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Men Speaking on Behalf of Women

Odds are that when a couple reaches out or is being reached out to, it's communication between the men. Husbands sometimes even have a heightened perception of what their wives enjoy and try to set the tone for how things should happen. A lot of women/wives have an entirely different fantasy than th... read more

Seeking advice

Hello everyone, This is the female half and I'm looking for some advice.  We haven't had any luck on this site so I welcome suggestions.  We've never had an encounter and weren't sure which route we should try (online vs club).We intend on going to a club at some point but trying to l... read more

Single man need help

Hi i am sado from Egypt member on  life style gentleman classy well educated open minded traveling is my passion.i am very romantic man a great sexual man but until now I can't join to any swingers and don't have any friends on life style.could anyone help me. What can I do ... read more

Just for her.....or is it?

For many years, I have seen speeddates and scenario descriptions that specify the desire is for the Mrs. to have her fun. "This is just for her" or "She needs her fix" are a couple of the terms I have seen. Very rarely do they NOT include "Mr./He will be there just to watch" or "he may join dependin... read more


We will be in Prague 2 until 6 April looking for fun with couples and males...Any hot proposals?....We would like to go to swingers clubs..Any comments?... read more

A Great Party this Week: 19/3 to 25/3/18

19/3 Woken by a conference call. Had a very chesty cough and then another one at midday. Rita left at lunch to have a birthday lunch with her youngest in town. MrP popped round for lunch and borscht. After he left, a few more calls - set up some trades and around 6.30 Rita turned up having lost a jo... read more

San Souci Nov

We want to try San Souci anyone been there ? And what are the couples like , please let us know we have been to Desired many times we want to try something new ... Thanks... read more

A Date for Lovers of History: Landrieu’s “In Shadow of Statues: A White Southener Confronts History”

 For all lovers of American history, I highly recommend a  date with a recently published book by the Mayor of New Orleans: Mitch Landrieu’s “In the Shadow of Statues: A White Southerner Confronts History.”      You can find by Googling an essay by Landrieu publis... read more

Just For Fun, Caption This Photo

 Just for fun, put a caption to this photo:    ... read more


Most of the activities from USA, Holland, and some other country ..would love to see more involvement of people from Germany  ..... read more

The Importance of Having Alternative Plans.

Apologies to Oscar Wilde for the title...😆Speaking as someone with years on the lifestyle, I've accepted the fact that flakiness and cancellations are a fact of life in this activity. Some people will blow your phone up right until the day of play, and flake. The reasons are irrelevant, but I've ... read more

H.R. 1865 - FOSTA

H.R.1865 - Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017 is one scary piece of legislation! Already, sites like Craigslist have shut down their personals section, giving the following message: US Congress just passed HR 1865, "FOSTA", seeking to subject websites to criminal ... read more

One fad that has to go!

We enjoyed an amazing week in South Beach & Haulover.  Met some great people, and played with several.  There would have been more guys in the mix, but this current fad of facial hair is a complete turn-off.  The last thing I want between my legs is a scratchy 3-day stubble. ... read more

Fun in las vegas

Hoping someone can recommend the best swingers club in las vegas. It has been more than 5 years since my last vegas trip and reading online a lot has changed.I plan on being in vegas for about a week in early april.... read more

No responses to my messages

Was wondering if anyone can comment on why were not receiving messages back..... read more

be forwarned

not everyone is into the big squirting fad that's going,but if that's your thing then so be you think that a play partner should advise the other that she's a squirter ahead of time just in case the other person is not into it and won't be caught off guard and maybe give the wrong response.... read more

Need an opinion about my profile.

Hello! )Is something wrong with my profile? I do get some interest from couples and single ladies but for some reason I do not get any replies from those that I'm attracted to.Thank you in advance for your opinion! ))... read more

A week off work with Rita: 12/3 to 18/3

12/3 A Monday and no specific work plans. What did we do - not much! Early evening we watched a hilarious film “The Death of Stalin” - well worth a watch. Decided on a naughty night and ended up again having great sex, fucking and bring fucked and after about 5/6 hours we collapsed asleep.13/4 ... read more

Nude beach Newbee

hi all, wanted to know what it's like to go to a nude beach for the first time....and want to bring my girlfriend too but not sure what it's really like. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Anyone been to playalinda in Florida? ... read more


So when you meet for dinner and drinks do you pay for whom ever you asked to met there? We are new trying to figure it out.Or just pay for your own?... read more

2 cocks as birthday gift !!

Hello all, The wife - D here sharing our real experience. We were in thailand recently and specially planned trip for some sexual adventourous fun. We had quite a fun over there which includes FFM and MMF. Here I am sharing the night of our MMF adventure. After failure of finding some de... read more

visiting Amsterdam

visiting Amsterdam the 29th of March to 3 april. Looking for recommend club and all erotic place and swinger to enjoy ... read more

Heading to Austria to Ski: 5/3 to 11/3

5/3 Monday and up after a chill in bed. The day spent getting stuff ready and packing for our ski trip to Obertaun and winding up and putting work stuff in hands of my son J . Rita left late morning to her youngest’s to do his housekeeping and around 3pm my youngest T&M arrived who were going ... read more

Less than well Endowed

How do you look for men who are small to maybe medium in size for your wife on this site. She does not enjoy BBC or BWC. I know its hard for us guys to post this info on the site, but FYI there are women who enjoy and are looking for men who are "small". ... read more

Kamasutra Specialist

Hi All,For my Friends, Admirers i hereby submit a short but detailed description about me Personal Details :Sex:MaleAge:36Nationality:Indian (from Kerala)X Orientation:Bi Physical Appearance :Body Type:Average (not fatty…. not athletic  ...)Hairy. :Neat & clean à IT'... read more


Hi Ian Fahd in Jordan Amman if you like it call me or what's up  ... read more

Games And Ice Breakers

I'm hosting a cuckolding mixer in April and trying to come up with good ice breaker games and ways to make it easy for people to interact with one another.... I've been to parties with locks and keys and 5 questions but those are the only two "Ice breaker" type games that I have played before in the... read more

Recommendations for Bali?

