about them...if you can't answer love to know in PVT msgs........ read more


We are going to Barbados in May for a week with vanilla friends. But were hoping to sneak away for some naughty LS fun. So far its looks pretty bleak as far as naughty activities on the island. It's our understanding that topless is even frowned upon. Any one been there and know of any LS type ... read more

Genital Maintenance For The Males

We were checking out some profiles last week, both couples and single males. The Mrs. is not into male genital photos, but many seem to think they are needed. No problem if they are the minority of photos.But what is up with photos of penises where half the shaft is covered in hair, not to mention h... read more

any couple visiting mauritius

any couple visiting mauitius... read more

Curing Pornophobia...

an Article by Stanley Siegel, licensed psychotherapist. Some, even in the LS community, view porn as "bad", here is a different take on porn by a respected scholar on the subject. Even tho we are super open minded about porn, this article helped to debunk some life long believed thoughts on the subj... read more

Travel in May to Budapest

Hello single ladies and couples. We are a good looking couple from India and will be traveling to Budapest from 1st may to 4th may . Would love to meet interesting and fun girls and couples . If you are there and interested please email us through sdc.... read more

Girls Night

Daddy's away, so THE GIRLS SHOULD PLAY!  Got the whole house to myself, and am in need of some G/G playtime!  If you're Bi, or Bi Curious, and always fantasized about an all-girl experience, this is your chance!  Drop me a note for details...\\Robin... read more

Home Parties: 25/3 to 4/3

25/2 Woke early and started office work at home and then after breakfast left for office for meetings. Home after 2pm and carried on online after doing some weights. Rita went into Enfield with Le to do some shopping and also order some spectacles for herself. They got back at 6pm. Had supper and th... read more

Things you didn't know about porn

This science video was made to show teenagers what watching porn does to their brains.  Though I have passed the teenagers age (lol) I found it very interesting.  I used to believe watching porn was OK and part of a 'healthy' sex life.  Nothing wrong with masturbating while watc... read more

Cap D' Agde 28 juli 2014:-)

Hei:-) Vi har bestilt tur til Cap i 7 dager, uke 31. Noen her som skal dit i samme periode? ... read more

A new level friendship

for the first time here, we were meeting a couple from South Africa working here... and just yesterday was our 4th meeting... and  we took our friendship into a next level, we had a very wonderful same room full swap sex. every one enjoyed it wasn't long honestly but we were all happy. the man ... read more

We are voyeur people!!

We enjoy (a lot) being watched by others meanwhile have sexual intercourse... That turns us on!!!... Early sunday some guy said that i took the blue pill becaus S. and I had sex for 1 hour (maybe more) whitout stoping.... I dont need the blue pill (but thanks God already exist..) S. is the most powe... read more

Masseuse needed!!

I am looking for a sexy well hung black stud that can pass for a real masseuse to give my wife a full body massage that she will never forget... Please help..... Also would like to find a sexy female for the same type of massage........ read more

London, Paris and Amsterdam

Will be  there in a few weeks, any advice about  kinky spots?... read more

New Found Freedom

One of the reasons I joined SDC after my divorce was to get out there and experience things that were just not in the cards while married.  So far so good I'd say.  Have had some good times already, and met some nice people in the process.  While work keeps me quite busy, I do recogni... read more

Orgasmic Meditation

Has any one heard of Orgasmic Meditation by these guys:  ??Seems to be about how to rub a women's clit properly etc.   Anyone been on any of their courses?  Worth it?... read more