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Our journey

Patiently waiting for my wife to meet up with her former boyfriend (from a long time ago). &nbspFor most that don`t know, I`m a married man, in an open relationship. &nbspIt`s not something that we`ve stepped into lightly, but after some great conversations about our fantasies and wants, we`... read more


We are new to this site and to swinging.  We have only played with one couple locally.  Several members have nudged us or emailed us and commented about our profile and asked us to check&nbsptheir profile out.&nbspSome have told us&nbsppasswords to their albums. So I respond to them sa... read more

Trip to Cap d`Agde ` 2016

Trip To Cap from 26 May to 2 June 2016 .someone more? Party And Fun... read more

Women scared to show their breast

We have been on here for quiet a long time now and are very curious as to why so many women, that have full body photos cover up their breast? &nbspI know you do not see many photos on our profile, due to security reasons. &nbspHowever, it seems like women with smaller breasts either cover t... read more

coming to nashville this week

hoping to meet up with a couple or more for some open minded fun in Nashville or ideas of private parties or clubs to attend to play  I have more info at drew7654 at aol dot com along with many pictures and phone infoI hope we can meet and playany ideas of who or where to go this week and weekend w... read more

what do girls prefer when it comes to 3some?

these days me and my gf started talking about inviting a single male to our bed , we are taking it slowly and trying not to get disappointed now i have noticed that most of the guys she like are usually guys who can open a conversation or be funny , while i was preferring to focus on guys who have ... read more

Grinding on the dance floor, ladies, how have you reacted to a......

....boner from the male you are dancing with.This is only to the ladies (Single or Married) on this forum. And when you answer, please take me back before you starting swinging so to get a better idea of your experiences pre-swing times.  You went to a vanilla club, a completely stranger asked you ... read more

Easter Party Week!! 20/3-27/3/16

20/3 This was a lazy Sunday after 2 nights of partying! We didn`t wake up till gone 11am and we laid in bed till lunchtime chatting, reading Times and making love. After lunch Rita went shopping briefly and I watched F1 in Australia on TV. We then dozed more and watched TV till around 8pm when we we... read more

Nassau, Bahamas

We`re visiting Nassau for a few days and would love to find some fun. &nbspAnyone in the area who`d like to show us around? &nbspAny suggestions for where to go?... read more

In NYC in May

Seeking couples for mutual playtime. 3some and moresomes welcome. I`m a long stayer, straight and have a good sense of humour :-).... read more

Best Swinger Clubs in NYC

We are going to NYC next month, April 16th and would like to go a swingers club. Any recommendations?... read more

singles posing as couples

Maybe its us, but does anyone else have a problem with single guys signing up as a couple?... read more

where togo in miami beach tonight? ??

Does anybody can recomend a good place to go in miami beach... read more

St.Martin...nude beaches?

Love nude beaches...have been to Couples Resorts, Haulover Beach and the very private back yard pool...understand there are numerous choices in St.Martin...Iif yoU happen to know St. Martin, we` d greatly appreciate suggestions...and maybe company...... read more

Clubs in Amsterdam

Going to be in Amsterdam next weekend and were wondering which club we should visit... read more


Appreciate that the kink in my favor...interested in what the guy gets out of this...ideas?... read more

Hedo II for a single guy

Hello, I was wondering when is the best time to visit Hedo II in Jamaica? I might go either in late may or late july when the Young Swingers week is going to be. But I dont know how comfortable is it going to be if i went at a time where the is a no single males event going. Thanks... read more

I miss...

Green screen and the runway...anything you miss?... read more

Fun staff to do in Las Vegas

Just a quick question my wife will go to Las Vegas and she wants to have have a sex and fun experience just soft and sexy hot guys and girls show and see where it goes.Let me know where she can go to have a good time.Cheers ... read more

Facial scruff

In the last few weeks I`ve had this experience a few times, so have decided to get strict about it.Maybe my pussy is more sensitive than others, but a goatee or few days worth of beard growth really irritates it. &nbspA few times we received photos of clean-shaven men, but they were scruffy when... read more

Sin4Two Punta Cana

Heading out on vacation in June. &nbspIt was recommended to checkout Sin4Two in Punta Cana... Wanted to get some feedback from anyone who has recently(last 90 days or so)been there. Thanks... read more

Party Weekend: 14/3 to 20/3/16

14/3 After we woke we had breakfast in bed and later apart from a break at the gym worked at the desk. Rita went to do some shopping and get a dress altered. We had a quiet evening and watched some TV in bed before sleeping15/3 We woke together and Rita slowly got up to head to Sri Lankan embassy to... read more


We are planning our first trip to Fun4two does anyone know of any good hotels near by. Also any tips for newbies would be welcome.... read more

best location in Europe for a short swingers` vacation

hi there. i`m thinking of a short vacation, and i want to include several swingers` parties. options for locations are Amsterdam (and vicinity), Prague and Germany (haven`t decided which part).any recommendations on location , and/or clubs/parties in these locations?should i consider a different loc... read more


I have to get this off my chest.I feel good, I feel guilty, I feel a bit like a pervert! Let me tell you what happened this weekendI belong to a group of women who meet once a month to wine, cook, chat and in general have a good time. This past Saturday we met for late lunch/ early dinner at one of ... read more

New blog...

