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Algarve and Spain

We are thinking about going to the Algarve and then over to Spain for a few days end of April, beginning of May time. Does anyone have any information on any clubs they recommend? We would appreciate any advice!! Thanks M & G x... read more

Wife is in a photo contest!!

Hey guys, the wife is in the final round of a photo contest at a local Dallas radio station (97.1 KEGL)!  If you don't mind, please take a moment to vote for her picture.  Select "hottest" and enter your email address.  You have to register with iheart radio in order to vote ( so people don't sub... read more

Getting Blocked

Just noticed  that in the left column "Friends/Favorites" category, there is a heading called "blocked".  Really hilarious, we been blocked many times, only twice by a coupls, the rest, around 15, single males.  What is even more hilarious, we've never made contact with any of these people. It a... read more

Pick up suggestions

we are heading to Mexico at the end of April. We want to play. Not sure how to approach an attractive couple to find out if they play. Does anyone have any suggestions? Key phrases, words?... read more

Swingclubs in Paris from Apr 2 - Apr 5

Visiting Paris from April 2nd to April 6th and are planning to try one or two of the clubs. We have a few questions, but please give any advice you think may be helpful!1. It's likely that we can't go anywhere on Thursday. On Saturday, we're considering l'Overside or MoonCity. We're a little torn ... read more

Going to Biloxi next weekend n looking to meet like minded peps for fun!

Going to Biloxi next weekend  April 2nd through the 6th. Would love to meet like minded peps to have fun with. ... read more

Rita Away In Moscow with Ox: 9-23/3/15

9/3 Monday morning and up, around 9ish, and spent day on work and trading. Early evening we started on another naught night. We spent most of the night chatting, laughing, watching porn, playing with each other fucking each other with toys. We finished with an M on the balcony and then headed to... read more

Naked friendly rentals?

Does anyone know of any secluded vacation rentals, B&Bs etc in Texas that are suitable for an outdoor naked getaway? Pool or hot tub a big plus.... read more

Any good swinger club New york

Hi guys, going to new york the big apple monday, is there any good singel clubs in new york ?Would appreciate  :)Love xxl... read more

How is the remodeled Dennies?

Has anyone been to Dennies since the changes?  How is the place? Are the customer returning back? We are planning on Saturday night and want to have some fun. We always loved Dennies because the people were always real and no BS. My wife like to play with multiple guys and always had great luck at ... read more

couple invited for 3sme by chennai based guy

here i am experienced male with 8 inch cock and gym going guy good in bed and had experienced many couple so interested to explore more into real encounter directly email me your info on mine email id will come to your home... read more

Single Males That Call Women ON SDC Sluts

In the blog before this one, some rather questionable single male made reference to the women here as "sluts".  He also said he is starving for sex, and wonders what he is not doing right.Never exchanged any type of communication with this individual, but he has us blocked ( watch out PADOC! ).  H... read more

Where are the black brown cock loving sluts, where are the sexy divas of SDC.

I registered in SDC for fun, meet new friends, travel, have fun, sexing and fucking  but unfortunately i have been starving for sex.. SERIOUSLY.!!  I haven't met any single or couple this year, what could be the reason and what am i not doing right.. Where are the black brown cock loving sluts, wh... read more

Fun and Joy Club, Germany

My wife and I will be visiting family in Germany near this club at the end of the summer. We would appreciate any input concerning the all inclusive resort. Thanks in advance... read more


We are coming to Cape D'Agde , from July 29th - August 10th. It could be nice to have a friendly, charming , easygoing couple to SHARE with us  a villa at the Naturist Village . If any interested, please let us know. ... read more

Visiting Dubai 2 - 11 Apr 2015

Looking for a freaky funnn time with like minded people.... read more


Sissies are the best for men and women... read more

Room type at Hedo

Thank  you to all who wrote,  mostly PM, to us about our honeymoon at Hedo in November.  We have booked the nude ocean view jacuzzi, but that is a lot of money.  It was said to us that the main hot tub gets rather busy, both day and night. So, get one for ourselves, especially since it is our ho... read more

His To Conquer

I miss him when we are apart. My Master, the only one in the world who could conquer me so completely. With just a look, he controls my soul and I would follow him on the path to hell and back if that is what he desired. Anything, anything at all I would give to him. The ... read more

Saturday at Le Boudoir, London

So, our first SDC prompted adventure. Saturday night we decided to try out a new club in London called Le Boudoir.  We're not new to the UK club scene having previously enjoyed Abfabs, VA and the marvelous Townhouse up in the Wirral.  This time however a sexy couple that we'd previously had a grea... read more

Naked in Jamaice

Headed to a Couples resort, Tower Island ( or something like that) Anyone been? Or going?Also will be in France in Sept, doing the Cap D'agde thing, then touring around. Should be a blast. Any thoughts?... read more