We're looking at adding Bali to our itinerary for an upcoming trip to Southeast Asia. Does anyone have any recommendations on lifestyle-friendly resorts or villas there? And what part of Bali is best for lifestyle activities?... read more


Halo my friends. Thank you for your notes. I have pretty descriptive page on 3 or 4 sites so I will not repeat my introduction. I am very mellow all accepting guy. My hobby is the one evolution blessed me with and travelling. My calendar is filling up nicely. Apr/May Florida, July Toronto, Aug Nova ... read more

How do you Unjoin a group?

We joined a group that we no longer want to be a part do we get out?... read more

Set Your Cocks Forward One Hour

If you did not do it last night, do it now, or you will be late for appointments.... read more


We're visiting Amsterdam the 20th to the 25th of March.  Looking for good club recommendations etc.  ... read more

How to create wife`s desire for you

Cancer women love to dance! If you can get out on the dance floor and glide her around, make her feel like a princess, she’ll be putty in your hands, talk to her and let her know you are truly interested in knowing all about her interest, the books she loves reading, her favorite activities, her... read more

Hotels in Vegas

Have heard there is a lifestyle hotel in Vegas but can not find anything. Does anyone know of this hotel and is it worth staying there?... read more

seems that watching my lady with other men is such a turn on

It all started when i was 28 and had my first experience with a couple  , met them in a bar and after few drinks i found myself in bed with the wife while her husband watched , my eyes were always on him making sure it was ok, all what i saw was a smile on his face while he watched me fucking h... read more

What do you do when you get fluffy?

So hear me out, we aren’t fat yet. Neither of us has gone up a size in any clothing. But we aren’t swimsuit ready either.  Being in this less than optimal zone makes us nervous and that nervousness leads to far less play. Part of that is simple confidence. But part of that is also feeling a... read more

Travel With Us for Sex

Would you like to share an Airbnb apartment with us and travel to swinger clubs?We love to visit swinger and libertine clubs when we travel. We go to clubs at night and play, sleep late and then become tourists in the afternoon and repeat. We have visited more than a dozen clubs in Barcelona, Madrid... read more

5th Annual Summer Soiree Saturday, June 16, 2018

We are delighted to announce that our 5th Annual Summer Soiree will be an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party & After-Party!Dress up in your best Queen of Hearts costume, craziest Mad Hatter outfit or sexiest Alice dress and join us for an enchanting evening exploring how ... read more

You and Your Lover’s Differences in Approach

I’m (The man) curious on how do other couples with differences in approach work.Approach as in trying to meet up with another couple. As a man, I don’t mind initiating contact but she, my Queen, feels it would make us look desperate so she rather to wait for a couple of both our liking to make i... read more

Daytona Bike Week

Any attractive couples headed to Bike Week? ... read more

It was just a joke.......

We have been corresponding with a very good looking couple and we were really interested in meeting them this week. Until we received this email below. We both were a little shocked to hear someone we’ve never met or talked with at length say this to us. They later wrote to us after our respons... read more


We are off to Paris for the weekend, which sexy bars and clubs can be recommended to us at the moment? Which one(s) is your favourite and why?... read more

Looking for a new option

We want to have fun with someone watching us on cam. What’s the easiest way to do that... read more

Busy Snowy Week: 26/2 to 4/3/18

26/2. The alarm went off at 7am - felt tired - shower helped. Nice Eggs Benedict delivered to door and then down to conference start at 8. Day spent listening to presentations and finding opportunities to speak to people who might be interested in what we do. The evening dinner was fun. The charity ... read more

What are your biggest turnoffs?

While we don't play often, largely due to our schedules, we have reached some conclusions on things that are absolute turnoffs.  Some of them are clearly on display early on, others, unfortunately, may remain hidden until the clothes come off and play begins.Probably the worst for us is bad sme... read more


Just noticed you can view people on a guest list by their "Bracelets".... I'm clueless and have no idea what this means... can anyone explain? TIA!... read more

How do we begin...

We are fun loving couple from Nepal and here @ SDC since years. We talk about our fantasy to invite a stranger or a very intimate friend of us (though we could not yet open). We talk about each other's friend during sexual act and get fantasized, and more passonate. So, we believe it may happen once... read more

Visiting South Beach 3/14-3/20

My husband is bringing me to South Beach (Miami(from the 16th-20th to be naughty for a few days. There are a couple of fantasies I want to check off the list:1. CMNF experience, with me nude in a room full of guys.2. Make out with another gal at a bar.3. Get invited to be naked at someone's pool... read more

What does no BBC mean?

Yes, we know what BBC stands for... but we see a lot of profiles with "no BBC."What we don't understand is if this applies to all black men or only to black men who consider themselves BBC or whom are considered BBC.In other words, is "no BBC" code for no black males, period? Or does it just apply t... read more

info on las vegas clubs

hoping someone can give me feedback on las vegas swingers clubs. its been a few years since i have been to vegas and have seen a lot of new clubs listed. has green door gotten any better or still a tourist trap? any feedback on risque vegas or the studios (seen a mention of them moving where to?) pl... read more