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Cake at a Party

We have been to a lot of parties in LS and a nice guest brings a cake and it will sit on the table all night and no one  touches it. We have seen as many as 3 cakes never taken out of the box and sometimes even a food tray wrapped and never opened. In a LS party the host is busy with other things a... read more


Off course, almost everyone on this site as well as other swing sites wants to build a quality profile in hopes of attracting that perfect couple or single or multitude thereof. &nbspWhat I wanted to blog about was the long profiles and the 3 pages of rules and boundaries. &nbspProfiles like... read more

Bliss Cruise

We just got back from a wonderful 5 day cruise on Bliss ! , I am not trying to sound like a commercial, but if you want a fun erotic vacation meeting lots of nice people, you should book the November one ! , , , there were nice couples there from age 25 - 75 , , &nbspplayrooms outdoors in the ba... read more



Looking to chat with BDSM participants

Hey folks,Kitten has expressed an ongoing interest in BDSM and we`ve even gone to a couple of house parties where equipment was available.  Life has kind of gotten in the way both of those times and she hasn`t had the opportunity to really explore.  I`d like to talk to anyone who has deep knowledg... read more

A really sexy room party !: 20/3 to 25/3/17

20/3 Woke at 8ish and Rita soon after. Spent the morning on work stuff and trying to get SIM card working on Rita`s new phone but has problems as Microsoft`s servers crashed and they lost Apple ID`s temporarily. Went to the gym after lunch and then home showered- a little work and then settled down ... read more

To all Party host & Promoters/ event planners or just any couples

Hello my co host and promoters/ event planners or any couples with large followers We are hosting two amazing 4 day yearly events in Las Vegas with a team of incredible event panner/promoters from all over the country. These event are annual events one  Summer `Vegas Soiree` Augs 16th to 20th and ... read more

Vegas parties join us

Alert...Alert...Alert.We are excited to announce the grand opening of Friday Nights Parties at the Alexis Park Hotel Pegasus Lounge &amp Club &amp Free Mega Suite Party. Both open early 9 pm Staring Friday April 14th. We also offering a discount code to book your room where the fun will be. ... read more

Videos on SDC Alert

Videos in SDC AlertThis new Videos option  let everyone else no only watch to your videos ,also anyone can download you videos  even the ones you already blocked them BE AWARE ...JUST IN CASE I DID DELETE MINE VIDEOS NOT SAFE AT ALL IN HERE ... read more

Taste Of Honey 7th April

Please check out the party on 7th april in& read more

Any couples coming to goa

M 28 yr decent guy looking for decent couples and single female for fun... read more

Hawaiian luau party pool party Southeast Florida

Hawaiian luau party. &nbspThis is a private party limited space looking for a hot couples singles with grass skirts and coconuts for rum drinks. It`s a potluck bring a side dish for the barbecue and rum for the coconut bar. &nbspIt`s April 8 on a Saturday so we will party all night long afte... read more

miami Hot Mixed Amazon Body #HotWife Wants Swap Or Select Singles (pref females)

kik- bambamexexexsnapchat - daddyzbadkitty... read more


Hi Everyone. I am going to visit London 4 of April. Can anyone suggest a good club for a single man?... read more

San Souci Jamaica ----Desire

We have at Desire 4 times , we like to try San Souci any info would help ... read more

Fabulous Party and Ski Week:7/3 to 19/3/17

7/3 Again didn`t come too, till nearly - this bedroom blackout stuff seems to be working! Spent most of the morning working. Felt too tired to go to the gym. Rita went out to shop and see if she could get the JWest shoes she had bought me stretched but in the end we arranged to send them back ... read more

Community help

Hey everyone, need a little help. Started a vodka company and its doing very well but need more distribution &nbspin other states . If anyone can help or direct me to omeone plz let me know thank you. If you would like to see what the bottle looks like add me on instagram. .. creativestylistelli... read more

single women looking for single men

Joined this site because it is the real deal. Real profiles, real meetings. The only thing I`d like to see more of is single women wanting to meet up with single men. I`m looking to have some fun with women, not couples. Hit me up, I`m waiting for you ladies.... read more

Chastity Belts & The Couples Who Hide Them At Home

Afternoon!I don`t really blog a ton but I posted a question a while back and got some great responses and even a few people who found me at a meet and greet last night to share advice with me about that particular question. Thank you for that!So I figured I would offer some advice in return that I m... read more

Right Click - new window

Anyone else struggling with browsing profiles, cos we cant right click? I totally get why not, but the flow of the site doesnt seem to work - for eg. if you are going through someones validations and click on a profile, coming back to the original, or seeing other profiles is very difficult. Same th... read more

Sex Downtown San Antonio

We know the downtown fairly well.  We need those of you who know it really well!  Looking for the ideal upscale restaurant or bar (not a club) restroom where one might have a tryst.  Long story as to why but that`s the bottom line. Please serious replies.... read more

Toys in the Playroom

How likely are you to bring sex toys into a play scenario with another couple. We`ve seen friends almost become addicted to their magic wands, so we were wondering if you have a toy that you just can`t live without. Scale of 1-10, how do you think toys rank in priority in your sex life?Nikki and I j... read more

First trip to Desire Pearl

We have been in the lifestyle now for four years and finally booked our first trip to Desire. &nbspWe will be staying for 8 nights from June 29-July 7th. &nbspWe would love any suggestions from previous guests to make the trip memorable &nbspWe have friends joining us for the first three... read more

Interesting statistics !! Wonder what they are in reverse ..