Thanks for coming to our party

Total of 8 couples: idealWeather: rain, so I guess everyone went to the bedrooms faster!Playtime: our favorite lady who usually fucks everyone, concentrated just on 4 guys. Still way to go, J!New guests: 3 couples, all great - which is a good surprise. Usually there is at least one guy with performa... read more

Big hanging breasts

I do have big hanging breasts with thick nipples and a belly as well that covers my G- string.My husband is very keen in seeing me go topless on the beach with just a G-string on....I do have second thoughts about it but I please him by obeying to his wishes..Need experiences,thoughts from other lad... read more

April 3-5

Looking for a dominant 3rd, we will be in DFW on April 3-5 2015 for the Nickelback concert. We're hoping to meet up with someone that we find chemistry with for ongoing friends with benefits.... read more


I admired her new boyshortz, the way they curved to her ass and dove down into the crack between her cheeks.  The way the panties grabbed her cheeks spread them slightly apart so when I ran my finger down her crack I slid readily over her rosebud, making her hips move a little.  I reached arou... read more


We are going to cap de arge  france,for first time this year,can any members point us in right direction,where to to stay,near all the fun...... read more


Still squirting and enjoying every minute of it.... It was so awesome tonight when I was riding my husbands big cock and I lifted up off his cock and leaned back on my left arm and played with my clit with my right hand n I squirted up n out about 3 to 4 foot. It was amazing and I can't wait to do a... read more

What's up

Newbie looking for new friends and adventures.  Stop by and say hello or stay awhile and have some fun.... read more

PNP Los Angeles

Any couples & single ladies like to party?   Responsible ofcourse lolLos Angeles Area...... read more

It is really rude

I can understand not to receive a response when I send a personal message to a member here. But when you are organizing a party or a community and I ask for joining and you do not reply with even a sorry message and just simply delete the message  this is a very rude attitude. There should be a pen... read more


We are going to visit Stockholm in April(13-18).We would like to visit a swingerclub there...Can someone give us some information where to go? Thanks a lot.... read more

Stop it

People should understand here that although sex is our main interest here but having a new like minded people around is another goal which we should all work on it.having such people will give us satisfaction and safety . If it's a matter of sex only then why don't we go to another sites which provi... read more

Some light reading

Pet was working late. Again. If her boss wasn't always 'dropping by' at the end of his day to lean over her cube and talk to her, maybe she'd actually leave on time. Even wearing a button down with no cleavage showing he stared at her breasts, but it wasn't her fault their size strained the buttons ... read more

18 Myths about swinging

We have heard a lot of myths about swinging, both before and after getting into the lifestyle.Here is a post where we go mythbusting on 18 of them. Please feel free to add any you have heard ... read more

les chandelles, paris

hi all.we all be in paris in august, and are up for the challenge of getting through the door at les chandelles. we hear however, that it is expensive, and a bit ponsy. it is easy to find other parisian clubs on the net, but a personal recommendation would be invaluable. is it worth going to les cha... read more

Killing Kittens

What are your thoughts on this type of party?Emma Sayle is the founder of Killing Kittens, a members-only club that hosts female-oriented sex parties in London, Manchester and Los Angeles. Previously, in 2006, she founded The Sisterhood, a charity fundraising rowing group that briefly counted Kate M... read more

Meetup in Turks Caicos April!!!

We will be in Turks Caicos Club Med mid April 2015....looking to meet up with singles and/or couples for fun in the sun....if there's chemistry, then can add to our relaxing time...otherwise, we can all just chillhit us up on an email hereM&R more... read more

3 days in...

So far, so good, bad and ugly (apologies to Mr. Leone)Well that should probably read So far, so good, bad, better, beautiful, ugly and perplexing!  But then it rather spoils the attempted film reference!Three days in and we've had some:-  1. Wonderful invitations that we can't take up due to... read more

Looking for a friend to i vite on a cruise

We are looking to go on a cruise out of Florida in April/May timeframe for three days We are looking to invite an openminded female friend on an a cruise. We would cover all expenses. Hit us up if interested... read more

Prague By Night

Greetings to all community friends. We have packed and ready to visit the most erotic city in the EU. Prague. We are into explore the naughty lifestyle with my misses and we are pretty much blind here... Any recommendation? any tips? anyone that may know or visited the swinger clubs there?... read more

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Since St. Patrick's Day a great day for fun and good times, let us know what your St Patrick's Day would include to make it a great day.... read more

post play truth

Tell me if this rings a bell. Currently it ranks as my least favorite part of the lifestyle. Connection happens online leads to interest, maybe txting/talking then meeting, and eventually play. This big build up over time(sometimes its a few hours, sometimes a few days)anticipation, and excitement. ... read more