Free form....what strange thing happened to you in the last 30 days in the LS?... read more

Being Careful Meeting People Who Dont Have Experience Yet.

I have experience this situation with a couple before. A female partner I had fun in bed with a few times me and her made perfect connections of sharing fantasies together what we both wanted. We had decided to post a ad in the casual section on a website looking for people to watch us or join in. ... read more

When Looking, What Profiles Do You Actually Review?

This is primarily intended for couples, but the door is open to any response.For us, it is the ages of both the male and female half.  We do actually read profiles top to bottom, so if they are not well thought out, no matter how pretty the photos, we lose interest.Height and weight specs as it sho... read more

Europe`s best - Recommendations please

Thinking of a long weekend in July and finishing it at Fun4two but want to mix it up a bit with another city elsewhere. Heard Berlin offered clubs but does anyone have any recent experiences of a really hot European club that you would highly recommend? &nbspThanks guys x... read more

Visits to page

As a single guy on this site.I get a lot of visits from persons that state NO SINGLE MALES on their profile... You try to response only to you are blocked as well.. Some of these people visit my page daily !! &nbspMy question is this.. Why do you bother visiting my page? When Your profile clearl... read more

Diving couples at Desire Cancun Takeover Sexperience May 2016

It`s any dive mates going to the Sexperience Desire Cancun. Please let us know it will be fun.Alguna pareja de buzos que vayan al Desire Sexperience? Comuniquense asi nos organizamos.A&ampV... read more


It was tbe best of times ir was the worst of times... read more

Swinger Advice Column: Ask Astrid & Claire #1

Visit our blog at: us on Twitter:[Q] How should we handle a couple who we think are really great people and whom we have played with, but are time vampires at LS events? &nbspWe want to socialize with others, but they ... read more

the lifestyle

soooo,what are some of the things you`ve truely learned about yourself and others while being a part of the lifestyle life? well as for me,i`ve learned that there are some real flakes out there as well as some really cool people,also some people really don`t understand the meaning of personel hygene... read more

First penetration feelings?

First penetration feelings?So I don`t know how many women here were virgins when they were married, but I was. Married very young, right out of highschool, my first ever sexual experience beyond masturbation was with my husband. We made love on our wedding night and it hurt a little obviously when h... read more

Fun Party Week: 7/3 to 13/3

7/3 Woke at 7 after deep nights sleep. Read Times and arranged to meet MrP for a drink this week and posted blog to SDC. Worked through the day after a disaster is morning trying to get my laptop to work. Eventually deleted McCaffe - far to resource intensive - and replaced with AVG and deleted Java... read more

Jamaica Sandals

I am thinking about taking my girl to one of the Jamaica Sandals resorts this Summer. There are several to choose from. Any suggestions as to which one to choose? Thanks for your help.... read more

Advice for male swingers improving your game 😜

I saw this blog post by MODNIK, I Was unable to response .. Must be a block . Lol.. but here is my response ..Game recognize Game and in my opinion it`s not a formula. it`s really very simple Treat the lady like a lady, someone you would date. In other word treat the lady like a lady.. period !!!Mo... read more

Advice needed

Oh wise ones...enlighten us with your wisdom...we are mere single guys...the lowest form of life...please tell us how to ascend to the highest form of life...disparaging guys in the blogs :)... read more


Hello. We are newer to the lifestyle and looking for clubs in central Florida to meet like-minded couples. Has anyone been to ranch4play recently? &nbspIf so, how was your experience? &nbspThanks. 💋... read more

Advice for Male Swingers: Improving Your Game

Please visit our blog The Swingers Diaries at: http://theswingerdiaries.blogspot.comFollow us on twitter @swingerdiary`Advice for Male Swingers: Improving Your Game`When my husband and I (Astrid speaking) were relatively new to swinging, we were fortunate enough to receive some wise advice from a ma... read more

Is this really swinging ?

I was just looking at the speed dating list for this week.. The first 10 post are seeking a couple or a female single for play..&nbspA couple is seeking a single female or a female in a couple for play . To be clear the couple looking for the playmate seeks a female the hubby and wife can fuck, ... read more

Going to Thailand

Perhaps this is not the right place to tell the world that I`m going to Thailand and are looking for people to meet and, if all is well, have some fun together.If you guys, who are a lot more experienced then me in how this site works, will tell me where I could put an add to tell about my trip, ple... read more

Assorted memories, the bar encounter

I am a happily married woman I am also a very sensual one with a well-developed libido. My husband and I are in the lifestyle, have been so for many years, and have enjoyed some experiences immensely. Lying in bed, chatting with my husband, I confessed that as much fun as it is to meet other couples... read more

Single Men Falling for the Mrs.

ok here we go again w single men blogs if you ask me although I love men and women too this so called swingers site gets way too much single men drama. &nbspHere is my experience and maybe I am looking for a little advise or help. &nbspThe single men we meet end up falling for me. &nbspT... read more


Is it just us, or does the whole Erin Andrews (Sportscaster) getting $55 million just cause a peeping tom videoed her butt naked through a hole at a Marriot hotel deserve, such amount of money? She claims she`s emotional distresses and will never be the same. Its not like we was getting a gang bange... read more

So what exactly is a "looser"???