.Cheating Wife StatisticsAverage age that most wives cheat on their husbands: 36Average number of years into the marriage: 7Chances that your wife will eventually cheat on you: 64If you have a small penis: 89Likelihood that you will ever find out she’s cheating: 22Odds that her first lover will be... read more

Naught In New Orleans

Curious about Naughty In New Orleans... has anyone gone before? Looks like it`s a rather large event and lots to do and see.... just looking for feedback about it. Got a weird hair in my ass tonight and decided to book on a whim but I booked for Thurs-Sun and not Wed-Sun so I hope I didn`t choose th... read more

To Hair or not to Hair??

I wanted to get other people`s perception of something that looks like it may be making a come back and see what people`s thoughts were. &nbspShaved or Hairy? &nbspBald or manicured? &nbspA little, a lot or none?  Being pretty active in the LS I wanted to blog about the comeback of puss... read more

So wtf?? Lol

Just got an email from a couple...three words...`send vital stats` does that mean? Lol ... read more

Cruise swingers

We are on the royal carribean from March 12-19 and looking for other sexy couples for full swap. Feel free to KIK us Tennesseeswinging ... read more

NO black men in 2017

The short and sweet of it is it breaks my heart just how many people are still `no black, no bbc, no AA` and follow it by no offense. If you are not into me personally thats fine but to discard a whole race sight unseen? I find it terrible. I hear the rationale as its my preference unless you look ... read more

Austin- Westlake vs Lake Travis

Any friends from Austin that could tell me:If you were moving to Austin, would you rather live in Westlake or Lake Travis?... read more

Spend The Night, Or Go?

Just curious, how many here actually spend the night with playmates?  Or do you have sex, exchange pleasantries and go home?  Night sex, midnight sex, and morning sex have their advantages.So which is it?... read more

Amsterdam recommendations

Hi. we are visiting Amsterdam 29-30 March, which are Mon-Tuesday - any suggestions for clubs etc to meet nice like minded couples? we recognise not being a weekend is not helpful, hence the question....... read more

Amsterdam recommendations

Hi. we are visiting Amsterdam 29-30 March, which are Mon-Tuesday - any suggestions for clubs etc to meet nice like minded couples? we recognise not being a weekend is not helpful, hence the question....... read more


Looking to get feedback on  PlayfulCouples&nbspin Largo, FL , has anyone been there ?... read more


Was wondering ... Is it my imagination, or is the SDC Chatroom becoming merely a place to post pictures ?? &nbspNot much chatting going on. &nbspAt least not public chat.  Used to be always over 125 people in the room. &nbspNow when I log on, it is lucky to be 60-75 people.   I used t... read more


Hi guys, we would be interested to meet another couple and start with some skype fun until we get to know each other. Anyone interested? Please drop us a line. If you have any experience meeting a couple through skype please share with us your story!! Thank you! -)... read more

Sexual Chemistry

Well finally we met  almost a year of trying including invites to join them in their room for NYE.  When we got there, I (Mrs) thought they were ok and I quite liked her. Hubby kept staring at me and shaking his head in a pleading way - I guess she was not his type, but actually I didn`t care.  I... read more


Before you think this is a blog on the virtues of BBC, let me assure you up front, it is not. For the longest time I`ve wanted to write this blog and I`ve gotten to the point where I feel the timing is right. This discourse is intended for ALL to participate, not just the aforementioned BBC`s and th... read more

his birthday bash

my mans birthday is right around the corner and im hoping to give him the birthday hes been wanting!! im looking for some fun down to earth ladies that are looking to have some fun with us!!! we are both a blast to be around and just love to try new things so let me know if your interested, the part... read more

Another Great Party Week: 27/2 to 6/3/17

27/2 Woke at 9 and kissed Rita awake which was then followed by a great love making session in which Rita came twice. After we had brunch and I did some work. Thought about the gym but it was lashing down with rain outside and so decided to give it a miss. Rita left just after 5 as she was meeting M... read more

What Kind Of Friends??????

What kind of friends call you up and ask if it is all right if they stop over to get Naked in our hot tub?... read more

Its Her Birthday and She Can Screw If She Wants To

Her birthday is right around the corner, and at the moment she is wishing to deviate from what is stated in her permanent profile. For this particular encounter she is seeking a well endowed, white male between the ages of 30 - 40 years of age. Please check her profile for the rest of... read more

Just Because We/You Are Here......

.........does not mean the male is a whore, or the female is a slut. We try to impress this in our profile.  But, many have reading issues, and do not read profiles.  We are not interested in quantity, but only quality.Well, if Mrs. Euro likes the male, I will fuck anyone. &nbspSo I lie....sli... read more

Tampa Area Recommendations

Will be in Tampa area and Orlando area for some time. Any recommendations? We heard about Eyez swing club.also some resorts like Caliente, Paradise Lakes and Secret Hideaway in Orlando ... read more

You, Me, Her

I`ve been in the lifestyle for a few years. We have primarily been in a MFM or MFMF situation. MFM is definitely my favourite, not just for the sex but for the fact that I prefer paying attention to and pampering a woman.So, it was a pleasant surprise to watch `You, Me, Her` which claims to be TV fi... read more

Greek Island beach fun

Looking to holiday on one of the Greek Islands in June and wanted to know which of the many Islands was an ideal destination for naturism and sexy nights ?... read more

cam fun on skype

we are interested to know you guys on skype and would love to be bit naughty too.if you feel same please send us a line to share skype ID.cheers... read more

Pachinko Pete`s Hot Stories

Cuming soon to a computer screen near you! ... read more

Maspalomas holiday

We are going to grand canaries,maspalomas between 9th of may to 16th of mayAnybody else will be there?Any parties or swingers club?C&ampK... read more