A new place to explore

To Newbie or not to newbie(Apologies to WS but we couldn't resist it)So, our first night in a new swinging home.  An opportunity to look around, check out the views and try to reassure ourselves it was worth the effort moving in (you know, lugging around heavy JPEGS, unpacking delicate fetishes, de... read more


Swinger's Lifestyle, Is it for me/us? Only those living  in fear of happiness entertain such a tragic  thought. I woke up today feeling that there is only now, there's only here. Give in to love or curiosity of this lifestyle or live in fear or pursuit of happiness forever. No other p... read more

Houston Texas Club Scene

We will be spending an extended weekend in Houston 4/2=4/5 and would like to have some fun as well as check out the LS Club scene in the Houston.  Any ideas or recommendations?... read more

Why anal sex?

What's the attraction to anal sex? One factor is physical pleasure. For men, stimulation of the prostate gland, which is next to the rectum about 2 inches past the anus, is highly arousing and can quickly trigger orgasm. Inserting a finger in the anus and rubbing or applying gentle pressure on th... read more

Bisexual women and swinging.

There are many women in the swinging lifestyle that identify with being bisexual or at least bicurious.We have written a post on our blog detailing why that may be so and why sometimes the women aren’t as keen to play with the ladies as their profile would lead you believe.Visit the blog and read ... read more

swinger club at Budapest

Hi,can any one suggest best swinger club in Budapest?I have seen list,there are many...just want to know which one is best.... read more

Pleasures of being a Plan Slut

First being a slave comes very natural to me. I love giving the Dominate the full control when it comes to my limits and when to stop the play. I try very hard never to say Red as I want the scene to continue. plus I do trust my Mistress/Goddess. To explain my level of pain let me talk to you about... read more

Living Sexy - LIVE RADIO

We are so excited to let you know that last month 1.5 million people listened to Living Sexy Radio right here on SDC.  Maybe you did not know you can find our shows at our web site too:  We now have over 100 on just about every topic.We would love to invite you to co... read more

wow life is great

Well don't exactly know what to say this is my first blog he he....just sitting in my hot tub with my beautiful wife drinking some of her home made wine ummm life is good... read more

Setling down To Life in Central London: 18/2 to 8/3/15

18/2 Woke and we chatted in bed. Rita then spoke to her Russian bank to arrange some things during her trip next month. I got up and got ready to get a train to Liverpool for an afternoon meeting with a client. We then had a small snack as Rita was going out to shop to cook for her friend DE who... read more

Sexy Weekend in the Country: 10/2-17/2/15

10/2 We both woke around 8 and got up soon after. Rita got ready and left with Y who was back off to Uni. She them he's added to Town Hall and then up to N Middx hospital for an appointment. Meantime I had work stuff to do - get updates on my trading and await for a Waitrose delivery. Spoke to C... read more

looking for good club in RI

Me and my wife will be heading up to Providence RI soon and would like to know what swingers clubs to attend while up there.... read more

Know it all

Just because you have been in the lifestyle just about your whole damn life does not mean you know everything. Some people need to humble themselves because it not a good look for you... read more


Why do people play games with each other on these swingers sites. They add you as friend just to add you and then when they see you in person they act like they don't know you because they around certain people... read more


Wow, we had no idea so many people were on this blog.  Thank you, a lot of you have checked out our podcast from our previous post.  We appreciate all the positive feedback about the podcast.  Here's an easier link to the podcast where you can subscribe, rate, or leave a review on iTunes.  If yo... read more

Is Polyamory so common?

Perhaps a twist on the almost 100% bisexual rate for ladies on SDC, but we have noticed a very many profiles that state polyamory as an interest. We have one couple of LS friends that are really into polyamory and it seems difficult to believe many couples could find the time and energy to invest in... read more

Ill Given Validations

Why are so many just about the numbers?If the SM did not treat me as a lady should be treated, how can I validate him /them and send him on to the next to treat her like that? I am a lady, I just happily have slut tendencies.I have met a few people here and I can not give validations. If I am not mi... read more

Soft Swap Seeking Full Swap, Really?

I just don't get the Soft Swap couples that are seeking Full Swap.  Every time we try to be open minded we find that soft swap couples just do not fit into full swap gatherings.  It is not just the frustration of limiting your physical options, we actually find oral and mastribation (handjobs, foo... read more


searching for a female partner , I don't mind age , look . am looking for a mind . am in cairo Egypt now and don't mind to have even an abroad partner to meet and enjoy together every now and then.... read more

Carnival Cruises

Are there any lifestyle cruises on a Carnival ship leaving from Miami or Fort Lauderdale?  Or are there any large groups of swingers (or individuals) planning a vacation on a Carnival cruise this year?... read more

Cancun fun

Hi everyone,we need help since we are heading to Cancun in April and we were hoping someone could give us some suggestions or ideas where to stay so we can have some adult fun with like minded couple or female.We are open to any possibilities and more.Thanks ... read more

My weekend

My weekend... Friday night, went for a drink with my hubby Kev. He had bought me a remote controlled love egg, and had me buzzing whilst sipping my wine. Long story short, my hand ended up in my trousers, and you can all guess how that ended... Yep, big orgasm in the cocktail bar. Great start to the... read more

First night out..