Is that like being non "discrete"?  I hate it when I am a wave instead of a particle...ah...autocorrect :)... read more

House of Blue Week: 29/2 to 6/3/16

29/2 We woke just before 8 and made love till we both came. Then got up, showered and went down to join M&ampD for a full English breakfast. After we had finished we said our goodbyes and we drove home and got their after 2 hours. We unpacked and settled down to some work and Rita went out to do... read more

How taking the initiative is condidered being pushy!!!

It is quite a common scene for men to portray as a `pushy persistent pervert` while trying to initiate a relation, ,session or the possible beginning of a wonderful start to the lifestyle. I have been a swinger for the last year or so and the most common mistake I see couples complain about ... read more

Erotic & sensual

Has any body tried sensual / erotic / cuckold massage ? What to expect from the masseur ? How was the experience &amp how to choose the right masseur ? Do you recommend any masseur service in UK ? Would love to hear from you , if you can help with any if these questions. Thanks XXX... read more

Photographer Visiting FL, GA, NC, SC, VA, MD, MA, PA, NY Looking for Couples to Shoot

I am a professional photographer with 29 years of experiencing looking for couples who are in love to photograph making love. Please do let me know if you are interested.regardsricardo... read more

ladies first

ok ladies i`m sure you enjoy the attention you get from a man,the flirt,him getting the door,and showing how he wants you,that`s fine,i enjoy it as well..but lets turn the table,we men also enjoy it when the woman makes the first move,starts the flirting game and lets the man know she wants him.i do... read more


Hello all. I know it`s probably a long shot and it seems a bit weird, but it`s not a joke. I just wanted to ask, if you are a couple from Iceland and you have been to Gran Canaria in July 2014, and if you have visited Venus Swingerclub, could you please reply to me privately? Many Thanks xx... read more

Sex With A Stranger

It`s me again - In my last blog I stated I would start to write, but it`s over a month since writing that and I recognize that my entries are not as frequent as I`d like them to be.Sexually, things have been changing for me.  I have ended another two&nbsplong time FWB partners.  And one of my ... read more

`Fuck me` clothing and dressing, sexy boots for us

HI everybody,We are curious how many of you go out for regular clubbing dressed in some form of `fuck me` clothing. For us lady enjoys dressing in her sexy boots and stockings and hitting the clubs.Please post your experiences, thoughts and of course pics :)Kisses MM... read more

Traveling to Cancun 3/12/16

Ok so we are staying at The Palace LeBlanc Spa, chose to get our Zen on. Are there any nude beaches or safe sexy locales to explore as an excursion in Cancun? Also we would like to visit Desire Resort however, you need a `Host` to get a day pass?Anybody want to host us for a day 3/12-19Looking for... read more

Taboo Baltimore this weekend 3/5/16

Ok so we are newbies headed to Taboo Saturday night! Already joined etc. What is a successful approach to meeting a cool couple? And What is the appropriate protocal for sexual interaction?I mean if the Phoebe gets approached by Hot guy who desires to fuck her, do I just say yea go for it if she is... read more

Response to “How to Get Your Wife Into Swinging”

Response to “How to Get Your Wife Into Swinging” We (Astrid and Claire) are going to make the assumption that the blog entry `How to Get Your Wife Into Swinging` was written by a man for men. As a woman, this reads like “How to manipulate your wife to do something she would not co... read more

How good is `Speed Dating` ad posting when you cannot contact the author(s) back?

This is about those situations when am ad posted on the Speed Dating section requests to contact back the author(s) for details or something and yet when you try to do so, you realize it can`t be done because emails are blocked. And even if you try any other means like sending a Nudge (expecting to ... read more

If the Presidential Primary Candidates Were Swingers…

Reposted from:*Unfortunately the site blocked accompanying pictures that were posted on the original blog. Check out the actual blog to see t... read more

Desire Pearl

March 4 - 11   Headed to Pearl for some sun &amp fun !... read more

bbc gang bang for Mar 11-12-13

Hung blk studs welcum sw florida bbc gang bang for wht wives also... read more

Naughty Neighbors read more

Rita in Moscow: 15/2 to 28/2/16

15/2 Didn`t wake till 10am. Went to the gym at lunchtime but both of us still feeling tired from weekend. Had a quiet day working and ended up in bed at 9pm watching TV16/2 Much the same as yesterday but both feeling tired. Skipped gym and Rita popped out at 5.30 for a doctor`s appointment and to do... read more