Last night I went to my first swingers party. There where so many people there, and I had a couple of drinks to loosen up a bit. I mingled the best that I could. (I can be quite shy). Then I danced hard on the dance floor. If you saw me I looked like I was on E or something, but I was just buzzed fr... read more

STD from Oral sex

Do people understand that they can get an STD from oral sex? I have had people tell us that they practice safe sex always but do bare back oral. What sense does it make to suck someone's dick or eat someone's pussy bare back and then use a condom to have sex? It is total ignorance to think that you ... read more

My First Swinging Experience as a Single Male

I had just turned twenty one and was already introduced into the lifestyle with a female who was much older than I was. She decided she would start a vanilla relationship and eventually moved. So now what? I joined a swinger site hoping to find an older female since that's what I preferred. I messag... read more

Uploading Vids, but why can't they be private??

I want to upload some vids, but why can't they be private like we have the option to have a private photo album... why can't we have a private vid section? or is it there, and i'm just not seeing it??... read more

Pegging Storys

  True Story:My ex-wife and I had experimented a few times with anal play before, using random handheld toys, but the first time she actually fucked me in the ass it was with a Feeldoe. It was like nothing we had ever experienced before, or since, and it’s absolutely our go-to toy when we’... read more


why don't we arrange I big gathering in Egypt , in a resort near cairo ,only one hour away. ok it will not be that open but it will be really nice to meet up , swim, dance , talk , drink ,laugh in public and in closed rooms we could have fun and enjoy our life style.... read more

Vegas Pools

Headed to Vegas next month as a couple.  I've read all the reviews on the lifestyle clubs there.  Not too amazing from what I read.  However, I was wondering if anyone had insight on what are the best topless pools there.  I would imagine those would be a good way to see how open other couples a... read more

What Kinda Swinging Couple Are You?

Just curious what each couples mindset is when they meet another couple. Do both of you go into it strictly to find a couple to swap with and then if you become friends later it is just a plus? Or do you seek out those couples you have a lot in common with to be friends and hope that things just pr... read more

To Out Or Not To Out

Outing anyone in the LS for any reason is a really awful thing to do. But is there a line somewhere between that rule for people's privacy and safety, and behavior that can endanger that very privacy and safety? Some time back we met someone, a single male, and, without going into the details, found... read more

Average penis length

Well hung.... but whats the definition?here's the scientific answer :) do you compare?Have fun everybody!xxx... read more

If I gave you £100, what would you spend it on

Two Boudoirs are better than One!Ladies and Gentlemen - most ladies though After the launch of our early bird guest list concession discounting event contributions - We'd now like to let you know that we have tied up (that's right, quite literally in the dungeon, lol) with an online adult site of s... read more

Looking for a photographer to take hot pics

We are looking for a photographer near us to take hot pictures of us having sex. We've tried googling, craigslist, etc, but almost all of them are for family portraits or photographers for escorts to put on their web page... Does anyone  know of any good photographers in the S. FL area that we can ... read more

Do Swinging Males Naturally Have Larger Cocks?

The global average is 5.5in (almost 14cm)– the size of the display on an iPhone 6 Plus - and the average in the UK as well. Interestingly to us, it's also slightly larger thatn USA's 5.1in (almost 13cm). Our observation from parties, meetings, and online boasts is that all the males in swinging ar... read more


Male sex toys, specifically male many of you guys are using one?? WOW, there have been some advances in male pleasure devices. Where there used to be pocket pussies, dolls and penis pumps there are now Fleshlights, Pulses and Easy Beat Eggs.I am a male in his late 50s and I know ... read more

Correct "Swing Status"?

Can anyone tell me what the most appropriate "swing status" would be for a married couple seeking a single bi female only. We do not date or play seperate & we don't date or play with couples or single males. We are currently using the swing status "Full Swap Couple, Same Room Only". We are most... read more

Traveling suggestions for our trip

We are vacationing in London, Amsterdam, France, Austria, and Germany this year (June – July). One of the reasons we joined SDC is to meet people and get advice on new places and fun. Can anyone give us some advice on any of the countries we are going to visit for fun and experiencing the cu... read more

Some single men... with women's picture as their profile picture???

Can some one put some light on....WHY.... many single men have a women's picture as their own profile picture or the entire profile is filled with ONLY women's pictures? WHAT.... do these men want to show or say by doing this?Can we have some smart and intelligent replies.... please........ read more